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Robotic Surgery Is Changing the Way Physicians Operate

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Learn More At: www.ElCaminoHospital.com Minimally invasive surgery, made possible with robotics, is being performed everyday. Robotics have changed the way physicians operate, which is particularly important for women suffering from gynecologic disorders, bladder problems, fertility concerns and even cancer. In this episode of The Daily Dose, Nurse Barb Dehn takes us into the El Camino Hospital robotic surgery suite and speaks with Randy Creamier, Robotics Program Director; Mary Kilkenny, M.D.; and Albert Pisani, M.D.; as well as with patients Delisa Lee and Pam Mills, who have chosen minimally invasive robotic surgery. Some of the advantages women facing gynecologic cancer gain with robotic surgery may include better outcomes; faster recovery, enabling them to move to the next phase of treatment sooner; less pain and scarring; smaller incisions; and fewer complications. For More Information: www.ElCaminoHospital.com
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