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Those who are unfortunate enough to suffer from it know that Gout is an extremely painful thing. It is as inflammation of the joints caused by a buildup of needle-sharp uric-acid crystals. The big toe is the most common target, but gout can attack the feet, ankles, knees, and hands as well. An attack or “flare” can last for days or months. Obese people are more likely to suffer from it. If you’re prone to gout, the foods you eat—and don’t eat—play a key role in keeping your joints pain-free. These health secrets offer natural cures to prevent hyperuricemia. Keep a look out on your Uric Acid Symptoms! Here are ten foods to avoid. Remember Prevention is better than cure! For more cool stuff please watch: STOP EATING THIS: 10 Carcinogenic Everyday Food to Avoid! https://youtu.be/lpvdOWWuy3o 10 Foods to keep Uric Acid (gout) in Control - Lets stop the Pain! https://youtu.be/Zd5_DZCo-kw TOP 10 HIGHEST PAID ACTORS 2017 https://youtu.be/oIloqBQh_co Game of Thrones WINTER IS HERE! - Net Worth of Actors! https://youtu.be/2GJxRxdsmtU DEBUNKED: Top 10 Myths on EXERCISE You Thought Were TRUE!! https://youtu.be/eEt5tv-nZU4 Top 10 Most Expensive MAKEUP Brands of 2017 https://youtu.be/DzTTbpN74lo Top 10 Expensive Materials/Elements in the World https://youtu.be/FNR4Hbee_P8 Top 10 Spooky facts on HALLOWEEN that can Scare the Wits out of YOU! https://youtu.be/GzFXauSBVd4 TOP 10 DANGEROUS BRIDGES IN THE WORLD! *GOOSEBUMPS* https://youtu.be/USi3RpBxAVU
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Text Comments (2003)
flickin facts (6 months ago)
This list is for the people already suffering from Gout (or higher level of Uric Acid). For food to eat please watch: https://youtu.be/Zd5_DZCo-kw
Mk Sdn (21 hours ago)
If we stop eating fruits, vegetables and meat. How we will survive? This video is just bullshit. Don't waste your time watching this
stackleft (10 days ago)
My mom had bad kidneys and lived until she was 85. She just drank a lot of water. After any meal she ate she had water before and after and in between. And she always looked to see if her pee was yellow then she'd go drink water.
stackleft (10 days ago)
So basically you can't eat anything.
mang - a g (25 days ago)
avoid uric acid avoid gout just die
Josephine Manibad (27 days ago)
Mikey Terra Nova (1 hour ago)
So eating..... great!
Baby Wizz (2 hours ago)
INFORMATIVE! now , u people just eat grass! look GOAT does not have GOUT!
Brucci Wayne Music (4 hours ago)
STOP EATING!!! just stop eating bruh
Anne L (6 hours ago)
You try to tell me not to eat anymore
fuzzybaffy (8 hours ago)
Not understanding #4. There are other websites such as: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/diet/20-foods-to-keep-your-uric-acid-at-normal-levels/articleshow/20585546.cms that suggest apples and pears are ok.
Evad Sel (10 hours ago)
Eat sawdust, then die of cancer at 76.5 like everyone else
Sid Bristow (11 hours ago)
After this video, the only thing left is water!! Wait!! How about those videos showing bottled water is too acidic... and tap water quality is bad... LOL just fast for the rest of your life. LMAO
jamir333 (12 hours ago)
just eat moderately, if you dont eat, sure you will die young...
Johnver Sales (15 hours ago)
Omg what kind of life do i have when everything is prohibited
Terrence Gold (18 hours ago)
Excellent point about the junk food, refined food, salt shaker & soda drinks. All useless garbage.
simone haddad (21 hours ago)
ok which is it red meat or high fructose that produces uric acid? Meat has no fructose...cant have it both waysi
Sagar Gupta (1 day ago)
ऐसे वीडियो जियने भी यूट्यूब पर है। सब बेकार है।। बस पैसे कमाने के लिए ये वीडियो बना देते है।। यूरिक एसिड का सब से सस्ता इलाज है अदरक।।। संपर्क करो 9871262666
deadtopcat (1 day ago)
Everything. Avoid everything.
Chris Kell (1 day ago)
This is bollocks, I've had gout for 15 years and there are a handful of foods which will set of a flare up. Everyone is different in their gout triggers so to generalise like this is totally misleading.
so that's mean you don't have to EAT anything than
toothless light (1 day ago)
So meaning... do not eat anything!
Steve Terry (1 day ago)
Drink water, gout usually builds up because dehydrated kidneys cant pass enough of the gout causing uric acid, it creates a catch 22 situation as the pain unconsciously disuades one from hobbling to the bathroom to urinate, so you unconsciously drink less to avoid the pain. = vicious circle. Be conscious, remember to keep drinking.
Kurt Justin (1 day ago)
Oh Shyt .. I'm glad to see eating pussy is ok, if its not too yeasty. Ha
Helene Wood (1 day ago)
No Oysters? I thought they were bad for Gout. I had a friend who had frequent bouts of gout and for him it was oysters that would bring on an attack. But really he had an awful diet, but it was not the only time I read of oysters being one of the main foods to avoid. Also, do women get gout? I thought it was only men, but seems I don't know as much about Gout as I thought. Thanks!
Kira Yamato (1 day ago)
in other words every kinda foods and veges and fruits contain uric acid... so let just all drink tap water... oh wait they contain chlorine....
morian chase (2 days ago)
Ok i will not eat anymore
Harry Mundy (2 days ago)
Who gives a fuck
Jun Gadil (2 days ago)
Josephine Lee (2 days ago)
if other foods u think is safe like veggies oats etc..cannot also eat bcoz of this shit uric acid, better yet starved urself.
Yeldar Khemesh (3 days ago)
Beth Candelaria (3 days ago)
WHAT ELSE could we eat. ?
Wait you didnt put spagheti
Chicagojones 513 (3 days ago)
Miracle. Inc (3 days ago)
iNNoCeNttDReAMs (4 days ago)
So... basically starve to death. ok.
Glen Fisher (4 days ago)
Gee...what's left to eat? Ice cubes? No, probably to much uric acid.
Nikki black (4 days ago)
How about sex does it cause uric acid also
chris P bacon (4 days ago)
This is just vegan brainwashing bull shit
mcsuchnsuch (4 days ago)
By the way the video was going, I really thought “Breathing” was gonna be number 1. Ugh!!
Eazy E (4 days ago)
Eat cuz tomorrow is not promised hell we all messed up and you can't take nothing with you so you better eat now eat now and enjoy your life hell or start growing you food from your backyard ahh hell I forgot you can't even do that lol that's sad ohh well do U then
Danimals channel (4 days ago)
I got it at 16 years old, I thought I'd broken my toe while drunk! The doctor told me to drink cranberry juice, it was gone in days.
Dhinesh Kumar (4 days ago)
This wrong
Anju Anand (5 days ago)
Go to hell....
Brent Brent (5 days ago)
Hmmm...so whats left to eat?haha..we all gonna die sometime in our own different ways...lets hell enjoy life...uric acid is part of it..dying from hunger is worst...
mama mel (5 days ago)
We are poor and we cant afford this type of foods also!this advertise is for the rich people
Steve Morrish (5 days ago)
Is eating an ice cube ok?
Thomopolus Rex (6 days ago)
Budweiser beer is the worst.
BenjaminGessel (6 days ago)
Oh yeah. Make sure not to eat any asparagus, spinach, apples, grapes, peaches... Wait, WHAT? Suddenly started to take this video a LOT less seriously...
Jiimmys187 (7 days ago)
Yeah naa
Dino Crusado (7 days ago)
Eat all you want as long us not too much, its a balance diet for good health
jim w (7 days ago)
Soy bean?
Osama Mustafa (7 days ago)
hi,ff I eat any food but each kind once per week. it's ( 8.5).
AMA HONG (7 days ago)
yuo you are killing them instead
Vijay Nirmal (7 days ago)
no to beer? disliking straight away 😂
Danny Ignacio (7 days ago)
Just dont eat ..
Tazboy (8 days ago)
Eat fermentated atom and gamma Ray
Serafino Dayagan (8 days ago)
Who uoloaded this?may be he is crazy
Gregory Pyngrope (8 days ago)
So you're suggesting we all stop eating.
Nikola Romanos (9 days ago)
all the important foods have gout so whatelse to eat., better double your exercise., if you die then you die.
David Pepito (9 days ago)
Stop breathing also because the air was poluted... or else you will die..
druidboy76 (9 days ago)
Gout is also hereditary. Don’t misrepresent it.
Mandirigma Ng Masama (10 days ago)
Uma Shankar (10 days ago)
What is dr to eat
Jay-Birder (10 days ago)
So...... Eat nothing, drink only water....... Or Take your 300mg allopurinol once daily and eat and drink whatever the hell you want.
Robert Blanks (10 days ago)
Guess im going on a ramen noodle diet thats the only thing that wasn't shown
Ennio D'elabbo (10 days ago)
Johnny Sims (10 days ago)
eat the air its the only thing left, then again its probably polluted too!
Ernie A (10 days ago)
Pretty simple, just avoid fat, salt, sugar, meat, veggies, fruit, beer and breads. Can I at least have some water?
BALA KRISHNA Sharma (10 days ago)
Your text colour sucks
Janeth Ramirez (10 days ago)
Raider Man (10 days ago)
So basically you can't eat or drink ever again.
Joey Magno (11 days ago)
To make it short: eat nothing
surya teja (11 days ago)
Mark Avera (11 days ago)
Take allopurinol and eat whatever the hell you want.
Da Fritz (11 days ago)
From what i can tell they told me there is nothing i can eat ???????
EndofUSA (11 days ago)
after going over the list from 1 to 10 I just realized there actually is nothing more to eat that does not have any ingredients to cause gout!!! Well just starve yourself to death!!!
Koukous1 (11 days ago)
wow, simply eat nothing! its good for your health.
Resistance Is Futile (11 days ago)
"Why Is It That Everything I Like Is Either Illegal Immoral Or Fattening?" W. C. Fields
mena_b17 t (12 days ago)
Ano ba yan? Ang daming bawal.?
Eunice Lobb (13 days ago)
What a load of garbage, from a 74 year old who eats anything(well almost)
FDA 324 (13 days ago)
Do you have any credentials? Are you a doctor or scientist. Stop scaring people. You big dummy.
RiseAndShine (13 days ago)
Wow almost all foods lol
Q Face (13 days ago)
That beat is a slapper !
phoenixtwolf (13 days ago)
OOOOOO BEWARE of WATER it can drown you so keep away from it as well OOOOOOOO BEWARE
Saint Dre'ko (13 days ago)
Wow. so basicly eat nothing
bow tech (13 days ago)
eat grass..nothing else, or you WILL die
TANK SHERMAN (13 days ago)
I controlled my gout by eating ONLY beef, chicken and veggies. Everyone’s body is different
Richard Galido (13 days ago)
Haha this is ridiculous!!! So what do we ever eat? Just go with balance diet.
Lee Bondu (13 days ago)
fish???fuck u youtube!!! i dont think so motha fucka
Jeffrey Mercado (13 days ago)
My friend did all that and now hes rest in peace that moron
kukingina (13 days ago)
So basically i cant eat anything but chicken white meat Fuck me
a. barker (13 days ago)
So basically there is nothing you can eat or drink besides water and greens? I have gout and get it severely. If i abuse 2 or 3 things. Find your trigger, and avoid these. Not on meds, just on body chemistry.
Sinjinbin 64 (13 days ago)
I have gout right now. I eat and enjoy most of the bad foods identified, less the sweet items. I will not give up on all of them but I will decrease my intake. Im not ready to live off of grubs and salad the rest of my life just yet. As soon as this bout of gout is over Im getting a double cheese burger and fries. Ill make sure I chase it with some apple cider vinegar after Im done.
Sajid Hussain (14 days ago)
I think may aswel quit eating altogether.
princess crystalisnice (14 days ago)
Some of the things you say is a Lie. Fruits and veggies it good so please stop miss leading people .
Michael Heider (14 days ago)
Basicly - stop eating
Christopher Dysart (14 days ago)
I eat three pounds of ribeye a day. Pain free body. Purines aren't the problem.
Kyle Patillo (16 days ago)
Love the music and loved the information even more
Gavin VON MEYER (16 days ago)
Oats??? You never even mentioned beans and lentils. That is where you are wrong. You cannot simply say you can't eat a, b,c,d. And you fail to mention iron rich foods, whih is also a huge contributor. And nstead of saying dont eat this and that, say, if you do eat this, try to eat it with a neutralisizing food like cucumber or cultured milk for example.
Georgia Bullock (16 days ago)
Meghan is not treated any difference than Kate was when she FRIST got there, Meghan is a spoiled child,wants her way ABOUT everything, and that not going to happen, the Queen has rulwd for long time, and Meghan won't come in there and get things over on her, she just thinks she can,the Queen us a smart lLady,
Clifford Penner (17 days ago)
Yeah I guess gout isn't a problem after you starve to death.
Prisoner Zero (17 days ago)
i was checking out the groove and missed the video
Bill Harms (17 days ago)
WOW, red wine and beer are usually the culprits for gout. If the food or drink has been fermented don’t eat or drink it. People forget about Kim Chee.
r t (17 days ago)
so quit eating everything and no drinking pretty much everything

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