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Education "Reform" with David Sirota

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What's really happening in education politics? Would you believe it's a battle between greedy school teachers and corporate CEOs who want what's best for the children? Well, not so much. Charter schools backed by these so-called "education reformers" aren't necessarily better than standard public education- it's actually been proven that they aren't. Charter schools do however make sense as a business strategy, allowing corporations to make big money off school children. How does this strategy work? David Sirota explains. Subscribe to The Regulators on Town Square: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare https://twitter.com/davidsirota http://www.davidsirota.com/ Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Nicholas Wong (2 years ago)
Hey listen, the useful idiot for Chavez speaks.
Lisa Button (3 years ago)
Bill Gates = Common Core = Agenda 21. http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/09/agenda-21-simplified-standardization-common-core/   http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2014/07/12/how-microsoft-will-make-money-from-common-core-despite-what-bill-gates-said/
Jim Cap Videos (3 years ago)
Such a superb video. Every student, every teacher and ESPECIALLY every parent in America needs to see this important video to find out who is REALLY robbing us blind and trying to steal the tax dollars meant for school, and stuffing them into their own pockets! Thank yoiu, David Sirota, for this excellent overview of what's happening in education today and how We The People must fight back against the forces of privatization! P.S. I love how these so-called "education reformers"---real name is: The Privatizers---are trying to convince us that the people who educate our children are the bad guys and we should be on the side of the billionaires and sellout politicians as the latter try to phase out public education and replace it with private businesses that will rob us blind and see our kids as "overhead"; and EVERY private business LOVES to cut overhead.
Jim Capatelli (4 years ago)
Paul S said:  "There's a clip of Bill Maher in the documentary The Cartlel admitting that teacher's unions are absolutely corrupt. Do you mind explaining to me how a guy who donated 1 million dollars fits into the conservative conspiracy?" What "conspiracy" Paul? There's no "conspiracy". That's YOUR word, and it's the word desperate people pull out when they can't make a substantive, credible response to something clear and factual. None of this is a "conspiracy"; it's all pretty out in the open. Wall Street, hedge funders, and other financial criminals WANT our tax dollars that now go to support our schools. These miscreants on Wall Street who helped bring down the entire world economy in 2008 now have a new scheme: destroying our schools, and privatizing them, all so they can make more money.  It's pretty out in the open. How do I know this? I read the stock prospectus that they issue with the intention of getting investors in what they are promising will be a "boom" in the "K-12 education BUSINESS!"  All their words. Not mine. I've also seen them on TV, talking about the "remarkable" returns that are "guaranteed by the taxpayers".  If going on Fox Business, and CNN and MSNBC finance and investment shows, to talk openly about your plans is part of a conspiracy, I think they're doing it the wrong way.  Also, what Paul doesn't tell us is that he's exaggerating Maher's remarks AND taking them completely out of context; "absolutely corrupt", no, Paul, I think that's the spin you're putting on it, seeing it through your teacher-hating eyes.  And, that crude, pathetic "documentary" called "The Cartel" is an absolute joke that even most privatizers are embarrassed by. The guy who made it is a clear sociopath who has actually encouraged people to go to teacher's homes, intimidate them when they leave and arrive, yell at them and their family. He's a sick puppy. It's amazing---but very telling---that you would quote him.  Regarding Maher, he, like me, and millions of other people in just the last two or three years, we're starting to plug into this debate. And now that we have, we start to see things differently. The Cartel was filmed almost 7 years ago and Maher has moved about 180 degrees from where he was back then---did you see the way he questioned John Legend AND Michelle Rhee last year on his show? Now that more of us are paying attention, we're learning who is lying and who is telling the truth. I'm afraid you're in the former camp.  Wake up and smell the coffee, Paul, or free, universal public education will be lost forever in our once good country. 
JW P (4 years ago)
'Tis true. "White Liberal" is indeed the worst of all insults.
Jim Capatelli (4 years ago)
Kudos, Steve. Did you notice that "Jack Blair" has this complete unhinged sociopathic look to him? He's obviously obsessed with his own sexuality and issues of gender. But he also looks like a guy you wouldn't want to leave your daughter with after accepting an invitation for a playdate. With a psychotic, unhinged Hillsdale "College" type, alone with a young child...bad things could happen.
Jim Capatelli (4 years ago)
Well, Jack, I won't condemn you for your homosexual tendencies---which are quite queueer, eh, I mean CLEAR from all of the photos of semi-naked buff boys on your page... Hey, did you learn to crave that of type of thing...late at night...in the cold winters...in the "MEN ONLY" dorm rooms of Hillsdale College? ;-) Not that there's anything wrong with that, Jack. You're just one of many gay conservatives I've met over the years. Just...let the denial go, Jack. And get to the gloryhole now...
Jim Capatelli (4 years ago)
Really? Incidentally, how do you know so much about "creaming yourself"? Maybe you need to get out in the real world where people work and produce? A job might help someone with your mentality.
Jim Capatelli (4 years ago)
According to whom, Alvin? Do you have any facts to refute the exceedingly strong case Sirota has made here? .................... I didn't think so. When you can't challenge on the facts, call names and act stupid. Impressive.
Jim Capatelli (4 years ago)
Well, if your only response is to call someone names...doesn't that prove the point? You don't have facts. So you resort to personal attacks and 3rd grade level insults. Who do you think you might be attracting here, Jack?
Jim Capatelli (4 years ago)
All Alvin Fry has in response to this is name calling. He can't refute the facts, so he screams insults without any coherent point. Typical for his mentality.
Jim Capatelli (4 years ago)
Get with it. What are you, back in 2010? Bill Maher admits, like a lot of us, he was naive on this issue. He thought these companies just wanted to "be nice" for nothing in return. Since then, he's had the shill, John Legend, and the still-under-criminal-investigation Michelle Rhee, on RT, and he's exposed their lies, leaving both somewhat incoherent. They were under the impression they could just use "Real Time" as a soapbox to spread lies and disinformation. They were wrong. I'm glad.
Jim Capatelli (4 years ago)
Maher admits he was snookered on this "Ed Reform" garbage at first. So was I. I thought it was great that people like Broad, Gates and the Waltons were "supporting schools" by "donating to education". I'm one of millions, all over the country, that has caught on in the last year or so. And we're not just "angry"; we're ready to explode! These people want to use OUR TAX DOLLARS meant for schools as "revenue" for a private system? Over MY dead body! Just test me if you think I'm "joking"...
Jim Capatelli (4 years ago)
Are you saying that executives of big companies aren't interested in more profit---and looking for new markets? If I worked for Murdoch, or Walmart, or a "testing company" that stands to make millions or billions from "education", why WOULDN'T I do it? I work in technology sales. People get fired if they DON'T maximize profitability. You don't have a business background, do you? If you did, you'd understand how basic this all is: To them, "Education" is now a "market". Show me the money!
alvinfry (4 years ago)
No, it only takes seconds.
Steve Magruder (4 years ago)
He's clearly done his research. Do you always spend so much time trying to take down people who actually know what they are talking about?
Steve Magruder (4 years ago)
...a "white Liberal douche" who is telling the whole truth on these matters.
JW P (5 years ago)
What a sissy boy. Typical white Liberal douche.
alvinfry (5 years ago)
David Sirota doesn't have any useful experience in life and is just another babbling idiot radio dousche who creams himself hearing his own voice.
cosmictinker (5 years ago)
Sirota forgot to mention that the primary reason why the profit motive is rarely, if ever, mentioned in the popular press is because those who stand to make the biggest profits from the privatization of public education, such as Murdoch, Kaplan et al. OWN the mainstream media.
crayonplane (5 years ago)
Bingo! The USA has been bamboozled again. This is likely just the surface of the business plan. These data miners have no ethics, likely undergo no security checks or provide any security and follow no law (some of which can be established a decade later once a group is able to organize and find funds to challenge an in-house group of about 200 Attorneys(?) if you are an individual forget it) this is how they make big bucks.
Forky Witherspoon (5 years ago)
Lol shut up loser.
Robert D. Skeels, JD (5 years ago)
I'm one of the LAUSD candidates who was up against CSR's billionaire slush fund. As someone who has written on topics like those Mr. Sirota discusses above for years, Bloomberg, Murdoch, et al knew they had to keep me from winning the District 2 seat. I finished in second place with over 5,200 votes on a $20K budget. The corporate reform candidate had millions and just passed a $50M tablet purchase motion for LAUSD.
Meg McCormick (5 years ago)
I've been saying this for years! Thanks for making this so clear!
rlnnorton (5 years ago)
This is happening now in Bloomberglandia(NYC). The latest proposal by the dictator is to have his real estate buddies re-locate schools in prime real estate areas to build luxury housing. You speak in the future but it's happening now.
Ceresta Smith (5 years ago)
@ Sean, Glen Ford and Bruce Dixon of the Black Agenda Report are two journalist who tell the truth see glen-ford-corporate-assault-public-education
Israel Munoz (5 years ago)
Thanks so much for this, I am a student organizer in Chicago where our education is under the thumb of corrupt politicians and corporations, the reality of this system is just disgusting
s9z9s (5 years ago)
Yes, that "man of the people," Che, who murdered surrendered prisoners in cold blood, and wrecked a beautiful country with his buddy Castro. Socialism IS Goldman Sachs. The big banks are the ones who make all the interest off the debt the socialists rack up. Look at how the banks are fleecing Europe now after their socialist debt binge. By the way, Fox viewers are not the least informed, Politifact rated that claim false.
s9z9s (5 years ago)
1.) Those "right wing extremists" in Sweden fully embrace vouchers and school choice. 2.) The Bible says nothing of the earth being created 6,000 years ago. 3.) The less religious a state is, the lower the birth rate. Get ready to get punked in only a few decades, atheitard.
Zom (5 years ago)
No its presented corrupt teachers unions vrs tax payers.
Billy Graey (5 years ago)
Thumbs up for General Zod.
sean crowley (5 years ago)
I hear all the atheist Americans are really sharp though but nobody else.
sean crowley (5 years ago)
tell me obama is a socialist so I can laugh in your face. He's a goldman sachs stooge and if you can't see that you need to watch more fox news until your brain simply dissolves to mush completely. I AM a socialist and I wouldn't let that asshole wear my old Che t shirt for 5 minutes.
sean crowley (5 years ago)
Sirota has it exactly as they present it.
sean crowley (5 years ago)
David Sirota is the only American journalist I have come across who actually gets what's going on in this country and has the stones to write about it. The rest of them cheerlead the phony reform of the Vulture Philanthropists and demonize so called greedy teachers who put themselves 30 or 80K into debt for a career that pays 50K after ten years and is currently viewed as something slightly more honorable than producing child porn but not quite as honorable as prostitution.
Zom (5 years ago)
Does anyone who gets exposed to this really believe its bad teachers vrs good billionaires its not portrayed like that all, the premise is pretty preachy and seems to degrade our perception when it already take someone smarter then a monkey to find this channel.
Zom (5 years ago)
Deadpan is love hate.
Greg Narten (5 years ago)
why are all these people so fucking hung up on his voice and delivery?!
Matheo Luciano (5 years ago)
So um.. we're surprised that the news media didn't report on Bloomberg or Murdoch's ulterior motives?
magicguitarman (5 years ago)
While David's delivery is a little monochrome and dry, I like his no-bullshit approach. You should have him on TYT more often.
Photo x RJ (5 years ago)
Bro.. you're speaking too slow & in monotone fashion. You need to be more rhythmic. It shouldn't come off as reading a teleprompter.
AmySavage6 (5 years ago)
We have gone far from the days of Andrew Carnegie, although he was just as ruthless as modern captains of industry he spent a large portion of his fortune to open public libraries and schools, and he didin't do it to make money, he did it to donate knowledge.
kris6682 (5 years ago)
lol it would be hilarious, especially if it got covered on tyt. if they ever come around knoxville tn i would be glad to do it.
kokofan50 (5 years ago)
Yes, but we have to go to the heart of the problem, money countrolling our government.
thestatuegotmehigh (5 years ago)
David Sirota is my favorite guy to listen to from this channel,
jaluck (5 years ago)
It has, many times, and us peasants have to pay to reconstruct it again.
M. Stanescu (5 years ago)
Capitalism will crash and burn... its just a matter of time..
MountainMan23 (5 years ago)
The other part of this "reform" movement is closing many inner city schools. What is going to happen with all that city-owned inner city property after the schools close? As night follows day the Wise City Leaders will decide to sell those schools (because the city needs money of course) and their real estate buddies will buy those schools (for a song) and put up highrent condos and office buildings. IT'S ALL A SCAM !!
kris6682 (5 years ago)
somebody should make a sign like your profile picture and then go stand with the wbc while they protest. lol i wonder how long it would be before someone noticed.
Luke Christie (5 years ago)
Little Pinky (5 years ago)
Always follow the money. One of my top five rules with things (esp like this).
MilitantAntiTheist (5 years ago)
And Americans, well known for their outstanding natural stupidity, 76% of whom believe they have a personal guardian angel, will be thrilled by this because now they'll be able to once again force children to pray to the Protestant Christian version of God and teach them the "truth" about Adam and Eve riding around on dinosaurs wearing saddles after God created the earth 6,000 years ago and their precious babies won't be "indoctrinated" by evil liberal SOCIALISM!
DrakonErythros (5 years ago)
Is there really fixing anything in this country at this point?
kreskinkun (5 years ago)
Epic Lebowski bit.

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