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Who You Calling a Refugee? ~ Travis Simmons AKA The Big Funny

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Announcing 1st Thursdays at The Bourbon Bar! Columbia City Theater presents PSSSST! The Oratory Arts Workshop & Showcase (Poetry, Stand-up, Social Commentary, Short Stories, Slammin' Truth) www.facebook.com/psssst.seattle/ 6:30pm: Oratory Arts Workshop 8-11pm: Showcase & Open Mic sign-up Hosted by comedian Travis Simmons aka The Big Funny http://www.thebigfunny.com/ Featuring poet, author, activist Lennee Reid https://mamamystic.wordpress.com/ THE ORATORY ARTS WORKSHOP: The Big Funny is expanding his comedy class "Focus on the Funny" to bring The Laughter Academy to the Columbia City Theater in the form of The Oratory Arts Workshop and Showcase. He will bring in different artists each episode of PSSSST! to air their secrets on writing, speech making, stand-up, poetry, monologue acting, improv, story, delivery, timing, and more. This class is free, donations accepted. Pacific Northwest comedian The Big Funny (Travis Simmons) is known for his brilliant observations and amazing impressions. The Big Funny has over 3 million video plays on Youtube and is in the Regular rotation on Raw Dog Comedy and Jamie Foxx's Foxxhole on Sirus XM Satellite Radio. He is a crowd favorite everywhere, 2nd runner-up in 2009 Seattle International Comedy Competition”, “2012 Grit City Champion” & “2013 Big Sky Comedy Competition Runner-up” Lennée Reid is a spoken word artist, spiritualist, poet, environmentalist, and survivor who is just trying to make sense of it all and find peace. She is a member of the Olympia Poetry Network and lives in Cascadia. She has performed at many venues including The Washington State Department of Commerce, The G Funk Stage, Midnight Sun, Rainingman, The People's Mic, and The Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle. Her work has been published in "Works in Progress" and a Maya Angelou tribute: "The Phenomenal Woman Poetry Collaboration". With her poetry she paints a multicultural narrative, shines a light through darkness, and speaks of spiritual harmony. -- Changing the World One Joke at a Time.
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