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Edible Cookie Dough Recipe | Just Add Sugar

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It's edible cookie dough that's actually safe to eat raw! Inspired by a massive salmonella-related recall, the founders of Edoughble decided to start a business making cookie dough that's safe - and meant to be - eaten raw. Thankfully, they cracked the code and are here to share with us the secrets to making a delectable egg-free dough that's great for edible gifts - if you're willing to share it at all! Subscribe to POPSUGAR Girls' Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugargirlsguide
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Text Comments (262)
Honey The Cat (1 month ago)
"I like my cookie dough nice and salty"
Honey The Cat (22 days ago)
+Dayday Reyes 😂
Dayday Reyes (23 days ago)
Mr Hassu (1 month ago)
Erin Stannard (2 months ago)
That's bad because you aren't supposed to eat raw flour unless you've cooked it before hand x
Boss Money (2 months ago)
can you do it without flour
ramba lamba (2 months ago)
I didn't have any applesauce so I put one egg and this worked the same except I needed one more cup of flour
Lexi A (2 months ago)
I was hoping this wouldn't require flour because we aren't supposed to eat it.
Fatima Ali (3 months ago)
i made this but i found it really salty...
Ben Minor (3 months ago)
You need to cook the flour first you can get salmanila
kpopTrash smeow (3 months ago)
So if i had salted butter and i added in to sticks of it and then later didnt add my tsp of salt would it be the same? And could u replace the apple sauce with milk? 😅
Mayte Cruz (4 months ago)
isn't flour supposed to make you sick if you dont heat treat it??
rosebud737 (4 months ago)
If you don't add the apple sauce will it effect the end result?
xoLolly (4 months ago)
I still wouldn't eat that because of the flour
Aiyaluna Yourke (5 months ago)
The egg isn't what makes you sick in cookie dough. The flour is.
Galaxy Narwal (5 months ago)
Wait caint you still get salmonella from raw flour?
Bren S (5 months ago)
Can you make "safe" flour using a skillet instead of putting it in an oven?
Lightatonix (6 months ago)
I tried this my stomach HURTS
Devin 4568 (6 months ago)
This bitch too excited for some cookie dough
Depressed Banana (6 months ago)
can u use self rising flour for this recipe
Sarah Emily Driscoll (6 months ago)
Brianna Gately (7 months ago)
you have to use heat-treated flour because you can have saminila from flour too
This recipe was way to sugary.
Aisha Diallo (8 months ago)
This is still raw cookie dough because you have to heat the flour
Vanessa Gutierrez (8 months ago)
All cookie dough is edible...
lit boi (9 months ago)
1:15 her face tho
Madison McCuiston (10 months ago)
If you guys like this try my Vegan Cookie dough recipe, also completely edible on my blog! https://inthemidstofchaoslifestyle.com/category/food/
Bonnie Montanez (1 year ago)
Were gonna try to make it I hope we love it
Andrea Ryzlova (1 year ago)
Is it okay if I don't add the vanilla extract?
Christy H (1 year ago)
it would be easier if the recipe was at the end or in the description
Marie LaFave (1 year ago)
eating raw flour can give you worms... it's unhealthy
Nora Ankney (1 year ago)
Marie LaFave not if you use heat treated flour
Emma C. (1 year ago)
Can the vanilla be optional?
Jason Doty (1 year ago)
Try mixing with peanut butter, Reeses cups, Oreos, hot fudge and sprinkles.
EliteTacoGaming (1 year ago)
the cookie dough is not that edible. the flour as bacteria that makes it unediblem; so you bake the fur to kill-off he bacteria.
Crested.Gecko -Love (1 year ago)
Is it ok if I just use salted butter too?
TigerButt Films (1 year ago)
Search up the truth of palm oil and you'll never wanna eat an Oreo for as long as you live.
Arami Rotger (1 year ago)
I just ,add this but without the white chocolate chip cookies cuz I don't have that and it was still really good you guys should make this
Chloe Loves Piano (1 year ago)
Great idea!
Feyi Daisi (1 year ago)
Husky Lover (1 year ago)
Says "BY HAND" uses spatula... 😔
Alynah (1 year ago)
Do u have to use nutmeg
Bear Bear (1 year ago)
Do I have to add apple sauce?
My Trashy Edits (1 year ago)
Sarah Hildebrand (1 year ago)
Anya Al-Khatib (1 year ago)
do we have to use apple sauce?
Katie West (1 year ago)
Felicia Anne (1 year ago)
can I use maple syrup instead of apple sauce
Felicia Anne (1 year ago)
can you skip the apple sauce
kaja mann (1 year ago)
what can we use instead of flour, because it is not supposed to be eaten unbaked? :) that may be the rason why people get sick after eating raw cookie dough. not eggs only.
Destiny Coconut (2 years ago)
Can someone recall the meauremets and ingredients please? x
Destiny Coconut (1 year ago)
ItzScarlett Ok thank you!
Barefaced Tutorials (1 year ago)
Destiny Coconut just go to popsugar.com it should have the full recipe there ☺️
Nami Swan (2 years ago)
can I use brown sugar instead instead of white?
Hawaii unicorn playz (2 months ago)
Nami Swan yas
Sunset_Sunpai (2 months ago)
Nami Swan, yep.
Betty Brown (2 years ago)
Courtney Louis (2 years ago)
Did you know that flour can be contaminated with e. coli💯💯💯💯💯👌👌👌💯💯💯💯
Alia Bassam (2 years ago)
I will gonna make brownie flavored cookie dough
Lamzee (2 years ago)
You already know that behind the camera they talk hella shit about each other
Cheryl Delgado (2 years ago)
do have to add apple sauce
Betty Brown (2 years ago)
Use milk
Squidneythe Squid (2 years ago)
+Hayleigh Stevens you can use vegetable oil
Taekook Supremacist (2 years ago)
is there something else you can use besides applesauce
A.A.M.S creepy (1 year ago)
Marlene Heredia umm how much eggs did you put in?
Betty Brown (2 years ago)
Milk but mabye more or less
Nadia Jalal (2 years ago)
I used yogurt. Vanilla works pretty good, but if you don't want additional flavoring just stick with plain.
Celine Huang (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure the point is to make a cookie dough without eggs, because people don't want to eat raw eggs. I think you could just replace the eggs with apple sauce in any cookie dough recipe. :)
Marlene Heredia (2 years ago)
I simply used egg and it was delicious!
Joely Figueroa (2 years ago)
give me some plz😂😂😂 32 Milton st 2 plz
Kechelle Jackson (2 years ago)
why would you give your address out for some EDIBLE COOKIE DOUGH
Katie West (2 years ago)
Could you use honey instead of apple sauce
Betty Brown (2 years ago)
KiaPlaysMCPE (2 years ago)
u can try
Squidneythe Squid (2 years ago)
I wouldn't
Kechelle Jackson (2 years ago)
I made it
Mia Averie (2 years ago)
She did NOT pour in 2 cups of flour in the bowl... That was like 1/2 a cup 😑
Kechelle Jackson (2 years ago)
she said 1/2
Kalia Janae (2 years ago)
Yeah it looked like she only poured half of the flour
James Zhang (2 years ago)
Stop saying " Birthday"
My Wonderful Cuisine (3 months ago)
James Zhang why?
Crystal Nights (2 years ago)
I don't have flour so how much cornstarch would you use?
Sommer Anderson (2 years ago)
I. Love. Eating. Cookie dough ice cream and just eating cookie dough 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪
Jesse Martinez (2 years ago)
Can u substitute the apple sause
Lena Moua (2 years ago)
I don't have nutmeg and applesauce
Dana Al Janahi (2 years ago)
Nutmeg is optional and there are some recipes for homemade apple sauce
Kim Teodosiu (2 years ago)
I dont think the flour is edible ????
Geo Manhire (2 years ago)
I just eat cookie dough anyway
Xuluh (4 months ago)
C G Your point about people putting it in protein shakes is irrelevant. You can retrieve salmonella from raw eggs. Not all eggs have salmonella, but it’s better safe than sorry... cook your eggs.
C G (4 months ago)
Jolanta Anasiewicz idk why people are thinking that. Some people put raw eggs in there protein shakes bc it adds protein if ur getting sick from eating raw cooking dough it’s not from the eggs
Jolanta Anasiewicz (1 year ago)
you gonna get salmonella (sorry for bad english I'm polish)
Chloe Loves Piano (1 year ago)
em and gem Me too. Sad, but true
faye emad (2 years ago)
And how much oil do we have to add
faye emad (2 years ago)
Can we replace the butter with oil and with what can we replace the applesauce
Mia Chen (2 years ago)
It's still raw cookie dough... Just edible
Kulwinderjit jawanda (2 years ago)
Can u cook these in the oven.So the are like cookies?????
Kulwinderjit jawanda (2 years ago)
THANK YOU Kiera Baltrusaitis!!!😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺!!!!!
Kiera Baltrusaitis (2 years ago)
Probably, because really all this is is a vegan cookie dough recipe. There's many more substitutes instead of applsauce
Rebecca Powell (2 years ago)
Is all purpose flour the same as plain flour ??
Lilli Howle (2 years ago)
+Rebecca Powell pretty much
Kylie Rose (2 years ago)
YES!!! YES!!!
Khamai Marttin (2 years ago)
Is there an applesauce alternative because of my allergies
Jenna John (2 years ago)
well try um... banana I think well why I think that its because its sticky and if u mush it you'll get a soft sticky banana but I would add a tab more vanilla it will be more like cookie dough advice from a 12 year old....
smokeeter343 (2 years ago)
Can i still do this recipe without applesause?
-ˏˋ tia ˎˊ- (2 years ago)
+Fruits Are Awsome yes I added strawberry jam
Fruits Are Awsome (2 years ago)
+Tia Tarraf no
Dee Erizo (2 years ago)
I added plum jam 😎👌🏻
-ˏˋ tia ˎˊ- (2 years ago)
Revampire Attire (2 years ago)
omg looks so good
Sheng Xyooj (2 years ago)
Do I have to use nutmeg or is it optional? If I have to use it, can I substitute it with something else?
Sheng Xyooj (2 years ago)
Okay, thank you. :)
Gina Lani (2 years ago)
It is just for the birthday cake flavor
Natashia White (2 years ago)
anyone know the name of the song ?
hogwartsgirl6 (2 years ago)
do you think I can store this in the freezer if I don't want to finish it all straight away?
hogwartsgirl6 (2 years ago)
+Kiera Baltrusaitis thanks :)
Kiera Baltrusaitis (2 years ago)
Mariyum Qureshi (2 years ago)
Smores cookie dough, Oreo cookie dough, red velvet cookie dough and reeses peanut butter cup cookie dough
Butterflies :D (2 years ago)
I used peanut butter for the applesauce
Arys Juarez (2 years ago)
do u have to put in nutmeg
Jhené Quinn (2 years ago)
mybrownbeauty (2 years ago)
I love this recipe! How long can you keep it for and does it need to be refrigerated?
Riley Nicole (2 years ago)
I made a cinnamon cookie dough it was so good
Peter Villarrubia (2 years ago)
i will do that when mine mom and dad leaves
Less Sane Less Pain (3 years ago)
Abigail Ella (3 years ago)
You have to heat proof it first
Ava Marie (3 years ago)
Mine was a little to salty
Purranda (3 years ago)
I made this recipe and I used applesauce. You said it would be more healthy and you wouldn't get sick. Well I got horribly sick after eating it. My stomach was cramping like crazy and I was lying on the floor moaning for 45 minutes. I'm disappointed. It tasted really good though... :)
Jocelyn Evelyn (2 years ago)
i heard it can be from the consumption of the raw flour :/ if that experience didn't completely turn you off of it (which i wouldn't blame you lol) google or pintrest how to heat proof flour or cooking flour for edible cookie dough (you get the jist lol), and it should stop it from happening again :)
Adam Glett (3 years ago)
apple sauce .... ew
Jake Fear (3 years ago)
You can't even taste the apple sauce!
Vape Nation (3 years ago)
Finaly i can steal the cookie dough and not get salimanila
Jake Fear (3 years ago)
Yeh true doe👌
bubblelaure24 (3 years ago)
i woulld do the edible chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, put chocolate chips, caramel sauce in it, and crushed pretzels
Rebbi Xu (7 months ago)
oof sounds so good
Prairie04 (3 years ago)
Love it
GotJump (3 years ago)
Perks of being vegan. The cookie dough will never give you salmonella. Vegans have known this for years 😜
Audrey lamontagne (2 months ago)
Except for the fact that it has butter...
Aiyaluna Yourke (5 months ago)
Its actually the flour. Eggs are harmless.
KPOPIS MYHONEY (7 months ago)
you can get sick from many vegan receipes. sooooo heh
Juli (9 months ago)
MAENAILDESIGNS (3 years ago)
I like your videos Brandi. They are all fun and delicious. Comment from my 6 year old niece whose a fan of your channel. ☺😊
Ashlon the Princess (3 years ago)
I would make the recipe with reeses peanut butter cups and some more peanut butter
Chris The Phoenix (7 months ago)
ashlon eberhart You're in luck, because Brandi made that, but with a little Reese's touch. 😁
Hannah Doan (3 years ago)
Brandy is so Pretty
Marissa Wilkin (3 years ago)
I didnt have any applesauce so i just put in milk 
bubblelaure24 (3 years ago)
but then that would be cake batter.
Harmonie Zurek (3 years ago)
She did not create this
Wafa Shahid (3 years ago)
Can we Skip Brown Sugar Or use white Instead?? :)))
Kaho Tsukamoto (3 years ago)
+Princess Wafa I'm pretty sure you can but with the chocolate chip, brown sugar gives it the brown color
mcar 7491 (3 years ago)
You do know that you can get sick from raw flour, right? Like... when you buy cookie dough they use pasteurized flour but the flour you buy in bags is not pasteurized. E. Coli is found in flour all the time. Maybe before you start making a "safe" version of food you should actually research all the risk factors.  
K-PopAnimeLover (1 year ago)
mcar 7491 Thats why u should heat treat it first
Tamir Shivers (1 year ago)
mcar 7491 h
Tamir Shivers (1 year ago)
Tamir Shivers (1 year ago)
Tamir Shivers (1 year ago)

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