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8 Health Benefits Of Mango Leaves That Everyone Must Know

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Everyone knows the potential of mangoes but very less people know that even the leaves of the mango tree offer some health benefits. Yes, they do have some medicinal properties. In fact, the tannins present in them may help a lot in treating diabetes if its in its early stages. There are many ways to use the leaves. Drying them and grinding them will give you fine powder. Another way is infusing the leaves. They contain vitamins B,B,C, phenols and flavonoids. Now, let us discuss about their benefits. 1. Pain In the Ear If you have pain in the ear, use the juice of mango leaves as ear drops. This could help in relieving the pain. Ensure that you warm up the juice a bit. 2. Breathing Problem Boil 2 cups of water along with a few mango leaves. Strain the water after 15 minutes and add 3 drops of honey before drinking. This cures cough and certain symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. 3. Dysentry If you are suffering from dysentery, add half a teaspoon of mango powder along with a cup of water. Try this thrice a day. 4. Diabetes Fill a bowl with water and add some mango leaves to the water. Allow them to soak for a night and drink the water in the morning. This can give some relief from certain diabetes symptoms. 5. For Relaxation If you feel anxious and restless, try adding 2-3 cups of mango leaf tea to your bathing water. This can make you feel refreshed. 6. Blood Pressure Mango leaf tea can also reduce Blood Pressure and keep your blood vessels healthy. 7. Kidney Stones Add a teaspoon of mango powder to a cup of water and leave it for a night and drink it in the morning. This can flush out the stones in the kidneys. 8. Burns Get a few dry mango leaves and burn them. The ash can be applied on burns on your skin to heal faster. Video URL : https://youtu.be/X-AUOe5uu_8
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