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Robin Williams - Open Heart Surgery

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Extrait du spectacle Weapons of Self Destruction (2009) Vidéo sous titrée www.livefromamerica.fr
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A. Rustici (10 hours ago)
cringe factor plus (1 day ago)
I miss him lots
Hannah Marie (3 days ago)
"Who would have know that a way to a mans heart is through his groin...The woman are going we've always know that. You grab a mans balls, his heart will follow."
viper13178 (5 days ago)
I'm not crying,, he's just too damn funny
Alex Blackburn (6 days ago)
I miss soooooooo much!
Royal (6 days ago)
I fucking miss Robin. You won’t be forgotten.
Cole Zimmerman (8 days ago)
hes so gross
thandi mnguni (13 days ago)
The power of fibre😂😂😂
Cut my heart open. I'd love if someone would finally see me for who I really am.
wingmanalive (16 days ago)
R.I.P. You fucking legend. You had your reasons for what you did, nobody can blame you because nobody else went through it. Oh the material you missed brother. Oh the material.......
James Fang (16 days ago)
I wish he could have done a talk show. Would have been the best!
setheurovision94 (17 days ago)
One guy in the audience is just dying. I don't blame him XD
Calvin Ellis (4 months ago)
I'v had open heart surgery he's right about what he says
Danny russo (6 months ago)
open heart surgery causes depression. I know first hand. It may have ultimately been the cause of his suicide:(
xSynecal (15 days ago)
Danny russo Do some research before assuming. He had lewi body dementia, he knew it was all downhill after that.
Ioana Opait (8 months ago)
O, Lord, was he good! The funniest comedian ever! God bless his heart, wherever he may be!
Jay Rosen (9 months ago)
Missed by so many millions of people!
Kjell Ringström (10 months ago)
Rectal exorcism. omg XD But i know what he talks about. I´m pretty sure i know how it feels to give birth.
Kit Cat 1974 (10 months ago)
This man's death affected me as if I knew him personally. I grieved alot. Searching for a reason I felt this way, something dawned on me. He has always been there. He was my first TV crush (Mork from Ork on Mork and Mindy). Throughout my life, he was there in movies and TV shows, comedy specials and talk shows. As an adult, he was there. I learned how kind and generous he was by reading about his movie "demands". Hire the homeless. Feed ppl. Taking less money so more can help others. I also learned that even the nicest ppl have very hard pasts. His included drug and alcohol addiction (possibly a sex addiction). It showed me that even perfect people are not perfect. He suffered from depression and so do I. He taught me to hide behind laughter .... My pain is mine. Its kind of selfish to try to force it on others. I learned accountability and how to find my own strength. When I had kids.... He was there. He was the magic in Peter Pan and the wishes in the lamp. He could play scary roles (One Hour Photo), sad roles ( World's Greatest Dad and What Dreams May Come), serious roles (Dead Poets Society), sweet roles (Patch Adams and Mrs. Doubtfire) and of course comedy(Bird on a Wire). He was a TV Star, a Movie Star, stand up comedian, father, husband, humanitarian and a great man. He was taken away from his family, friends and fans way too soon from a dementia (Lewey Body's Dementia) that as a symptom caused his death by suicide. (This was confirmed at autopsy. The only way to even diagnose this disorder.) It was a great loss to everyone. I still tear up at the Academy's tweet. "Genie. You're free."
Kathryn Mathews (11 months ago)
I miss him
Richard Bowley (11 months ago)
I feel the same way. You could not even watch an interview on TV without laughing.
goldenapple saga (11 months ago)
1:58 team four star anyone?
rae huestis (1 year ago)
wow, miss this guy!! I had a triple bypass 2weeks ago and needed this laughter
MichaelD8393 (1 year ago)
2:00 "And I'll put a whistle in my dick so when you blow me, *WHOOOOO*"!!!! Epic!
Chibi Lychee (1 year ago)
"You grab a man's balls, his heart will follow." LOL
SwollenRhino (1 year ago)
i'll put a whistle in my dick so when you blow me , whooo !
Karen Mitchell (1 year ago)
This is sooo true
Sun Son (1 year ago)
This guy took everything that was most scary and painful to himself and made it funny so everyone else could have a laugh. I'm glad some people realize how generous he was...
Nick Berg (1 year ago)
unfortunately Michael Jackson died on June 25 2009 of propfol overdose
Gameflyer001 (9 months ago)
That's what he was referencing. This standup routine's from just after Michael's death.
Mikeology (1 year ago)
That fuckin guy yelling in the background.
Jace, Mind walker (5 days ago)
Trent Remily (1 year ago)
How come this guy doesn't perform nonmore
Yah boi (3 days ago)
Trent Remily man it's thing called "HSHD" witch stands for Holy Shit He Dead
crankylifter (8 months ago)
Trent Remily — You're ambitious, but don't quit your day job just yet.
Dov Frommer (9 months ago)
He has the postmortems
Dawn Seeker (1 year ago)
Trent Remily depends what is your age it usually occurs in the 70-100 range though there are a few overachievers in the 100+ range
Dawn Seeker (1 year ago)
Peppa Pig  are YOU dumb? they were joking about it. something robin Williams would probably do If his spirit could also perform. he would make humor out of a normally dark thing.
Dylan's AMV (1 year ago)
my side's hurt from laughing
Dylan's AMV (1 year ago)
Andrew Pestotnik (1 year ago)
Dylan's AMV I'd go to a doctor
Dylan's AMV (1 year ago)
Pretty sure it was a bit of both
Andrew Pestotnik (1 year ago)
Dylan's AMV Which side? are you having a heart attack or stroke. ?
Ingo Kummer (1 year ago)
We miss him would love to hear what he would say about trump
Jimmy Watson (3 days ago)
Just don’t. He’s already a piece of shit, if Robin was alive Trump would be worth it. Dream on dude, not everything needs modern input.... 😐
DAVID Macias (5 days ago)
Some that funny I miss him
Raccoon Foot Productions (9 months ago)
I imagine some of it would've been like his bit about Arnold Schwarzenegger in this same special: "In terms of immigration, Trump's a little old school. 'I'll build a wall!' Even the Chinese are going 'That'll not fucking work. They will go around your wall. And who will build your wall? The people you are trying to fucking keep out!'"
Steven Wang (10 months ago)
Man grandpa Carlin would have a field day.
cobr3n (11 months ago)
Ingo Kummer him and George Carlin.
Samantha Manley (1 year ago)
Robin Williams was a funny funny man
Jose Rios (1 year ago)
so funny RIP Robin

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