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Your Ears Can Indicate Your Health: Don't Ignore These 8 Factors

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It is a normal hygienic procedure to clean our ears once every few days. However, not all of us know that ear wax can also indicate the state of our health. With the help of a Q-tip, you can check the color of your ear wax and understand what it means. TIMESTAMPS What do we know about the human ear? 0:35 Ear wax of a gray color 1:28 Ear wax with traces of blood 2:09 Ear wax of a brown color 3:02 Ear wax of a black color 3:40 Ear wax of a white color 4:25 Ear wax with an unpleasant smell 5:14 Liquid ear wax 6:03 Dry earwax 6:36 See a doctor if you have the following symptoms 7:06 What you shouldn't do to avoid any problems 8:14 Three most interesting facts about your ears 8:47 SUMMARY Ear wax is not a body waste to get rid of regularly, quite the contrary - it's a kind of protection. It keeps the ear canal lubricated, therefore, prevents the ears from itching. Moreover, it prevents different pollutants from entering the inner ear. Even more surprisingly, this substance has antibacterial properties. Our body is a clever mechanism. Did you know that when we chew, the movement pushes ear wax to the outer part of the ear? This way, your ears self-clean! If your ears tend to produce a big amount of ear wax creating a build-up, you can take some preventive measures yourself. - It's effective to use agents softening the wax. They can be mineral or baby oil, or ear drops. It is enough to put a few drops of these substances into your ear once a week to soften the ear wax and help it to come out faster and with ease. - Another way to take care of your ears is to buy a special at-home kit for their irrigation. Follow the instruction precisely step by step. Hit the like button and click subscribe to join us on the Bright Side! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (6 days ago)
TIMESTAMPS What do we know about the human ear? 0:35 Ear wax of a gray color 1:28 Ear wax with traces of blood 2:09 Ear wax of a brown color 3:02 Ear wax of a black color 3:40 Ear wax of a white color 4:25 Ear wax with an unpleasant smell 5:14 Liquid ear wax 6:03 Dry earwax 6:36 See a doctor if you have the following symptoms 7:06 What you shouldn't do to avoid any problems 8:14 Three most interesting facts about your ears 8:47
tabby ass (16 hours ago)
The bro 🤗
What is the title of your background music??? Thanks.
LaTonya Scott (6 days ago)
Thx for the information
Andy Zz (1 hour ago)
My ear wax is yellow is it normal
Jaxzy :p (8 hours ago)
Karim Sumar (16 hours ago)
I use Cerumol Ear Drops and it has helped me. Sadly they are now discontinued... Not sure why!
The Strexil (21 hours ago)
My ear wax is yellow in colour and you showed the pic for that but u havent even metioned what it means?
Vyvyan Palyka (1 day ago)
Blood in my ear once but once I did it again then it wasn't there
greenpugfighter (1 day ago)
I have no ear wax, what does that mean ?
Elizabeth B (1 day ago)
macgl bureros (1 day ago)
Don't get earwax out!!!!!!! It will push it in to the ear drum!
Lilly Love (1 day ago)
You really shouldn’t use q-tips by yourself let a doctor tell you what you should do.
Silver Blaze (2 days ago)
When ever we consult a dr......1st of all they remov all ear wax thru a machine ....they only 1 machine for all patientss0
Silver Blaze (2 days ago)
In case of dryness ....can we put few drops of oil in our ear .......which oil is better....from what age ?????plz reply
Andrea Patane (3 days ago)
Gross and interesting at the same time. No ☝🏻 enjoys itching in their 👂🏻s.
soulfoodqueen.net (3 days ago)
thank you sharing this great video
Garry Estandian (4 days ago)
AHH I don't know nor have any of these..... WAHAHHHHHH
Jessica Mckeever (4 days ago)
Thank you really much I had the smelly one and my ear was popping and u were right it was compacted ear wax if it was not for your help I would have got an infection thanks alot
TYRONE Williamson (4 days ago)
JOSH (4 days ago)
that is so gross
Wolfy97213 (4 days ago)
Is it bad that when I very rarely clean my ears (about a month or three) barely anything comes back
Isabella Perdomo (4 days ago)
Is it bad if you clean your ears everyday ? Because I do
Wendy sheng (5 days ago)
I am chinese
CookieCat YT (5 days ago)
Mine was liquid!
CookieCat YT (5 days ago)
Mine is yellow??
Joecita (6 days ago)
The only thing I clean my ear is when my ear is itching.
A J (6 days ago)
A lot of ear wax can cause itching. Not stop it.
Justin Roxx (6 days ago)
*picks nose and then puts same finger in ear*
Chai'el Ma'etheius (6 days ago)
I use the candle format once a year during winter to remove any grime that was collected from spring to fall, makes hearing sharper too. Rule of thumb when using the candle formula is to also use ice afterwards to the outside behind the ear to prevent it from creating more wax.
crazy pineapple (6 days ago)
I didnt know that have of these were a thing
Båbyßeans AJ (7 days ago)
Im satisfied with these facts thank you
Rebecca Thornton (7 days ago)
u dont sound like bright side
jimbo3356 (7 days ago)
I pulled a chicken nugget out of my ear once. what does that mean?
braheel1234567 (8 days ago)
My type of ear wax isn’t even mentioned in the video 🤨
Free Dom (9 days ago)
ear candling has helped me and others that i know, greatly. you have to have someone who knows the correct way to do it. you shouldn't do it more than about once or twice a year. it really cleans out a lot. when done properly, it is not dangerous.
Blue Crystal Fox (9 days ago)
mines is blood...
Tiffany Harrell (9 days ago)
Mine is dark brown reddish orange color
K0mpassion AJ (9 days ago)
The people who disliked were so amazed by this smartness they clicked the wrong button.
Mia Royce (9 days ago)
smelly. thats why i clean it
really? why do we need to clean it
Life's Strange (10 days ago)
No.. Dafaq is this?
Thomas Bird (11 days ago)
obviously white has less odor than black.
S H O O K (11 days ago)
So instead of using q-tips I can just buy a box of pizza and boom I cleaned my ear! *see ma now 8 have a reason 4 eating to much.*
AG4ever2013 (11 days ago)
My earwax has been darkish brown my whole life, and I don’t go through a lot of stressful times. (Btw I’m 11 years old)
Alluim (11 days ago)
What about the color *black* I've had that before, and it scares me Edit: aw sht gross!
cottoncandyswirls AJ (11 days ago)
Is it weird that when i clean my ears and nothing comes out
ItsRuby (7 days ago)
cottoncandyswirls AJ that’s what happens to me it’s probably because it’s pushed down inside your ear I have the smelly earwax
KOOKIEMONSTER (11 days ago)
YEAH but Asians tend to have dry earwax so ywahh
Merva Amanowel (12 days ago)
You shouldnt clean your eats with a q-Tip bc its dangerous and they just push the ear wax back. Ear wax self cleans its self.
Abdu Z (12 days ago)
Princess Luckman (12 days ago)
I always have grey earwax
Taylor Stidman (12 days ago)
Did anyone clean their ears after this?
Alexa Smith (12 days ago)
I have dry ear wax
Moonlighting is dumb (12 days ago)
i use hydrogen peroxide to soften my earwax to make it easier to clean out
Bernard Vard (12 days ago)
Murv (13 days ago)
But what if I have to wear earphones?!
Anna 6 (13 days ago)
I had an ear infection in June 25 2018 it really hurt but now I am ok
Lola De Mg (13 days ago)
dude now im scared ;-;
ElleGaming 123 (14 days ago)
Mine, it does smell sometimes but it’s not strong... I only notice it when I remove it and then I suddenly smell it, but it’s not that strong... just a little. So am I ok? Also my earwax’s color is mostly yellow, but sometimes as I mentioned, SOMETIMES it has brown thingys with a bit of smell and yellow. Sometimes I have yellow liquid but not PURELY liquid it’s just like.... liquidy and a bit gooey...
Upish Cat (14 days ago)
Wow Kim Jong Un has white ear wax?
jiemaelyn be Mainit (14 days ago)
I'm everyday cleaning my eardrum
Lionelmon (14 days ago)
i clean my hears and i noticed i have rainbow wax, what does that mean?
Lance & Jake (14 days ago)
The first thing is, you shouldn't even use q-tips in your ears
Jake Johnson (14 days ago)
5:47 I learned that the hard way just don’t do it trust me.
FaZe Wolf (14 days ago)
Mines yellow what does that mean🤔
Emma Winfree (15 days ago)
People say you should never use q-tips. But if I go even 2 days without using a q-tip, I get a month long ear infection. So yeah I’m gonna keep on using them.
HurricaneGuy 737max (15 days ago)
Wait we are supposed to clean our ears?!??!?
Maddi Kelso (16 days ago)
What doesn't mean if you found green ear wax but only in one ear and it wasn't clumpy and only in one spot
mark salahid (16 days ago)
O.O oh my...
MikeYT (16 days ago)
What of my ear wax is yellow with brown and allitle allitle of red
My ear wax has blood and it's night time and it is busted. I have no way to go to the doctor
AeroSlothy (16 days ago)
Everytime I take out the earwax out of my ear, I hear air or wind after, what does that mean?
Kawaii Panda (16 days ago)
_ItsAlex_ (17 days ago)
1:11 *made me hungry and satisfied looks smooth*
ItzJennyB (17 days ago)
Pop my ears? I can physically pop my ears with my jaw I think, all I know is my ears don't pop unless I make it pop. Is this bad?
Because they dont know whats wrong and I can nearly hear!!! One time I had it cleared and on the TV it all of a sudden was like on a hundred on 14
I have a blockage and my mom says I'm fine and I have the dry one but my doctor says I'm fine to but I know I'm not because they wont check it out or do anything
I have the "seriouse problem of...
untrip trip (17 days ago)
but the bright side is a click baiter
egoisnotadirtyword (18 days ago)
Sticking q-tips in your ears is not a good idea. Just get your doctor to take a look inside your ears whenever you have to visit them for any other reason.
LeDerpy Dawgo (18 days ago)
Wut about yellowish ear wax???
Paizley (18 days ago)
Did you just say... irun??? (Instead of iron)
jaylee ringrose (19 days ago)
Ssot TV (19 days ago)
My earwax is brown
Reagan Fun tv (19 days ago)
mines is brown
great iron fist (19 days ago)
What if a guy named Kahn puts an earwick in your ear? Is that bad?
Kelis Cafrelli (19 days ago)
And when I was at the doctor they said they can’t see my ear drum
Kelis Cafrelli (19 days ago)
7:22 yeah ALL of those happened
Kelis Cafrelli (19 days ago)
I mean yellow
Kelis Cafrelli (19 days ago)
I’m deaf/I ruptured my TWO ears.my ear wax is yello
Frosk Union (20 days ago)
Stolen video
Zac Mcmahon (20 days ago)
Michael Schuenemann (20 days ago)
WHAT DID YOU SAY - I CANT HEAR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kirk March (20 days ago)
If that last joke worked... I took exlax to cure my constipation in hopes of my ears making wax again, but no ear wax still... But my belly button has begun nitting a coat I think. Its going to take awhile, and I will have to let you know later what miraculous creation my belly button is making!
Jennable Rose (20 days ago)
Gray is nothing to worry about! !???
James Mcdonagh (20 days ago)
ye I make candles with mine,and I make black candles with my black earwax!!!! ha ha😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Mama LuvBug (21 days ago)
Eustachean Tube Dysfunction diagnosis just a few years ago, but clicking noise every time I swallow since young & not one Dr ever had an answer why nor cure... (impeccable hearing despite tho & no it's NOT tinnitus!) Anyone relate?!
Mama LuvBug (21 days ago)
Hmm prevents itching? I'll have to disagree, as whenever mine itch I'll usually wipe out excessive gunky or runny like wax! (sometimes with a lil hair, piece of fuzz, once or twice after a gnat flew in)... Too busy typing, missed the mention of the Apocrine Gland - very interesting, first hearing of it (lol legit & ironic) & makes sense...
BABITA SINGH (22 days ago)
But my ear wax is yellow ....😯😯😯😟😟😟😦😦What about me ??? Please answer fast.....🙏🙏🙏
Viet Anh Dinh (22 days ago)
*Bonus fact* if you have purple ear wax you have the ali a syndrome
wsharp2005 (22 days ago)
Never use a Q=tip or anything else in your ears -- idiots --
ABDI MAJID mjkhn (23 days ago)
All topic possible

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