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29 - 2008 Emergency Medicine & Acute Care Series - Warfarin Reversal Options

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Presenter: W. Richard Bukata, M.D.  Program Director,  Emergency Medicine & Acute Care / 2014  Medical Director, The Center for Medical Education, Inc. Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine,  Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center,  Los Angeles, California Using primarily the Emergency Medical Abstracts database of nearly 15,000 abstracts, and focusing on the literature primarily of the last five years, 36 presentations, each of 30-minute duration, are presented along with four 90-minute faculty panels. The topics chosen to be addressed are determined by faculty input and feedback from prior registrants. Using largely a question/answer format, the focus of the course is the new, the controversial and the provocative. The course faculty synthesize the literature and combine it with their clinical experience to provide participants with specific recommendations regarding diagnosis and therapy related to emergency care.
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