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Signs She's A Hoe! -@MysticGotJokes

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Text Comments (364)
Kyla Lynn (1 month ago)
Tf this video is pre offensive
Madisyn Garcia (1 month ago)
if you got butt hurt, you probably a hoe 😂😂
Tyler Bertschinger (1 month ago)
If she blame her behavior on her zodiac sign. She a hoe
FrostedJakes (2 months ago)
"Her last name is Kardashian" Lmao
wiz Khalifa (2 months ago)
0:23 which one? 😂
DemonSpex (4 months ago)
Love this guy
claudio zuniga (7 months ago)
NORMAL GAMER (7 months ago)
81 hoes
Eric McClendon (8 months ago)
When she only messages you on Snapchat and not on fb
iSirKingYT (8 months ago)
Yep And dat hoe calling me, my sisters, and friends
Young Savage (9 months ago)
I can see clearly now the hoes are gone
Director TRILL (10 months ago)
if she has kik she's a hoe
creeperdragon (10 months ago)
I feel like it's the most shy and quietest girls are the most freaky ones.
_DomFxrde (1 month ago)
creeperdragon so trueeeee
Jay Uno (11 months ago)
Back when mystic was poppin....
Joelina Cuello (11 months ago)
lol rap music and Rihanna lol like a drunk T rex lol weave on backwards lol
AUTUMN ROESCH (1 year ago)
Dude im done😭😂
Do you have a sun named jaden smith
kylee Babyyy (1 year ago)
"If she has sleepovers with 8 other dudes"well,ig imma hoe😂🤷🏼‍♀️
_DomFxrde (1 month ago)
kylee Babyyy have u ever been in a threesome
Simon Petkov (1 month ago)
kylee Babyyy I wouldnt brag about thay if I was you..🤔
DemonSpex (4 months ago)
kylee Babyyy u look like one lol
PrimeTimeChriz (1 year ago)
I know this old but this shit is still funny!! he said "She walk back to the car like a T-rex" i'm dead!!
fuckface BDD (1 year ago)
I'm just checking because my sister might be one
Simon Petkov (1 month ago)
fuckface BDD same bro..😧
Grant Pearson (1 year ago)
I think I need to get a hold of you
Adriana Jimenez (1 year ago)
Guys are dogs too ruff ruff
Adriana Jimenez (1 year ago)
Joseph Henderson (1 year ago)
I bet he does some kind of porn
E.S. (1 year ago)
her last name kardashian lol
TruE_UchiHa (1 year ago)
Stop hurtin ma butt
jackie sanchez (1 year ago)
When Mystic said if here last name is Kardashian I was dying as fuck
liam joseph Orfe (1 year ago)
me too
jasmine arango (1 year ago)
u petty af lmfao
n3h3miah JC (1 year ago)
Does this ymemj thing still exists
Johnitha Robinson (1 year ago)
Team Mystic
ceci mendez (1 year ago)
Jim bob Fisher (1 year ago)
I'm dead 😂
Sauce god Julian (1 year ago)
KINGQUAN (1 year ago)
or if Santa says ho ho ho and she look 3 times(disclaimer ,I do not believe in Santa Clause I'm a teenager )
KINGQUAN (1 year ago)
if every dude in ya neighborhood is always at her house
lil R (1 year ago)
Some girl i know has a boy friend ans she calles other guys boo
karen arreola (1 year ago)
*2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway* http://storage.googleapis.com/0539879363782/0839292494614.html
Auburn Perry (1 year ago)
If her name ends up on the IG tag a sponsor page.
Robin Morino (1 year ago)
Im in my 40's have had lots of experience in the past, & have lots of Xgirlfriends Im still friends with. Your correct with some of your points or opinions, But the truth of the Matter is, it depends on the girl, or Woman. What ever she is. It depends on the PERSON. Theres many many different kinds of Woman from many walks of life. SOME woman are hoes just cause. TO MY MALE BROTHERS ON HERE! If YA wanna know ABOUT WOMAN, how they think, & there secrets,, JUST make FRIENDS with lots of them, Stay Quiet, dont Judge them, pretend that U dont mind her being a whole, & she'll spill the beans! THE TRUTH is! MOST WOMAN ARE HOES, especially younger GIRLS. THERE are good ones, But once THEY have sex, they get CURIOUS ABOUT HOW IT WILL BE TO SLEEP WITH MORE GUYS! Especially if THEY LIKE sex. & WHO dont? THE TRUTH is, THAT u LEFT many many other reasons OUT. SOME WOMAN cant CHANGE, & WILL ALWAYS be a HOE, EVEN AFTER SHE marries, & HAS KIDS! ITS scary BUT WOMAN HAVE SECRET WOMAN code, THAT MEN DON'T KNOW. 1 is THAT if there a hoe OR GET caught cheating, they Deny Deny Deny, till they die! 2. WOMAN are hoes FOR OTHER reasons, & thats CUZ THEY WANNA TRY EVERYTHING once. 3. There spontaneous. 4. There in competition with another girl. 5. They wanna TRY a different RACE. 6. There Promiscuous (Most latin woman). 7. THEY have sex for $$ money (most caucasian woman) 8. CAUSE THEY WANT a guy with a BIGGER penis. 9). They'll sleep with a random stranger guy, if there boyfriend hurt them or had a Argument. 10). "THERE Dating APP Attics (which is most GIRLS NOW). 11). Curiosity! 12). Drug's!. 13). Lonely! 14). To GET a BETTER position at a job! 15). REVENGE! 16). & # 1 Reasons, FOR Physical Attraction! Sorry FOR THE LONG message, But THIS WAS a Perfect time to TELL the truth ABOUT WOMAN! Because I WANT my brothers TO see! TO LIVE, & TO Learn! A FEW FRIENDS THAT ARE WOMAN TOLD ME THIS, & ME ADVICE TO U GUYS, MAKE $$, TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS, & PROGRESS. FELLAS, I WILL LOSE $$ MONEY CHASING WOMAN BUT ULL NEVER LOOSE WOMAN CHASING MONEY! GEE,s UP, HOES DOWN! FTH - FUK THE HOES. MOB - MONEY OVER BITCHES
Chuck Master (7 months ago)
Tihana Balajic no, are you a 10 year old? People need to grow the fuck up, you'll always be judged its human nature to judge. If you don't like people sizing others up whether it be looks or action I suggest you hide in a basement. Truth is everyone draws the line differently so get over it.
Tihana Balajic (1 year ago)
All women are different invidiuals so you can't judge them by just this list. But here is some common sense how to tell if she's a ''Hoe''. People will grow like the people they have in their social circle, so if she hangs out with ''Hoes'' she's most likely one. But DO NOT JUDGE JUST BECAUSE OF THAT. Also the ''SECRET WOMEN CODE'' doesn't fucking exist. What are you a 10 year old?
Luis sk8s (1 year ago)
Robin Morino thanks brother, much appreciated!
mrS (1 year ago)
Wonderful commentary, Mr. Morino ; Great insights. I completely agree: women are complex. hoes are whorish for many many different and complicated reasons. You're right about making friends with them and they WILL spill the beans. When I was very young, in my 20's , young lady friends would shock me. I was naive then and thought that women valued and guarded their virtue, but then I got to know so many friends obsessed with oral! I thought that women didn't like doing that but I found out differently . I've had so many young women randomly out of the blue say that they love giving head or swallowing. Usually we were alone when this topic came up or in a couple of cases she was the only "cool girl" around a bunch of men. I remember being 18, when a 19 year old just said out of nowhere that she has a deep throat. I wondered if she knew what she was saying! Or another one in psych classing saying if she had a boyfriend, yes she'd suck his dick but he better not expect he to swallow it. Another said that she's addicted to eating live meat...human live meat. Another said that she loves to "rock the mike" and she's not a singer. Another, a work colleague thought that is was funny that her husband was so horny the previous night that he made her gag and she almost choked on his dick. She even showed me the text of him bragging about making her gag...another said that she does what Lynda Lovelace used to do and she proudly said: she gives the best head a man will ever have! I have so many other mind blowing examples from just women friends and acquaintances; it's like they want to share or advertise their "whoredom".
That Guy (1 year ago)
My whore of an ex fits most of these descriptions perfectly, chick ended up breaking up cus she "missed being promiscuous," I got some revenge tho, blasted her ass on the internet, anyone who searches her name, Wilda Romulus, will be able to see my story n basically my recovery throughout the past 2ish years, I never needed a woman like that in my life, she was attractive in her own way...... but in every way that mattered she was very very ugly and conceded, secretive, and very poor at lovemaking which is sad because I was a virgin before I met her, I don't even feel bad about talking about it anymore, some women make their own life a living hell, n I know my revenge wont add much to it at all no matter how much she'd like to blame me for it, stupid weak bitter woman.
PartyGirl 10 (1 year ago)
hey how old r u mystic
Termz Of Legacy (1 year ago)
He rite.
# Dessolicious (1 year ago)
when she aways put the water emojie(💦)after everything
Start Game (19 days ago)
# Dessolicious like you
PrettyboiChris (1 year ago)
Baby Dame (2 years ago)
Who's watching in 2016
if she tell your friend or family meamber she know
Jay Jay White Boii (2 years ago)
I'm sorry but when I was watching this vid.. all I kept noticing was that you have pretty white teeth
Apple Flower (2 years ago)
so funny!
Nikita Staples (2 years ago)
God damn hoe
Kymani Moultrie (2 years ago)
Imaticaan (2 years ago)
+MysticGotJokes any one who talk about u is goin to he'll bc almost every video I gotta step up to dem haters bc in every video "they look at u and start fannin" lol, but, they start hatin too so just look in some old video comments and u gone see me dissin dem haters I have respect and I understand that u don't mind da hater but I do so they gettin mad while u gettin rich so keep doing what u doing mystic BEEEE HAPPPYYYYYYY
Lei Fontela (2 years ago)
Shhhhh! There everywhere! F boys and you one of them, boi u got a different girl everyday
Start Game (19 days ago)
Lei Fontela hoe
El_droski 1 (5 months ago)
You're just offended. Kys bitch.
El_droski 1 (5 months ago)
You're just offended. Kys. bitcg
Avery NiteStar Glover (1 year ago)
Lei Fontela THOT A BITCH.
glitter (1 year ago)
Frosty_Playz !!! (2 years ago)
Sign she's a hoe when she is asking to "do stuff" after u haven't been dating for a week she's a hoe
mrS (1 year ago)
Sign she's a hoe: SHE initiates sex conversations.
TheWoodPecker (2 years ago)
Signs she's a hoe she says she's busy and then she is active on every social media #sheahoe
MyLovleyRose (2 years ago)
Oh ok 😂
TheWoodPecker (2 years ago)
+MyLovleyRose Nah it's not I'm with someone and I don't think she a hoe lol 😂
MyLovleyRose (2 years ago)
nah that just means that she's not into you. Hope that's not happening to you lol
URIAS molton (2 years ago)
Signs she a hoe: She watches keeping up wit the kardashians😂😂
Sky Castleberry (2 years ago)
this is 2016 we don't call them hoes we call them. "thots" lol
Sky Castleberry (2 years ago)
this video is hilarious. I laughed so hard I was crying.....
New Noise (2 years ago)
she likes listening to yg or rj any of that l.a hood rap music
christian -ogletree (2 years ago)
That why I don't date hoe but you got love them thot lol we need them in life doe😂😂
Aryaija Dodson (7 months ago)
TakeFlight - you don't need a thot in life
kyjujtfj gvgv (1 year ago)
mmm trust me you don't
christian -ogletree (2 years ago)
half times yes
RikXtreme4 (2 years ago)
+Justthatboychris - Yes. Because condoms always protect us, right?
AZN MGTOW ALLIANCE (2 years ago)
+Justthatboychris - ..So you can get laid, every night if need be..
Yvng Vool (2 years ago)
Wereallmadhere (2 years ago)
Im devistated that someone very close to me is a hoe :(
KUB (2 years ago)
Mystic...dude..these aint no jokes... this is reality! peace
Tanessa Stephenson (2 years ago)
Blade Madison (2 years ago)
i got videos coming soon to explain a simple hoe soon ..but yea brah u got a point
Throw Dat Neck (2 years ago)
what if all this happened to mystic 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brooklyn McCain (2 years ago)
1:44 that face had me dieing laughing
Ryan Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Zachary Diaz (2 years ago)
mystic do you do that money stuff to
Yvonne lucero (2 years ago)
she a hoe
Sarah B (2 years ago)
You are hilarious lmao
Sarah B (2 years ago)
You are hilarious lmao
Sarah B (2 years ago)
Lmaoo omf ur funny but so what if she got condoms? Lol
Heiduvarot (2 years ago)
Leviafk (2 years ago)
This guy is funny as hell
HKD (3 years ago)
Abby KDabby (3 years ago)
Love you Mystic :)
lacortez95 (3 years ago)
"her last name is Kardashian" LMFAO!!
Zulma Ivone Rios (7 months ago)
lacortez95 WTF
Young sensei (3 years ago)
3 Signs She a Hoe 1. Is she say she want the big banana, and bits her lip 2. If she looks down more than she looks up 3. If she snaps at the end of every other sentence
Michael Hansell what if she looks down at you alot
Michael Hansell (4 months ago)
yoooo, number 2 is everything holy shit!
Laks Jennings (3 years ago)
LMAO if shes walking home like a T-rex
Jacob Neumann (3 years ago)
You are the beat
Pink Teddy (3 years ago)
I've watched this 3 times
Pink Teddy (3 years ago)
"Her last names kardashien"
Martha Severiche (3 years ago)
She a bich 🙅🙆🙋👭👭
Snapback Cabello (3 years ago)
Naughty Inmate (3 years ago)
soooooooooo are you going to do a face reveal soon?
Alex Riley (3 years ago)
signs shes a hoe: she goes out with mystic.
Hikari (4 months ago)
Alex Riley ikr😂
OTFx Flocka (1 year ago)
that's fucked up
trenton austin (2 years ago)
Wats that supposed too mean
Yvng Vool (2 years ago)
+TurtleHouse lol
TurtleHouse (2 years ago)
point7zero7 (3 years ago)
what kind of watch u rockin in this video?
Alex Vaughan (3 years ago)
She tries to feel you up on the first date, then she's a hoe. Sadly never happened to me until I grew out of that pre-teen and teenage horny mindset. Then it was just "Get off me, we're in a movie theater." (I'm not about fucking right away, and I'm a dude. WTF?!)
Jordan Layne (11 months ago)
if she defends hoes ........ shes a hoe
iBandz x (2 years ago)
+Sarah B even u aha
Sarah B (2 years ago)
That ain't a hoe omf girls are horny like men stfu
Tony Pappas (3 years ago)
Ha Ha !
darkcakey (3 years ago)
The pussy has it own mind damn
J Bussey (3 years ago)
"Separate passport" lmao
Mark Howell (3 years ago)
when you say open up the back for and she bends over lmao
O shoot I just took a ride with a hoe last night. Her name on instagram- for confidentiality was ------WitDaFatty and here's what happened. First I left the lunchroom and she was out there so we went walking. We went into the theater and NOBODY was in there. She told me how she hated cheerleaders and how they'd have sex with anybody...lol faker. I noticed she kept going behind the curtain so i tried not to make eye contact and I don't know why I didn't leave. Next we went to the intermural basketball game. We sat for a while and watched and talked. We left early to go to the store. Here's where I caught on : we were riding and the whole time she played R&B and drove to weird places like an abandoned school a backroad and then town square. I was ready to knock the bitch out bc I thought she was a serial killer taking me to the snuff spot. (She invited me to go to the club nex time she go. Naw I im thot going.) We went to the dollar store wher I bought pants and she walked up wen I started flirting wit da cashier. We went back to her dorm and a girl I like was at the counter doing check-ins *facepalm* watched Reds where I noticed she had a ps2. I assume that's how she butters em up. She pissed then got under the cover and layed down. The lights were a dim purple. Afterward we checked out. Its the next day and im walking wit da dude who she says is her brother. Shes white he's black and somewhat gay. He said she's what you'd call a "community hoe" so don't do stuff with her. How many signs did I miss? How was I so blind? Will I have a rep now? Im just becoming really social and I thinl in gonna be the guy that did a hoe from now on. Shit
iBandz x (2 years ago)
loved the story haha
naw its jackie like the kangaroo
asdf (3 years ago)
+Jackie Legz a dude named jackie, dying
no cause I am a dude with a big ol' dick.
asdf (3 years ago)
in 50 years you'll be a...TRANNY GRANNY get it?
Fluffy York (3 years ago)
Funny.... I must share this one with my hubby to share with his friends. My name sounds even funnier now.
deziree cherry (3 years ago)
Lmaol !!!
Marc Gooden (3 years ago)
Mystic need to do a Spoken Reasons- Kevin Edwards collaboration.
Kevin Owens (4 years ago)
She always actin like she don't need u
Charles Archer (4 years ago)
thanks man I've learned a-lot.
It's me z (4 years ago)
if she go to my school she a hoe
Ere (4 years ago)
YOU SIR are funny AF you just earned a new subscriber

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