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Sander van Doorn - Drink To Get Drunk (Official Music Video HD)

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Text Comments (232)
Loti Lot (3 days ago)
el rastrillo (1 month ago)
Sia 😁😊
Salvador Juarez (1 month ago)
Amer Galadari (2 months ago)
Memories ❤️, I think people don’t notice that the vocal is Sia’s voice 😜
Michał Nowak (3 months ago)
Chris Orellana (3 months ago)
Classic sander!
UNRATEDGfx (1 year ago)
Still a tune!
UNRATEDGfx (7 days ago)
Still a tune!
Rexhino Allmuça (1 year ago)
BeDelgez Orion (2 years ago)
Park Yale (3 years ago)
still this magic song makes me wanna try 3 shots in a row! Btw I see Fedde An21 and so many others lol
Petrovic Goran (4 years ago)
still rockin'
Matt Hags (4 years ago)
Drink to get MAMMOTH!
KristianoTheScorp (5 years ago)
Jak to tu nie ma polskich komentarzy?? Pff..
YoBros Ent (5 years ago)
Lake Festival Graz 2k13 Austria <3
Amber Rey (5 years ago)
speaker , lmc if you know what i mean :')
RussianBMXCrew (5 years ago)
that was awkward -From Russia
ivantronic85 (5 years ago)
this tune fuckin rocKs^_^
Jxxlyn Chavez (5 years ago)
Love it
Michael Krejčí (5 years ago)
1:40 and then ... !!!! FUCK!
lfkasdlf (5 years ago)
says the guy whos name is "cocaine4fun"
Ejdris (5 years ago)
7.5.2013 Prague - Magnetic Festival ;-))
Andres Guzman (5 years ago)
Super Buena.!!!!
BarenezenAFCA020 (5 years ago)
the place Amsterdam and venue: Amsterdam Arena. Amazing music!
Buen tema!!
Sergio Vicente (5 years ago)
Andy Neson Records (5 years ago)
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tanngarg (5 years ago)
1:57 gave me the chills!!
sebugit (5 years ago)
kozak nagranie pozdrowienia z Polski :)
believedthemusic (5 years ago)
Bartosz Wiśniewski (5 years ago)
Nice SONG ! :-) Get Drunk ! ;-)
cmm21able (5 years ago)
cmm21able (5 years ago)
I Love get drunk!
patty fall (5 years ago)
My son is also addicted to Sander...I like him too!!
David D (5 years ago)
There isn't any other way to drink than to drink to get drunk!!!
Hazelshadow (6 years ago)
Drink to get drunk?? You don't say !?
Walter White (6 years ago)
PrydaOfficialChanneI (6 years ago)
Video inserts are taken from Belgrade's Sensastion White 2012 :)
TRAVIS JEEZY (6 years ago)
1:25 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angel Garcia (6 years ago)
you don't say...
Ivana Predojevic (6 years ago)
db17k (6 years ago)
ahh sick! damn all the way in Amsterdam
Janmumrik (6 years ago)
Should be Amsterdam Arena, from Sensation White 2011, correct me if I'm wrong,
Ewelina Leja (6 years ago)
Marko Milicevic (6 years ago)
db17k (6 years ago)
What club is this with the balls! looks awesome
Jéssica Lopes (6 years ago)
1:43 - 2:40 *.*
Lock /\ Loud (6 years ago)
Ima li ovdje Balkanaca ?! :)
crni195 (6 years ago)
sto ovdje samo balkanci ? :)
EpicJoeyFull (6 years ago)
First im gonna drink
Colichón (6 years ago)
Anabeeel1 (6 years ago)
Catherine Boom (6 years ago)
kalokairakiiiii... pieite na ksefugete :p
Nikola S (6 years ago)
Serbia love this song!! idemooooooo :DD
Kaze meni komsija GASI TO IMAM JACE ZVUCNIKE! koma!
jay paffner (6 years ago)
desmoun (6 years ago)
it's the start of the song
Kito Bazz (6 years ago)
Daniel acevedo (6 years ago)
You are very great sander van doorn...!!
Ivan Mironov (6 years ago)
1:42 ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶
Igor St (6 years ago)
jok semenke :)
Manjane Trovicmi (6 years ago)
is shit up to 1:45
Mahdi Kamoun (6 years ago)
typical progressive tune, I like that!
Kattya Virreyra (6 years ago)
great beats!!
George Cruz (6 years ago)
that questioning thought when you dont understand the top comment..
L4Sh4z3d (6 years ago)
Fantastic ;) :)))))
Adonis (6 years ago)
ima ovdje i Krajisnika, Bosanaca :D
Maxim Khayrullin (6 years ago)
Motherf****r hahahahahhahaha!
Enrico Masiero (6 years ago)
They got doped!
André Barão (6 years ago)
Maxi King (6 years ago)
And that blond girl at 1:42 is damn HOOOOOT!!!
Maxi King (6 years ago)
Dawid Steinborn (6 years ago)
arnojuh111 (6 years ago)
how the hell did the other 53 people get drunk?!
Calum mcconville (6 years ago)
53 people didnt drink to get drunk
AVDV (6 years ago)
It starts at 1:42 ^_^
MrPatrykLG2 (6 years ago)
POLAND Przejmujemy ;DDDDDD !
Jonas Hermansen (6 years ago)
I listened to this, i just got drunk.
marty carlin (6 years ago)
Sensation white!
Nathan Carp (6 years ago)
Loving it
1234ages (6 years ago)
2:24 started counting people already....
Carlos Oliveira (6 years ago)
1:41 The start of music for me!!!
Blaze MTA (6 years ago)
@1:57 Le me in love with that part
Vladimir Jeger (6 years ago)
@shrimpiiylli No just some girl from Sensation Belgrade :)
Vladimir Jeger (6 years ago)
Srbija <3 Sander :D
Branislav S. (6 years ago)
raaaaaaaaazvali ga covjece...:DDD
Chelioss1988 (6 years ago)
@AndrejReljicVEVO Ima ,kako da nema :D
Ylenia Grech (6 years ago)
2:36 - Cher Lloyd ?
Yangs angbinmarist (6 years ago)
@Massthetics why?
Largette De Mi Kassa (6 years ago)
Why is youtube showing only my views?
Dea JuvenTiestous (6 years ago)
Looks like my Neighbours Love this song.... they didn't called the police this time ;)
ElectroKeleCH (6 years ago)
László Dravecz (6 years ago)
Nagyon ott van!!!
SirMiai (6 years ago)
this song is shit after 3:06
Smardles (6 years ago)
dutch djs are the best cause their government likes them to be creative! Legalize! :)
salvadorcra1992 (6 years ago)
this makes me wanna drink!!!!!!!
Nikos Lamp (6 years ago)
Check my remix boys!Nicolas Costa Swedish house mafia remix
Stavros Mar (6 years ago)
Blaze MTA (6 years ago)
@ajaxganster ?, ga jij maar lekker naar je stamcafé lekker op Droes Roelvink aan de bar zitten
Mirko Oldschool (6 years ago)

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