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"Big Brother Top 8 Finale Facts": Nickipedia

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Top 8 Facts about Big Brother Finale! Let's talk about trends, facts and figures of Big Brother champions! Subscribe!: http://bit.ly/1G97GmA Follow Nickipedia Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nickuhas Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/nickuhas Vine: https://vine.co/NickUhas Big Brother is Awesome! Special thanks to: John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer. All of John's Big Brother content will be found here: http://www.buddytv.com/big-brother.aspx Production Team: Executive Producer: @Nicholas_Matt Co-producer: @RebeccaZamolo DP/Editor: @BryanBigler PR relations: @MNU_Rachael (Rachael Doyle)
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Text Comments (59)
Kyle Burke (1 month ago)
Seasn 3, Dani didnt she make it to the final 2 without a vote against her?? She must of since she was never nominated?
Jane Jia (1 year ago)
who's here in Aug 2017
xox303ii123 bb (1 year ago)
These are cool facts!
Icyfire25 (1 year ago)
Ian was the youngest winner. I know when he mentioned Jordan he said female, but then when he mentioned Victoria, he made it seem like he was saying "youngest winner"
AlexH274 (1 year ago)
S3 Danielle never received a vote bc she was never on the block, that last point had S4, might be a mistake.
Kevin Tran (Student) (1 year ago)
Nick you like GM u were on big brother 15
TimidGardevoir (1 year ago)
Dan in season 10 never had an eviction vote cast against him
Mitch Burns (1 year ago)
Well, you were right, it was Derick and Cody. Derick is also the only person in big brother history to never be on the block, unless you could those guys that went home day one for losing a challenge.
Sebs (1 year ago)
I don't know if this counts, but BB1 also had an all-male final 3.
Batman (2 years ago)
I like these BB facts videos.
Alexis Camley (2 years ago)
Are you happy that Aaron is having a baby tomorrow
RealityWigles (2 years ago)
Season 1 of big brother the final 3 was all men.
Kimberly Harper (3 years ago)
if you're looking for another Nickipedia. I am curious, do pawns REALLY go home? I can think of 8-10 times that a Pawn was sent home in Big Brother. But it's fascinating how every states that.
Kimberly Harper (3 years ago)
+Nick Uhas I'm excited to find out. I think the definition of "pawn" needs to be explained bc sometimes the "pawn" was also expendable/back up plan. I want it to be black and white but it might be more gray and fuzzy.
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+Kimberly Harper this is an awesome question!!!! I will look into this!!
doge. (3 years ago)
Nick, you forgot to mention that in season 1 there was also 3 men in the final 3!
khazenss c (1 year ago)
Season 1 is terrible
Im JaeBum (3 years ago)
Nick!! How did you get evicted so early you seem so nice?
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+Emily9lol lol... I got myself in hot water and time ran out!!!! but thank you, and thanks for watching!!!
The Kawaii Narwhal Bae (3 years ago)
I Would Have To Say I watched you say nickipedia around 20 times or so.
noob head (11 months ago)
Nick what is Nickipedia
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+Minecraft lover •-• lol!!! that's awesome! and thanks for watching!
Sam (3 years ago)
gill2069 (3 years ago)
You forgot about mentioning Dan being the only winner play a "perfect game" by not having received a single eviction vote and win by an unanimous vote.
Jopo1226 (7 months ago)
gill2069 I would see a perfect game as NEVER being put on the block meaning you need to win the final HOH as you are automatically put on the block if you are not and getting every jury vote. No one has yet to do this. Dan has come the closest however.
Brenda SIGEL (4 years ago)
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
I am almost certain this is how it will go down! Thanks for watching!! 
KingMattXL (4 years ago)
Hey Nick, What was the prize money that you received for your placement in BB15? 
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
lol, well being there 2 weeks doesn't get you any monetary prize. There is a stipend however... I spent that on fuel money to get myself from my then home (NYC) to (LA) where I currently live.  Truly the experience of Big Brother alone is worth more than any dollar amount...but I wouldn't say no to $500,000 either! 
Adrian Miller (4 years ago)
He won the ultimate prize, he got to go home
Sebastian (4 years ago)
I hope Derrick wins :) he has been playing the game well by being the puppet master and control everybody basically!
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
completely agree on this one... he has taken his time and played very methodically... for sure the winner in my mind! 
Chris McGhee (4 years ago)
I hope Cody makes it to the final 2 because I predicted early in the season that he would but the way Derrick has played the game I really feel that if Derrick wins the final HOH he will take Victoria to ensure that he wins and I know some will think he doesn't want to risk Cody not voting for him to win but I think he will realize that Cody's vote wouldn't matter because none of the other jurors would vote for Victoria to win
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
This is an amazing analysis of the final 3, and I agree with you completely. I just hope that in the final two it is Derrick and Cody. Would be such an awesome ending to BB16!!
Raymond Zhao (4 years ago)
If Derrick wins the final HOH, will he be the only person to never get nominated? Or has there been numerous people who were never nominated?
Austin Wilson (4 years ago)
+Nick Uhas Thank you for responding lol! Yeah I'm a huge super fan of Big Brother been watching since I was 7! I know pretty much everything about US Big Brother! I'm also a huge fan of you as well!
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
+Austin Wilson This is true, and it's awesome you know that!!!! Thanks for watching!!! 
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
That is true...it's BB history in the making!!!! A true feat really... never being on the block and winning the entire game!!
Austin Wilson (4 years ago)
He will be the only player to make it to the final 2 never being nominated the person closest to him is Danielle Reyes in Season 3 who went not nominated until final 3. If he wins he will be the first houseguest to win without ever being nominated!
Burnin' Up (4 years ago)
Jury Facts??
Burnin' Up (4 years ago)
Oh my lawrd I cannot believe you replied!!
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
This is an awesome suggestion!!! We will look into it!
cc (4 years ago)
I think Derrick has the best chance of winning. He thinks about everything he says and he is doesn't play too hard to prevent being on the block. He's so good that he's never been on the block once and it's the final 3 THATS CRAZY
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
totally agree with this!!! He has done a phenomenal job avoiding all the death traps of Big Brother!!! Truly an amazing player!
Sirzame (4 years ago)
I think Derrick might take Victoria with him and stab Cody in the back!!
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
It would make more sense for Derrick to do this for his game, however he might be considering life outside of BB and taking Cody would make the entire BB16 experience for him complete...plus I think Derrick would take the cake even next to Cody!  We will know as soon as the episode starts airing tonight...if they preface a Cody win in the beginning of the episode chances are Derrick has the majority of the jury votes and vice versa. Just something I've noticed BB does with their final cut episodes. 
Spencer Boxer (4 years ago)
+AdrianMiller Memphis (the runner up from season 10) received 3 votes against him
Adrian Miller (4 years ago)
my bad i miss heard haha, thought it was a winner thing
Alesia Jean (4 years ago)
I agree I think Derrick and Cody and I think Derrick will win
Alesia Jean (4 years ago)
Of course Nick :)) and will you be live tweeting tonight during the finale?
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
We will know so soooooon!!! Thanks for watching and commenting!! 
JosephToJ (4 years ago)
Great stuff, Nick! If (when) Derrick wins he will be the first ever winner to never win a POV and I'm pretty sure he will be the first winner to not be nominated all season! He also has the record for longest without being nominated. And with this season where 4 people were nominated for awhile, that's a pretty sweet record!
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
Derrick is going to break all sorts of records that's for sure!!! Thank you for watching my man... and thanks for the awesome info!!!
JosephToJ (4 years ago)
+Joshua Calhoun Lisa won Final HoH that season so Danielle was technically "nominated" even though they don't call it that at that point. Plus, Danielle didn't go on to win that season. But you're right, Derrick has to win Final HoH to get that official title depending on how you look at it.
Joshua Calhoun (4 years ago)
Danielle from season 3 has the record for not being nominated. Remember he has to win final hoh to get that title and he may not.
Joshua Calhoun (4 years ago)
Danielle from season 3 has the record for not being nominated. Remember he has to win final hoh to get that title and he may not.
Talla Tini (4 years ago)
why cant i just c a vid with ur thoughts on this season D; my dreams would come true
Talla Tini (3 years ago)
Amazing can't wait 2 c it! i thought this season started good but turned into a bust and my favorite person 2 ever be on tv literally just noticed me :O #heartattackonaplate  
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
I will most likely make a re-cap video with ALLL of my thoughts on the season, probably feating some of the BB16 house-guests : ) 

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