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College football player's horrific 40 hours of being held hostage, tortured

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Niko Kollias tells ESPN "Outside the Lines" about his ordeal while on the University of Rochester football team when he was shot and brutally beaten.
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bass professional (2 hours ago)
I'm glad they got all the suspects, but those two ugly thot females should have gotten life as well!😤
TheVikingsCentral (4 hours ago)
African American community is lost in drugs and violence
michaela Tomeena (4 hours ago)
this is a digrace to humanity. poor guys xx
Trend Bros. TV (4 hours ago)
P. Chretien (5 hours ago)
Six blacks kidnapp one white and one black football players, torture and rape them and you see nothing about it on the news.
Kaden Pitt (6 hours ago)
I hope nothing but the absolute worst hellfire is rained on his attackers
thomasabramson100 (8 hours ago)
Never trust anyone you meet on line
thomasabramson100 (8 hours ago)
These animals are why NY needs the death penalty
B.C Shaughnessy (8 hours ago)
Rottonchester NY is a place you want to move away FROM ! A crime ridden , welfare city that was once a top 5 destination in the US . With all the industry gone the middle class fled to job holding states for survival . The entitled welfare class of the ghetto's run the open air black market now . They drive audi's and lexus 's while the NYS tax payers pay the bill . The schools are appalling and are basically prison prep . The streets are not safe and murder happens everywhere . So thankful we escaped NY . A true crap hole rottoncheter is like Detroit now . Oh btw , hard to get CC permit to save your life . Nothing is even close to the 70's Rochester . Democrat liberals love the mayhem and death . SNAFU !
final lucario (11 hours ago)
I hope the people who did this are suffering somewhere real bad
MsTruthBTold (11 hours ago)
Wow... Sad
bkjetsfan1 (11 hours ago)
Trust your gut sometimes, meeting 2 unknown women in a unfamiliar house is a bad idea. No booty is worth your life.
Zach Dolan (12 hours ago)
If only this was the Middle Ages....These demons would be fucked
121finalfantasy (16 hours ago)
Typical more blacks showing their true colours
Tie Guy (17 hours ago)
8:39 Bruh, the levels of makeup!
Squeaky Nova (18 hours ago)
This is why i don't trust women and hate the state of chicago.
Leenzial Conner (19 hours ago)
😢😢😢So much hate!? WHY????? You 2 boys are Hero's so much love from Scotland Nico & friend Xoxoxo Leenz Scotland xx
Gregg Powers (19 hours ago)
Nico got his bootyhole burned with a hot iron.
I really Like food (20 hours ago)
This is on the ID channel me and my mom watched it
Bradley Taylor (20 hours ago)
Man... that is so cruel
human151 (21 hours ago)
Those poor black kids. Black lives matter. They’re oppressed and don’t deserve jail because the ancestors of their ancestors could have been slaves.
BloodTar (21 hours ago)
*NIGGERS* . Nuff said.
Parker Player (21 hours ago)
All these masked men and those 2 whores need to get either life in prison or the death sentence. Fucking monsters are going to hell for that.
Airbornejoe1986 (22 hours ago)
Leave it to black people to do something like this.
IgorSlav (22 hours ago)
this is why i don't like to socialise with people in real life
Luckas Joplin (23 hours ago)
God damn can i torture the people who torture these people
Switty Swotty (23 hours ago)
8:25 didn’t knew Gordon Ramsay was a lawyer
Beat (1 day ago)
Tf I live in Rochester 😟
T. Roll (1 day ago)
Hate crime though right? Oh they are white nevermind.
Fluffin Muffin (1 day ago)
What the fuck is wrong with those kids!? Oml Jesus fuck, a pipe through his themur, 🤢
UTD4LIFE391 (1 day ago)
Evie Shea (1 day ago)
He has a pretty large neck
Christian LoDolce (1 day ago)
Fucking idiots tortured the wrong guys? Gang members are fucking retarded
Stuart Nolasco (1 day ago)
Loki John (1 day ago)
This is fucking horrible. Wtf crazy ass niggers they should have all got life
Chris C (1 day ago)
They ruined his career, sad.
mbb6180 (1 day ago)
Pussy ass niggs. These kids would have had a different outcome this if they were armed. Does anyone believe these fucks would turn over the guns they used if the guns were banned or confiscated. Lets hear what you libtard fucks have to say
Luke Forster (1 day ago)
Guys only thing to do is mgtow, just look what those 2 whores did to them.
he should of left once there was no party!
princess li (1 day ago)
The males and the females should get the same time on jail *lifetime jail* And this is also a lesson to all the mans out there just bc womens come over to you and it might be attempting to go with them *dont* just bc usually we womens seen as "innocent" it isn't true in the end of the day we are all humans mans and womens both can be dangerous to the society I'll teach my future kids no matter males and females to never trust strangers!!
Xenia Torres (1 day ago)
Horrible! And he sounded so calm when he was forced to call the bank because they wanted money and they told him Monday. Shit, I’d be thinking I may not be alive Monday if I can’t get money to them. But he sounded so calm after going thru all that. I think I’d break down once swat got there and I’d ask if I can punch each of those fuckers in the face wit my good fist on my way out the house to the damn hospital. I don’t think they would have the heart to say no after seeing those poor boys all beaten and bloody. I’ve had 2-3 pints of blood once. Just needing that much blood takes time and you feel like crap and dizzy and weak now add the beating they got. I’m glad they were found and I’m glad the monsters all got serious time for doing what they did, and they didn’t even get the right person is what’s so fucked up. Don’t steal drugs ppl.
DirtyNaan54 (1 day ago)
Holy shit
John Surabian (1 day ago)
I love how there is a crusade in the US via the media and other groups to stop imprisoning " non violent " drug dealers ... If they were busted with the weed before they could kidnap and torture these kids ... People would be saying your locking people up for some weed ... Such a delusional analysis of the drug game in the US ...
Rachel McQuillan (1 day ago)
Sorry but you can get them masks at Asda
Jonathan Shimoon (1 day ago)
155 years and he laughs wow
Jonathan Lee (1 day ago)
TRASH, their parents failed the society.
Iknow Nothing (1 day ago)
Damn they’re ugly!!! Fucking losers, hope they die a horrible death in prison!
Iknow Nothing (1 day ago)
First mistake they made that could've prevented this from the unfortunate experience to happen to this poor guy and his friend was when they pulled up to the house and it looked sketchy, they should've instantly just drove off and never entered the house, period. If something seems sketchy, don't continue to pursue it. It can keep you out of situations such as the ones this guy and his friend ended up in.
Steakbread (1 day ago)
We all know what there are.
Women are like: there is no equal rights for genders Women: kills a guy and kidnapps 2 kids Court: ok you guys get 1 second in jail Women: what why do we get so much time in jail
Crunchy Napkin (2 days ago)
What was the piano song he was playing? It was so beautiful
Faq Log (2 days ago)
These hoes ain’t loyal
Jerrica Whitfield (2 days ago)
Oh my god this is terrible.
Isabella Sandore (2 days ago)
This is so horrific because it took place like 20 minutes from me
Jcamarena17 (2 days ago)
What's the song he was playing on the piano
David House (2 days ago)
Niko you are a tough kid so strong I don't know that I could have lived through something like that and want to live keep going strong your an inspiration to everyone
TheSkaterfreak360 (2 days ago)
all over 4 pounds of weed? now 7 people are doing over 12 years over less than $8000
Sour Dough (2 days ago)
Rochester is where I live and surprisingly, I never even heard of this story like ever.
steijn vanb (2 days ago)
guys like that it the reason why racism still exists
Jannie Miner (2 days ago)
Ok one question did the people have to pay (im talking about the people that got tortured)
powerlock Johnson (2 days ago)
Black men torturing a white man and no white lives matter riots? Americans are too kind. The men doing this are savages.
lucy loo (2 days ago)
They need the death penalty. They don't need to be walking the streets with normal people.
Chang E (2 days ago)
Isaiah smith deserves a lynching
EnixTurnix (2 days ago)
my dude looking like the skulltrooper in the backseat
Chang E (2 days ago)
Around blacks, never relax
Chang E (2 days ago)
shogrran (2 days ago)
they hurt people to buy clothes and shoes? the punishment should include that they never be allowed to wear shoes and branded clothes. he destroyed someones potential career? punishment should include paying a monthly fee to support the victims livelihood.
Shadowwolf Cj (2 days ago)
I feel for these people. He had the courage to tell his story in front of millions of people.... That takes courage man
Shadowwolf Cj (2 days ago)
So these days you have to get creative with your punishments for these types of criminals use the old medieval mehods of torture who cares about humane ways of delivering capital punishment they don't deserve humane
hj hfj (2 days ago)
Bruh... D3 😂😂😂
Bob Chretien (2 days ago)
Terrible what happened to those 2 guys but what college students have $35.000 In a bank acct.? That's what the receipt said?
DomLouMiami (2 days ago)
God bless this child
Don't Fart Bro (2 days ago)
What. The. Fuck.
i love ducks (2 days ago)
It's so so sad to see thing like this to show how evil people can be
Brayster_121 (2 days ago)
Each should go to prison to life
Cankerous Booch (2 days ago)
Niggers. Who'd have guessed?
Jasmine Eats Food (2 days ago)
My father went to the University of Rochester. I'm shocked that would ever happen.
Dennis Johnson (2 days ago)
As soon as I smelled the house I would've dipped. Those fuckers would've had to chase me down the block.
jo-mornin' (2 days ago)
Let’s hope they get butt rap_ed in jail
Kisleu Ramos (2 days ago)
Horrible things always happen on my birthday
This was so hard to listen to. Im just glad they went to jail for YEARS
Acoustic Child (2 days ago)
What type of last name is Gigliati
Tina Wright (2 days ago)
Bless both of these boys they both went to hell and looked evil right in the face ..!! Thank Goodness they were not killed ..!! It takes a sick twisted MF' to do something this low and evil - -. THANK GOODNESS EVERY PERSON THAT HAD A HAND IN THIS EVIL ACT WENT TO JAIL ..!!
Tina Wright (2 days ago)
IHumma Lotta (3 days ago)
Typical ghetto trash niggas!!!!!!!! These black lives DO NOT matter! For these f*ckers we need to bring back lynching!! What they did to two strangers who had nothing to do with their "gangsta" bullshit is deplorable!! And the two "hos" ought to be sent to prison as well and gang raped! Disgusting that these people are still breathing!!! AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
krownca (3 days ago)
I wish public hangings were still a thing.
lol (3 days ago)
why are ghetto slimes doing this? a shame to america
lol (3 days ago)
stole $5k and spent it on clothes. another reason to nuke ghetto youth
loco cris (3 days ago)
Fucking clowns. I hope they die
Sage mode Genji (3 days ago)
his friend was named roman and they were cousins and they just wanted to go bowling with the girls
THUNDERBIRD!! (3 days ago)
Techno-mage (3 days ago)
The original dudes that these guys were after get to sit back and laugh their asses off that these dumbasses went after the wrong mother fuckers and got life for it 😅
Why is this the first I've heard of this. And when the story did air......why was it aired on late night news? Why not prime time? Fuckin crooked media coverup
krownca (3 days ago)
Right! I was thinking the same thing....
Lone wolf Studios (3 days ago)
This is why when I’m old enough I’m getting a concealed carry
Awwww what a poor guy
Azra Bajric (3 days ago)
Go nikko
Ask The Pro DJ (3 days ago)
I hope they get raped all of them every day in Jail by the guy with the biggest dick, and that would be a White Man of course.
iØreoPlayz RØBLÕX (3 days ago)
I wish hanging for crimes like these were back.😒😔
Its just Josey (3 days ago)
why does this football player look like my dad wtf
Ethan Grayson (3 days ago)
The fact it’s my own kind 🤦🏾‍♂️ black people we have to do better and y’all have the nerves to say black lives matter 🤦🏾‍♂️

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