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Nigerian woman and her children deported

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Winifred Agimelen, and her three children are set to be deported back to Nigeria. Agimelen's lawyer, Angela Potvin spoke to the media on Sunday afternoon few hours before their departure. Friends and supporters gathered to support them at the Trudeau airport.
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Text Comments (45)
Well Done (2 days ago)
Bye Felicia!
Black Ronin (2 months ago)
Keep the women and kids deport the men
Alex Tran (2 months ago)
Deport them all ..more people here more competition for jobs of my fellow Americans
Annie Fitzsimmons (1 month ago)
This is in canada
Make America Great Again (3 months ago)
bye bye monkey!!!!
Spiritoflugh8 (4 months ago)
At least they didn't push them over onto our side of the border! Good riddance. WTF do we have all these violent aliens being allowed to live in our countries?
T L (4 months ago)
So entitled
Odnum Garcia (4 months ago)
If you're an IllegalAliens Your Not Welcome .. !
Jimmy Fallon (4 months ago)
A couple of less parasites.
JustSayin (5 months ago)
They are just getting rid of another welfare recipient.
walshj (3 months ago)
they just go scamming
Stephen Bailey (3 months ago)
niklay33 a single mom with three kids more than likely she did receive welfare.
niklay33 (4 months ago)
JustSayin Nigerians usually dont go on Welfare...
Patrick Barrett (5 months ago)
Dont let these people's "tears" cloud your judgement...once a citizen, they, or at the very least their kids, will be guilting whites, talking about how we "owe them for slavery", demanding MLK holidays, etc. They or their kids, will protest over everything, and try to make their white hosts feel shame for being white. Dont let them in.
Cali God (1 month ago)
Patrick Barrett Blacks and their ghetto culture are so intrusive here in California it’s sickening. I plan on moving to a southern state.
Dave Houston (5 months ago)
Nigerians love feeding off the system that's how they are raised to be.
Francc (3 months ago)
Dave Houston your mom is a toothless ho.
Marika Fejszes (5 months ago)
Nigeria, is a nice Country, these people should help to make it better.
Black Ronin (2 months ago)
Marika Fejszes nigeria is a shit and piss hole country !!!
han solo (5 months ago)
Sing your black asses where ever the fuck your from
Patrick Barrett (5 months ago)
I keep hearing about the movie Black Panther, all about African pride. So go back! Go enjoy Wakanda! 😄
Coon Watcher (1 month ago)
Cali God (1 month ago)
I’m a born-citizen pale hispanic and I want blacks out of here. This is the land of the original colonies: Spanish, English, and French.
Spiritoflugh8 (4 months ago)
E-meka e-mota stupida - Your I.Q. is showing.
Ezeqiel Echeverria (5 months ago)
Echetabu Emeka I did not watch it, personal reasons, but he is right; where is their PRIDE?
Echetabu Emeka (5 months ago)
Patrick Barrett idiot.
john doe (5 months ago)
Go home! Ask around maybe some black Americans would lime to return "home" with you.
Goku (5 months ago)
Economic leeches... Look how big their family is.... it would cost millions of taxpayers money for them... and they are talking about 5000, 8000..... that fat woman wants to destroy Canada with her liberal views... far left views...
alllives matter (6 months ago)
Illegals are cockroaches and have no rights. First world countries even an Islamic country in all but name like Canada dont owe these illegals jack. Cheers from New Zealand.
Francc (3 months ago)
Hey little b- didn’t you steal the land from someone else?
Make America Great Again (3 months ago)
citrenoogeht ..Highly doubt that... some will BUT MOST WON'T!!! Keep dreamin cockroach!!!! lol You are slaves to white people. Now make me a sandwich you fuckin cockroach...lol
citrenoogeht (4 months ago)
alllives matter: I bet you're not Māori. I bet your ancestors originated from Europe. So after you invaded raped and pillaged, exploited the land and tried to wipe out the indigenous population and then settled (as your ancestors have done in Australia, America, India, North South East and West Africa etc), you have the audacity to say that you don't owe the illegals jack. Half of the reason why their home countries are in such a state is because of you. Let me tell you, the evils that your people have done across the world have made you inextricably linked. They speak your language, wear your fashion, pray to your gods and live by your ideals so whether it's by boat plane or walking, these so called illegals are on their way to revisit you. They will marry your women, become a distant relative, be your neighbour, teach in your schools and eventually change the society. Sleep tight.
level (6 months ago)
fighting so hard to avoid deportation to stay in a country that the liberals hate
Deborah Pedro (6 months ago)
Where I live, we grow, raise, harvest, and eat what we can, and what remains we sell for wants! What the hell gives you leeches the right to intrude on rich countries like the US please tell me?!!! Should we also illegally come there and demand our "rights"" under their constitution and demand they respect our "dreams" for ourselves and our illegal children as well?? Where is the :President of YOUR country??!! SHAMEFUL IF YOU ASK ME!!! How about you stay home and ask the American citizens to give you aid according to your needs as the rest of us have done throughout the years of wars, famines, droughts and what-not!!! They have always been forthcoming and compassionate and you leeches make me so ashamed and undeserving!!!!! If you are so traumatized by the family separations, just take your children and your wives and your husbands home with you where you belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deport them all Mr. Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
john doe (5 months ago)
Patrick Barrett - I just read the comment. Still the US citizens appreciate legal immigrants that follow the law and have a real desire to become Americans. The illegals 😬....send them to Canada 😁
Patrick Barrett (5 months ago)
Umm...the above video is in CANADA
john doe (5 months ago)
That's President Trump. Please consider legally immigration to the USA. You'd probably make a fine neighbor and friend.
Patrick Barrett (5 months ago)
Yes, get them out of here.
westley wringle (6 months ago)
look at these little innocent faces leave the families alone, leave the children alone, I thought TRUMP says he was going to get the bad ones out of the country, like drug dealers, gangs member, immigrants thugs, immigrant criminals, the ones that has been terrorized and brutal savage bullying the citizens in the communities 24/7 seven days a year 365 days a year for decades,stop being so mean and so cruel to innocent people specially children just because they are in the country illegally, get the bad ones out leave the children and the families alone
Spiritoflugh8 (4 months ago)
Any person who crosses the border without intentions of announcing their presence is an illegal alien aka trespasser aka an invader. They are criminal the moment their feet touch soil, that is not of their birth country, they are criminals. If you don't meet the criteria for citizenship, then you need to leave. Self deport or get thrown out on your ass. Better than if we just shoot you for crossing the border, illegally.
Kathy Jones (5 months ago)
Ezeqiel Echeverria 🤣❣ Touche '
Ezeqiel Echeverria (5 months ago)
Kathy Jones he is African; he thinks Canada is the 52 state , HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.
Kathy Jones (5 months ago)
LOL! Ditto ❣
Kathy Jones (5 months ago)
westley wringle What the hell President Trump has no authority over Canadian law dumb ass?

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