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Burari Family Relative Lashes Out at Media Over Coverage of Deaths

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Two days after a family of eleven was found dead in North Delhi’s Burari locality, a relative hit out at the media for its coverage on the incident. Lashing out at the media, Sujata Nagpal, daughter of 77-year-old family matriarch Narayani, said the reports regarding the family having indulged in occult practices was false. Watch the full story here: https://bit.ly/2MIcvNu Video: ANI Music: Big Bang Fuzz
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Text Comments (170)
Noorain Ali (4 days ago)
Agar occult practice nahi karte the to stools khareedne khud kyon gaye gharwale aur registers jo mile wo sab kya hai? Aur Kinar ne bhi to kaha ki Narayani devi ne khud kaha tha ki Lalit mrit pita se baat karta tha... Mohalle mein aane wale Kinar ko pata hai Lalit aur pita ki atma ka kissa lekin sirf Dinesh aur unki behen ko hi nahi pata? Ye dono jhoot bol rahe hain... inko sab pata hai.
Manish Yadav (8 days ago)
Ye aajtak wale fake news faila rahe hai
Anuj Kapoor (9 days ago)
but if there is no forced entry and the jewelry remains intact  then there is something wrong in the family only...you will not be able tell what's going on in any person's mind ... I will not agree fully to what media is saying but cant deny to any evidences been shown by the police
rgdstranger (9 days ago)
translation, please
TONY STARK (10 days ago)
Maddy Raj (11 days ago)
Police to fuddu hai .... bas duniya main yahi aurat samajhdar hai ..... sharam is aurat ko ani chahiye.... cctv footage shows no one entered d house.... written evidence hai..... fir bhi bas drama karna hai police ko badnaam karna hai..... ye nahi man sakte ki humare bande fuddu the.... man huya latak gye
Sunil Shirurkar (11 days ago)
Shame on media
Abc Xyz (11 days ago)
They are already upset and upar se. Media bhi had karti hai sach mein......kisi ki family k barey mein aisa kehna koi achi baat nahi.zakhmo pe namak na lgao agar unko santvana nahi de saktey bhai.
Hemdal (11 days ago)
hindu cult
my experience skr (11 days ago)
We can do only gossip we dnt no exactly wt happn with them y they take this step.....
Sarah Abraham (11 days ago)
Media Ka kaam dusro ki izzat uchalna... Khud ki family ke sath ho tb pata lagega..
puja music (11 days ago)
Andhviswas marnewale se jyada hamari system me dikh rahi hai hum kahte hai 21st century me ji rahe hai jaha media wale dhol pit rahe hai ki 11 pipe 11 Maut shame on this type of system
ajay singh (11 days ago)
News walo ka kaam kuch nahi hai bas trp badani hai kuch bhi daal kr aur kisi ka bhi Naam kharab a krke inko pta nahi Kia baat ka maza ATA hai..... koe bol de Peet de inhe toh rone lgte hai ki media walo ko Aisa Kiya waisa Kiya SB sale chutiye
Pallavi Singh (11 days ago)
media just want to earn in any way
tony (11 days ago)
I waiting for Meghna Gulzar new movie based on this mystery... Just like she captured Talvar
rahul sharma (11 days ago)
It's murder, cold blooded murder and media is so irresponsible. every channel is showing that it is a occult ritual. This is a dark time for India, The Zionists have taken over the media, this is how they slowly demean other religions with continuous propagation of false hood. such me Hindu khatre me hai lekin musalman se nhi, khud ki bewakoofi se, agar Hindu aaj nhi samjhe ki hindutva ki aad me Hindu dharm ko badnaam kiya jaa Raha hai, to wo khud Hindu dharm ke vinaash Ka kaaran banege.
Rajkumar Khatri (11 days ago)
to tu bhi chali jati Devi devtoyo Ke pass yha kya kar rhi he
Ahan Chopra (11 days ago)
Lol women do you seriously believe in heaven and hell? there is no god and u r family is dead
Shubam Sharma (11 days ago)
Jae madrchod bkws media
chiron kalki (11 days ago)
Media are vultures. Another attempt to brand Hindus. And to suppress the news of church priest involved in rape. How many channels reported that? And with how much gusto? Which is reserved only for abusing Hindus.
AIPC (11 days ago)
besharam media. karma is a bitch. may such things happens to sold out media
devansh dhyani (11 days ago)
Indian media is being Indian media! Shitty as always!
Deep Sharma (12 days ago)
Ye bc media nhi manegi..bc galti juniors ki nhi h seniors ko pakdo ye danda karte hain news k liye for fame
pranali ahir (12 days ago)
gr8 accha kiya 2 3 chaappal mardiya media walo ko
Swordfish Zaved (12 days ago)
pata Nahi media walo KO itna sunne k baad bhi sharam aai hogi ya Nahi ??
Rabiya Sultana (12 days ago)
Media koi bhi ho bas un ka canal chal jaye
shubham srivastava (12 days ago)
Indian media shame on you.
Shantanu (12 days ago)
In media waalon ko tab pata chalega jab inki family ke saath aisa hoga. God is watching these people. Please don't make a mockery out of deaths. The family is already very tensed
Abhi Kapoor (12 days ago)
Indian Media is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.
Udit Gupta (12 days ago)
How Indian Media works: Call A baba , Call a BJP Bhakt, Call a Congress Bhakt. Let them bark and then say it's police to decide
Udit Gupta (12 days ago)
They won't show this...!!!..Because it has got no masala.
Udit Gupta (12 days ago)
Sab zee news abp wale TRP k liye bc kuch bhi krenge..
Udit Gupta (12 days ago)
Desi Banda Kyuki wo modi modi krta hai Isliye accha hai...😅😅
Bharat (12 days ago)
Udit Gupta...ABP congress ka beiman channel h par Zee News sachcha aur imaandar channel h...Jai Modi
deepa mishra (12 days ago)
Very nice well said kisi ke death ye media vale
N S (12 days ago)
Shame on the media.
itsme kumar (12 days ago)
सोलर. AC. पानी के पाइप नहीं थे वो.. ये भी अंधविश्वासी औरत है.... बेबकूफ़ पगली... वो सुरग गए हैं..... पागलों पे कभी विस्वास नहीं करना चाहिए....
Divya S (12 days ago)
Seriously , instead if sympthy ...media is busy making stupid news based on their imagination ....shame on India media saaaalon tumhre gher per aisa hoga toh kya kahani banaouge woh bolo .
Parth Shete (12 days ago)
Quint even you are doing similar stuff
sultan ubaid (12 days ago)
Ye media wale paiso k liye Apne maa baap Ko b bechde Shame on Indian media
hoangky bactien (12 days ago)
If this incident had occured in some remote village far away from modern civilization like Tibet or in the jungles of Burma or Thailand, then you could have called it cult practice. But, this case is in Delhi, one of the largest and most populous cities in the world with all kinds of modern technologies available that cult practice would hardly survive in such an environment. From law and order point of view, all deaths should be assumed as homocides until proved otherwise. This is a well planed murder. And authority should work harder to crack the case.
Mohammed Tajuddin (12 days ago)
She is completely lying may be she want to defend the baba who was giving such precious advice
Vishal Nayak (12 days ago)
Quint great work. Media vale h he gandu
Ravi Raushan Kumar (12 days ago)
I saw Aaj Tak's ad regarding 11-11-11. May god send them to hell. Pl. Reply about other channels so that we can avoid those channels in future
madhusmita p (12 days ago)
Indian media is the worst. It seems like a planned murder, which has been purposefully trying to deviate into occult practices. One may accept that the adults could have been head strong for suicide, but how can 14-15yrs kids be that head strong to take this drastic step???a firm and thorough investigation is mandatory.
NAVEEN KUMAR (11 days ago)
madhusmita p ये murder मेडिया ने कराये है ताकी इनको news मिल सके। सब news वाले पैसा छापने मेन लगे है। आज maximum क्crime मेडिया के द्वारा ही directly ओर indirectly होते है। Useless media. हर चेनल पर यही news चल रही है जैसे इसी का इंतज़ार कर रहे हो सालों से। इसके अलावा बकी सब ठीक है। सरम करो।
jupiter star (12 days ago)
Kash inki jagh rahul gandhi sonia gandhi or congress party ke deshdrohi mare hote Bharat ka fyda hojta
Gagan Singh (12 days ago)
Media waale dalle hai
GARG (12 days ago)
Media ne kayi bekasoor logon ke ghar barbaad kiye hai
BHAVYA shambhavi (12 days ago)
Why is the police not showing the diaries written related to supertitious things? If at all its that.. Nd 11 pipe is very strange thing..
anuj pandey (12 days ago)
Delhi police jab tak kisi case ki ma na chod de aisa ho sakta hai. Police ka Yahi haal hai cbi investigation se Pehle conductor hi mujrim tha. Baad mein toh ameer ma bap ka ladka mila.
stanzin daldan (12 days ago)
point to be noted
mixed emotion (12 days ago)
Congratulations to media house to cover there words. Family needs justice. Plz help
mixed emotion (12 days ago)
Really. Media house have reporter who are soo eager to shit every morning that they do it on screen.
Umer Zahid (12 days ago)
*This is the best Anti India Channel operating from India . Great Job . Thanks from Pakistan and Keep it up.*
AntiMessiah (12 days ago)
Stupid media of #India and #Modi
ZAK (12 days ago)
Media Ko Kewal TRP Chahiye Or Fir Usse Paisa Bnana Hai Unko... Sridevi Ke Time Pe Kya Kiya Tha Sbko Yaad Hai Or Ab Is Case Ko Hawa De Rahe Hai... Saari Videos Trending Me Ja Ri Hai... Arey Madrchodo Police Ko Kaam Krne Do Fir Jb Sb Clear Ho Jaye Tb Apni Maa Chudwa Lena Saale
Ashish Dugar (12 days ago)
Stop watching the news. TRP down karo aur media ki gaand jaalo phir ye log thikane aayenge.
Pitbull 87 (12 days ago)
Why are these media people harrasing the relatives. Police is doing their work. Why cant they just wait for the Police to issue an official statement. Supreme court should make legislation where families who dont want to speak to media get some relief.
Abhijeet Warrier (12 days ago)
All the pellet victims in Kashmir were on their way to buy bread... 11 suicides will invite speculation... why are you defending something you were not responsible for??
Chikku lendegaokar (12 days ago)
Imran Mansuri (12 days ago)
https://youtu.be/4QxUL1rEsTc Tho phir jo register mila woh jhoot bol raha hai
Bless All choe (12 days ago)
Watever this maroon t- shirt person seems bit nervous and talking shit .. please interrogate him ... he seems involved
sandeep saggu (12 days ago)
Indian media is one of the most unprofessional media's in the world. I mean just look at any news or debate. It's like a fish market and rumours spread like fire...
Naveed Khan (11 days ago)
especially Times Now , dont know how those bunch of jokers ever review their own recordings
Toolika Chatterjee (12 days ago)
So true
akash singh (12 days ago)
sandeep saggu apne unhe freedom hi kitni di hai.. Thodi sa kuch chap do.. Sentiments hurt ho jate hai.. Yeh Samaj dogulla hai.. Isliye media bhi waisi hi hai..
Sushil Choudhary (12 days ago)
Media wale dalle h ,sale Saudi Arabia or Christens missionaries k paise k dam pr Hinduism Ko badnam kr rhe h. Atamhatya krna paap h... Hinduism me
Sourabh Singh (12 days ago)
Zee news wale kr rhe hai !!!
doh B (8 days ago)
Sourabh Singh true hindi channels suck
snehlata sehgal (12 days ago)
snehlata sehgal (12 days ago)
Very true lady
#INSANE PEOPLE (12 days ago)
Aur dekho news
Jyoti Singh (12 days ago)
Maro saale midiawale ko .kya aajtak kya apb sb saale ek hai.
Naresh Moradiya (12 days ago)
Journalists are nothing but a smart donkeys - Sadhguru.
Ashish Dugar (12 days ago)
Don't call them smart or donkeys. A donkey would never intentionally hurt anyone they are a different kind of species.
Anirudh Tutu (12 days ago)
crime branch need Sherlock holmes no offense.
Sohail Shaikh (12 days ago)
Aaj ka Media Bhonkne waale Rabies se pidit Kutte hai.... inhe Aam Aadmi ki taklifo se koi lena dena nahi hai.... May God give them patience in their hard time
ME MIT (12 days ago)
Tum bhi swarg me chale jao
gopal agrawal (12 days ago)
murder ka koi angle samne aa nhi rha h... aur andhvishwas se related sare proof mil rhe h ... 11 pipes wala bat confirm kar rha h ... andhvishwas ko .... but abhi kuch nhi bol sakte
Abhinav Gupta (12 days ago)
kuch nhi hai modi se dhyaan hataana hai to kuch to pakaenge hi chahe usse kisi ko kitna bhi hurt ho.
Let police do the job.
Ashish Dugar (12 days ago)
They are going to jail the innocent to close this case asap.
Do or Die (12 days ago)
Which channel did the 'Potty' thing ?? Someone ??
Bless All choe (12 days ago)
Washing Machine Ka Bhoot that person seems involved in this mass murder.. he seems nervous and talking shit
he gave potty thing as an example that if a dog shits and such maoney making channels would then find a shape of a god in the potty...
Iram Sehar (12 days ago)
Ye h media.shame on them.
Raghav batra (12 days ago)
I don't think its an occult practice or murder. Seems like debt case to me,police should search for debt collectors who tortured them to take this step. Similar mass family suicides have happened in past too.
Anuj Kapoor (9 days ago)
@tony sirjee..to kuch aur hoga sir..but cant deny those stories
Anuj Kapoor (9 days ago)
sirjee...rule to yeh bhi hai ki aap kuch leke to jaaoge..aapne 11 members ko 10 stools pe chadaya and suicide karwaya agar wo sedative me bhi to (i mean if they were not in senses) and bina kuch leke chale gaye..matlab haath aaya kuch nahi..glass toda barah aana
tony (11 days ago)
Raghav batra nhi esa kuch nhi hai debt vebt jaisa... Its smthng different...
Walter White (12 days ago)
Raghav batra ghanta koi rule h kya eisa ki vardaat k baad aap drwaja khol k nahi jaa skte ? Jo koi itna research krke murder kiya h to usne ye sab kiya hi hoga na
Raghav batra (12 days ago)
Satt if murders were smart enough to kill them all so silently without leaving any proof why would they keep the door open? Also it has been testimonified as per the suicides notes,to keep the doors open to achieve real moksha. Clearly the family was desperate for peace (moksha) after constant pressure.
Mohammed Nadeem (12 days ago)
rizul kumar (12 days ago)
in Noida, a boy was dead due to overuse of drugs... but family persons said "hamara beta aisa kar hi nahi sakta" why will the family accept the fact that there was something fishy... or maybe they didn't know... the 11 pipes, tantric notes, and the other evidences are there to proof that either 2-3 (not all) were indulged in such practices and led to mass murder or suicide...
Jeet jeet (10 days ago)
Satt Now don't beat up with the police conspiracy theory. Every one is becoming detective now a days.
Jeet jeet (10 days ago)
Satt The case on the verge of resolving now, And CCTV cameras prove that. There was a not single person who entered the house at night and moreover the deceased ladies took the stool from outside. Simply, think about this there are evidences which are leading the case to suicide but no evidence regarding murder has come up until now.
Jeet jeet (11 days ago)
Satt We are seeing what media is wanting us to see. Police might be doing good work how can we know? They won't tell us everything until the mystery resolves. There was one theory that they're searching the absconding 'Baba Janegadi', so it's clearly upto police. Media will only stick in it's labyrinth of superstition or murder or suicide to gain trp. Hope this resolves soon.
anurag ranjan (12 days ago)
Gali -gali me shor hai media madharchod hai
abhay chauhan (12 days ago)
anurag ranjan baapchod he media
trippy rai (12 days ago)
Media madarchodi hai saali
Nadeem Abbasi (12 days ago)
Abhi pata chla he
trippy rai (12 days ago)
ZAK sahi kha bhai saaalo ko puri baat pta nhai bus shuru ho gaye pta nhai kya paap kiye honge inn k maa baap ne jo ye saale news reporter bann gaye,mic dekh bhai kha ghussa re hai chuttiye
ZAK (12 days ago)
Main Kbse Hrr Channel Ki Video Prr Yahi Likh Raha Tha... Saale Bhoxdikewale Judge Bane Firte Hai Madrchod Media...
Hussain Shaikh (12 days ago)
Avishek (12 days ago)
Media wale saale dalle.
Blaze Rythm (12 days ago)
It is a mass murder police kam ni krna chahti mehnat thoda jyada krna padega na, aur kuch milna jana to kisi se h ni....and that’s why they are covering up with superstitious occult practices....koi socho koi bhi kitna bhi aise superstition rkhega lekin sare k sare kabhi suicide nhi kr skte,,,There must be contradictions among few of them as it is a gigantic step
Blaze Rythm (12 days ago)
rizul kumar abe kya kahoge upar wale comment ki link dekho
Blaze Rythm (12 days ago)
Satt nice bhai👍 yhi un ghonchu sab ko dikhane ki jaroorat h...the light was intentionally put off
Blaze Rythm (12 days ago)
pradyut mohanty sun bhai maine jitna dekha h news utna...khair leave and rhi bat cow smuggler ni Gau rakshak bolo ye ek alag hi case h..is wale case me kabhi bhi common log involved ni hote ye mc party karyakarta wale hote h jo bheed ko uksa k lynching krwate h...kahi bhi koi b case dekh lo cow lynching wale case me.....mai kisi ko defame ni kr rha bt ye hota hi h delhi me waise hi crime rate high h and upar se ye tum illogical bat kr rhe ho ye video dekh bhi rhe tab bhi kh rhe ho....india tv, zee nws, jaise channelo ko pehle dekhna band kro
pradyut mohanty (12 days ago)
religion admi se kya karwa sakta he iska idea nanhi laga sakte ho aap.when people can murder a person for suspecting cow smuggleer then it can happen i think.
pradyut mohanty (12 days ago)
Blaze Rythm pura news dekha he ya nanhi?
ش حسين (12 days ago)
mic hi ghusa do na mu me... itna harrass karte hai media wale thodi duur nahi rakh sakte kya mic apna
Md Kalimullah (12 days ago)
Ab neta k bad media walo ka hi number h
Govindan Yegappan (12 days ago)
Md Kalimullah you are right, inn behenchod media walo ki todni chahyie
Vijay Pal (12 days ago)
अंधविश्वास मे ये लोग मरे है इन लोगो की सीट स्वर्ग में रिजर्व थी 😂😂😂कोई अगर इनकी हत्या करता तो इसके कुछ न कुछ सबूत जरूर मिलते
NAVEEN KUMAR (11 days ago)
Vijay Pal चलो मना तो अब आराम करो या इलाज करवाओ किसी अच्छे Doctor से. भगवान आपको इतनी समझ दे दूसरों पर ऐसे ना हँसे। भगवान सब देखता है। धन्यवाद ! 🙏🏻
Vijay Pal (11 days ago)
NAVEEN KUMAR हाँ लेकिन तुम से बहुत ही कम 😁😁😁
NAVEEN KUMAR (11 days ago)
Vijay Pal पागल है क्या ?
Vijay Pal (12 days ago)
Blaze Rythm भाई तुम ही बताओ क्या हुआ होगा भारत मे ऐसे अन्धविश्वासियो के बारे मे तुम जानते नही हो 90% अन्धभक्त और अन्धविश्वासी है
Vijay Pal (12 days ago)
Sushil Choudhary ये बात तुमको पहले बतानी थी कम से कम इन लोगो की जान बच जाती
Aditya Sharma (12 days ago)
Baat to sahi in logo ki bhi.. media ko to bs kuch chahiye apne channel ki TRP k liye...kuch bhi bakwass dikhate h news channel wale...
Shivam Sury (12 days ago)
For godsake, if you can't be sympathetic towards the family of the victims, at least shove off this manipulative crap for your TRPs for once!
R A (12 days ago)
Yeh Dalal media sab bik chuke hai ,inko sirf trp chahiye

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