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#NoFilter - Treatment of the Mentally Ill in the US is a SCANDAL

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In this week's #NoFilter, Ana Kasparian rants against the woeful state of mental health care in the United States. Citing the recent beating death by police (and their subsequent acquittal) of Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man, as well as the numerous killings perpetrated by mentally ill shooters and the scandalous treatment of mentally ill inmates by the South Carolina department of corrections, Kasparian paints a picture of a society that has all but abandoned people suffering with mental illness. This, she says, is something that HAS to change. Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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James E Lauderdale Jr (4 years ago)
Thank you for your passion on this crucial topic, Ana.
Insane_mike85 (4 years ago)
Sadly if you're middle class or poor the justice system is useless but if you're rich well nothing happens to you now many will disagree
Matt Markonis (4 years ago)
Thanks for this!
Tank Dempsey (4 years ago)
i agree 1000% with anna it's bullshit how we treat the mentally ill we shouldn't beat them to death or restrain them until thier intestines are showing and those cops who beat that homeless man to death should be in jail right now she is right we the cops need a training program to teach them how to handle a mentally ill person help them not beat them to death they did it cause they knew they will get away with it and they did and don't give me this shit that oh they did it and now they got fired no fuck that they should be in prison and they should get the shit kicked out of them what happened to kelly they should experience that and see how it feels it's frustrates me to no end how cops do shit like this and get away with it enough it enough and that has to change seriously 
Ian Luman (4 years ago)
I've been telling everyone I know about this story... its truly tragic and deserves to be understood by all.
Marc W (4 years ago)
I hate this. We treat the mentally ill do terrible. They have no where to go. No treatment. Wht can we do?
Pythagoras211 (4 years ago)
The value of human life in general is dropping exponentially in the US
shini gami (4 years ago)
This got me paying attention to views on youtube. I just watched another video twice, and the number didn't go up at all from when I started it. Are not all views counted...? (For what it's worth, I watch you guys every day, and saw that video yesterday.)
NickAllah (4 years ago)
That is one creepy lookin cop. Wtf happened to his eye?
blacklite911 (4 years ago)
The thing is, when mentally ill people don't have a place to go, they inevitably end up on the streets putting themselves and others at risk due to their behavior, then they eventually go to jail for whatever misdemeanor, thus getting let out later. Basically turning the out penial system into a baby sitting service for the mentally ill. Politicians don't care because drug dealers aren't the only ones filling up private prisons. And people wonder why some don't want to vote...
blacklite911 (4 years ago)
Ana I love you for this. I have allies who are activist for mental health issues and it is a travasty. I remember one youtube video that was about cheering on a patron on a bus who physically tossed a homeless man off the bus because he was holding it up for not paying. It was disgusting to me because he was obviously mentally ill and chicago just closed 80% of mental health clinics.
fateh faiz (4 years ago)
How many people went and searched the Young Turk video of the woman orgasming 300 times a day???
GLYNN TILLERY (4 years ago)
Ana your so luciously hot when your ranting ..Only views here are the Master  Bates Fan Club as it were...
TheDrewSaga (4 years ago)
If the treatment of the mentally ill in US is a scandal, aren't the politicians, bankers and such that get better treatment also criminals going by that logic?
lorne david (4 years ago)
thats better. that is the type of passion towards "REAL" issues that got me hooked on TYT in the first place. If TYT was more this and less what it has become (Catering to others), I would start watching more like I use to.
Gardner De Aguiar (4 years ago)
The public is just apathetic, and you can't really blame them. Stories of people getting mistreated and cops getting away with murder are now just par for the course.  Just look at some of the top stories of last year -- Zimmerman acquitted, rich kid kills people and gets off with "afluenza" plea, cops sexually abusing people through illegal searches, police brutality, sanctioned random friskings, NSA hacking our computers for private information. At this point, optimism is just a joke.
KING MARS (4 years ago)
Ana is On Point
Mark FromWI (4 years ago)
Our ruthless attitude in this country toward the poor, disabled and helpless, is destroying the very fabric of this nation.  Case in point: I commented on another news item a week or so ago, regarding my disabled daughter and the ill treatment she has received her entire life.  The very FIRST reply to my comment was: "Your daughter, is she hot?" and the disgusting troll then replied again with: "(shrug) I like doing feebs. No big deal."  And worst of all, his comments got several LIKES!  We are in grave danger with attitudes like this, all the while cramming religiously zealous ideologies down this world's throat.  Shameful, absolutely shameful!
Rune Munch Pedersen (4 years ago)
I view every video that goes through my feed, and I don't remember seeing that video. Are you sure it got sent out properly?
Ian Channel (4 years ago)
America is third-world and backward country. If any patriot or strong nationalist in the U.S. says the U.S. is the best, then I think he or she needs to be removed of all rights to vote. Immoral people don't deserve the right to vote.
Gerard Barbier (4 years ago)
There is a misunderstanding that the mentally ill should be able to resolve their issues in a very short time. The mentally ill  that can benefit from psychotherapy may take years in their journey to a more functional life. The other mentally ill are so badly injured emotionally that the only thing you can do is keep them on medication.
Zogg from Betelgeuse (4 years ago)
It's really depressing that your South Carolina prison video got so few views compared to that other video about... Wait... 300 TIMES A DAY????
Swole Buddha (4 years ago)
Damn, she's going to town. More specifically...downtown.....HAAAAAAAAAA GEDDIT?
SeeTheViewFromAHill (4 years ago)
Well roared Lioness. !
Jorge Flores (4 years ago)
WoW! THIS MONSTERS of cops are getting paid by tax payers money to protect and serve the community not to kill and abuse. NO JUSTICE AT ALL!!!. MONEY, POLITICS, CORRUPTION! WE THE PPL NEED TO WAKE UP AND PUT A STOP TO THIS ABUSE!
I really think middleclass needs have a nice chat with the government...non violent protest doesn't accomplish anything you need billions and billions of dollars to buy the middleclass lawyers to fight the governments lawyers but we don't have the money .. when the middle class has learned that non violent protest don't work anymore so what's the point the police are violent against non violent protesters and they the police make there Point Clear by being violent I would hate to see a Civil War on the governments Kurupt hands why doesn't the police stand up for the class and say something about how the government is turning corrupt
We got PETA that protects animals but we need a PETA that protects humans that have disabilities. There's a market for everything to make money off of to get people jobs this is another thing that will give people jobs is to protect other people from government that's gone insane.....
Jeff Duflo (4 years ago)
We have to decide, what kind of society are we? Will we become a bloated selfish UnitedStates or a compassionate, sensible nation, one that embraces human dignity and rights as a cherished value. I prefer the latter and I know most do. How do we make that happen? There is truth in the idea to reveal a nation's most vulnerable and poor is to reveal it's character.
DStyleBoxing (4 years ago)
That jury , what can I say.. Idiots
DStyleBoxing (4 years ago)
I know Ana hates these type of comments, but she looks ridiculously beautiful, first thing u thought when I saw her. Anyways, I'll carry on
Mark Meszaros (4 years ago)
dannukesem (4 years ago)
The jury's verdict doesn't make any sense at all, until you realize that the whole thing had to be rigged. It's the only way, and there really needs to be a federal investigation here, by an independent party. I don't know how they did it, either threatening the jury, paying them off, or they were hired directly. It doesn't really matter. Something needs to be done, those murderers are still on the streets, maybe to do it again.
Chad Edwards (4 years ago)
+Zogg from Betelgeuse Sounds like the George Zimmerman case.
Zogg from Betelgeuse (4 years ago)
Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
Fuck police. Fuck police. Fuck police.
Raphael2885 (4 years ago)
I don't want to be sexist and I completely agree with ana's point.  Those "cops" are thugs and murderers and should be locked up. They went beyond the force needed to subdued.  Kelly Thomas needed psychiatric help not   a beating or incarceration. But I  just want to  ask if Ana got her hair done? And,  it looks really good!
Thors Pinky (4 years ago)
the only time TYT talks about mental heath is when they want to keep guns away from 99.9999999% of us. Eat my ass TYT.
only half bad 333 (4 years ago)
Unfortunately, without any real money or influence in politics, it's really hard to make a real change.
Nikos V (3 years ago)
+only half bad 333 homeless and mentally ill people need to get a lobby together and see if Trump will listen
ThePowerfulPanda (4 years ago)
It's the "justice" system. It's corrupt and flawed all the way. If cops were treated like criminals when they commit criminal actions a lot of these bad ones would get weeded out. That is not the case though, they only get fired or suspended. The only thing that can really be done is to change the entire system. As more and more of these stories come out people will rightfully be far less trusting of police and they will end up hurting themselves by losing that public trust. They don't just need better training, they just need better people. Please just keep putting these stories out there no matter how futile it may seem, over time those small dents can make a difference. 
Joe Wilder (4 years ago)
Police are like the rest of us - just trying to make it - flawed, imperfect - and if you look at the history of law enforcement, I think they're getting better over time - kinder, more sensitive and I think smarter.  These guys should have found another line of work a long time ago though.
Kevin Smith (4 years ago)
It needs to be said...police are racist as hell but of course the pretty white girl sticks up for the white guy instead. How about that for a "rant against injustices"? I had a bunch of white cops try to get up on me the other day and i cant tell you for sho they are mad hatin' these days on us but of course white media aint givin us a care
Nam-Ek (4 years ago)
Jason Dhalle (4 years ago)
Ana, we do nooothing about most everything in the United States because you need money to influence politicians to do anything. I love you and your work. Keep it up
Mario Pendleton (4 years ago)
No one filtered Ana's hotness. OMG people are fucking horrible. When you guys talk about important issues I try to spread news as best I can, but I'm nobody really. When I get old or develop a mental issue I'd rather die than be in a nursing home or mental hospital in the US. This country only gets worse at time passes. I'm just going to have to become and activist and start a revolution.. CIA come find me.
Kyle Richard (4 years ago)
Every time Cenk or Ana have mentioned in the past that Police need better training in order to not abuse or beat/taze-to-death those with mental illness or intellectual disabilities... I get just a little enraged. It implies that this is what people will do without training. That we somehow need to be taught not to do this. I have worked with people who have mental illnesses before and never needed to be trained to not murder any of them. The thought simply never occurred to me because I am not a psychopath. The training for not beating a mentally ill person to death is called "being a human being".  These cops need to go to jail. Period. 
younguy1979 (4 years ago)
if i was in the police force, that sure would be a class i would love to attend. i am a veteran of the US army, and i didn't join to start murdering people, but to protect my country and the public. that's my opinion.
Kyle Richard (4 years ago)
+younguy1979 do you, at your workplace, have training on how to not murder people?
younguy1979 (4 years ago)
+Kyle Morrissey i think just like any other profession who do undergo training in their profession, it will always benefit the society as well as the police force themselves. military are always doing bi-annual or annual trainings that take weeks, i don't see why this is so strange to you? in my company, we have lunches 4 times a year with our co workers and discuss what could be better and relating to work. i think it's completely appropriate for a training that has a classroom twice a year, talk about the problems currently in society, give examples, reiterate probable cause and reasonable suspicion before arrest, and 4th amendment. it's not hard dude. wake yo ass up
NickAllah (4 years ago)
i think its just her way of saying.. "something needs to be done"
Kyle Richard (4 years ago)
I feel I should clarify that am not arguing against training as an idea, but rather that the framing of the training is a bit offensive. By that I mean the idea: "Well of course we should have training because how else will people not do this?", perpetuates certain stereotypes about both police and the mentally ill. The idea that police are all just psychopaths by default  kind of takes the responsibility off of us to demand better because we should simply expect this. It also perpetuates the idea that the mentally ill are threatening.  If you see someone who is agitated and talking to themselves, what do you do? Let them. When they calm down offer to move them somewhere to get some food or something. If that doesn't work there are plenty of non-beating ways to restrain someone and take them to another location. 
ArcticSlicer (4 years ago)
This is what a police state looks like!
Nikos V (3 years ago)
+ArcticSlicer not really - one has to wonder where the families are of the people who are mentally ill and are homeless? many of them have been abandoned by families and society treats them like shit - not many are willing to help them and most see it as somehow their fault. I've seen shop keepers call the police to move homeless people on, residents call the police to have homeless people removed from parks, people scream at homeless people to "get a job" like it is that easy for someone who may have schizophrenia or psychosis... yet i don't see many people clamoring to help them. The vast majority are heartless

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