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Body cam: murder suspect is stopped by cop, pulls out knife and begs officer to kill him - TomoNews

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CINCINNATI — Intense body cam footage from a police officer in Ohio has been released of a near-deadly incident that took place along Interstate 75 on March 29. The footage captures the moment a man reportedly wanted for homicide attempts to stab a cop, gets shot by the cop, and then begs the cop to finish him off. Javier Pablo Aleman was wanted in Baltimore after allegedly stabbing and killing his roommate, 51-year-old Victor Adolfo Serrano, on March 17. The cop wearing the bodycam sure doesn’t have a clue who he’s talking to, but he seems to know something’s not quite right. When questioned, Aleman tells the officer he just got off the bus from Dayton, Ohio, and is waiting for someone to come pick him up. Aleman says he has no ID on him. When asked for a name, the shady-looking character stutters, then says his name is Carlos. Officer Josh Hilling doesn’t quite buy it, and lets him know he’s going to have to subject him to a routine pat down, to make sure he’s got no weapons on him. Unfortunately, Aleman does indeed have a weapon on him, and decides to pull out an eight-inch knife. Aleman threatens Officer Hilling with the knife, apparently not very interested in getting busted. Reacting to the weapon, Officer Hilling shoots Aleman in the abdomen, but that doesn’t stop him. Brandishing the knife, Aleman repeatedly asks the cop to kill him. Officer Hilling instead continues to plead with him, asking Aleman to please drop the blade. Though faced with an aggressive crook wielding a deadly weapon, Hilling resists pulling the trigger again, hoping to calm the man down. Hilling’s backup finally arrives, and after several minutes of heated negotiations, Aleman gives himself up and allows the officers to arrest him. The incident took place on March 29, and Aleman has been in hospital recovering from his lone gunshot wound ever since. ----------------------------------------­--------------------- Welcome to TomoNews, where we animate the most entertaining news on the internets. Come here for an animated look at viral headlines, US news, celebrity gossip, salacious scandals, dumb criminals and much more! Subscribe now for daily news animations that will knock your socks off. Visit our official website for all the latest, uncensored videos: http://us.tomonews.net Check out our Android app: http://bit.ly/1rddhCj Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f Get top stories delivered to your inbox everyday: http://bit.ly/tomo-newsletter Stay connected with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Twitter @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Google+ http://plus.google.com/+TomoNewsUS/ Instagram @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Crying dog breaks the internet’s heart — but this sad dog story has a happy ending" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4prKTN9bYQc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (4847)
The Red Cinder (5 months ago)
Good cops: *man run towards him with a knife* *hesitates to shoot* Bad cops: *guy goes to pull up his pants* *shoots him* I dont want to hear the “nervous cop” excuse again after seeing this
Da Hoss (3 hours ago)
The Red Cinder please provide link that shows cop shooting man pulling up his pants. And if there are videos/incidents like this, then perhaps the shot fool should have worn pants that fit him.
Yorkshire Lad (8 hours ago)
The Red Cinder Rich coming from someone who's probably never been apart of the force...
Yousuf Ali (1 day ago)
Jack Kill (7 days ago)
The Red Cinder honestly makes me wonder what would happen if the dude was black and I’m not a voyager I love cops but this is crazy
Mercy Us (6 hours ago)
joe caterman (7 hours ago)
would probably shoot him in the leg the 2nd time... or ideally taser him if i had one with projectile ability.
Aku Kau (14 hours ago)
Amatur killed
Yfuvibon Heck onib (19 hours ago)
Good cop
Jig Kingz (22 hours ago)
Should of just killed him so taxpayers dont have to pay for him probably an illegal immigrant
Lyssette Wilson (1 day ago)
Hmmm, we all know the flip side, right?
joseph bvr (1 day ago)
The cops was scared out of his whits, how embarrassing. I bet he had to change his drawls hehe
Moose Olly (1 day ago)
he should have wielded a pencil and not a knife.
White priviledge
T Sabo (1 day ago)
This to all the libs out there that are constantly bagging on our men in blue.....Ya cops are really trigger happy arent they? Cop did everything he could to avoid killing this guy
Gregory KH (1 day ago)
great job by that police officer!!!!
Jason Cook (1 day ago)
He should have him. In the leg, then cuff his ads!
Marc Mclane (1 day ago)
this is a classic, if this guy was BLACK. It's a situation that Black people get Shot. Bad reactions.... going for a Weapon, but they didn't do nuffjn.... so Monday and Tuesday cops have Black training, is that right ?
Ben Dover (1 day ago)
So is screaming insanely a new police tactic to take out the bad guy
HyperToxic (1 day ago)
give me madefaker
howHigh 420 (2 days ago)
So if he was black cop woulda unloaded..
Joe Bates (2 days ago)
Bad cop. He should have taken the head shot immediately. If he worked for me I would fire him.
prasanna nandi (2 days ago)
Good Job Cops
lil scholar (2 days ago)
If he was black he would shoot because when a white guy see s a black guy come in g at him he think s rascistly and gets scared because he’s black and shoots
purermindentity (3 days ago)
If he was black he would have gotten the whole clip
Corazón De Lava (3 days ago)
Would a black man be so lucky to survive?
D G (3 days ago)
Why can't they shoot them in the legs.?
Ljubisa Markovic (3 days ago)
Amerikans polisen terrorister
ass face (3 days ago)
Stay dooooown stay dooooooown
Amere Mortal (3 days ago)
What a brave, well trained officer.
fake you (3 days ago)
New Terminator
Ox Alek (4 days ago)
I’m sure Xavier is here legally,...
Cucina Memellosa (4 days ago)
HA HA! **B A C K S T A B** lmao ds reference near
Ollie Ollie (4 days ago)
Why do cops have to use lethal force why can't they implement taseres or something
Kopronko (4 days ago)
Jesse Brennan (4 days ago)
To all you shoot first ask questions later cops out there, your hero status is revoked. This is what a hero cop looks like, the one who even when it seems impossible, is trying to save a life.
hong lee (4 days ago)
this cop is a warrior didnt have to draw blood to win the fight .
Febrian Satrio (4 days ago)
Police activity
Baba Mango (4 days ago)
Boyle ruhsuz polisler bizim ulkemize de lazim
Sedzad Dzerzovic (5 days ago)
Ja pičke i policije
Rainbow Bridge (5 days ago)
Thats a Charles Manson move 0:12
Dave Marx (5 days ago)
Press "X" to " _GET DOWN_ "
xxxA.Fløxxx (5 days ago)
*innocent Black man pulls phone out of pocket* *shot more than 20 times*
252. CJ (6 days ago)
If it was a black person they would have shot him
252. CJ (5 days ago)
252. CJ Lol except no
abigeil spahiu (6 days ago)
i came from ASMR to this...........
John Jacky (6 days ago)
noice _ (6 days ago)
#suicide by cop
DOC 11 (7 days ago)
well done cop
Mr Who (7 days ago)
Me to god every night before sleep
MsLalaUsagi (7 days ago)
This cop did a superb job under extreme amounts of stress. Another reason why they need to be screened, trained and paid better.
Giggity goo (7 days ago)
that’s a good cop. kept his cool even in a scary situation, no one died.
Excellent police work..
Frances Murry (7 days ago)
absolutely excellent,a true professional.
lol_itsgonenow (7 days ago)
that white guy at the end only got shot once :p
Sebo Gejus KellerGmbH (7 days ago)
Don't shoot me again sir it hurt's
Jimmy jr Pierce (7 days ago)
The Purge is near
MUMM CH (8 days ago)
No speack,shot is only a criminal..
Lil Gill (8 days ago)
He obviously thought he was playing supper hot
maina muchiri (8 days ago)
Wondering if the cop would portray same restraint on a black suspect...
Halodut (9 days ago)
Give cops a break... Their job is hard. Their pay is so so. They risk their lives daily. Even if he had taken that shot, it would still be acceptable, but I am glad he didn't. I think.
Torsade101 (9 days ago)
Lucky he wasn't black...
KaULs JuKz (9 days ago)
2 shots in Head.......... Finish
Rccamo3 (9 days ago)
Hero. Cant believe he resisted shooting again, what a man. Thanks to all our brave police officers out there.
Rosan Thang (9 days ago)
Get down!!! Or I will shoot you
Beastie Lunar Kid (9 days ago)
That was a huge Knife
Neverless (10 days ago)
If he would have been black...
Negan (10 days ago)
Legend has it, he is still screaming "GET DOWN" till this day
derpy scauce (10 days ago)
John Kang (10 days ago)
Never bring a knife to a gun fight
Aaron Cisneros (10 days ago)
If it was a black person he would shoot him even though he was dead
Ranqqz. (11 days ago)
-get down
Wesley Hutcheson (11 days ago)
Noobfest (12 days ago)
I'd love the video much more without the commentary over the sound of the clip
Nick Colbert (12 days ago)
Had he been black he would been shot 12 times
Angelo Rodriguez (12 days ago)
Good cop
James Hamnett (12 days ago)
That's police brutality
Ixpqd (12 days ago)
I would’ve ended up shooting the guy with the knife in the foot, to make sure he’s temporarily immobilized.
FakeAbdulaziz (13 days ago)
I hear circuit down, or is he saying sir get down?
Surf City Video (13 days ago)
NEVER call them "sir."
devicca Vikachan (13 days ago)
Goodjob dear cops..
Derrick Marshall (13 days ago)
ever one knows had that been a black person dead
Jerry M (13 days ago)
I would have rather just watched the video to see what happened instead of listening to your ridiculous narration.
Kyle K (13 days ago)
ever heard of a taser?
Not when a deadly weapon is present
PAPKIN Tv (14 days ago)
Everyone? *E V E W R Y O N E*
briantravelman (14 days ago)
I don't get it. He had the knife. If he wanted to die, he could've done it himself.
mat rilex (14 days ago)
he still respect each other..great job..
aweruhyawerh uohntoa (14 days ago)
it would be funny if he just started dancing when he kept shouting "sir get down, sir get down, get down, get down!!!"
Peng Wei (14 days ago)
See the suspect with a gun, please shoot the man immediately. But for a one-hundred meter race player with knife, please shoot his leg, lay him down, and do what you want. If he still want to throw the knife, just shoot him.
Martin Davidson (14 days ago)
That man owes that cop his life
Billy Bee-sting (15 days ago)
Cop: GET DOWN! GET DOWN! GET DOWN! Suspect: *proceeds to bust a move.
MensQuarters (15 days ago)
John Wood (15 days ago)
Double tap is better.
MV 00 (16 days ago)
put knife he already 10+ years in prison so better for him to die :>
Jagdish Dhaygude (16 days ago)
He gets shot eventually
bryan williams (16 days ago)
If he was black he would of been shot
Bhaxxor (16 days ago)
Good reaction
PEELSHTBACC (16 days ago)
Cop reacted like a boss. Most cops would of killed the suspect.
LEGENDARY_HARVEY HeY (16 days ago)
Joe Roberts (16 days ago)
Or maybe he should've shot him in the head.
Joe Roberts (16 days ago)
Lucky for him he was light skinned Hispanic not black right USA?!
Tony NA (13 days ago)
crying towel on aisle 5
eye (17 days ago)
Shoot.. Why the yelling
Mr Penguin (17 days ago)

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