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fox news - Hypersonic spaceplane engine set for Colorado tests

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fox news - Hypersonic spaceplane engine set for Colorado tests A revolutionary engine that could be used in a spaceplane to take passengers into space in just 15 minutes has taken a major step forward with a new testing facility in Colorado.The site, at Front Range Airport near Watkins, Colorado, will test a key technology in Reaction Engine's hypersonic air-breathing combined cycle Sabre rocket engine.It comes after the firm won a U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contract to test the engine’s pre-cooler heat exchanger, or HTX.In the UK the is continuing to develop the TF1 engine test facility at Westcott where the first ground-based demonstration of the Sabre rocket engine will take place.The UK site will incorporate a hydrogen/air-breathing pre-burner to condition the air for core evaluation and is adjacent to a test facility where Reaction’s rocket nozzle tests have also been conducted.The test centre will feature an assembly building, workshops, offices and a control room, along with various test engine configurations.The company plans on putting the Sabre engine in a reusable spaceplane called Skylon - a vehicle capable of launching heavy telecommunications satellites.Mark Thomas, CEO at Reaction Engines, said: 'This is another exciting step forward in development of Reaction Engines' Sabre engine and a visible demonstration of the UK's commitment to the programme.'I look forward to seeing this unique facility take shape and commencing our core engine testing, which will be a defining moment for aerospace.'Last year, the European Space Agency (ESA) invested £8.5 million ($11 million) towards the development of the engineFranco Ongaro, Director of Technology, Engineering and Quality, at ESA said: 'The opening of this new test facility at Westcott Today marks an historical moment for the European Aerospace industry and for the UK research and development in rocket propulsion.'This facility will enable the ground test of the Sabre engine cycle, opening the way to the first flight tests, and to a new era.'The European Space Agency is proud of this partnership with industry and the UK Space Agency, to which we bring our technical competence, which has supported the Sabre development to this stage, and we are confident, to its future flight success.'Reaction Engines has now has secured over £50 million ($66 million) in funding from the British government, with more than £42 million ($55 million) from the UK Space Agency, and the ESA contribution acting as the final piece.The revolutionary Sabre engine could allow aircraft to take off from a runway and accelerate to five times the speed of sound, before switching to a rocket mode, propelling it into orbit.This design could also be used to send satellites into space at a fraction of the current cost.Mr Thomas said: 'We are now entering an exciting phase where we can accelerate the pace of development to get Sabre up and running.'At the moment, rockets have to carry liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen to power them and the cost of carrying th Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5192463/Hypersonic-spaceplane-engine-set-Colorado-tests.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490
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Thomas Lee (8 days ago)
Your text reader could use an upgrade.
Kevin Mccarthy (1 month ago)
This guy allmost went out of business but managed to some how keep it going. UAE backed it and the I guess the US air forse has there own secret, DARPA like program, kicked in 90 million a few years ago, any body surprised, now DARPA its self. The Brits do not want America to take it over with the profits like with the introduction of jets in the fifties.
barracuda7018 (1 month ago)
All American post war jet developments are based on German research dude.. Outdated British engine technology wasn't needed ..
Xristopher Darker (2 months ago)
They think its clever but it snot . Artificial person squeak .
Paul Merron (3 months ago)
Why,why, why do you have the incredibly annoying voice over computer generated voice that talks in such a strange way.  I just can't listen to it.  It is not clever or in any way impressive.  Just use a real person, PLEASE.

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