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So what IS the Higgs boson?

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Hank responds to viewer questions, and explains what the Higgs boson particle actually IS. Follow SciShow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Like SciShow on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow
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end safe (10 days ago)
You need to do your hair before a good thumbnail ..
OkayGift MC (13 days ago)
Wow. The non Higgs field particles must hate their lives, so much traffic!
MrXanthios (14 days ago)
What is with the green glowing background? Are you trying to brainwash me and make me kill my neighbors?
Douglas Williams (14 days ago)
Sure PunkyBrew( I wouldn't drink any) it's so entertaining I'm inclined to post a donation to patreon. And I despise donating to things I'm already to paying for.....oh well it's worth it.
Dylan Yawn (16 days ago)
Think of the higs field/bosson particles, whatever, as a giant foglike blanket, since it exists theoretically everywhere in the universe, covering everything that we know. Say we build a giant electromagnetic vacuum that could specifically obtain these particles. Couldn't we in theory pull away the blanket uncovering interdeminsional travel?
Sarmad Masood (19 days ago)
So,"Do Higgs Boson Have Mass?"
Zoe Woody (26 days ago)
well, damn! he cursed! lol shocked me. uncalled for.
Biplab Kafle (1 month ago)
Higgs boson
Josh Guyette (1 month ago)
Great condensed version... For more details, check out PBS SpaceTime (with Matt O'Dowd), he gets in to all of this pretty deep... QFT Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYkaahzFWfo&list=PLsPUh22kYmNBpDZPejCHGzxyfgitj26w9 The Higgs Mechanism Explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kixAljyfdqU&t=200s The Oh My God Particle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osvOr5wbkUw
Kay Longhorn (1 month ago)
You are wrong, sir...
gosh i wish the universe was easier.😅
Christian Reptilian (1 month ago)
You can SEE what the Higgs-Bosun particle looks like HERE! ! Photographed for the FIRST TIME, it's EXACTLY as predicted! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOg-f_KlGAk
Jamie Anan-ua (1 month ago)
Is it possible for some particles to cause there to be an uneven distribution of higgs particles?
Magnus Wootton (2 months ago)
does the discovery offer impossible technology. then u should be a bit skeptical about how it just ruins our lives with riches. doesnt mean it makes it makes it impossible tho! but just think what it would do to our lives to have so much power in some cases!
Clarence Charping (2 months ago)
todd merriss (2 months ago)
Dude, that was awesome. The best explanation that I've heard yet.
notkyleschultz (3 months ago)
For some season I like hanky sitting. Make him sit in all the videos. Other ppl can stand & in fact they should be required to. If two or more hosts are on screen hank should be seated & everyone else forced to stand. I think everybody will be v pleased with the direction of the videos that follow this format. Try it out, I guarantee it'll plz the comment section.
MomopilotCool (3 months ago)
thanks hank, your series on the fundemental forces saved my ass with my g12 project
i am you (3 months ago)
its higgs butt
dank preachy videos (3 months ago)
So, mass is just a scale of how much a particle interacts with the higgs field?
Greek Mythology (3 months ago)
Still need other elements that hold the universe together like glue, lol I don't remember this in the periodic table of contents , nice name but that would be the force, but you still need to attach it to a brain for the very thoughts , as if it needs a brain like the one we all live in gods brain , duh otherwise who's gonna put vessels etc etc for that , otherwise it's like smashing two bottles together but form no life, like when male and females create children smmfh ,..... dam fools
T J (3 months ago)
i am still so confused
Stephen Marcelais (3 months ago)
Quarks + Higgs Boson field = gravity.
Hayley Webster (3 months ago)
Would the human body still function normally if it's mass suddenly doubled.
Ewwahh Eternus (4 months ago)
You guys are the best! Koodos to all the writers and all contributors!!! Most intellectually dense show ive ever seen in an easy to understand manner!!!BY FAR!!.... and i watch alot of tv and internet... You guys may or may not or have already recieved rewards... But your work speaks for itself. I'll never forget every episode i watch... and rewatch... Tho mostly i rewatch cause hank is just entertaining! But i hope... one day... He will drink pepsi. Shame on u coke fienddddds
Reen S (4 months ago)
2018 anyone? No? Just me binging on awesome content all night? 'Kay....
Teldrassil Guardian (4 months ago)
Mudfossil University (4 months ago)
Possible electron neutrinos photoed...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtLGK48bhP4&t=893s
venkat kota (4 months ago)
Could you please explain how are getting lines of force from the field theory? Also if the vitual particles are responsible how can we have charge field like positive or negative but not have north pole and only south pole on magnets
sulfo4229 (4 months ago)
It's 2018 (after Higgs era :-)), and as an engineer I still strugle to find a video that better explains the Higgs field. Thank you Hank!
Christian Reptilian (5 months ago)
First actual photograph of the Higgs-Bosun Field HERE! It's no longer just a theory!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY7Z1KhA_Eg&t=85s
TEEN can (5 months ago)
He just proved my 10 years of schooling waste...
Lais Abbas Nadjem (5 months ago)
is it possible to explain with the higgsbosons, why Mass of a fast thing raises(special relativity)
Red Shift (5 months ago)
This comment is to prove to you that Yahshua/Jesus spoke to you (for the reasons He explained). Peace and blessings, TJ & Mercy x
Pink dolphin (5 months ago)
So , are we talking about Dark Matter ?
texaswilliam (6 months ago)
Hank in the thumbnail looks like he's coming off a hell of a bender.
Your Highness (6 months ago)
What about Quarks ? Quarks are the fundermental parts of all particles. Quark is the God particle. The Higgs Boson is awesome but it's NOT responsible for most of your mass
vishal gangaram (6 months ago)
It's 2018, so what's the latest news on this currently ?
Lucian MacAndrew (6 months ago)
It is found, Higgs won the Nobel Price.
Jared Fuller (6 months ago)
Just wondering, how can we know the higgs boson field is evenly spread throughout the universe? What if there is a different distribution billions of light years away, how would that affect the mass of an object or person?
CrazyKnightHero (6 months ago)
I dont like the background
Alpha Omega (7 months ago)
If light has no mass ;where does a tree come from?E=MC2
Broja Kishor Mandal (7 months ago)
This means substance is made up of molecule and molecule is made up of atom and atom is made up of electron protron and neutron and proton and neutron is made up of qurak and qurak are made up etc
Magnus Juul (7 months ago)
huh. i thought the things about particles and fields was the other way around; that the fields permiate the entire universe and particles are place in that field where there is a bit more energy than in the rest of the field, an excitation,.
Zach Baker (7 months ago)
Gravity isn't a force. Therefore, this video is false.
Priya Edwin (7 months ago)
Hank is getting old 😂😂😂😂
Oliver Miles (7 months ago)
Photons actually do have mass
Lucian MacAndrew (6 months ago)
According to which source? Wiki says you are wrong https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photon
Soham Dave (7 months ago)
Who loves this man
Hannah Bauer (7 months ago)
This higgs boson sounds like energy is it? And can you explain how the sun gives us all of our light but doesnt light up space
æ (7 months ago)
The real life Sheldon talking about particle physics.
Young Tang (8 months ago)
Could someone imagine each one of us is a Higg Boson popping in and out of existence?
Darxter Darx (8 months ago)
its 2018
Jane Piepes (8 months ago)
Is this fellow's name Hank ? I like the way he explains things. He's smart and charismatic.
David Thornton (8 months ago)
We shall see if they ever create it.
Laura Hahn (8 months ago)
Wow this is amazing. Thank you for explaining something so complex and actually making sense.
miux5 (9 months ago)
Without conciseness the higgs boson, and the so called big bang and everything else would have never been or become to exist. A greater power can explain you, but you can not explain a greater power. Isa_29:16 Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter's clay: for shall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? or shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding? Isa_45:9 Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands?
The Name (9 months ago)
Gravity is not a force goddamit
Gnorts Mr Alien (9 months ago)
No, So What is a tune by Miles Davis.
Justin Olson (9 months ago)
I think the Higgs particle was what triggered the big bang creating space, which is close to the same thing as giving other particles mass.
Gardian Gaming (9 months ago)
Light does have mass, photons are effected by gravity, and also gives off heat, and is effected by friction, odd is that yes it is like a proton, but less mass than an electon, meaning it's probably missing some quarks, which unbalances it and causes it to wave as it's traveling, and they can gain it back after a period of time, but there is also super light in this theory which can be other super light light or super heavy light the visible spectrum of light is the fastest of all light and the color of that specific wave length is how hot the individual atom was when it emitted. Which at the right temperature it lets off equal levels of light making it white, which is actually the mid point of plasma heat, the color see see the sun from space is white, its true color is Green, any hotter more blue will show any colder the more red that shows, and light does have mass that's why light cannot escape blackholes.
Gardian Gaming (9 months ago)
Odd right? Then slows back down from gamma rays to Microwaves still not as fast as visible light. Gamma rays being the fastest in a straight line but the waves it's near the speed of light. Draw a straight line across a piece of paper as fast as you can, then take the same piece of paper and draw a wave with exactly 2 mm apart and 3 inches from center at the same speed. Proving that gamma rays are faster per photon than visible light, again light is a physical thing, it has mass and stores energy, and releases energy as well wail maintaining the law of thermal dynamics. Lol
Justin Olson (9 months ago)
Light slows down in certain mediums. This is observable friction, but then it speeds up once it leaves this medium.
Gardian Gaming (9 months ago)
Basically light will not have "observable" friction. That's why quantum theory and mechanics are touchy subjects to scientists.
Gardian Gaming (9 months ago)
Light slows down after a certain distance so therefore light is affected by friction, it's not necessarily that the speed of which light travels is effected at first, it is the wavelength; until, yet again, it slows to the point it becomes microwaves. We use the coloration change to determine the distance of galaxies within our local cluster. then we have to switch to infrared. Thus light slowing down, due to quantum forces. Such as the photons hitting hydrogen atoms.
Justin Olson (9 months ago)
I thought that the main reason we acknowledge light as being mass-less was due to it's lack of interaction via friction.
Particle physics makes my weenies electrons push really hard against each other...
*freethinkerfreelover (10 months ago)
I wanted to tell a story to you with the hopes lots of people will hear it.  So, I spoke to a guy that worked with the FBI on death row. I spoke with him several times, but the least time I spoke to him I asked him, since he worked with the FBI on death row, if he had ever seen the heading on the CIA website under jobs and technology, "Technology so advanced it's classified."  He said that was absolutely the case, and, in fact, he had recently spoken with someone who was a CIA agent about that topic.  The agent told him he worked in the forest or jungle in South America in the 1980s, that's the eighties, about four decades ago, and he was using was is comparable to iPad technology right now.  It was JUST AS ADVANCED ALL THE WAY BACK THEN as the iPad technology is today.  He then went on to point out that they are AT LEAST three to four decades AHEAD of the rest of the world in technology.   I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THAT!  Think of the implications!  Please share and remember this story!  Thank you so much! Wendy Werner Troob
Eric Weng (10 months ago)
“ The source of the force”
HUNter (10 months ago)
Since i was at learned phisics in the best university in my country, i think im smart, i watch theese videos, and realise, im dumb af
Jack Ash (10 months ago)
I kind of get it. Thanks
TheOutLaw Carpenter (11 months ago)
you should up date this one.you did a good job explaining it. it's 2017 now
Kaden Awesome1111 (11 months ago)
We found it and I understand it
lepton Beam (11 months ago)
are you just really smart or do you memorize a script because you give a heck of a lot of info in detail for different studies in school/classes
Chuck Davis (11 months ago)
So if the higgs is where mass comes from couldnt it be what causes gravity kinda like elecrricity and magnetism???
Anonymous User (11 months ago)
Everyone loves Hank and hates Olivia. Because no one likes Olivia's hand movements and seemingly nonprofessional behaviours.
Vanshika Jain (11 months ago)
Hank mentioned that things interact with higgs field to generate mass and is distributed evenly throughout but suppose it wasn't distributed evenly then would mass differ at different places?
I think I need a brain transplant... :-)
mark yisser (11 months ago)
im guessing this old... its now been proven to exist hank of past years
Burt Cabinaugh (1 year ago)
Anti-matter what's the deal with anit-mattet??
Dalir Kosimov (1 year ago)
My jaw dropped beyond its' physical limits at 1:28
Shirin chatterjee (1 year ago)
Thanks guys. LOVE your channel.
Lisa L (1 year ago)
This channel really IS the only reason I get most of the quantum mechanics stuff I need to know for school.
Marissa Ford (1 year ago)
The Higgs Boson particle was intact confirmed by Scientists at CERN.
Dino Goldie (1 year ago)
Me confused. How does the Higgs fit into the standard model? As I (highschool science flunk) understand it, the SM is a 4x4 grid. The first three columns comprise the main flavours of quarks and leptons.  It is my (poor) understanding  that the 4th column comprises 4 forces and their carriers: Electro-magnetic/photon, nuclear-force/Mesons, weak-force/W&z bosons  and, Gravity/Gravitons(hypothetical). So in which force is the Higgg? Is Mass a 5th force? Please explain in idiot-proof terms. Thank you.
Ekta Sancheti (1 year ago)
hey...!! I watched this video n have I doubt that is ...why don't the Higgs force /feild interact with d photon particles?
Rohen Giralt (1 year ago)
Great video, just one thing near the start: as Derek mentioned in a Veritasium video (I forget the name), most of the mass of protons and neutrons comes from their energy, due to the famous (non-relativistic) equation, E=mc^2
Lapis Lazuli (1 year ago)
It's August of 2017! Do an update on the "God Particle" lol. Please!
Dennis J (1 year ago)
is a photon just a bundle of waves that act like a partical?
Dark Helmet (1 year ago)
Okay hank. I propose a question. If a proton weighs 930 MeV and the quarks in a proton weigh 30 MeV. Where does the extra mass come from?
PoweredButchZ (9 months ago)
My understanding is that it's the flux tubes/QCD strings in which the vacuum energy is cleared out so that the quarks in a proton or neutron can exchange color charge with each other. It takes a lot of energy to clear out the energy. Some also comes from virtual quarks momentarily having energy.
Zach_bot (1 year ago)
These particles sound an awful lot like caloric, remember how that went?
txlish (1 year ago)
Higgs Boson is Not 1 name.Where the freaking Bose recognition?
ASIT CICI (1 year ago)
photon has mass
William Midgley (1 year ago)
Isn't the higgs boson an excitaion in the higgs field?
PoweredButchZ (9 months ago)
Yes, but the field has a non-zero constant value so it seems to be a condensate.
Anthony Cote (1 year ago)
No, the force keeping atoms from passing through each other is Normal force.
Sassy Panda (1 year ago)
I knew what the Higgs Boson is, I just clicked on this vid to boost my ego
Dan Renaydo (1 year ago)
It's called the God particle... because you can't have "mass" without it. HOW DID I JUST GET THAT?
Commander Core (1 year ago)
I thought photons do actually have mass
NiUnOt (1 year ago)
vibration creates mass
Leaped Gryphon (1 year ago)
So does the higgs field extend to eternity or is there a physical end to the universe and thus an end to the higs field?
Leaped Gryphon (1 year ago)
If the aliens are watching us they at least have to be a little impressed to see how far we've come.
1ionu (1 year ago)
W. Esteban Labrador (1 year ago)
Hank, I have a question, I don't quite understand the dimensional strings, I understand there are 11 vibrating strings or something like that... what is that thing?
Universal Steele (1 year ago)
What would a glass of Top Quarks look like?
August MacFarland (1 year ago)
So what I got from this explanation is the Higgs Field gives particles mass. Since photons are essentially electrons with out mass, that means they are either able to break past the field or unaffected by it. By that rational, does that mean that the Higgs Field is what causes the "cosmic speedlimit" of the speed of light? If we discovered a way to get a ship and its contents to counteract the Higgs Field we could theoretically surpass the speed of light? This all based on the fact we overcome the probable violent physical side effects of making large amounts of solid matter not have mass while maintaining the ability to return to having mass without changing. I am interested in hearing anything anyone has to weigh in on this.
Yuvan Raj (1 year ago)
Why do u call it a 'partical' while it is a field?
Hilarious Jokes (1 year ago)
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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