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Vacation's All I Ever Wanted (But I Still Didn't Get One)

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The United States is alone among developed countries in failing to mandate paid vacation time for workers. But why? What makes the US different from Australia, New Zealand and most European countries, many of which offer four weeks of paid vacation annually? Whereas many workers in the US get no paid vacation, and no guaranteed holidays either. And what can American workers do to demand and win mandated paid vacation time for all working people? Host: Ana Kasparian Panel: Marcy Winograd - Teacher, Author, California Green Party Representative Michael Prysner - Iraq War Vet, Founder - March Forward! Jimmy Dore - Host - The Jimmy Dore Show Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (69)
jeffpro18 (3 months ago)
All of this is all still relevant today and the way things are are going now with Trump in office I don't see things getting any better
robox91 (9 months ago)
Lol, I'm 26 year old Dutchman and I went already twice to the USA. I have been to Curacao, Thailand, Laos, more then I can count to Spain, Germany, San Marino, Greece, France, UK, Belgium, Poland, Luxembourg, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and lets not forget Italy. Maybe I forgot some country.
shanelebeau88 (4 years ago)
just so you know... here in Australia... 4 weeks are paid... with an extra 17.5% loading... or bonus on top of your regular wage... which really helps when you get home and have no money left.
PandaLeeGames (4 years ago)
When I worked my entry level retail job at only a quarter above minimum wage. I was called in all the time to work 5 1/2 hour shifts (because part time workers had to work 6 hours or more to get a 10 minute break) and it was rough some days. I remember I was working a 5 1/2 hour shift and the girl working after me never showed. I wasn't allowed to leave until someone else came in. I ended up working an extra hour but wasn't allowed a break because "we didn't have enough people in the store".....
Anomaly4Life (5 years ago)
IF companies won't run their businesses "ethically", THEN they are should be "eliminated" . Privatization = ELIMINATION!
MrFbueller (5 years ago)
So your number 1 aye usa?
Michael Jones (5 years ago)
In the state of Georgia (my locale) we aren't legally entitled to ANY breaks. Forget vacation, I'm glad to get a 0.5 hour lunch break. As shifty as my former statement may seem, I'm glad to have an entry level job @ 40 hrs. a week and 9 bucks an hour. Welcome to America TYT.
killerbee256 (5 years ago)
They know that, but the rich arse holes who own republicans want to become even more monetarily rich.
Eddy Moe (5 years ago)
The quality of life is horrible in this country. More states are becoming "right to work" and privatizing schools, government run facilities, etc. I work for FL state and have not gotten a raise in 5 years. That would be impossible in a state with strong unions. They need to realize most people don't want to be monetarily rich. We just want or fair share. We want to afford a night out with the family comfortably six months away from income tax season or travel one weekend a month. Simple shit.
PhillipHunsberger (5 years ago)
Because right-wing Republicans and Libertarians think that guaranteed paid vacations will lead to the fall of human kind...
ChocoboKillerKanyo (5 years ago)
Okay, first, you're not cutting out that many keystrokes by not typing out "vacation". "vcay" just makes you look stupid. Two, you haven't provided a source for saying that most of them don't want them, and since it's a pretty far out claim, you HAVE to provide a source for it. That's your job as the claimant. Just because you haven't given a reason to believe Australians are tea partiers and ron paul morons are stupid does not mean that I support those two imbecilic groups. Go die, please.
ChocoboKillerKanyo (5 years ago)
You're so incredibly stupid if you think what you keep saying addresses my point. Just go jump off a bridge if you're that dumb.
BrutusAlbion (5 years ago)
I always laugh when I hear right wingers complain in europe that americans have bigger incomes and a bigger economy. And that we need to step up things. We get the same pay, we just work less hours and take more free time. I'd rather enjoy life than working my life.
Zzzz Whatever (5 years ago)
On a side note, I fucking love Jimmy Dore lately. He so eloquently says the things that have been on my mind for the past few years.
Zzzz Whatever (5 years ago)
Damn thinking about this really pisses me off! The way all the systems affect each other makes for a hell hole here. Get depressed or ill and need a few days to cope? Tough shit, you'll get STEAMROLLED! You either suck it up and go to work and let it linger till it kills you, or you lose your job and end up homeless. Unless you're well off. Then a blow here and there isn't a big deal. Poor will stay poor, unmotivated, and miserable, rich will continue taking what they have for granted.
Zzzz Whatever (5 years ago)
Meanwhile, my bf's boss told him they don't want to pay him overtime so he should simply clock out and work for free after he hits 40 hours. Nevermind the fact that it's illegal to have him do that and they know he's working two jobs. All about the fucking money, screw humanity as far as they're concerned. I hate USA more and more as time goes on.
dav3fk (5 years ago)
Ana, they don't want you to be a well rounded, self-sufficient person.
TheRainbowTribe (5 years ago)
i seaved to pay for mij vacation and they took it away from me, plus everything i had ever earned even though i had insurance
TheRainbowTribe (5 years ago)
TheRainbowTribe (5 years ago)
he missed mij ballet class :('''
TheRainbowTribe (5 years ago)
glass bottle, not even one week a year of vacation, attempted, glass bottle, charlotte shark island
Learsi (5 years ago)
Brazil is 30 days on vacation, maternity leave is 90 days, and the father has 14 days. all paid for by the company.
Sorrento B (5 years ago)
lol, poor Americans
Xenophene01 (5 years ago)
Paid Vacations! NO,! Get back to work bitches!!! I want you to work to the bone until you die of high cholesterol, diabetes or any of the diseases from fast foods. Merica land of the slaves
FeralSpirit (5 years ago)
Businesses in the U.S. would revert back to slavery if they could...here it's considered sensible to pay the least possible for the maximum productivity. In other countries, that's recognized as reprehensible and also counter-intuitive. Nobody give a shit about others in this country.
And only the wealthy people can take vacations.
ChocoboKillerKanyo (5 years ago)
You're the one who said Australians hate getting paid vacations, I don't have to justify your stupid claims.
ChocoboKillerKanyo (5 years ago)
I already addressed that. That's what the "but I use it to take trips around the world anyway" part denotes, you moron.
Radioactiveroach Draws (5 years ago)
Well if it is mandated that people who work x amount of hours must recieve y amount of days paid vacation, they will just tell the workers that they can't work x hours and hire more workers to fill the gap. That's what they did with the health care bill.
Radioactiveroach Draws (5 years ago)
Free for who?
Bauks (5 years ago)
I get 2 weeks paid time off every year. I Take 4 weeks anyways lol :)
Nomiss9 (5 years ago)
What happened to your comment is what happens when people get to vote. :D
Nomiss9 (5 years ago)
You don't think there are people who think getting paid vacation is disgraceful? I LOL at you, there are certainly people who would prefer being oppressed to capitalism being limited.
dunndudebemelol (5 years ago)
I thought it was just a thing most countries got o.O
AstralZen91 (5 years ago)
Thank you for bringing this up, it's long overdue.
ChocoboKillerKanyo (5 years ago)
Forgive me. Let me amend my prior statement. "I hate myself for getting paid vacation but I use it to take trips around the world anyway," said nobody ever.
orchoose (5 years ago)
simpsons and futurama are pushing stereotypes about unions... they are always on some kind of strike.. Fox product.
orchoose (5 years ago)
Ofc we have mandated holydays in Euroúe , if we wouldnt we would have to work our ass off for some fucking filty rich shareholder.Well ppl do it anyway but at last they have some illuion of freedom:D
Stikibits (5 years ago)
Your holidays don't suit your shareholders, or the glorious US economy. Americans are only there to serve corporations, shareholders and glorious economy. Now stop this useless chatter about taking holidays and get back to work!
damnitw (5 years ago)
Germany: six weeks paid vocation (if you are sick while on vocation you can get a doctors note and these days don't count) 6 weeks sick leave in a row (if you are sick longer you get 70% of your pay from an insurance type of thing. . . overtime needs to be paid or given in free time you cannot make unproportional overtime. . . . this is the evil socialism i have to live in
Ander Drake (5 years ago)
You'll never get vacation time or good pay unless we has Americans just take it. Unforchantly, the way the laws are design in this country it will always favor employers. Unions may have some flaws but the best position is to have some type of power to negotiate. Americans have to learn not to victimize themselves by allowing employers to do any crappy thing they want to or just believing everything their told without investigating it's accuracy.
ArcticSlicer (5 years ago)
This country sucks. Considering that we imprison more people than any other country in the world; "land of the free" seems more like an Orwellian nightmare.
Scathsealgaire (5 years ago)
One thing you need to know about Aussies and Kiwis. We have a tradition called the Overseas Experience or OE. You will be hard pressed to find an Aussie or Kiwi who by age 30 has not been on an OE. We usually work in the countries we go to, build up funds and tour. This way we really experience the culture of the countries we are in. This is the usual way we do an OE. Our paid time off is sometimes used for an OE, but more often than not it is used to chill at home or do home renovations etc.
Andrew Martin (5 years ago)
Ana looked gorgeous in this show and why cant we go on vacation people will be more productive to work up to something.
Gouky (5 years ago)
slavery was a free market solution
ChocoboKillerKanyo (5 years ago)
"I hate myself for getting paid vacation because it means I'm lazy but I use it to take trips around the world anyway," said literally nobody ever.
bonbon (5 years ago)
Hard work of physical labor is not the same as owning a business or being a doctor or having other high stress jobs. people who work labor jobs to make something of themselves and become successful is different than people who only work them to pay the bills. My parents came to this country with $10 and worked their way through college and now have their own small business. Hard work is meant to take you to something better. If people are too comfortable with jobs they wont want a career
T.A.S. (5 years ago)
Paid..... vacation? What is she speaking? Some obscure language from an extremely remote region of Africa or South America?
FerFer1958 (5 years ago)
all the money from "paid-vacations" and from "improve performance" and all those things that make money to a company, is going to the CEOs... that's the reason they are the only ones getting more money for the past 25 years and everybody is just standing up and watching their middle class disappear.
balderdashery G (5 years ago)
Productivity has gone up and up and up, since the 50's. Yet wages have fallen and benefits are disappearing. One problem is msm media vilifying unions. It never fails to amaze me how many people freak out just mentioning a union. Until people realize that unions are as good as "we" the rank and file makes them....no vacations, no pensions, no job security, no health & safety for most of us.
brian5o (5 years ago)
The dumbing down and outsourcing of jobs have also made good jobs a scarce resource. There is greater demand for good jobs while many fewer good jobs available in the US (and even fewer every day). This surplus of good labor and scarcity of good jobs is driving down the cost of labor both in the sense of wages and compensation packages. When good jobs are scarce, workers are willing to do more for less just to get a chance to work in a somewhat decent job.
brian5o (5 years ago)
I may not have tied my comment into the discussion as well as I should have. Worrying about the long-term health and well-being of the employee req's someone in charge care about the long term health of a co- few business leaders today have this vision. Most business ppl in the US, (1) see people only as assets that are needed to perform a task, like a machine & (2) could care less about anything outside of a 3 mth period because as long as quarterly results look good, the co must be good.
Yung Li (5 years ago)
The only reason that America is not considered a “third-world country” and now not a “developing country” is that it’s political and mature. It’s culutrally religious as a motherfucker, economically backward as a fathershitter—look at GDP per capita compared to hours worked—and corrupt as the system that got that ritzy, dumb white girl in Harvard.
brian5o (5 years ago)
As long as you can manufacture some numbers to make it look like your business is doing great each quarter, you do not have to do a damn thing to ensure your business's long term success. I imagine at some point, this rouse will blow up just like the real estate bubble did. BS and smoke-and-mirrors only fools people for so long. After awhile, smart people like to see the proof in the pudding and it is severely lacking in many businesses today. BTW, Ana, wow, you look stunning!!!!
Strange, I seem to remember this one president playing a lot of golf...
brian5o (5 years ago)
I think that there are a number of things at play here. Businesses have consolidated so much and gotten so large that they have the financial resources to move jobs that require a decent amount of skill to other, lower wage countries, they have used technology to dumb down the jobs that stay in this country so that you do not have to have an expert performing the job thereby driving down wages and you have a business and investor community that only care about one quarter at a time.
MpowerdAPE (5 years ago)
could it be that they're waiting on that Christmas bonus...?
MpowerdAPE (5 years ago)
denying PTO, rights, safety and collective bargaining doesn't effect "profitability", it effects Christmas bonus's and 3 year contracts which are the norm among the ruling class these days. why do I know that and these "journalists" don't...?
playandrepeat (5 years ago)
Those pearls are so lame lmao. Go back to your country club Ana.
playandrepeat (5 years ago)
China is worse in terms of this. Like, a lot worse.
Abenkin (5 years ago)
Google 99 reasons why Canadians are better off than Americans. Amazing
zelocka (5 years ago)
Lol this is a joke right? In about 2 years expect vacations to be banned by our corporate overloads,
Journal Wright (5 years ago)
America's ignorance and self-segregation is its own undoing and the reason why depression and stress is high. Americans are intellectually lazy.
Journal Wright (5 years ago)
This is why many guest at my hotel are from Eurpoean and Asian countries. Europeans and Asians keep our tourism industry alive. Americans don't even enjoy America.
bonbon (5 years ago)
Hard work is subjective. Mexicans who do hard labor cannot be compared to people who work their way through college and work up the ladder.
In Mexico we have 16 weeks of paid vacation.
MrFinnboy69 (5 years ago)
God, i actually love my country now, thanks. You really dont have payd time off. Sucks to be you america.
Bill Roberts (5 years ago)
I'd like to point out ana said Americans work hardest, which is fair to say if you are leaving that to on the books work. I'm quite certain people in third world a second world countries have to work much harder than we do, and they get much less out of it.
Yung Li (5 years ago)
I is always the firstest. I is also the most bestest and the most SMRTerest because of my FIRST! YEAH FIRST #SwagYOLO Lil Wayne 5Ever! One Direction is so hot. FIRST cuz your gay. And you’re a bunch of not-first-people. Yeah…

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