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Using a coca cola bottle to grow bean sprouts at home - Amazing life hack!

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Using a coca cola bottle to grow bean sprouts at home - Amazing life hack! *Using a Milk carton to grow bean sprouts at home: https://goo.gl/is999t How to grow bean sprouts in a plastic bottle simply and quickly: Bean sprouts have a lot of uses for human health. However, bean sprouts on the market are often soaked the very dirty and toxic drugs. Therefore, many people grow the own bean sprouts to ensure safety for the whole family. Moreover, growing own bean sprouts at home is very interesting, you can consider it as a game of relaxation and entertainment after the stressful office work. Today, the SRC will guide you how to grow bean sprouts in a plastic bottle simply and quickly. Let you take advantage of the used a plastic bottle to obtain the safest and most nutrient-rich bean sprouts. It doesn’t take you too much effort to prepare that means every day you need just spend about five minutes, after 3 days, you will get your own delicious bean sprouts dish. *Ingredients: -100 gr bean (green beans, black beans or soybeans) -Clean water *Tools -A 1.5-liter plastic bottle (Coca-cola or Pepsi bottle) -A cup -Sharp probe (nail, screwdriver) बीन स्प्राउट्स, 콩나물기르기, 豆の芽を, ถั่วงอก, 豆芽 *Please HELP ME to REACH 100k Sub! https://goo.gl/dgcjdy ------------------------------------- *Life Hacks Compilation https://goo.gl/tXVQqG *DIY homemade Compilation https://goo.gl/NQ348A *Amazing tricks Compilation https://goo.gl/9r2aFU --------------------------------------------- *FOLLOW ME! G+: https://plus.google.com/101115426962959287675 Twitter: https://twitter.com/X_Creation_com Blog: http://x-creation.com
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Text Comments (1968)
Как же трудно ,я попросту в банке прорастают у меня
art Jimenez (9 hours ago)
Are soy beans?
Siok Oey (11 hours ago)
Aleja T (18 hours ago)
Genial idea! Gracias! Me ha servido mucho!
wenaldy (1 day ago)
Sorry but this is retarded.
Veronica Güerzoni (1 day ago)
Traducción al español. No sé qué es lo que pones dentro de la botella
ghy m (2 days ago)
Lol its easy to sprout them in tea towel overnight
kinda barabara (2 days ago)
great job
Bharati Mehta (3 days ago)
Time wasting video
Спасибо за идею.👍 Обязательно сделаю будто вы демонстрировали 👍👍👍👍👍😊
Se tivesse tradução Seria melhor 😊😊😊
Sandra Gomez (4 days ago)
David Mathi Raj (5 days ago)
Thanks, it came out successful, YeHoVaH Bless....
Carmen Olmedo Núñez (5 days ago)
CHANNEL 119 (5 days ago)
I appreciate all your efforts to capture the sprouting in a video.... but this is waste.... it can be much simpler by leaving the soaked green gram in a bowl or a medium sized tray.
dattatreyan yr (5 days ago)
Excellent and hygienic. Good presentation. Thanks.
Albertina Genske (5 days ago)
Gostaria que fosse em português
انا عربي هنا 😊
Diene Simon Neves (6 days ago)
Aquilo que era ervilhas
Crystal Li (6 days ago)
Thank Krsna for Comments opportunity.... Now we can choose from a few methods of successful sprouting! I soak beans , then hang in damp cloth, keeping it damp if it gets too dry. 🌿🌱🌿🌱🌿🌱🌿🌱🌿🌱🌿🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌻happy sprouting 🕊️😂
فكره مال واحد طايح حظه
الله غاسلك ع هاي الفكره
Ronel Bumanlag (6 days ago)
Is this a paid ad for Coca Cola? It sucks!
Legendary Amyr (6 days ago)
thanks helps a lot and i subscibed
Susana Avad Perez (6 days ago)
Porqué no especificar en idioma castellano si en la presentación así lo hicieron?
hadees roza (6 days ago)
Faltu mein itna drama karne se achha hai Dal ko so kar ke rakh do aur kuch ghante baad us Daru ko Mota Shruti Kamre Mein Band Ho raat bhar mein bahut accha Sa ankurit ho jata hai
prathima raghunath (6 days ago)
Use a casserole. Keep the soaked seeds covered in it overnight.
Daimond girl (7 days ago)
rogueagent001 (7 days ago)
Just to let u all know not his idea I saw this in a book when I was a kid 20 years ago
Kathleen Monsegue (7 days ago)
Those beans were green mung beans.
Maria Gloria (7 days ago)
Terry McGeary (7 days ago)
I am pretty confident if any phthalates were going to leach out (which I doubt very much due to food and health regulations)they would have done it while the fizzy drink was inside. I haven't done it for years but I seem to recall giving them a good soak overnight to get them swelling. Then rinsing them in cold water before putting them in a jar lying on its side leaving a good air gap above and yes I think a cloth over the mouth of the jar (or maybe it was a lid with holes so long as the seedlings get enough oxygen for respiration and to deter any growth of anaerobic bacteria) . I think I kept it in our airing cupboard (when we had one) which gave them a little warmth. Rinsing every day in cold water was essential. This method avoided having to attend A&E for craft knife injuries. Don't waste your time with pop bottles (unless you're making 'ecocolumns' but that's another old biology lecturer's story). Maybe one of my videos should be that! [light bulb goes on dimmly...]
Crocheted flowers
Ani Anitha (8 days ago)
Plz dont use this meathod raed the command below
Jánosné Faragó (8 days ago)
nagyon ugyes
Inescita Pazz (8 days ago)
es hermoso
кивок (8 days ago)
3.12писюном нужно
Steve Bano (8 days ago)
X D (5 days ago)
of course not
Roberto Ramirez (8 days ago)
Sir where do you buy this seeds
قناة ام عمر (9 days ago)
احلى لايك روووووووعة 👍👍👍🌷⁦❣️⁩⁦❣️⁩🌷🌷🌷
Maya Tovani (9 days ago)
Nancy Rose (9 days ago)
I've never seen little green beans like those. Are they mung beans? I love sprouts!
Darci Rosa (9 days ago)
Baby Raju (9 days ago)
ഇതു വളരെ രുചികരവും ആരോഗ്യദായകവുമാണ്
Tukemuth (9 days ago)
What's a coca cola bottle doing in the home of someone who wants to be healthy?
Alice Dubois (6 days ago)
Tukemuth everything in good proportion. If anyone takes or does too much of anything, than it becomes really bad. Self control is key. 😉❤
vibha jain (10 days ago)
ashton brook (10 days ago)
Amazing trick I will use this trick@
Thaddeus Stevens (11 days ago)
I absolutely love bean sprouts .... so full of Vitamin C.
Thaddeus Stevens (5 days ago)
Tatiana JUNG ????
Tatiana JUNG (5 days ago)
keepdancingmaria (12 days ago)
Oh for heaven's sake. All this bother for a single use sprouting vessel? Just use a glass jar or a cloth bag. Or even a heavy duty Ziploc freezer bag.
keepdancingmaria (7 days ago)
Giovanna... ?????
Giovanna Tramontana (7 days ago)
. Toes
Terry McGeary (7 days ago)
Just about right.
Sonakshi Sharma (12 days ago)
*Have a delayed marriage in your birth chart* https://shreemastro.blogspot.com/2018/09/have-delayed-marriage-in-your-birth.html
Aggelos Dimitris (12 days ago)
Huguette Levy (13 days ago)
cracksonicmasl lo (13 days ago)
excelente, te felicito
astrid parra araujo (13 days ago)
esta en ingles!
par Kavi (14 days ago)
Foolish method
Le Franco (14 days ago)
Muito bom, mas muito lento...
Lorena Zamor (14 days ago)
Mientras see esta germinando donde see ponen ?? Gracias
Lucia Duarte (15 days ago)
Qual é a semente usada?
bettina mendoza (15 days ago)
Why do you have to mark it? When you can just cut it.
Orna L. lazimi lev (16 days ago)
Very nice thank u
ashok raikwar (16 days ago)
gxjvzjzks the, but 0&share_ht_uid the
Imran Pan (17 days ago)
time waste
elo arredondo (17 days ago)
No se ingles
janaína Rodrigues (17 days ago)
Adorei a dica da pet coca , não tomo isto ,mas vou fazer na de água em tudooo hehehe
Sushma Joshi (17 days ago)
I assume the micro-plastics that make their way into the sprouts when you cut open the bottle merely serves to enhance the taste--along with the fine aroma of BPA which covers the sprouts in an exquisitely fine layer.
Siti Juleha (1 day ago)
Siti Juleha (1 day ago)
Ummar Nadubail (17 days ago)
totally waste of time
Farhatun Khatun (18 days ago)
Vhigi kapro me rakhne pr bhi hota hai muskil nahi hai
Darci Cunha (18 days ago)
Fala em português
Steven Wilson (18 days ago)
Spend an hour saving yourself $0.56.
mayur rushi (18 days ago)
Instead of all these, I'll by sprout maker
MULYANA MULYANA (18 days ago)
I'm sprout bean, but the beans are pink. Why
Venkat U (20 days ago)
Time waste vedio with good music
Ben G (20 days ago)
This is all wrong. Dont follow this bullshit steps. You don't have to "water" the beans. once it is wet, it can use the water it is soaked in. This is a stupid video. Also, dont use plastic to grow your seed, its like growing your own cancer. Beans can grow on any open container as long as it is wet. No need of any ceremonial bs like this.
花仙子 (22 days ago)
laxmi prasanna (22 days ago)
Waste of time cloth is best way to grow sprits
Kimberly Robinson (22 days ago)
I think this is a brilliant tutorial video. Thank you for making it,
콩이 불량인듯
Oque coloca além de água?
Tradução português
Jai Khodiyar maa (22 days ago)
Sailendra Patnaik (22 days ago)
Why so complicated ? So many simple procedure is there to grow bean sprouts
Sara Pan (23 days ago)
У вас весьма рабочие руки вы молодчина мозоли натуральные ! Трудяга
No sé Inglés, obvio no entiendo, saludos desde Medellín Colombia 🇪🇨
afendi ujud (23 days ago)
Disliked taugehbaah
ماشاء لله
Menka nice Pathak (24 days ago)
This is not good method
ARGAY AZUL (24 days ago)
Jerry P (24 days ago)
Very good. The bottle protects the beans from drying out and wilting. And you don;t have to buy a special bean sprouting bottle. The plastic is food grade and it will break down in 700 hundred years And they don't leach now, but in 700 hundred years they will.
danny dee (24 days ago)
Very unhygienically clean utensils, The cup the teapot omg really
dinesh mandavilli (24 days ago)
It should be simple..ND No one has that much care about the health now a days
Rosebyn Raciles (24 days ago)
Rifqi Nashirulhaq (24 days ago)
Then I call it C̶O̶L̶E̶ ̶S̶P̶R̶O̶U̶S̶E̶, I mean COLA SPROUTS.
King Walter (24 days ago)
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Gerda Dunkel (25 days ago)
Plastic is really toxic and bad for environment. I'm not crazy enough to grow healthy food in a plastic bottle. Sorry, but no
Erkolu (25 days ago)
Very slowly video !

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