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The Inspiring Reason Ed Sheeran Is Quitting Social Media

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Singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran let his friends, family and fans know that he will be taking a break from his phone, emails and all social media for a while to travel and see the world with his own eyes. When you’re in a rut, what do you do when you need inspiration or motivation? Comment in the section below! Like this video? Don't forget to COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! Click to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvb-DqrtgHRX-hPypnjfkdw?sub_confirmation=1 Host: Ana Kasparian https://twitter.com/AnaKasparian Guest: Colin Wright https://twitter.com/colinismyname http://youtube.com/colinismyname Find Colin's work here: www.colin.io www.exilelifestyle.com www.asymmetrical.co www.gobag.tv The Point with Ana Kasparian is a smart and fast-paced panel show giving you a weekly round up of the hottest stories of the week. Each week Ana sits down with some of your favorite hosts from The Young Turks and other interesting personalities that each bring their unique perspectives on everything from news to pop culture. Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Lightsoutlightson1 (3 months ago)
Breaks are probably healthy for most people. Taking a break does not mean a person is offended by something, or does not appreciate people on social media. It just means they thought a break would be healthy, whether that is to be more productive or to be more present. Either way, to each his own. For myself, there are many interesting people on social media. However, it is likely that the only way I will ever likely meet them is to create something that some company will buy as creators associate with other proven creators. Drama can be funny, but you have to limit it if you want to get anything done. Now if someone wants to discuss working on something, I am always available. But that usually only happens once you have proven yourself in the arena.
bayan ibrahim (5 months ago)
Deleted mine
Mayali Ghosh (5 months ago)
I find even YouTube very toxic. I still binge on ridiculously dumb men and women talking about matters that a shallow and useless. :(
Cypress Thunder (7 months ago)
I dont use any social media exept for youtube and i barly use my email
VFSactor67 (1 year ago)
LOVE it, MAHALO (THANK YOU all the way from Hawaii🤙🏽) for this! Definitely helpful!👌🏽
Rick 131 (1 year ago)
Im 15 and I am glad that I never used social media.
Fit Bot (2 years ago)
I deleted all my social media for good :)
Hostadvantage ii (2 years ago)
Yeah I'm sure taking a different route to work is going to get you out of a rutt 'such a great point' ? really ? :p
ilma ba (2 years ago)
As a knitter, who takes a project everywhere, it always amazes me when people say....... ''I'd love to knit too, but just don't have the time.'' They say this, as they are sitting beside me playing games/texting on their phones.
Ha med (2 years ago)
This guy has a very rich vocab!
MarkoftheAustinStone (2 years ago)
He is the 1%
Sayuas (2 years ago)
Nothing related to social media is "inspiring". It is only "cesspool".
Jonathan Kosyjana (2 years ago)
i have never had a smart phone i still have a flip phone. the only social media i use is youtube
Jonathan Kosyjana (2 years ago)
+May M Right on =]
May (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Kosyjana you're my kinda people :)
Fred Christian (2 years ago)
If Used Properly Social Media can help people. I too took a break because of wifi connection issues. But what helps me is HELPING OTHERS ! It cheets me up its why I Founded 3 Facebook groups and 4 Pages to help people and Act as A Voice For the Voiceles For instance I do Medicaid Expansion for myself and the 1 Million Uninsured in Florida. I founded the Group and Page Expand Medicaid Now #ExpandMedicaidNow and I met a 21 yr old Gen Rodriguez who desperately needs access to Healthcare ! She had part of her lung removed and can not afford her medicines and sometimes takes COUGH SYRUP to Survive ! This is why I do Social Media to Help others ! Really ppl Gen needs help and without social media she could die ! No one would know abt this ! So please all help Us to #ExpandMedicaidNow and #SaveGen Thank you Ana and The Point for giving me this place to try to save lives it is appreciated. God Bless
Kathleen Schell (2 years ago)
I am a project person, and I usually have at least 4 in different stages of completion. If I get bored or stuck, I change the music I am listening to and move on to something else. Every project usually gets a different playlist, meditative, upbeat, classical or oldies. It all depends on the project. Social media can be time-consuming, and is geared to enforce your personal beliefs. You subscribe to channels of things that interest you, you only friend those that think the same as you, and you follow those that you admire. It narrows our thinking. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard was to befriend someone younger, someone older, someone more conservative or liberal. The ability to separate out the things we may disagree about yet still enjoy that person's company.
Bernice Panders (2 years ago)
So what do I do in my situation, to 'get out of a rut' that's lasted over TEN YEARS??? I am disabled, and have been since childhood. Worsening, debilitating symptoms have taken over my life. Every day is exactly the same now, I have had all the surgeries I can have, seen all the doctors in the state, taken as much school as I could physically and mentally handle, and for the last TEN YEARS (or so) I have just been spending every day trying to SURVIVE, to EXIST and to keep on existing, just to make other people feel better. I have had such painful life-sapping chronic health problems, I began having ulcers, stress responses, nausea, etc. in FIRST GRADE. I have never been able to work, never really had many friends, and live in a small town with no car, no local friends or family support, living LOWER than my most basic expenses, but nothing left to sell off. So now I wait, every day is just if something happens to make it different from all the others. Every day is the same boring, monotonous BS, with the only difference being what movies/TV series I decide to watch all night...
Kelty Lillquist (2 years ago)
WTF TYT?  There's news, and then there is fuzzy cuddles whoi gives a shit
American Barbarian (2 years ago)
Meh social media is bad in general. Facebook has a few useful things, but for the most part it sucks. The only way I communicate online these days is on youtube or video games.
American Barbarian (2 years ago)
+liacashmere58 You probably aren't missing out on too much. All important communication is done over the phone. I think that's a great life choice you've made :) I guess you could miss facebook events but if they know you don't use it anymore they will contact you elsewhere. Works for me!
liacashmere58 (2 years ago)
I've never been into social media. I don't do Twitter, Facebook, or Instragram. It is too negative after awhile. I stop going on gossip sites too. I started reading more, listening to music, and catching up on some TV shows. I like it and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything
Konqueror 1 (2 years ago)
At 2:46, the fella was being sarcastic, but being Ana and who she is as a laymen person [a person without professional or _any_ specialized knowledge in a particular subject], and always taking the time to brag about her useless relationship, is completely oblivious to the situation. I think Ana should take the advice of her own story here and take a very long break from the internet, because my end-goal is to physiologically and psychologically rewire her (via pulling wires in her head and watching the results), she would not be missed.
Alex Tena (2 years ago)
Music always helps to get me out of any rut. Exercising helps even more. The endorphins that are released are fucking awesome...
Jeanne Roberts (2 years ago)
Congrats Anna
Phoenix Fire (2 years ago)
Diamondgirl08 (2 years ago)
I agree 100%....I notice I get VERY DEPRESSED after being on Social Media too much.😑
Fit Bot (2 years ago)
Diamondgirl08 (2 years ago)
+MarkoftheAustinStone because of the negative and sometimes racial comments and the sad stories and the condition of this world we live in. also, how people treat each other on Social Media.
MarkoftheAustinStone (2 years ago)
Zea Moore (2 years ago)
Who is this Ed Sheeran, and why is this news or even worthy of a 5 minute talk? This is Nothing new...
sleeping_at_last (2 years ago)
you don't know ed sheeran you must live under a rock?
Ben G (2 years ago)
+ZeaMoore4 .. and look who's here! ah hahahah!
VeteranCape (2 years ago)
then dont watch it
PSPoling (2 years ago)
He has crazy eyes
bryantppierce (2 years ago)
Who is Ed Sheeran?
P a s t e l H 2 o (1 year ago)
bryantppierce WHAT
Izzy&Andy D&A (2 years ago)
He's a singer, I like him, a lot of people don't, look him up and see for yourself ^~^
only half bad 333 (2 years ago)
Salsa club on a Monday night? That's just crazy talk.
Konqueror 1 (2 years ago)
+only half bad 333 It's just another form of self-content & egotistical self-centeredness that is juxtaposed to her crisis, confusion, and despair when she realizes that she has done absolutely nothing really meaningful with her life to this day as she is pushing into her late 30's. Her gluttony for constant attention is ruined at the expense of her vanity.
D Mc (2 years ago)
It's always interesting when you see people sitting in a restaurant at a table together all on their cell phones, seemingly ignoring each other.
D Mc (2 years ago)
+Moe Lester Yep.
James S (2 years ago)
This is something I should try
夢幻專家. (2 years ago)
+James Shields Awesome!  me 4 days and i still don't want to use it. 
James S (2 years ago)
+Grace 夢幻專家 I did for a month haha
夢幻專家. (2 years ago)
When are you starting?
StevieAF (2 years ago)
Christ not this guy again!
P a s t e l H 2 o (1 year ago)
StevieAF Not you again D:
secretgamer (2 years ago)
First world problems.
olve rasmussen (2 years ago)
i am open to try something new anyone got something interesting as a hobby?
Avant-garde Student (2 years ago)
try martial arts.
only half bad 333 (2 years ago)
oil painting while high n drinking a cold one with chill music in the background
MsSKim1 (2 years ago)
old table seating was better.
Forgot My Lighter (2 years ago)
Glad he's doing that, it's nothing but beneficial to you. I cut social media down to only snapchat and just checking in on instagram like once a month just to see what my extended family is up to (I live away from them). Couldn't be happier since doing that. It's been so long since I used any other social media that I in no way miss it.
kingdavid772 (8 months ago)
Forgot My Lighter this sounds pathetic lol
Forgot My Lighter (2 years ago)
+aloof_aquarius Well my ass isn't glued to the seat. Of course I have face to face human interaction on a daily basis by running errands/having a job. And yes, friends online can be there for you in a time of crisis and they have been there for me on multiple occasions (some even more than "real life friends"). Do I see them face to face? No but that doesn't make them any less real than any of my neighborhood friends. There are multiple other ways to "hang out" with them. You can skype, call, play a game, etc. Social skills don't worsen by not having "real friends", it worsens when you don't talk to anybody.
NoirReine (2 years ago)
Can you depend on those online friends in a time of need? Can you hang out with them? It may be best to work on your social skills to meet people in real life to have face to face human interaction as to supposed to being glued to a screen
Izzy&Andy D&A (2 years ago)
+Big Bub no??? I use the internet to connect with people. I don't know what is ironic about that.
Big Bub (2 years ago)
+Izzy&Andy D&A ....Do you even see the irony in your statement?
richboyk1 (2 years ago)
I don't understand why people don't just log off when they complain people are being mean to them online
P a s t e l H 2 o (1 year ago)
richboyk1 same
Nick (2 years ago)
Obviously he let social media take over his life.
夢幻專家. (2 years ago)
Social media takes a lot of people's life.
Izzy&Andy D&A (2 years ago)
^^^this gives me life
Nick (2 years ago)
Thanks bud
oJo News (2 years ago)
Heres you go, an angry comment about how ed sheeran didnt let social media get to him and woke up instead

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