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#NoFilter - Life Is About Meaning, Not Money (Ana Kasparian)

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In this week's #NoFilter, host Ana Kasparian relates a story from her first semester teaching journalism at her alma mater, Cal State Northridge, and the lessons she's learned about doing work that gives life meaning and satisfaction rather than pursuing money and material possessions. Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (97)
Alan Norris (2 months ago)
It’s money, or the things I buy with money.
Supreme Bape (1 year ago)
How about you work for love then.... give your money to the poor and work for free.
little panda (2 years ago)
Ana Kasparian u are so nice and friendly but ur mouth lol nonono u are amazingly smart ana im joking
CogniVision (4 years ago)
Money is more important. All those things you could do more easily with money. If you cant live a fulfilling life with money, you'll have an even tougher time living a fulfilling life without it.
maria matta (4 years ago)
By far my favorite video. This video in itself is inspiring, thank you Ana. :)
Dan0rioN (4 years ago)
Amazing <3
A A (4 years ago)
Great thought
A A (4 years ago)
Ana this has increased my respect for you.u are great person.
ZenDude65 (4 years ago)
You are so pretty,just saying :)
occupynewparadigm (4 years ago)
i am totally on the same wavelength ana.  so few of us are but i feel like more and more people are getting it all the time. 
George Ovalle (4 years ago)
Yes!!!!! help your brother and sisters!!!!!!
Arjay S (4 years ago)
High Five Ana. Hopefully, after I graduate I do what I want to do that makes me fulfilled with my life too.
derangius (4 years ago)
I know you still read the comments Ms. Ana. Just know that a lot of us think of you as a higher level woman.
Ninjaaa (4 years ago)
I didn't even know this channel existed, until Ana liked this video.
Roxanna Trahan (4 years ago)
I completely agree, the way you express this point makes me wanna join your class! Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life- cunfuis
SuperbowlJoel (4 years ago)
Very well said, I couldn't agree more. Its too bad that most of our youth based entertainment focuses on lifestyles that promote lavish or power driven success. I was definitely a sucker for this at one point in my recent past, but thanks to things such as punk-rock, my parents, school, and even TYT, I was able to realize that true happiness is more about making sure that you can live a comfortable life (economically), and a healthy life. If you are not burdened by debt, a poverty wage, or by extreme work hours, then you can focus on the little things that make you happy. This usually allows you to form a weekly routine as well. This is also something I have learned that seems crucial for my happiness - routine. 
elguitarTom (4 years ago)
Life is about moaning: In bed!!!
1955RodHot (4 years ago)
Three cheers for Ana! I wish there were more women like her. 
coffeeis4loverz (4 years ago)
Your class must fill up so fast. I'm majored in anthropology and still would have killed to take your class. You're awesome. 
Finiras (4 years ago)
What exactly does "meaning" mean in this context?
EaglesFan4NRA (4 years ago)
Ana, Im losing my high opinion of you. Youre posing a false argument here. Theres nothing wrong with doing what you love, even if there is little money in it. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with doing what you love and making good money or even getting rich from it.  The impact you have on your students life is priceless, and the impact Bill Gates has on MILLIONS of Americans is important too.
1955RodHot (4 years ago)
When the fuck did Ana say making money at what you love is a bad thing? I'm sure she and lots of other people would be very happy to make millions of dollars doing what they love. All she said was money isn't the most important thing in life- and that accomplishment can be more satisfying that a bigger paycheck in the end. That's not to say she would turn down a raise if it was offered, or that rich people can't be happy and contributing members of society, too. Listen to the video again. You've made the assumption that because she's turned down better-paying jobs that she's against getting paid well. That's pure stupidity.  
Joseph Ruotolo (4 years ago)
You guys do a world of good. I hope someday you all will be compensated for it.
Rider Libertas (4 years ago)
At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.  
Pixelmancer (4 years ago)
Name one meaningful thing you can do without money. I dare you. Life only becomes about meaning once you have enough money. My broke ass speaks from experience.
Bjorn Caffe (4 years ago)
+Pixelmancer Man, and I thought >I< was bitter..
SlyOneMusic (4 years ago)
+Pixelmancer in england you can get free contraception from clinics and loads of people have sex outdoors whether they have money or not but this point has rambled on too much. I understand money controls the world but to say you can't have meaning without it is demeaning to humans as a race. 
Pixelmancer (4 years ago)
+SlyOneMusic Who can afford neither birth control or babies and have nowhere private to go even if they could.
SlyOneMusic (4 years ago)
I see plenty of homeless couples in town who I'm sure have a meaningful relationship. 
Pixelmancer (4 years ago)
+decimationist Without money you're a homeless guy with worn out clothes and haven't shaved or showered in 3 weeks. You can't afford dates. You can't afford to buy anyone a drink. You can't afford the membership fee for a dating site. You can't even have a decent conversation because you can't afford to do anything worth talking about. Good luck getting laid. Like I said, Money is the most important thing in the world because literally everything else depends on it.
Yiya Plays (4 years ago)
Your words are golden thanks for sharing them with us Ana.
Magaly Losange (4 years ago)
Why do I love AnnKasparian? Because she is the truth!
Xavier Thomas (4 years ago)
Great vid Ana, you should share some more stories about teaching and being a professor.
ShallNot B. Infringed (4 years ago)
Although everyone is trying very hard to change our foundation of government, the US is not a democracy, it is a Republic. I think this sums it up best, when Ben Franklin was asked "What do we have?" A monarchy or republic" after walking out of the constitutional congress he replied "A republic if you can keep it!". Thanks to the media & our politicians repeatedly parroting "We live in a democracy!" & "America must spread democracy around the world!" people now think this is reality. There is a huge difference, it's our constitution & those in power who say they want democracy (which is really a corporatist fascist state) have already done great harm to our founding document & what it stands for. The only hope is to educate citizens of the truth & hope they can see what great horror lies in the future if we don't return to the ideals of our constitution. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!
Michael G (4 years ago)
I remember when I quoted that Ben Franklin line on the internet more than ten years ago as I was protesting the OperationIraqiLIEberation (OIL). I had just read it in a biography about Franklin and never read it on the internet. Now I read it everywhere. *Everywhere* ....Which is fine. I'll just start a new wave.
Lacey Rose (4 years ago)
I normally really like Ana and TYT, but this video is so beyond ridiculous, it really makes me cringe and think twice about how "down-to-earth" Ana actually is. Ana is talking about how she decided to teach a college class for low pay, because it's all about the experience....except SHE MAKES DECENT MONEY AT HER NORMAL JOB (TYT) TO BEGIN WITH!!!! What the hell kind of a "sacrifice" is that?! What kind of a point is that supposed to make--that you should take a job for crappy pay if it makes you happy, as long as you're already rich from your regular day job anyway? Well, gee, that's inspirational to the rest of us "normal" folk. If you're going to do a story like this, Ana, interview someone else who is already NOT making good money at their "normal" job, who still chooses that low-paying job to make a difference...don't do some obscenely self-centered story on yourself, when you have the luxury of being able to afford to teach a side class for crappy pay because you're already raking in the big bucks and want to take on a side project.
Jason Ries (4 years ago)
My life is about getting out of student loan debt before I die. So in other words, it's all about money at this point.
Mark FromWI (4 years ago)
Nice clip, Ana!  You are inspiring, not just because of what you say and do, but also because of your age.  I'm more than twice your age, and have feared that this country's best years are behind us, because of our political climate.  But you and the rest of the Young (the operative word) Turks, continue to give me hope that this divisive climate we are in, is about to change.  I hope I live to see it.  Don't worry though, I have been doing meaningful things my entire life.  When in college, I worked part-time at a home for multiple handicapped children.  I worked with a severely autistic young man and it was THE VERY BEST job and experience I have ever had...the stories I still tell.  For the last 7 years, I have been coaching Special Olympics basketball and again so very rewarding to the soul, that I have said many times, that I would pay to do the job.  Which of course, I do, because I am a volunteer and it actually costs me expenses and donations.  But if only I could do more that JUST my time!  If everyone tried the same things, as you pointed out, what a wonderful world this could be, don't you think...of course you do!  Thanks.
Joshua Brookhouse (4 years ago)
Well said!
+KT Chong Positions of power by definition cannot be occupied by everyone though. Not everyone can be in a position of authority over others. Secondly, most people don't enjoy having power exercised over them. Slave owners might enjoy having slaves, but that doesn't mean slavery is justified. Power systems are problematic for countless other reasons, but I won't get into that if you're not interested.
Paulius Daunys (4 years ago)
Alexx Zeroxx (4 years ago)
It's not that you want to make a profit that you don't care about other things in life, sometimes you can go for profit while at the same time feeling good at what you do, while other times you can do something on the side. It's not an either or thing.
Stealthy Joe (4 years ago)
callie land (4 years ago)
I agree 100% with Ana. its sad that some people equate happiness with their wealth. I have seen both sides of the fence. during the years when I was making well over 6 figures, I was no more happy than now, caring for a sister with multiple sclerosis and making less than 10 thousand per year. to be able to give unconditional love to my sis with the knowledge that she'd be in a nursing home were it not for me. some ask why I didn't just find a really nice nursing home and go on with my life? because i'd be worried every single day how she was being treated. its not a hardship for me, its an honor. I wish I could make everyone feel the joy I feel in being there for her. so down to brass tacks, i'm happier now. I realize everyone's not built that way but  give it a try sometime.  
MIvarsson99 (4 years ago)
Check those fucking lips and those tits. Ana Kasparian is such a bona fide sex goddess.
Gary Leventhal (4 years ago)
I love you Ana but you did miss one important point. For those living on the edge have greater need to sacrifice morels for money. While those like I suspect you already have you basic needs met so you can afford to take a  cut in pay to fulfill the moral high ground. That is a good sign of true virtue, in opposition to those right wing extremists who take capital free market to the extreme disregarding the moral high ground. Love ya.
Gary Leventhal (4 years ago)
+devsun2 It seems we are are on the same side for the most part, except in the context of whether morals can be standardized, and trickle down theory. My default answer to "most" everything is moderation, Capitalism and Trickle down theory is no exception. Yes one can say that TDT is Part of the free market system true. "BUT within Moderation." Example: Look at the decline vs wonder years of this country. Stock market Opens in 22 (?), In 29 we have one of the worst ever depressions DIRECTLY related to the Stock Market. So rather then dismantle the whole thing the government installs "bank regulations" Glass–Steagall Act to moderate its use. next 40 years Wonderius." 1970's Starting with Nixon then The NEOCONS under Reagan dismantled regulations, Then even under Clinton with the repeal of  Glass–Steagall Act which may have been the worst. And Now Boom allover again. Capital free market is great as long as it is run under certain regulation. And now back to standardized morals, throw in regulation and you see why we do have a need to make them standardized.
devsun2 (4 years ago)
+Gary Leventhal I do not support corporate subsidies, the death penalty, or exporting 'democracy' to other countries, or otherwise having an interventionist foreign policy. You cannot determine morality by opinion polls. Even if 90% of the people think it is okay to make a particular ethnic minority slaves, that does not mean that the 10% that argue against slavery are immoral simply because their opinion does not reflect the majority. Even if you think the opinion of the majority should be enforced, it does not mean that advocates of a free-market dont hold their position for moral reasons. Why must it be that anyone who disagrees with you is immoral? I dont agree with minimum wage, but I do not assume that people who disagree with me and advocate such policies are immoral or do so for nefarious purposes. I just accept that their understanding of how economies work are different to mine, and that we both want to improve conditions for those of lesser wealth and just have different ideas about what system best accomplishes this. When everyone just assumes that people who have a different view from them are immoral then rational discourse is stiffled and everyone will just hurl pointless ad hominems at each other. This does not help reach the truth (whatever it may be). This only allows one side to feel good about themselves by pretending that anyone with differing opinions are neccesarily immoral.
Gary Leventhal (4 years ago)
Yes "Morality" Can be subjective. But in a educated society we have and use poles and surveys to obtain averages, And in this case I think it is clear to assume that education and health care are a top priority. Specially when the right thinks its ok to give government subsidy's to already corporate interest, but not to very needy basic services. Just like the right thinks its ok to murder people they deem unfit, but allow innocent citizens to die from improper health care. Just like the right worships the founding fathers then thinks it is ok to murder millions in other country's in the name of democracy and cooperate internists. But being of mostly "Christian faith" Believe their king will come destroying this democracy and bringing forth a new monarchy. Oh the hypocrisy goes on and on and on and on.
devsun2 (4 years ago)
It is fine to disagree with them, but it is misleading to suggest that they are disregarding the moral high ground as that implies that they do not care about morality- when actually they are taking their free market position precisely because they believe it to be the more moral option. It would be more accurate to state that they disregard your version of morality, or that they disregard utilitarian moral theory, but it is extremely dishonest to just say that they disregard morality.
Andy Tadikt (4 years ago)
We're gonna die at the end of the day?! 
Betheal Ande (4 years ago)
Very true! I wish society could understand this
Anyone else fucking sick of capitalism?
Eric Higinbotham (4 years ago)
Ana you have changed my life!!! I watch you everyday and i love the information you guys put out on the TYT Net.I wanna meet you so bad and everyone at TYT!!!
OHP77 (4 years ago)
At the end of the day we're all going to die??! Noooo!!
OHP77 (4 years ago)
It's great to hear that you had such a powerful impact on someone. It's a really special feeling to know that you've helped someone in a fundamental way.
Dev Hat (4 years ago)
Money is everything.
Dev Hat (4 years ago)
Money can get you that. And almost anything else.
rauth666 (4 years ago)
I'm just a simple man.  The only thing I care about in this life is getting blow jobs from chicks.
Mike Roper (4 years ago)
This video is very pertinent to me right now, Ana. Thanks for the great advice.
Peoplish (4 years ago)
Professor Ana :)
IntentionallyAligned (4 years ago)
Ana makes such an amazing mentor :)
Akib (4 years ago)
I love Ana more than before after seeing this :)
niteme (4 years ago)
Footrubs for Ana!
MsEvilgenius101 (4 years ago)
I liked this video Ana but I kind of disagree. Yes, as Cenk would say "of courseeeeeeee" you should do something that will make you happy. But when the bills start piling up and loans have to be paid, its kind of hard to be happy when you don't have the expenses to have fun. For instance, this year I lost my job and I wanted to travel the world to teach students English. It was a volunteer work but this will have to wait till next year because I had no money. Still love you Ana!!!!! =)
Chad Edwards (4 years ago)
Oh, I get it. You just came here to argue. Peace.
Chad Edwards (4 years ago)
+unabomberman Come on. Do you really think that a person that does sometimes 4 different shows a day and teaches a college class isn't at the very least on information overload from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to bed. I think people underestimate how hard she works. How could she have time for anything else?
Chad Edwards (4 years ago)
+MsEvilgenius101 Okay, I'll be wrong then. Have a nice day.
MsEvilgenius101 (4 years ago)
+ski czar I don't hae a victim complex...you are wrong. 
Chad Edwards (4 years ago)
+unabomberman I couldnt agree more. But how can you say she isnt a workaholic. She works sometimes 4 different shows on TYT. Im sure thats demanding enough in itself. Then on top of that she teaches a class at a college. Thats hard work. Im not saying anything negative about Anna. I think the work that she does is great.  I also think that she has no room to talk about being able to pay for the things that make her soul happy. She runs, and it costs her nothing.  Some of what she is getting at has some truth, but not everybody is happy with running around the streets of LA.  Some of us have passions that cost much more than just strapping on a pair of running shoes. And as you know, life isn't free.
Kane Banner (4 years ago)
This is so good
Berke Dere (4 years ago)
love u Ana!
FerFer1958 (4 years ago)
Ana, I can only imagine how amazing that moment with the inspired student was. Great work!
Benjamin Holck (4 years ago)
Rock on, Kasparian.
- KoperKat (4 years ago)
As my grandma taught me, wealth isn't Everything, but it sure makes the Everything easier. Or in other words, when money is used as a means to an end instead of a goal, it's really useful. Making sure to have enough makes life easier, but accumulating it just to have it, is the same as not having it at all. 
Richard Nadeau (4 years ago)
I have worked in many jobs in my life and when I seemed overwhelmed I would remind myself that teaching was the hardest job I have ever done.
TicallionStallion (4 years ago)
I hope we don't all die at the end of the day...
akl561 (4 years ago)
Possibly the best report I've ever seen you make, Ana.
TheRhinehart86 (4 years ago)
Its always middle class people who say that money doesnt matter, rich people love it and poor people want it.
- KoperKat (4 years ago)
Well, studies do show that it's the upper middle class that is the happiest over all.
zivanshe (4 years ago)
Love. This.
Neekababy (4 years ago)
Or you can make lots of money and do what you love on your free time, if what you love don't make no money
KT Chong (4 years ago)
She is wrong. Studies have shown that sex brings the greatest happiness.  Let's just be honest here: For straight  men in general,  money, power and fame attract more women and brings more sex , so logically that means money, power and fame creates more happiness. Obviously she is a good looking woman and can get sex whenever and wherever she wants.  In general, women (regardless of their looks) just have to be willing to open their legs to get sex, (unlike most straight men who actually have to do some works to get sex.)  So she does not understand men actually have to *pursue* happiness, which is by earning more money, more power, more fame, more success, to increase  happiness.
Mark Miller (4 years ago)
This is why I'm training to be a teacher. But it's important to remember that these experiences can happen completely independently of career. If you have a shitty job at a McDonald's you can and should still find time for something you care about.
Mark Miller (4 years ago)
+iThinkImBigMeechi Thanks! Same to you.
That's why I'm strongly in favor of the unconditional basic income and curious to see what happens in Switzerland.
Corey Wiley (4 years ago)
It is good if a person can find an occupation that they really love, but jobs aren't all equal. Journalism I'm certain is a lot of hard work, and I have respect for journalists , but it is also exciting,engaging, fulfilling, it cultivates greater awareness and but it also comes with a certain heightened status. Most jobs are not like this, if a person works as clerk or an office person at a business, or a fast food restaurant...not only are they economically strained and doing dreadfully tedious labor, but they also live under the tyranny of obscurity, and are at the mercy of the rules of the conventional status quo.This means be obedient, or be blacklisted and on your way to homelessness and destitution.I realize that all jobs are important, I want to see generous living wages and greater opportunity for all, not opportunity to win, or gain higher status over others but opportunity for happiness, health, self cultivation..and a spectrum of meaningful life choices. I want to see the custodian using organic, non-toxic cleaning products, working 20-25 hours a week for a generous living wage and learning to oil paint,getting his black belt in Aikido, getting plenty of rest and healthy food, and planning his trip for a bike ride tour around Europe on his 3 month vacation.
xXRockXLobsterXx (4 years ago)
Life experiences > Material wealth
CogniVision (4 years ago)
+B4TT3RY .  Once more into the hub. Into the last good fap I'll ever know. Live and die on this day.
B4TT3RY (4 years ago)
Many of the best life experiences are those you have to pay for. The ones that come free you usually don't want.
Jose Luis (4 years ago)
I love your work Ana, I LOVE your blog. I like when you talk about news that got your attention and give your personal point of view way more than when you talk in TYT. Greetings from Mexico.
Project Mobius (4 years ago)
Hey Ana - if you ever stop by the Chicago area, come give a guest lecture at Northwestern! I'm a freshman journalism student, and I want to go into journalism because of the principles that people like you enforce! I've honestly only been a fan of yours and TYT for 2 years now, but you're the main source of broadcast journalism I look to for news. The fact that you're giving your time to help students like me along with your work with TYT is both incredible and inspiring!

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