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Meet the boy who had nothing to eat for 2 days but studied hard and cracked UPSC exam

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Meet the boy who couldn't afford food daily but studied hard and cracked UPSC exam Ansar Sheikh is a boy from Maharashtra who cracked the UPSC exam. The boy does not belong to a rich family infact his family is so poor that he had to survive without food for 2 days. But he did not lose heart and studied hard for UPSC. He has bagged 361th position. His father is an auto rickshaw driver. For latest breaking news, other top stories log on to: http://www.abplive.in & http://www.youtube.com/abpnewsTV
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Text Comments (229)
Sahkil Ansari (1 day ago)
rakesh choudhary (10 days ago)
Mukesh Sarathe (22 days ago)
Shridhar Pandey (2 months ago)
Jai ho Ansar bhai
MD Asraful Haque (2 months ago)
Ok Bhai hm bhi jarror ayenge Ameen
Priyanka Chaudhari (2 months ago)
You are great sir , really
md aasif Reza (2 months ago)
I love u ansar
Vicky Singh (3 months ago)
Jb khane ke liye bhi paise nhi hai to ye log fee kha se dete hai itna? Ye smj nhi ata jo pass krta hai wo yhi bolta hai ki bhot grib ghr se hai to ye tog 5 lakhs se 10 lakhs kha se late hai
Vinay Singh (3 months ago)
kya ye hindi meadiam ke the
V k (3 months ago)
Language kon si h plzzzz btao
Gyan ki baat (3 months ago)
ये गुदड़ी के लाल क्या होता है मादरचोद
Venkatrao Inti (3 months ago)
Who disliked this video must be jealous for me its inspiring
Venkatrao Inti (3 months ago)
Who disliked this video must be jealous for me its inspiring
NADIM ANSARI (3 months ago)
l also proud at al ansar
Anil Thakur (3 months ago)
Aditya Gautam (3 months ago)
Ye desh ki mosaal.hai Inhi se prerna leker aage bhi IAS banenge student I proud of my Indian Students Good luck
washim ansari (3 months ago)
It raju official (3 months ago)
198 dislike why ?
Ashu Verma (4 months ago)
Good job men ... Respect 🙏
Sanju Kourwani (4 months ago)
Very brilliant man!
MD ARYAN (4 months ago)
Nice sir jii
Amylor Alwyn (4 months ago)
You really inspire allot...lots of love and blessings to u ☺️☺️
K. K (4 months ago)
Proud of you Ansar. Such an inspiring person
RISHIKESH KUMAR (4 months ago)
MD ADIL SHADAB RAZA (4 months ago)
congratulation all ias officer
Ishtiaq Khan (4 months ago)
Ashutosh Singh (4 months ago)
we want youth like them salute to u and ur thinking all... and not like shehla rashid kanhaiya Kumar of Jnu
SAEEDAN SHEKH (4 months ago)
ansar bhai good aapne islam bcho ko ek misal di or unko bhi jo normal h
Priyanshi Sharma (4 months ago)
Inspiring 👌👌
VINOD KAD PATIL (4 months ago)
I meet ansar shaikh my vilage and many time ansar shaikh village lived my village sipora bazar tq bhokardan dist jalna
Vikas Yadav (4 months ago)
I am proud of you
Prashant Singh (4 months ago)
I respect this video but ansar shaikh scored 361 rank in upsc .and then the black side of the the country starts i.e reservation.because general class students getting rank under 150 or sometimes 200 only get selected in IAS and ansar sir got 361 and then also he is selected in IAS.
Mujeebur Rahman (4 months ago)
Tanu Rose (5 months ago)
Ansar u will rock
arbaz kazi (5 months ago)
Ansar bhai congratulations
Rizwan Khan (5 months ago)
Kitni bhi mehnat karle musalman lekin ye desh tujh se hamesha proof mange ga indian hone ka q ki ye desh in ke baap ka hai
Arjun Bhai (6 months ago)
wha....hiro.....wha....... shekha ansar......
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farman shah (7 months ago)
Eswari Rajana (7 months ago)
Ashfaq Shaikh (7 months ago)
congratulation to all of u
Md Abdullah (7 months ago)
RESPECT respect ....real hero....Ansar sir.
Md Hasib (7 months ago)
I really like it
Aquil Shiekh (7 months ago)
RBG रॉक्स (7 months ago)
sabse jyada sangarsh.. ansar shekh
UBAID KHAN (7 months ago)
Congratulation Ansar
hans raj (7 months ago)
Start main sab bolte hay desh ki seva karna hay baad main sab reesvat khoor ho jate hay
Mukhtar Tamboli (7 months ago)
Kamal hai kuch log aise bhi hote hai jinhe dusaro ki tarakki se jalan hoti hai & wo video ko dislike karte hai....
Sai Kanuri (7 months ago)
Really great Sirr...
kalu Gorakhpur (7 months ago)
Sbi ko salute
Abhi Singh (8 months ago)
jiyo bhai i salute
Rahul Raj tiwari (8 months ago)
Congratulations sir, plz remove casteism from our country..... Plz plz. Plz....
Tridiip Johari (9 months ago)
Can't say nothing to eat, or no home for shelter to stay, he took a couching, because he can effort it, but I don't have have opportunity to go to couching, and he is different from me, just a rumor every body make when succeeded,
Abhi. Sir Eco friendly (9 months ago)
How I can keep distance my bed wisdom.... tell me something ...
Abhi. Sir Eco friendly (9 months ago)
I love your sprite and I lots have inspired from your looked success... how I write in main exam optional subject... political science and international relations.... tell me something on this number 9554603551 please
Sudeep Sharma (9 months ago)
जियो मेरे भाई।।।
Deepak Kumar (10 months ago)
Khan Sahab (10 months ago)
Proud of you
Nishath Fathima (10 months ago)
Hats off Ansar... congrats
sameer patil (10 months ago)
mai railway exam Ki kaise taiare karu
Mukesh Singh (10 months ago)
Grand salute sir
Shaikh Najmul Huda (11 months ago)
Ansar, Aditya,Shashank ,Anupam all the best sir do well for the nation
Haidar Ali (11 months ago)
indian honour
Mohammad Sadiq (11 months ago)
best of luck ansar shaik allah apko a gay bhai kamiya bi day many more congratulations to our non muslim brothers also
faraz khaja (11 months ago)
Hope agar aisi inspiration aur hunger of study sab ko naseeb hojaye
C F Bvddvv Df D Dvdc (11 months ago)
l proud of u Ansar bhi
Vaibhav Kshirsagar (11 months ago)
Rayees Baig (11 months ago)
Congratulations ansar shaikh
Priyanka Awate (11 months ago)
very nice
amjad ansari (11 months ago)
Aise logo ko hi minister and pm banna chaiye
mohsin darwani (11 months ago)
we proud of you ansar shekh...
mohsin darwani (11 months ago)
superb ansar shekh ...
s kunal (1 year ago)
all maharashtra proud of you bro
ONE AIM (1 year ago)
thanks Sir
ComEdy PillS (1 year ago)
in this video 4 IAS are Belong to Brahmin cast.....power of brahmins again👍👍👍👍
motownphenom (4 months ago)
Rank 1,2,3,4,5 thodi hai ye log random rank hai in logon ki. Ye chahte toh saare dalit ko dikhate phir koi bolta dalit power.
bsb with gk (6 months ago)
kya yaar ansar g dharm ko hatana chahte hain aur tum to jaati pr hi atke pade ho..........
I hate YouTube (1 year ago)
I am big fan of civil service
Goldmines telefilmes (1 year ago)
He is also my inspiration ansarl shaikh
johny walker (1 year ago)
India Main Kitne Talented Log Hain Kasam Se Kitne Log,same Pakistan main b Par phir b Hum Pe Jahil Log Hukumrani Karte hain Bohot Dokh Hota hai In sab ko LEADER hona chaheye.
Aryan VEVO (1 year ago)
wow great
Hamid Netaji (1 year ago)
SURESH KUMAR (1 year ago)
Congratulation brother....proud to see leader like you...
farheen anjum (1 year ago)
congrats to u ansar
Sadath Saddu (1 year ago)
bro u perfect man
Arthi k (1 year ago)
proud of you
Sharukh Khan (1 year ago)
ansar shaikh ko pune mai kahi room nahi mil raha tha becoz wo muslim hai usne apna naam change karna pada tha.....dekho muslim bhaiyo ye hai asli sach...kuch karna hai to age badho...
Music Menia (5 months ago)
Muh me le le madarchod
Noobmen OfWorld (7 months ago)
Sharukh Khan madarchod mullay naukri kaise milte sarkari fir agar Hindu ookat pe AA Gye pre exam na dene milta interview wala bhi Hindu tha fir bhi select Kia,jaake Pakistan dekh le Hindu population decrease from 15% to %1 India me Muslims population increase hue hai iska javab de lavde
Sharukh Khan (1 year ago)
RAHUL KUMAR pasand hai to chaat le mardangi ka ehsaas hoga
Sharukh Khan LaudA
Kim (1 year ago)
Chutiya bana raha hai , his parents in another video saying "Humne iski har zarurat puri ki chahe ghar me kuch bhi ho" ...
motownphenom (4 months ago)
Kim zarurat not want.
Kim (1 year ago)
His father bro. His father was saying that he was even ready to sell off his auto for his son's education.His mother said that we provided him for his every need . So how come he can't even have a meal? Either he is lying or his parents are. My guess is former.
Rajeev raut atheist (1 year ago)
Kim who's parent bhai
Nitika Singh (1 year ago)
Mr Ansar Sheikh, u r inspiration for millions. I wish best for you and hope more and more good people like you will come forward and make our country proud.
ViRaL Videos INDIA (1 year ago)
Outstanding guy. No word is suitable to explain about him. Great journey. Move forward & Do better for our society
India Meri Jaan (1 year ago)
proud of you bhai. work hard
siddhant kedare (1 year ago)
saif saiyed (1 year ago)
congratulations! 👍
jitendra chandrakar (1 year ago)
I very very happy feeling
amit kumle (1 year ago)
real inspiration.......why those people dislike video?
Bedgeeta Keot (1 year ago)
ansar.... he is such an inspiration.....
study lover (1 year ago)
21 year poor topper proud of you
Naman Shukla (1 year ago)
wow great thought
Ansar Khan (1 year ago)
Yr mera name bhi ansar
havepatience yas (1 year ago)
congratulations Ansar . Proud of u. eyes bhar aaye programme dekh kar, saathh mein yeh bhi khyal aaya kyon nahi hmare desh mein govt support nahi karti aise logo ko jo padna chahte hai , yahan per hum rehte hai wahan per govt loan deti hai padne ke liye chahe aap ke pass kuchh hai ya nahi or jab aap ko job mil jati hai fir aap loan wapis kar sakte ho or one thing jo sabse achhi hai agr aap scholar ho ya bahut achhe rank mein aye ho to loan maaf bhi kar deti hai. car ke liye loan easily mil jata per study ke liye nahi.May god bless u .
Akarsh Kumar Shukla (1 year ago)
u hv become a source of inspiration for all brahman youth
Syed Akif (1 year ago)
Great bro proud of you
Ruqaiyah Aftab (1 year ago)
congrats Aditya. ...keep going

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