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South Africa-Mandela and Nyerere news conference

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T/I 10:19:00 South Africa is willing to assist a peacekeeping force in eastern Zaire once leaders in the Great Lakes region agree on what they want, President Nelson Mandela said on Saturday (9/11). Mandela was speaking to reporters after being briefed on the situation in eastern Zaire by former Tanzanian president Julius Nyerere, who has taken on the role of central African peace-broker. SHOWS: JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 09/11 WS house; WS South African President Nelson Mandela and former Tanzanian president Julius Nyerere address news conference SOT Mandela: "We do understand the important role which South Africa is likely to play in an initiative of this nature and we want to be part of Africa not only geographically and politically but as part of our commitment and I am waiting for specific information from my leader here and as soon as we get it we'll be able to announce it here"'; C/A press; SOT Nyerere: "The whole of this exercise is an African exercise, this is an African problem. Obviously we don't have all the means otherwise we would not go outside Africa. We don't have all the means but nevertheless it is an African problem and clearly though the countries of the regions are the ones who have met for this problem, we can't envisage an African force seeking assistance from the outside world, we can't envisage a force that does not have South Africa"'; C/A press; SOT Mandela: "The supply of arms to Rwanda was influenced by humanitarian considerations that people who were unarmed are going to be victims of that party outside the border which is being trained and prepared to go back and commit those massacres. It is in that light that we took the decision to arm Rwanda with the consutation of the leaders in that region"; C/A press; Mandela and Nyerere walk back to house; Runs 2.14 You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/1f5525b54009664d056c81ebd1e079ad Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (30)
King Kiwango (22 hours ago)
One brother from another mother... Twins
Geophray Mwaigoga (3 days ago)
Masera hao .greatest African leaders
Daniel Faustine (2 months ago)
Nyie nao mi nawaona washamba tu,mmeshindwa kukumbuka kama nyerere alikuwa mwalimu? Mmeng'ang'ana English English
Live From Planet Earth (3 months ago)
Khalid Juma (4 months ago)
Two African heroes, patriotic and philanthropist African icons.
eerereps (5 months ago)
old African BFFs
Juma Liwanda (6 months ago)
Anthon Munishi (6 months ago)
awa jamaa walkuwa nmakamanda haswa
Deogratius Mfoy (4 months ago)
Tanzania and South Africa had great leaders of their time.
Timoth Kisima (6 months ago)
Great leaders
Nathalie IPUPA (7 months ago)
Clara Towo (10 months ago)
tutakukumbuka milele rais wetu
kulwa mpalashi mpalashi (10 months ago)
He was genuinely fantastic
Bature Lukiko (11 months ago)
ABDELEHMAN MWENDA (11 months ago)
English imenyooka
Was that a fart on 2:13
Jackson Mboya (1 year ago)
Nyerere always spoke perfect English.
john choma (1 year ago)
Greatest Leaders of Africa of our time
Kay Buzohera (1 year ago)
English aliyokuwa anaongea nyerere sijui aliitoa wapi aisee.... hakika si ya nchi hii. Rest in paradise baba
Ammy theladymwenyewe (7 months ago)
Kay Buzohera mbona wote tuna zungumza English na nimesoma Korogwe
Julius Sanane (9 months ago)
Rest in peace father of our Nation@Tanzania,Rest in peace our neighbour father Nelson Mandela
Juma Edward (9 months ago)
haaa mbona anasomeka
Benjamin Johnson (1 year ago)
Kay Buzohera kasomeshwa na wazungu huyo. wazee wa zamani walikuwa wanapata elimu "pure" ya uingereza.
T Raa (1 year ago)
Two incredible african leaders.
Maxwell Makamba (2 months ago)
moses kaloviyo (1 year ago)
Tanzania lost the incomparable leader!! RIP Nyerere!!
Mbakhila Musumba (1 year ago)
great leader indeed Mwalimu
stewart James (2 years ago)
w will always remember them!!!
Shemu Samson (2 years ago)
dah! natamani kusingekuwa na kifo jamani. hawa walikuwa wazazi wetu, si kiongozi tu. Upendo wao kwa waafrika haujapata tokea tena baada yao. R.I.P
vianey minja (2 years ago)
much respect to you..

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