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Jennifer Lawrence Interrupted by Jack Nicholson at Oscars | Good Morning America | ABC News

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George Stephanopoulos talks to the Best Actress and Supporting Actress winners Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway. Jack Nicholson makes waves interrupting Jennifer Lawrence 's interview. SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and updates from ABC News ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=abcnews To read the full story and others, visit http://www.abcnews.com Watch more news stories from ABC News! More Oscar coverage from ABC News ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq0b4mCzHRM&list=PLQOa26lW-uI-_vGFxL3D_L0KddunXkH43 Check out more Good Morning America ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DwUORU-Nyg&list=PLF00942F6130269E2 [FIRST ONE OR TWO PARAGRAPHS OF COPY FROM ABCNEWS.COM -- IF NO NEWS STORY OR TRANSCRIPT EXISTS, OMIT] --To read the full story and others, visit http://www.abcnews.com Follow ABC News across the web! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/abcnews Twitter: http://twitter.com/ABC Instagram: https://instagram.com/ABCNews/ Once a year Hollywood gathers at the Academy Awards to celebrate the film industry! The annual award ceremony began in 1929 and continues to honor cinematic achievements. Rebranded as The Oscars in 2013, the ceremony continues to leave audiences hungry for the Oscars best moments, the day after, year after year. We have been along for the ride almost as long! ABC News is your main source for Oscars best of, such as opening number highlights, red carpet fashion, acceptance speeches, and more from the Academy Awards. Listen to all the Oscar buzz during award season, including nominations and predictions. Also get live updates on the biggest ceremony of the year for film, and enjoy post-coverage of Oscar Night at oscar.go.com. Don’t miss out on the film industry's best moments of the year with ABC News’ coverage of the Oscars. The Good Morning America (GMA) anchors Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Lara Spencer, and meteorologist Ginger Zee are your guide to those water cooler topics your coworkers are sure to be talking about. GMA brings viewers an award-winning combination of breaking news, exclusive investigations, hard hitting interviews, weather forecasts, cutting edge medical field information, and financial reporting every morning. Catch ABC’s daytime Emmy Award and GLAAD Media Award winning morning news show weekdays at 7am. Make ABC News your daily news outlet for breaking national and world news, broadcast video coverage, and exclusive interviews that will help you stay up to date on the events shaping our world. ABC News’ show roster has both leaders in daily evening and morning programming. Kick start your weekday mornings with news updates from Good Morning America (GMA) and Sundays with This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Get your evening fix with 20/20, Nightline, and ABC World News Tonight with David Muir. Head to abc.go.com for programming schedule and more information on ABC News. For more Oscar coverage: https://gma.yahoo.com/oscars/
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Text Comments (5974)
Festival des Fleurs (2 hours ago)
J'adoreeeee !!!
кσσкιєѕ ™ (1 day ago)
He's still hot tho 👀👌🏻
¤T'CHALLA¤ (5 days ago)
Her laugh is damn sexy....damn
Zoe D (6 days ago)
Jennifer and Anne are my favorite actresses ever omg <3
John B. (9 days ago)
I hate jennifer Laurences personality.
Gee Male (11 days ago)
they took alot of rear-endings to get that future to be dulled out forgotten about oscar metal trophy
nik pik (12 days ago)
if creapy 80 years old jack can propose an after meeting, you know that harvey was succesful. meee toooo#
Anastasia Papazacharia (15 days ago)
Fuck i would die if i met nickolson.Let alone a legend like him complementing me
HaydenDeaconOn Ps4 (18 days ago)
Well it’s time to retire
Don__ Makeveli (20 days ago)
Whoever sells his soul gets this piece of trash award.
Stéphani Mahl (24 days ago)
She is so awesome!!!
sfinx121 (25 days ago)
If you compare this beauty to that ugly b*** whining about getting 1$ less than her male colleague. That is huge difference.
Oversharegamer (26 days ago)
actors giving each other awards. Everyone gets one.
Iconic stuff (27 days ago)
Here’s Johnny!!
GrasiCarter15 (28 days ago)
I don't think jack acts at all. he just plays jack nicholson in his movies
Popcornid (29 days ago)
Jack is the best Joker!
AWlpsSHOW36 (1 month ago)
Jennifer Lawrence is literally me when I see an awesome person or celebrity! Even when they say something awesome to me.
Robert O (1 month ago)
Love Jack!!!!
Luke Cahill (1 month ago)
"I'll be waiting." You smooth creep
SimplyLimbo (1 month ago)
If Jack was still in his 60's, even then, he would give her pussy a run for her money.
PASSPORT PAPIII (1 month ago)
He banged her
Lars De Vos (1 month ago)
Part year any deep threaten every divide group homeless color.
Marc Surf (1 month ago)
jack is the best since shinning
lightbrand33 Smith (1 month ago)
Hey Jennifer Harvey says you are great :-D threesome with Anne later :-D
merlinsdog (1 month ago)
And now she's got her tits out she won't last much longer!
Lenin Vieira (1 month ago)
the interviewer looks like mr. incredible's boss
Jayfive276 (1 month ago)
A wild Jack Nicholson appeared! Jack used Charm! It's super effective! J.Law used Waterfall!
Biblicality PSN (1 month ago)
They both seem like kind hearted genuine people would love meet either of them.
Biblicality PSN no Jack Nicholson is lovely she's just a lying scumbag
MemeKid (1 month ago)
0:36: It's Johnny!
ThunderAppeal (1 month ago)
Whene he puts his had on her shoulder at 0:45...how is that not sexual harassment?
ThunderAppeal please say that's a joke
ThunderAppeal (1 month ago)
Theres a little bit of 'heres johnny' at the end there to mark Jacks exit.
ThunderAppeal (1 month ago)
Hathaway looks like she needs a sandwich or something. WTF.
ThunderAppeal (1 month ago)
Wow. She is so friggin ugly. She looks like someone slapped some play doh on a table put two eyes a noze and a mouth. Just bleh.
Olivia Ramirez (1 month ago)
0:37 she cum
MrPixelptlk (1 month ago)
lawrence: Do i look like a new girlfriend? jack: i thought about it. jack is a fucking genius.
Je t'aime Jennifer Lawrence tu es mon idole
Ryan Ziebarth (1 month ago)
“I’ll be waiting!” 😂
Demetrius Hunt (1 month ago)
The joker
Hay Stack (1 month ago)
thats awsome shes like so stunned what a great moment
Homeless Homie (1 month ago)
Though she is married, I guess, She is the most GORGEOUS CREATURE of beautiful brown hair and eyes to match. So magnetic in dark features I personally like myself. Women at this caliber of beautiful is the reason why brunettes actually have more fun! Anne Hathaway is Hollywood Classic.
Mystic (1 month ago)
She got an oscar for which movie here
MiMi A (1 month ago)
Rachell H. (1 month ago)
Shawn Jimenez (1 month ago)
Haha your being really rude hahaha" I'm dead 😂😁
Neva Herdamee (1 month ago)
cikif (1 month ago)
Yo Jen, I'm really happy for you, and ima let you finish but Naomi Watts had one of the best performances of all time. Of all time!!!!
David Willborn (1 month ago)
Jack sort of comes off as a creeper here.
Cyndi Anderson (1 month ago)
I love her so much.
moein moosavi (1 month ago)
Jacob Smith (2 months ago)
Ta-haha Ta-haha
Christos (2 months ago)
Bunch of sodomites, freaks and trannies. Fake people YUK! Puke
freakin noodle (2 months ago)
There's Johnny!
auxmike (2 months ago)
She’s freakin cute
Sara Emily (2 months ago)
He’s such a stud, I swear.😂 Adorable.
Connor Boden (2 months ago)
They fucked that night
Joao Smit (2 months ago)
path architect dutch unique factory moon function sponsor prayer
charlotte (2 months ago)
"is he still here?" PEAKABOO
mikenaugz88 (2 months ago)
manu varghese (2 months ago)
In terms of beauty I don’t like her that much, but based on her personality I will let her live in my heart as long as she wants to. Love you Jennifer law runssss
Akarapong Boonrat (2 months ago)
Lucy 05 (2 months ago)
Jack is the man, he's sooo awsome !!!
Bumblebug73 (2 months ago)
Didn't one of Jacks exes mention that she was chased round the bedroom by him (naked) with his Joker grin & armed with a ping-pong bat ?
kirandeep sahi (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/kNuX3ORW8uk must watch :$
S. W. (2 months ago)
Newsnet47 (2 months ago)
The Oscar is when Jack Nicholson proves that he's still alive.
I don't see Jack Nicholson I only see the Joker.
RamIak (2 months ago)
Anne Hathaway looks like a Japanese cartoons. Huge eyes. Narrow neck. Triangular face
melanielandon96 (2 months ago)
1:06 I know Jen, same here...hahaha
James Jenia (2 months ago)
How that "No-Talneted Fat Bitch ever got out of McDonalds beats me! If life was fair, she would die in a Drive Through Window ...where it deserves to be. Name a Movie she didn't fuck someone to get the part ... just one!
Julia_Rose 123 (2 months ago)
Bobby B (2 months ago)
Jack Nicholson the only man who gets a pass for wearing shades indoors.
TRichmond1964 (2 months ago)
She's a beautiful tryanny! And Jack's just a fabulous, fucking Satanist! Couldn't ask for more, from a bunch of empty shit sticks!
obibear123 (2 months ago)
The thing is with JenLaw is that she doesn’t like fans being wow with her yet she reacts that way to other film stars. She needs to be nicer to fans overall.
Ewa Sliwowska (2 months ago)
Little bit of respect stupid b
Charlie Cross (2 months ago)
She flirts with guys then cries rape when they advance😐😂😂😂😂
Luka Dobrojevich (2 months ago)
Sheee issss QUEEENNNN I love her so muchhh I like when actors acting like they dont care if they are on cammera or no they acttt totally natural she is queen princess Jl I love yaaa kisses darling from Croatia
Jwad (2 months ago)
Jennifer is a nuthingburger.
Hillory Hitler (2 months ago)
Burn in hell liberal Hollywood
BarbecueBoy (2 months ago)
Jack? Jack is dead my friend, you can call me joker..
Jamjw 56 (2 months ago)
Two actors that are to cool for this shitty awards show
Danny Draws (2 months ago)
who the hell is Jennifer Lawrence?
Robert Strong (2 months ago)
Come on Jack raise your standards that's a low life fucking slut actually you're pretty much a wash up anymore anyway
Carlton Baggett (2 months ago)
Future victim
TeaKaeBop (2 months ago)
Awww remember 2013? When times were so nice? Sigh.
Lewys Cousins (2 months ago)
Seeing a celebrity being starstruck is the absolute craziest thing ever XD Especially one as big as Jennifer Lawrence! Shows that they're just humans like the rest of us!!
blah blah (2 months ago)
anns another fake cunt shit actor
blah blah (2 months ago)
stunned cunt
blah blah (2 months ago)
lawrance is a pig whore hope sh gets cancer and suffers
Anthony William Rich Jr (2 months ago)
Redvexer (2 months ago)
Jack wanted that ass
Alec Nathaniel (2 months ago)
Politically Correct Peer Pressure to the world. Free Modern Female Woman "ACTORS"? So why if you are really free, don't spend $750,000 for a one night Oscar fashion gown which shows your "breasts" to the next dirty, drooling male sex abusive film producer you secretly hope will see your tits and not your talent or intelligence or soul. DO you like your inner you or your as Leonard Cohen sang "Your body is really, really YOU"? Its your FREE choice modern actor woman.,m
themou2008 (2 months ago)
She's pretty. Too bad she's a bleeding heart liberal like that whole room is
Nicholson ROCKS
Angela Carleton (2 months ago)
I love Anne Hathaway because she is a "serious" professional actress. Anyone that keeps putting her down for whatever dumb reason is jealous! She earns her right to succeed because of her dedication to her craft. Congrats to her! Always, a fan!
Valeria Nicole (2 months ago)
Lifebee LifeBee (2 months ago)
Ole good Jack love you always! :)
C5Ron7 (2 months ago)
J-Law didn’t get out of Grade School and she wants to take a year off to Teach Us about Politics and Policies? Dahhhh
James Viice (2 months ago)
100% under a trance... mind control... "get OUT" for real!  Nicholson pre-Weinstien era... Trigger Control = old girl friend,.,.,.  "look like old girl friend"
Hannah Abreu (2 months ago)
1:24 Jennifer is the best! Love her! :D
aboveforever (2 months ago)
They'll give an Oscar to anyone.

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