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WHY DORITOS ARE FLAMMABLE: Cooking A Steak With Just Doritos

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Text Comments (70)
Ashley Pashley (17 days ago)
Smosh did this too! wew. c: Waste of dorritos though...
Angela Lewis (2 months ago)
dog74586 (7 months ago)
dam this is awesome mainly cause i don't like doritos.
rlt94 (11 months ago)
I think it was Les Stroud who demonstrated how useful an oily corn chip can be when starting a fire in a wilderness survival situation. I think he was in the Namib Desert or something and he used a corn chip to help get his fire going.
kawaii_kylee (11 months ago)
omg I didn't know that
Tman Studios (1 year ago)
you deserve way more subscribers I just discovered you and I love it way to go smh
JavaughnK (1 year ago)
Such a waste of high quality fuel
Mfret26 Gaming (1 year ago)
This is for all yah idiots who think Doritos are made out of plastic
Adventure Cousins (1 year ago)
Your in smosh lab
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
sure am!!
Alakazam03 (1 year ago)
So... Is that a bad thing?
Jay 'BuGG3r' (1 year ago)
well....... I'm never eating doritos again
Pro Justice (3 months ago)
Still not eating Doritos?
Jay 'BuGG3r' (1 year ago)
Well after I learned how it can easily burn and have the ability to COOK other foods as well, I just felt sick On the plus, at least I could use the doritos to replace charcoal and propane
Niop Tres (1 year ago)
GD BuGG3R awm Why? It is still not dible. It is as bad as it was for you beforehand. So much fat
HaloSlayer2560 (1 year ago)
Now I know what to use when I want to cook food
Raison (1 year ago)
What if i eat fire after doritos
Pro Justice (3 months ago)
😂😂😂😂 just make sure you don't eat Doritos if you decide to set yourself on fire like stunt teams
Martin Leyva (1 year ago)
Peax Ful you die
Waldohh (1 year ago)
why do they look high
Flame thegamer12 (1 year ago)
isn't Nick from Big Brother season 15?
WhyCantiSee47 (1 year ago)
Lab Coat Larry yes it is
Simoon2704 (1 year ago)
That's awesome
iKn0wThingz (1 year ago)
Doritos are 2 mlg ... So they are flamable
AshDani (1 year ago)
Watching you on Doctor Oz right now! You're super cute and super informative. <3
nivedh Ian (1 year ago)
All those Doritos 😩
Mystyflyz Forevah (2 years ago)
What a waste of food! That is SO MUCH food, some people are jumping for joy for one dorito on the pavement!! And you wasted THOUSANDS
SpookeyLordzey (2 years ago)
Doritos are flammable because of its MLGness
SpookeyLordzey (1 year ago)
NavilNDG (2 years ago)
Or Mabye Doritos r just illuminati that's y it burns No joke xD
luciano santos (2 years ago)
Nice porn music at the end
PornIsAWayOfLife (2 years ago)
The most MLG way to cook a steak.
Starco Fun! (2 years ago)
Does this mean Bill Cypher can be caught on fire?!😅😆😇😋😊😂
harley w (2 years ago)
Roland Mendoza (2 years ago)
awesome and for science and taste
Haley Brown (2 years ago)
Man, now I want steak and Doritos, but it's 5:30 AM :/
Leaky (3 years ago)
We watch these videos because you're hot
Siddik Patel (1 month ago)
Leaky you are hot too..!
Pro Justice (3 months ago)
He is indeed good looking but I came here because a video went viral saying tortillas were made of plastic and his only "proof" or "claim" was that it was flammable and smelled like burning cardboard 🙄
Sliffer (1 year ago)
Nick Uhas try cooking a steak with another kind of chip like Lays or Pringles
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+Sofonda Cox that works for me! ; )
kookykit (3 years ago)
Found your channel because TheRichest mentioned to check you out. Glad I followed that advice! Awesome video! 👍 Can't believe you don't have more subscribers!
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+kookykit AWESOME!!! thank you so much and I am glad you like our videos!!! please share if you get a chance!!!
new subscriber here !! great video ! :)
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+cheap, canned pizza sauce awesome! Thank you so much for watching!!!
21 Hassan (3 years ago)
Cool video =D Never seen anything like this before and it's very entertaining and a fun way to learn=D
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+Slender Cousin awesome!!! thank you so much for the comment... music to my ears!
dwehunt (3 years ago)
lol they're all stoned.
edmyr vespucci (3 years ago)
mmmmmm.. yummy.
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+edmyr vespucci the steaks were pretty awesome!
Kim Hyun (3 years ago)
"Starving children in Africa couldve ate those Doritos"
Rose_Blah (3 years ago)
What a waste of Doritos ;-;
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+Japandabear23 all in the name of science!
awesome nick, this one is more simple, and attracted... but i never see people who cooking meat with Doritos before, how does it taste?
Sliffer (1 year ago)
Nick Uhas Cook one on Smosh Lab
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+Andreas Creasat Mark Wijaya Sianipar much appreciated, and thank you for watching! it tastes like a Doritos-Steak
TheWeatherWill (3 years ago)
Don't you work with The Weather Channel?
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+William Donaldson Hey! I do... I hosted and produced a show called "BrainStorm" that aired during their live show and AMHQ.. although Season 1 is now over... maybe there will be a season 2 for me to get back on!
nate (3 years ago)
i like how the guy at 4:20 is baked
MOOSEN (2 years ago)
JosephToJ (3 years ago)
Awesome video, Nick! I'm totally using Doritos to help keep my fire going when I'm camping, haha.
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+JosephToJ thank you sir!!! and right!! It's like you can always rest assure you have the fire building tools you need.... they are in your lunch box
joshy ande (3 years ago)
Man this was awesome, you teach me something everyday, thanks Nick.
Sliffer (1 year ago)
Nick Uhas Cook a Dorito Steak with Shane on Smosh Lab
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+joshy ande absolutely!!!! thank you for watching!!!
Katie Haller (3 years ago)
I need to try this now! I never knew that was possible!
KingMattXL (3 years ago)
Okay, I havee got to try doing this. This looks like fun to do
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+kingmatt334 it will surprise you how much fire the Doritos produce
Devin Hendry (3 years ago)
This is going down in the favorites... 😂 Another Brilliant Video Nick!
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+Devin Hendry yes!!! Thank you!!! We had an awesome time making this video.... and the fire was really intense

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