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Day 1- Raw Vegan Fitness Challenge - Run And HIIT Exercises for Vegans

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This is Day 1 of the Vegan Raw Fitness Challenge: Beginners: 7 Days Without Meat, Fowl, Seafood and Diary. Try To Eat Clean - No Box, Can, or Frozen Foods. Intermediates: From Vegan To Raw Vegan - Try To Eat Live Foods For 7 Days Advanced: Liquid Raw Food Fast Of Juices And Smoothies Of Live Foods. Exercise: Beginners: Fast Walk A Mile In Fresh Outdoors and Do HIIT Exercise For 20-30 sec. Rest For 20 sec. Do 3 set of each exercise Intermediate: Run 1/2 a mile and Fast Walk a 1/2 mile. Do HIIT For 30-60 and rest for 30-60 sec. Do 3 Sets of Each Exercise Advance: Run a Mile, Do HIIT ea. for 1 min. Rest for 30 sec. Do 3-6 sets of Ea.
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Bella Milan (11 months ago)
Looks so great! Subbed if you want to sub back :)

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