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Fastest Passenger Aircraft In The Sky |

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The Fastest Passenger Aircraft In The Sky | The Fastest Commercial Passenger Aircraft That Are Now Out Of Service : 1. Tupolev TU-144, Speed 2430 km/h 2. The Concorde, speed 2179 km/h 3. Convair 880, speed 966 km/h The Fastest Commercial Passenger Aircraft That Are Currently Operated : 4. Airbus A380, speed 1020 km/h 5. Boeing 747-8i, speed 988 km/h 6. Boeing 747-400, speed 988 km/h 7. Boeing 787, Speed 954 km/h The Fastest Private Passenger Aircraft : 8. Cessna Citation X+, Speed 1127 km/h 9. Gulfstream G650, Speed 982 km/h 10. Dassault Falcon 7X, Speed 953 km/h Hope you will enjoy this video. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for more new videos.
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ابو خليل (3 days ago)
ههههههه هوا سخن هوا برد كهربا سباك
Petru Sava (4 days ago)
Îmi bag pula-n avioanele voastre de contopisti nenorociți.
Jagath Kumara (7 days ago)
Ismail Ismail (7 days ago)
Nitin MOKAL (9 days ago)
tupolev tu-144 is the best
US Military System (11 days ago)
Keith Gilkes (13 days ago)
Looking for a by a jet
Azzouz Jamal (20 days ago)
Ils ont oublié de mentionner le Boeing 707 qui sa vitesse avait atteint1000/H et le Tupolev 154 qui avait atteint la vitesse 1100 km/H lors d'un voyage entre Paris Moscou en année 1977 deux avions très stable surtout dans l'intempérie et vent qui atteint les 100km/heure
Quỳnh Nguyễn (21 days ago)
đéo hiểu sao lại đồng ý chế tạo một chiếc máy bay xấu xí và tồi tệ đến vậy
Fajar Arianto (23 days ago)
Concorde the iron birds from franche...
JJ Burno (24 days ago)
Duck Koon Chung (24 days ago)
Aero dinamicos..muy bonitas....fuerza poderoso.gran responsables seguridades la vida personales.pero mejor profesionales.son pilotos.
Sekou Konate (24 days ago)
vive la technologie en marche.
Sekou Konate (24 days ago)
c'est cap .
Samse (25 days ago)
7:25 Top speed 966 and Cruise speed 990 ?
Gursharan Dhillon (26 days ago)
Birds enjoy flying as they are not shut up in an airtight cabin.
M.J. Leger (27 days ago)
I flew on the Concorde in about 1984 or 5, what a trip! The pilot referred to her as "this lovely lady" when he came on to tell us specifics about her -- this aircraft has to be one of the most beautiful birds ever built -- I hate it that they grounded her, after that 2003 fatality which was NOT the fault of the Concorde at all. Sad to see her go. (The Concorde, at the speed she flew and the altitude, the heat caused the skin of the aircraft to expand and shrink and the pilots would hang their caps in a space behind the cockpit, but they'd have to take them out because the space would contract when on the ground, trapping them in there!) And they would lower the nose so they could see the runway on TO&L. and raise it in the air for better aerodynamics in flight. I hope we'll get to have another SST passenger aircraft in my time, I guess they're working on the "boom" aircraft now, like the XB--1. But to me, the Concorde was the ultimate! ALL these 10 aircraft here are indeed beautiful. Thank you for posting this great selection of aircraft!
M.J. Leger (4 days ago)
Yes, Obrockdj, I think it WAS a flight of a lifetime! I've been a GA pilot for many years and traveled all over the world but no airliner has thrilled me or compared with my flight on the beautiful Concorde -- I will always miss her!
06rockdj (5 days ago)
M.J. Leger exactly, it’s the most beautiful bird ever created! So ahead for it’s time, who cares if i don’t have a bed or even a room for my flight! I just want a nice 💺 to travel on mach2 or beyond on a beauty like the concorde!
M.J. Leger (5 days ago)
I agree with you! There's nothing I would like to see more than the Concorde in the air again, she makes the Airbus look like an over-sated warthog! Next to a couple of fighter-jets I can think of, the Concorde was by far, the most beautiful thing in the sky in her day, and probably for years to come! Who cares if an aircraft can hold 850 people if it's filled to the gills -- I hate to think if one would have to evacuate in 90 seconds with that many people aboard -- no thanks! Bring back the Concorde -- class personified!
06rockdj (5 days ago)
I do really envy you man, i bet it’s the best flight of your life that u had taken. What an experience! I know that she’s grounded but i’m hoping to see her refurbished or a new version coming out to take a ride at mach2 or beyond! Kudos!
M.J. Leger (5 days ago)
I doubt you were even around during the Concorde era IF you are referring to the aircraft! The Concorde was a total success, but it was expensive, and after the 2003 crash (which was proven NOT to be the fault of the Concorde, but due to a strip of metal that fell off of another aircraft and was on the runway -- I'm not going to go into any more detail, you have a lot to learn -- do some research before making such a rash comment!
touraneindanke (30 days ago)
Concorde is and was the most fantastic QUEEN of the sky maybe forever to come!✨✨
Bob Tem (30 days ago)
Remark: accelerating the video doesn't make an airplane faster.
Poo Loo (30 days ago)
weyanie yeseraw plane mekele
Uilton Pereira (1 month ago)
Jorge Bovenzo Bovenzo (1 month ago)
Alpha Dundu Sibanda (1 month ago)
Hi there all. I am an aviation enthusiast and time spent on this has been one of the best times spent learning ... I just wanna learn how to fly
Mr Bollo (1 month ago)
7:40 No mamen , contamina a madres !!!!
Dicky Ariyana (1 month ago)
What is backsound music at minutes 2:45???
Emerlita Tampus (1 month ago)
number 7 it's ground conteol
Lo vidi a New York nel 1990.
acciph ikbaal (16 days ago)
Fiat 127 2 porte 1972 GE 505239 concorde is the best
pixal8d (1 month ago)
Urrghhh "aircraft" not "aircrafts"
Le Lamb (1 month ago)
😊 ✌️ 😍 👋 😊 💋 💋 Concorde wonderful 👍
Le Lamb (1 month ago)
😊 🤗😍Thank for comment 👍😍
biru magar (1 month ago)
Hi all dear friend
True Facts (1 month ago)
I like Lufthansa sounds
chandra k Marahatta (1 month ago)
Is Concorde fastest Airplane 2480 km/hr on public serviceable please reply kindly.
Eduardo Roxas (1 month ago)
This concorde sucked the ozone layer causing now climate change The japanese forewarned on the development of this aircraft on their movie during the early 60s but only the American believed them and leave the development to the Brits and France
Andrew Smith (1 month ago)
As far as I remember The Russian Aircraft Crashed at an Air Show and never flew Commercial Flights where as Concord did until The Fatal take off at Charles de Gaul Airport when someone hadn't swept the runway correctly .
06rockdj (5 days ago)
Yes, one of the TU-144 crashed during an air show, but it made it to flew commercially with Aeroflot (Russian Airline) of course not even like The Concorde.
alivitaly (16 days ago)
Tu 144 performed cargo and passenger transportation in Almaty. But much less than Concorde. The main reason is unprofitability.
Andrew Smith (1 month ago)
We Know that but at an air display The Russian Aircraft fell from the Sky , it only flew three times , once by its test pilot , once to the air display and once until it fell from the sky at the air show , it never flew commercially .
Alek L. (1 month ago)
that concorde crashed because a piece of a continental airlines MD-11 fell on the runway and damaged the concorde during takeoff
Toufiqur Rahman (1 month ago)
All this clips awake how to fly & how many responsibility as a pilot.Beautifull.
ajit malur (1 month ago)
Very good video presentation
Dan Broder (1 month ago)
Bring back the Concorde this is ridiculous
Bryan Barrington (1 month ago)
You make no mention of the VICKERS VC10 as the fastest passenger aircraft after Concorde. Is that because it was made in England or an error in your research? Answer please.
Ha Long Van Tai (1 month ago)
Har Rashid (1 month ago)
British made concord flight was fastest air fight in the world.but for its sound pollution now it is maybe rejected
rajesh punyapu (1 month ago)
Har Rashid its looks like fighter jet
devbhumi himachal (2 months ago)
Whats about safiest aircraft......?
Anik Purwanti (1 month ago)
devbhumi himachal .
Anik Purwanti (1 month ago)
Wow keren
Anik Purwanti (1 month ago)
Wow keren
Silver Ranger (2 months ago)
Everyone love concord
Benjamin Mitchell (1 month ago)
Silver Ranger l
Edmond Dantes (2 months ago)
we miss you so much concorde. i wish you still exist.
kamran khalid (2 months ago)
i like british aircraft awesome
runway heading (2 months ago)
The Soviets copied the Concorde. The Tupolev isn’t the fastest airplane. It’s the fastest way to death because the Soviets can’t build anything worth while for aviation!
R Nagyno (16 days ago)
андрей ан Legends of aviation ? meaby in Russia but not on the World. That is reason that Aeroflot have only west aircraft because Russians aircraft falling down. But you right that Mig or SU is really good fighter but really not Legends.
Naleen Perera (1 month ago)
Anyhow Soviet Russia Holds World's Fastest Passengers Version Jet Crowned In Civil Aviation World.,
Ahfaz Shaikh (2 months ago)
It's God gift
Thomas McGillivray (2 months ago)
I wouldn't want to risk being up there in a hunk of man made hunk of steel?
the speed bird is the highlight....CONCORD!
john britto (2 months ago)
Concord is my love bird
Frosty Beat Boyz (2 months ago)
Anusuya Senapati (2 months ago)
Concorde is awesome
Lijo Modi (2 months ago)
What a beautiful machine is Concord! Love this beautiful BIRD!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jose Leonardo (2 months ago)
Amei o vídeo muito bom
Bobby Paluga (2 months ago)
The TU-144 shouldn’t have made the list. It was too unrealizable for scheduled service, having operated less than 200 flight hours in passenger and MAIL ONLY Service. I won’t spend time writing about the 1500max range, nor the fact that it could not put passengers in more than half its seats due to weight issues then we have the crashes.
Yuk Sung (2 months ago)
Bobby Paluga 。
mj ramj (2 months ago)
I love the Concorde nose it's so cool :)
Feen Fain (9 days ago)
I don't like that, mines big nose!
Manoel Santos (26 days ago)
Mateus Ernesto (26 days ago)
MAHINA MICHAEK (1 month ago)
Bosnians Na Ambassador
江口正道 (1 month ago)
Ruan Ramj すむゆひわ
Mohaimen Madali (2 months ago)

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