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Watch Magician Karan Singh Unscrew The Quint’s World

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He calls himself a ‘mind reader’ and a ‘lie detector’. Meet Karan Singh Magic, India’s renowned illusionist. Karan is known for using a rare brand of magic, human suggestibility and behavioural psychology to create an illusion of reading minds. For more watch the video. Music: Big Bang Fuzz
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Mayur Gupta (4 days ago)
This is David blaine’s trick
Vishal R (10 days ago)
How the card sricked on other side? Whats the trick?
Shivam Singh (1 month ago)
He chose diamonds but he switched it to heart saying that now heart is in my hand...
nikit dadhich (2 months ago)
Karan mostly use "magician choice" routine to make spectator feel they have chosen the card ..haha ..
v1shnU TV (2 months ago)
Tushar b (2 months ago)
v1shnU TV oo still here

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