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Off The Felt with Dan Bilzerian, Episode 2: "The New Hugh Hefner"

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For Dan Bilzerian, it isn't all fun, games, and throwing porn stars off the roof. Actually, wait, yes it is! Go inside the insanity of Blitz's day-to-day life with the origins of his pet goats, his million-dollar investment in Jay Farber, racing Ferraris at dangerous speeds, and "white raver rafting" at Hakkasan night club in Vegas with the likes of Steve Aoki, Coolio, Waka Flocka, and Flavor Flav. Don't miss a beat, subscribe to this channel and visit http://www.allinmag.com/
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Text Comments (443)
ricky slingers (2 days ago)
How good is capitalism?
Zoltan Simon (2 months ago)
Guillermo Romero (7 months ago)
I love this dude dan blizarion is amazing but honesly.. gotta be honest my boy Phil Ivey is still top dog.
roger10152 (10 months ago)
at the end of the day, Bilzerian is the man & is always with beautiful woman regardless.
John Damo (10 months ago)
Dude this guy was born rich and he has lost a lot of money online and live. You want those girls go to Europe and get yourself some 8-10 prostitutes for $50 euro each
Marcelo Rodrigues (11 months ago)
what's the name of the song on 1:13?
patrick partridge (11 months ago)
A FUCKING admitted cop!! #FTP
Bohol Snowman (11 months ago)
This ruck-sniffer is a coward.
Heath Wright (11 months ago)
k mart cowboy. buys his ropers at payless. real men don't brag. all those women in his shoots have fake breasts that will sag. what a jerk. why give a navy drop out, a failure of a soldier, a sub par idiot any print time at all. losers aren't news. Anyone can say, "I want to be a navy seal". That doesn't make you a bad ass. Purchased escorts and purchased fire arms don't make you a man, especially an armed services failure such as this.
james lachs (11 months ago)
A real strong "free roll" would be nice after my shit run of luck. Dan....wanna see somehow cut off appendages for money?
N1cK HeaD (11 months ago)
Rip Hugh Hefner🙏🏼dan bilzerian has it from here💪🏻
OHKPodcasts (11 months ago)
4:13 room full of the worst artists/people going
Shane Barnet (1 year ago)
well im just gonna go kill myself ☺
TheStatuatoryApe (1 year ago)
All that money and he's still gonna die like us poor folk.
Tiago Gg (1 year ago)
He is going to die like us but that doesn't matter, he lived like a king, that's what really matters, living like a king.
Doug Adamson (1 year ago)
ruined by Aoki
Mike Diesel (2 years ago)
Dan would prob kill himself if he had my life
wazl No (2 years ago)
look fucking ugly and disgusting these people are....they are rats..
Roy Claessen (2 years ago)
im watching this stuff while im in the office working a shit job from 9 to 5. fuck this
Harely Morenstein (1 year ago)
And fall victim to the American dream. It will always be a dream.
Golden Memes (1 year ago)
use it as motivation
Stormy43 (2 years ago)
i seriously f**king hate Dan with a deep passion, but ya gotta love the guy too. He's living the life most guys can only dream of
Sean Barry (2 years ago)
they put subtitles for waka flocka ahahaha
joe flores (2 years ago)
If this was the perfect life bill gates would b living it x100
Mountain Man (11 months ago)
joe flores he's too busy depopulating the world by giving lethal vaccination to poor countries
Shapka (2 years ago)
When everything is SO perfect, and there is nothing else that is a challenge, I think I'd become depressed. I recommend to every one here to read the - Epic of Gilgamesh -, might give a perspective.
MetalDogStudio (2 years ago)
+Shapka Even if you're rich you can still find challenges if you want to.
Thompter S. Hunson (2 years ago)
all super except that disgusting EDM piece of shit of a music.
Round House (2 years ago)
+animaonathens that concert looked sick
KING DAVO257 (2 years ago)
Dan lives the real life version of the guys in Entourage x10 lol The most exciting Armenian to ever live
Wind OfChange (2 years ago)
His both part kinda sounds like motivational speech. Loved it
SORE LOSER LIBERAL (2 years ago)
Must be one hell of a life to be Dan. .
clarknova1 (2 years ago)
dan is basically a real life version of Bruce Wayne, except, that if Dan actually wanted to be Batman it would only NOT be possible because everyone knows his fucking beard. LOL.
Cornelius Pildershmidt (2 years ago)
+gamalier andres he's invincible you bloody yankee!
DeVBestt (2 years ago)
He would be more like tony stark
gamalier andres (2 years ago)
+Cornelius Pildershmidt in the sense that hes a gun loving joker. you inbred hick
Cornelius Pildershmidt (2 years ago)
+gamalier andres no, retard, deadpool has special powers.
nick adams (2 years ago)
Guy can't shoot... too many steroids XD
dmwmm (2 years ago)
fucking hell, how did aoki get this famous? or why the fuck do people listen to the trash he plays? commercial edm is fucking horrible, yet it's the most popular electronic music, I don't get it
Jonathan Björkqvist (2 years ago)
What's the name of the song at 5.00?
Mihnea 3123 (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Björkqvist Steve Aoki - Rage the night away
Titatovertom (2 years ago)
part 3 would be nice to watch i guess...
JAGG (2 years ago)
One day...😔
Narendra Varma (2 years ago)
song at 5:04?
Narendra Varma (2 years ago)
Mihnea 3123 (2 years ago)
+Narendra Varma Steve Aoki - Rage the night away
Ko36 (2 years ago)
That's the life
chaos lord (2 years ago)
Dan Bilzerian..the God of Hedonist and debauchery 1 like= 1 prayer 10 prayer = 1 laid with a bitch
John Long (2 years ago)
Am I the only guy who doesn't find this lifestyle appealing at all? I think it's cool that he's doing what he loves to do and has a fun time, but as far as me and my life, I would choose to just make a comfortable 200k a year doing a job I love, instead of living like Dan, even though it's not a bad lifestyle. That's just my preference. TLDR: Anyone else want to be rich, but not rich rich?
Anton Sjostrand (2 years ago)
+John Long Couldn't agree more.
John Long (2 years ago)
+ExtremeTG True true. 
DeVBestt (2 years ago)
Lol 'just' a modest amount of 200k doing a job u 'love', come on m8, don't think that low, u need to atleast get 500k
Prettywitty91 (2 years ago)
Absolutely, I don't want people being fake and not knowing who your real friends are.
I asked a girl out today she said no. and its not because I'm ugly or anything. maybe it's the job I'm involved in that doesn't appeal to her. but I know if I had money shed be like "I thought you'd never ask". money talks. if you ever have money never share it with anyone other than yourself cuz when that money goes so does she. you just won't feel bad about it if you only spent it on urself.
Andrew Dominguez (10 months ago)
You kind of prove the point about MGTOW.
Mountain Man (11 months ago)
Bored Engineer Operating Near Groom Lake Detachment 3 dude can you arrange an interview with Engineered Truth?! He does career review and would love to interview him. Please contact him, his name is Matt Tran
kiwi8476 (2 years ago)
He takes all of the lavish lifestyle to feel the pain he feels.
Ruben Rabago (3 years ago)
It's all about FREEDOM, Luving your Pets and your BABES, cheers mate LIFE TO THE FULLEST "Carpe Diem"
Rene Nava (3 years ago)
The story of goat is to weak, sorry. Just admit you are a devil worshipper, It's okay to be honest you know, but than, you drink from the cup of demons and not from the cup of the lord.
Niko Amaya (3 years ago)
time to go get good at poker
Wazwaz Brothers (3 years ago)
People are quick to judge and assume the dumbest things. Yes he's blessed with ALOT of money. Yes he has a lot of awesome toys and lives a life most people will never even dream of. But that doesn't mean he's not depressed or maybe has issues that most of us don't know about! Money truly doesn't buy you happiness WHATSOEVER... It's not even a good enough down payment.
James Humphreys (3 years ago)
and what will it profit a man to gain the world yet lose his own soul? Mark8:36
marsdog (3 years ago)
White raver rafting. Lol
Al Boss (3 years ago)
Dan is the goat :)
spoolpan (3 years ago)
This video destroyed my day! Fuck!!!
Will Quinn (3 years ago)
He's good at throwing cake
Kevin Daily Realty (3 years ago)
Fuck my pathetic life
ALL IN Magazine (3 years ago)
Check Out Steve Aoki, Past, Present & Neon Future: Off The Felt Episode 1 at http://www.allinmag.com/media-gallery/videos/2015/05/19/15/41/steve-aoki-off-the-felt-full-episode-1
Mr D (3 years ago)
What is that song being played at 1:45
Sebastian Perez (3 years ago)
Whats the song at 1:42?
Nile Orion (3 years ago)
People really on here hating just cause he's rich it's like come on find your chill and watch the video and no I'm not sucking up to him cause he's rich I'm just being real he's a cool guy does what he wants and has fun he's living life why is that so bad ?
JD (2 years ago)
+Nile Orion Yes that is all fine, but don't brag about that you made it with poker or made any of that money yourself. He's just a spoiled cocky trust fund kid.
Nile Orion (2 years ago)
+Mitch T dang bruh you learn something new
Mitch T (2 years ago)
+Nile Orion no. people usually hate on him because he's a fraud. His father is a criminal who stole hundreds of millions, hasnt repaid back a cent. Now Dan and his brother are squeezing out the stolen money little by little. Dan uses Poker as an excuse to the IRS to prove his income. and his brother gave up his US citizenship in order to avoid any issue. Its all one big slap to the face of the US gov and people wonder why anyone might hate this guy? LOL
Agent Michael Scarn (3 years ago)
Michael Plummer (3 years ago)
wolf of wall street
h1tmandude (3 years ago)
That's a role model right there.
jean koke (3 years ago)
this guy know's how 2 live the life.... 
Daniel Maggs (3 years ago)
Very telling how he shakes his head from side to side when saying "I won over 50m dollars playing poker"
Sergio Palos (3 years ago)
Yeahh freedom
Zodiac581 (3 years ago)
Lmfao this guy is a waste of a human penis
Victor C. (3 years ago)
He's always wearing military style clothing lol
JPark~ (3 years ago)
To all the haters out there, if you guys hate Dan Bilzerian, do you guys hate Hugh Hefner as well?
touchmyfanny (3 years ago)
Fuck Hugh, this guy is the new age batman
Kanda Rabi (3 years ago)
Dude I would totally be his friend! If nothing else for the fancy guns. And may be even for the yachts. Oh, and definitely for the chicks,mall that pussy, lord have mercy!
AGENTARMES (3 years ago)
If I had the $ I'd probably do the same thing except not need the cameras around and actually do some humanitarian stuff too.
GrumpyBottom (3 years ago)
Winning over $50 million in Poker doesn't explain how you can spend $10 million a week on stupid shit... Daddy's boy indeed.
Dan Bilzerian (3 years ago)
Thanks u all, love you !
omglawton (3 years ago)
Just imagine partying with Dan, Steve, And Waka. 
תום אופיר (3 years ago)
What is the name of the track in 5.03? Thanks
Mihnea 3123 (2 years ago)
+‫תום אופיר‬‎ Steve Aoki - Rage the night away
javon bryant (3 years ago)
Aww shit I thought he was like Floyd Mayweather he's just a another fake white boy frontin wit his daddy's investment money that he probably stole from investors acting like he worked hard for his riches when his fucking dad worked on Wall Street gtfoh.
javon bryant (3 years ago)
It's the truth dude.
Sage0ne (3 years ago)
second racist comment I've read so far, trash talking because he's white.....ugh...you thought he was like Floyd Mayweather? Wtf are you talking about? Jealousy is weakness. You don't make it through Navy Seal training or facing off with millionaires by being fake. Every sentence of your comment makes you seem more and more like a dumbass. 
Tom S (3 years ago)
he's such a boss!
alec mors (3 years ago)
alguém sabe que musica e essa
Greg Moncayo (3 years ago)
Waka flocka is so faded
Andy Tate (3 years ago)
martin scorsesse should make a movie about him like he did with jordan belfort 
Rohan Patre (3 years ago)
+Pp j Jordan Belfort made his money on his own. Dan on the other hand just inherited a major part of it from his father.
William Gates (3 years ago)
+Įncognîto S in which way?
James Brown (3 years ago)
Its not even close wtf lol
Kotiki (3 years ago)
but it's practically the same lol
fmxmyway (3 years ago)
New A-listers before they become A-listers, pretty awesome.
Lilith (3 years ago)
Q: Would I want to live like him? A: Don't know, haven't try, yet.
gooch hunter (3 years ago)
Cocaine, Viagra and ecstasy.  I want some 
kennyken261 (2 years ago)
+gooch hunter do you want 3 heart attacks before the age of 32 aswell just like Dan lol
Dirrection g General (3 years ago)
Money cant buy you happiness, but you can park your yacht pretty close.
Nizar Khan (3 years ago)
5:07 He wants da cakeeeee
Cal360x (3 years ago)
God sake. HOW DO I GET RICH?!?
Redbullmonkey1 (3 years ago)
i wish he had his own tv show :/
Dom Zeglaitis (3 years ago)
Just posted a Dan Bilzerian theme song, give it a look dudes!!!
dave Brown (3 years ago)
dan blitz makes me want money to start a career
The Philosopher (3 years ago)
Dan Bilzerian is a weak cunt. True I do envy his money but that is all I think of him as. People today need to stop sucking up to people with money its pathetic. Funny thing is he's very racist but about 70% of his fanbase is made up of foreign people.
JPark~ (3 years ago)
How do you know he's racist?
ilkoftw (3 years ago)
His father made a fortune out of a ponzi scheme and now this stormcunt spends it all for his own pleasure. If thats your idol,im sorry for you guys.
xg g (3 years ago)
+Joel Schembri well i mean, i do envy him but i don't hate on him i mean hell i would probably do the same thing if i was rich but i obviously envy him for being born rich while i was born poor as fuck not hating on him though hes doing his thing
Giordano Cerrano (3 years ago)
+Tokkles Orwell We dont know how much was in that trust fund, to say that he was still a rich kid after he used that third to get pops out of the slammer, and phaggot isnt a word. 
Justin Quinn (3 years ago)
+Joel Schembri Actually it isn't, and has nothing to do with a person's sexual orientation. But thank you for demonstrating your ignorance on the matter, it was much appreciated.  I think you and Giordano would get along quite fabulously, he can't comprehend fractions and you can't comprehend stupid slang words, do I see matching bff bracelets in your future? lawl.
Justin Quinn (3 years ago)
Because subtracting one-third from several million dollars still makes him a rich kid, phaggot. Talk about "poor comprehenSION skills" lawl. 
Giordano Cerrano (3 years ago)
+Tokkles Orwell how does that make me bad at math? Try again troll
Rafcpg (4 years ago)
everytime i see that beard...its just so majestic
Troll God (4 years ago)
Sarcastic ofcourse
Troll God (4 years ago)
Vitaly wannabe
Emmanuel (4 years ago)
waiting for the episode 3.. :C
Lauryn Michelle (4 years ago)
It's funny how people think that Dan Bilzerian will actually give a fuck about their opinions, he is completely right in everything he says. Money = freedom, we all want and envy the life he has. Shit...I would love to party it up the way he does, he's just being himself and he's genuine about who he is...so all the haters should suck a dick. I would rather be in his company over some air head like Kim Kardashian any day of the fucking week.
Easy Aces (2 years ago)
+Anatolian chill man she just wanna party and have a good time
Lauryn Michelle (3 years ago)
+Anatolia Project maybe if you read everything you know that I'm a student haha studying Bcom in marketing and management to be precise. Currently doing accounting. I guess that's what all gold diggers do, too bad I have a pretty face and brains. Shit.
baller4eva22 (4 years ago)
STEVE AOKI!!!!!!!!
giovanni millan (4 years ago)
 I invite you to Colombia to really fun and really feel you are a king
Alex Vech (4 years ago)
drinking smoothies while eating pasta, bad habit
Help Me (4 years ago)
where is episode 3 fuck
Zavedi pa Zajebi (4 years ago)
5:20 amazing girl
alk420id (4 years ago)
This guy and his whole lifestyle just creeps me the fuck out. Materialism in motion. Just because you can spoil yourself, doesn't mean you should. This man has a big bank balance, but thats ALL he has. Seriously its like he's got the vision of a 15 year old or something. I'll take my humble life in the country over his glittery barbie lifestyle any day of the week.
Venom (4 years ago)
so many future mothers and wifes he have fucked !
Mihnea 3123 (4 years ago)
Song 2:43 ?
Meanwhile here..
Kuba Cichoński (4 years ago)
Song at 0:57 ?
AnthonyGoesWild (4 years ago)
His Life Is Awsome!

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