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fox news - Ancient DNA reveals how first humans arrived in America

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fox news - Ancient DNA reveals how first humans arrived in America The DNA of a six-week-old Native American infant who died 11,500 years ago has rewritten the history of the Americas.The young girl's genes reveal the first humans arrived on the continent 25,000 years ago - much earlier than some studies claim - before splitting into three Native American groups.This is the first time that direct genetic traces of the earliest Native Americans have been identified.The girl belonged to a previously unknown population of ancient people in North America known as the 'Ancient Beringians.'This small Native American group resided in Alaska and died out around 6,000 years ago, researchers claim.It is widely accepted that the earliest settlers crossed from what is now Russia into Alaska via an ancient land bridge spanning the Bering Strait which was submerged at the end of the last Ice Age.Issues such as whether there was one founding group or several, when they arrived, and what happened next have been the subject of extensive debate.Some scientists previously hypothesized about multiple migratory waves over the land bridge as recent as 14,000 years ago.But the new study shows that this migration occurred in one wave, with sub-divisions of Native American groups forming later on.It also shows that a previously undiscovered group named the 'Ancient Beringians' formed as part of this split, taking the known number of ancestral Native American groups from two to three.'We didn't know this population existed,' said study coauthor Professor Ben Potter, an anthropologist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.'These data also provide the first direct evidence of the initial founding Native American population, which sheds new light on how these early populations were migrating and settling throughout North America.'The international team of researchers, led by scientists from the Universities of Cambridge and Copenhagen, studied the full genome of an ancient Native American infant.Named Xach'itee'aanenh t'eede gay, or Sunrise Child-girl, by the local Native community, the young girl's remains were found at the Upward Sun River archaeological site in Alaska in 2013.Although the child had lived around 11,500 years ago, long after people first arrived in the region, her genetic information did not match either of the two recognised branches of early Native Americans.These are referred to as Northern, residing mostly in what is now Alaska and Canada, and Southern, residing mostly in what is now the United States.The girl appeared to have belonged to an entirely distinct Native American population, which they called Ancient Beringians.Further analyses showed the group were separated from the same founding population as the Northern and Southern Native American groups, but that they separated from that population earlier in its history.'The Ancient Beringians diversified from other Native Americans before any ancient or living Native American population sequenced to date,' said study lead author Professor Eske Willerslev, from the Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5229261/Ancient-DNA-rewrites-American-history.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490
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Robert Knudson (1 month ago)
And why did they stop dating past 24 thousand years on our sites that have never change no matter how deep they go same culture same people same tools we are one of the Lost tribes ask uaf why are they sitting on Birch baskets baby baskets and our artwork that has writing in ancient Hebrew it's because we are one of the Lost tribes tough pill to swallow but it is what it is we kept our estate by keeping God first we are most likely the only race that has been under land without being conquered for a minimum of 24 Thousand Years but they won't test pass that cuz the labs refuse to because they say that's impossible
Robert Knudson (1 month ago)
Get your facts together didn't die out they are the athabascan we have stories of the Tower of Babel the great flood and we were mining copper in other metals and smelled metals also before the Caucasians we're luring monkeys out of the tree to have babies with. okay maybe the last part is a little exaggerated but the fact is if you ask us if we came from primates answers is No. check Ur DNA you'll notice most of the humans are short on the genetics compared to us just because we didn't have megatropolis cities does not mean we weren't here before 90% of all other humans and do you want to know where lemuria was well not too far from us. and we are not Eskimos
Amona Maria (5 months ago)

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