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What is Certified Clinical Nutritionist or CCN? Nutrition

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Be My Friend - http://www.myspace.com/psychtruth What is Certified Clinical Nutritionist or CCN? Nutrition Radhia Gleis is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, C.C.N. She is also a Certified BioNutritional Analyst. She has a Ph.D. in pastoral counseling and a M.Ed. in nutrition. She is a professional member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, (I.A.A.C.N), and the American Naturopathic Medical Association (A.N.M.A.). Visit Radhia's Website at http://www.advancedhealthinstitute.com/ http://www.aimmd.com/ This video was produced by Psychetruth http://www.myspace.com/psychtruth http://www.youtube.com/psychetruth http://psychetruth.blogspot.com/ Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul http://www.tubemogul.com © Copyright 2008 AHI Productions. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by Tubemogul. #Psychetruth #WellnessPlus
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Текстовые комментарии (42)
Reuben Atlantis (10 месяцев назад)
Thank you
cooldesert30 (1 год назад)
Great video!
karris cherie (3 года назад)
I have always had a passion to heal the body as a whole so this is exactly what I will be going back to school for!
Alana James (3 года назад)
Thanks so much Rahdia...your shared knowledge is very useful to me.
Austin Singletary (4 года назад)
Just now accessing these videos and you are an inspiration ma'am I wish I could get advice from you on my future career in Nutrition.
ismail haydoff (4 года назад)
thank you Radhie,very usufull lesson.
veosApollo (5 лет назад)
read a book on quantum mechanics
The Nikkerman (6 лет назад)
dee paulson (6 лет назад)
She describes what a CCN does throughly, but is unfortunately uninformed on what an RD does. Most RD's work in clinical settings. Many have advanced degrees and specialties. Some even place feeding tubes. Some plan menus for large institutions and are at the mercy of budget constraints that can lead to subpar food production, but not always. I am a masters prepared RD with advanced training. Because of my RD training, I already meet the core criteria needed to sit for the CCN exam.
Randy Becker (7 лет назад)
dont trust RDs, they dont have the education
Sheldon Scott (7 лет назад)
Gigi down below: What education do you have?
Sheldon Scott (7 лет назад)
Also took nutr communication (oh, I thought you said we're not about counseling), food and culture, sports nutriton, exercise and energy, nutrition counseling, community nutrition, and thesis work. Are any of you diplomates trained in enteral and parenteral nutrition support either, as in prescribing it in a critical care setting?
Sheldon Scott (7 лет назад)
What I see here said about RD's is hysterical! Any of you geniuses actually work as an RD in a healthcare setting such as a hospital or nursing home! To those who think our coursework is a joke, consider this that I've had to take: general chem 1 and 2, organic chem 1 and 2, anat and phys, biochem, microbio, advanced human metabolism 1 and 2, food science, food technology, medical nutriton therapy 1 and 2 (oh, and you said we're not about maintaining and promoting health--that's rich), nutr comm
Melody Sciortino (7 лет назад)
My name is Melody and I live in Louisiana. I would really like to speak with you about your training because I would like to be trained to do what you do. Please think of getting in touch with me so that we can speak about this. I was so excited to see this video.
Radhia Gleis (7 лет назад)
@KillerFridge You can call yourself what ever you want except a Certified Clinical Nutritionist CCN
KillerFridge (8 лет назад)
I am a nutritionist. I just decided it now, as that is all it requires
kittyadell (8 лет назад)
@FlowingGeisha your comment embodies all the arguments on this page. You don't want to put in the effort to become a CCN or an RD. So essentially you're just going to take some classes and call yourself a nutritionist. :) If you truly want to help people with diet... put in the effort.
Carolyn Banner (8 лет назад)
Although a Registered Dietitian receives training in food service, it is definitely NOT the primary area in which RDs practice. I believe most RDs work in the clinical setting and ADA has employment data to reflect this. It seems to me that the main difference between an RD and a CCN is that RDs primarily deal with medical nutrition therapy for patients with already determined disease states whereas CCNs are more holistic/preventive focused. RDs can also be CCNs.
Gigi M (8 лет назад)
@medeableu I wasn't in hospital, but I visited friends or family members in hospital, and always brought good food for them to eat, so they could recover better and faster. Best to you.
Mokugin81Vintage (8 лет назад)
hey Radhia your videos r fab!! love them all!!! im on your side!! r u on facebook!? and whats the name of the video where u talk more about codex alimentarius? thanks! Andrea from London
Radhia Gleis (8 лет назад)
@cowy1 Obviously this fool, has not done their homework. Because that is a bald-faced lie. A CCN can not get their degree from any school other than an accredited college. I challenge this dietitian to look into the curriculum and dare to try and sit for the exam. Put up or shut up!
Radhia Gleis (8 лет назад)
@HealthNterventionist Exactly!, Check out what a CCN does and you will see the difference. Oh, if you want to know what a dietitian knows about nutrition eat at a hospital, school lunch, or prisons. They can talk all they want about what they think they are experts at but the proof is in the Kraft pudding they serve your kids.
Andreas Hansen (8 лет назад)
Tip of the day: Drop what youre doing and head over to the nearest construction site and sign up for an apprenticeship. Then you just muscle up everything you need to do and when you get home on the evening, you get the biggest juicy steak you can find and some bernaisse sauce and chow down. Because if youre walking, climbing and carrying shit for 8 hours a day, in the coldness of winter, your stomache is a fucking furnace. And dont let any one of these pseudoscientists tell you otherwise.
Gigi M (9 лет назад)
RE: "Looking into the requirements at colleges quickly reveals that dietitians know best how to serve jello to hospital patients. RD's just want to outlaw the competition!" You said it sooooo perfectly!!!!! Who does not believe this, just go and visit a hospital and look at the food served. If you want not to get sicker while in hospital, better have someone bringing your food from home [assuming that at home you eat right].
Gigi M (9 лет назад)
Every time I had to deal with a RD, all what he/she talked about was the pyramid and "calories in, calories out". Eating foods loaded with corn syrup from GMO corn, chemicals like colorants and preservatives, non organic full of pesticides it's okay with a RD as long as the number of calories is in the range. Look at the food served in hospitals to sick people to realize what kind of education a RD gets, The proof is in the pudding!
dantecubit42 (9 лет назад)
The RDs that I have communicated with all espouse the food pyramid. Bad advice based on bad science.
Michele Trotman (9 лет назад)
Thank you for the info. I think that it is sad that folks have to argue about who is doing more for humankind. I appreciate the information that you shared and I hope that others will be enlightened as well. As I agree with total balance I am curious about the basis for the spiritual part of study. Is this actual class study or left up to the individual to decide for him/herself? Thank you again.
G Phil (9 лет назад)
If everyone had a professional healing approach like yourself, I believe the world would be cured. You seem to ooze class and radiate an imminent Ready Break glow.
b0ondockz (9 лет назад)
how much does a ccn make??
FlowingGeisha (10 лет назад)
LOL you forgot farting and I found this video very interesting and educational. I wonder if there are jobs that aren't a CCN but work on diets, and nutrition. I can be my own nutritionist with being a CCN. It's a real flipping ass pain to have my comments blocked on certain videos especially when they're long and then copy and repost them.
agropaco (10 лет назад)
I'm still sceptic towards alternative medicine but I do get your point concerning the flaws of "conventional" health care. Thank you for your detailed reply! Very informative!
PsycheTruth (10 лет назад)
I might also add the forms of alternative medicine often have 1000s of years of empirical experience. Chinese medicine as an example was developed over 4000 years. Modern conventional drugs have only been studied for maybe 5 years since they constantly push the on patent new generation meds. There isn't much money in Chinese medicine compared pharmaceuticals so who is going to pay for the clinical trial? The mass majority of scientific trials are done by those who stand to profit from them.
PsycheTruth (10 лет назад)
Examples; People w/ suicidal histories are excluded from clinical trials but once the drug hits the market they are prescribed the drugs. People taking other psychiatric meds are excluded from clinical trials but once approved it's common for people to be on multiple medications. The drug interactions are never studied. Also, things you can't profit from aren't included in clinical trials. Pharma will never pay for clinical trial that pits exercise against a drug for example.
PsycheTruth (10 лет назад)
I don't think the scientific method is at fault. Just its application for marketing purposes and not actual science or helping people. There is a subject called evidence based medicine however which over evaluates the importance of clinical trials and under evaluates epidemiological data. Because clinical trials have strict inclusion an exclusion criteria, the results of the trail will not reflect what the drug actually does in the society.
agropaco (10 лет назад)
I agree, but without the scientific method we probably woundn't even know about the dangers or ineffectiveness of many drugs. In my opinion the solution is to PROPERLY use this method EVEN MORE as an essantial tool + rational thinking of course to seperate sound medical help from quackery. This of Course includes "Big Pharma"
PsycheTruth (10 лет назад)
The scientific method is sound but the results are only as good as the question you ask to begin with. If double blind placebo controlled research was the end all of methods to discover truth, all those people wouldn't have died from Vioxx. Additionally, drug companies are allow to do multiple studies on a drug and only the publish the one's with positive results. In half of all antidepressant clinical trials the placebo beat the drug.
agropaco (10 лет назад)
I just wanted to make sure that this "holistic approach" is based on and continuously improved by hard (statistic) facts rather than subjective and therefore often misleading personal experience.
agropaco (10 лет назад)
Not necessarily. Don't get me wrong! I'm sure CCNs know more about nutrition and its biochemical background than most people and I appreciate the knowlege shared on this channel. I have a masters degree in social and economic sciences but most of my colleges and even medical doctors I know, seem to know little about the scientific method and double blind placebo controlled research.
PsycheTruth (10 лет назад)
Is a degree in nutrition and a graduate training in biochemistry scientific?
agropaco (10 лет назад)
Is your trainig based on scientific evidence? I thought so until you mentioned homeopathy which is very well studied and more or less proven to be ineffective in comparison to placebo.
gregg4 (10 лет назад)
A ccn is trained in homeopathy? You mean these things work? I thought this was strictly alternative and dismissed by mainstream science. Cool video
pongman (10 лет назад)
I never heard of a clinical nutritionist. My only experience has been with a dietitian when my wife was having gestational diabetes.

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