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Incredible video of Afro-Cuban Santeria in Yoruba´s Religion

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Babalao Cubano de la Religión Yoruba libera de una Daño Poderoso a una mujer. -- Hello my friends...!!...Take a look to this video about an incredible Yoruba religion´s act for remove a powerfull curse in a woman by a Babalwo. This is one of the secrects you moust learn about in Cuba...Share it whit your friends, it is very awesome...!!!
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Text Comments (14308)
aimee adolfo (47 minutes ago)
what's that from her mouth
Decapitated Chicken (2 hours ago)
Bunch of fake bollocks.
Catrachita 504 (2 hours ago)
Busquen de Dios mejor no se dejen engañar por charlatanes que solo quieren su dinero 💵 no ahí poder mas grande que el de rey de reyes
Mask Mk2 (2 hours ago)
I like how people are saying Jesus this jesus that where was jesus all this time all the shit that happenes in this cruel world if he was here all the stuff that been happening won't happen
News that matter (2 hours ago)
She getting lessons in deepthroating. This is a stretching excercise.
Beencoolin (3 hours ago)
Can someone tell me what category is this?
VOICE OF USA (3 hours ago)
She/he put the hair in the fake egg and broke in the victims mouth and pulled out! There is no black magic!
Ccy Pn (4 hours ago)
Yo mas bien creo qe en el huevo ella esconde todo ese monton de cabellos y se lo truena adentro para qe dogan qe se lo sacó pbre mujer antes qe no la ahogo
Ayu Komang from Bali (5 hours ago)
عذبة الحرف (5 hours ago)
كذب بكذب هذا ملفوف بالشي إلا دخلته بفمها
Jesseguadarrama (5 hours ago)
Draino works pretty good for hair stuck in the pipes. No need to sticks hands in.
oso Tv (5 hours ago)
Now I’m sick🤢
Katie Oluwole (6 hours ago)
Wat was that
NIKKIWASH9 (9 hours ago)
That poor black bird fully developed. That's the only reason why he used the egg do you not see the blood on the corners of that pours Bird ripped to shreds. SCAMMER'S!!!
MARCO ZEPEDA (9 hours ago)
that is bullshit
Victoria Y (9 hours ago)
I’d like to meet this lady!
Usmii ALI (10 hours ago)
What the f**k is this
Dj Starks (10 hours ago)
What are they doing? What is this for I’m kind of lost. Can somebody help me ??
Zamora Mitchell (11 hours ago)
Zamora Mitchell (11 hours ago)
My not going to thar
Zamora Mitchell (11 hours ago)
Zamora Mitchell (11 hours ago)
Omg get me on the moon
Largest Classifieds (12 hours ago)
Can anyone tell us what was those stuff that went in and came out?
dawnysdennumber10 (13 hours ago)
All 3 are scamming. You can clearly see the man is pulling stuff from the right of her head, not her mouth.
Stocket App (15 hours ago)
JMath Channel (15 hours ago)
Stocket App *that teratoma*
barbara rossi (17 hours ago)
si vede benissimo che è falso!
، سماح (20 hours ago)
كل هذا الشعر كان داخل البيضه نصاب ينص علئ الفقراء
katie 101 (22 hours ago)
WTF what happened did they just try stick an egg or something down her throat
JMath Channel (15 hours ago)
katie 101 *that's was teratoma*
Istiaque Ahmed (23 hours ago)
Stupid lady
Mr C (1 day ago)
It looked pretty obvious the hair was coming from the side.
Shannon Orellana (1 day ago)
Fake scammers and stupit people that instead of praying go to these type of evil acts and scam you out of your money! That is exactly what you deserve for your sad believes 😬
..... OK, well, I'm gonna go watch Venture Brothers now
Por Supuesto (1 day ago)
La boca de esa mujer parece una maleta, carajo. La vieja le mete un huevo relleno de trapos, le revienta el huevo en la boca, le saca los trapos y todo el mundo feliz y contento. Mientras no le cobre está bien.
JuNique Anderson (1 day ago)
Who else see them bugs on the table
krystal hasserd (1 day ago)
Oh my God. Where did this come from and how the hell did i end up here?
Fabian Hernandez (1 day ago)
Igual nuca creia en eso asta q me toco ver por mi mismo a una persona q le sacaron unas cosa asi igual
шарлатаны типа цыган и всяких знарарок
John Wilk (1 day ago)
I notice the interesting objects in the background. But didn't see my Powerful Jesus Christ. Demons tremble at that Name (Jesus Christ). I watched 1:40 while reading comments and decline to watch. I rather watch www.emmanuel.tv and watch/learn how demons get defeated GREATLY !!!! Holy Spirit is Awesome !!!!!
Shangkar Lal (1 day ago)
wat they r doing?
CherryLioness (1 day ago)
Did she just shove that egg down her throat....
TIA MATSURI (1 day ago)
Wtf!!!! Más que porra é essa
Gil Santtos (1 day ago)
Mais fake q o mundial do Palmeiras
Mouss eurotrade54 (1 day ago)
Luis Onate (1 day ago)
What was that
Luis Onate (1 day ago)
What was that
melaniii MQ (1 day ago)
Por poco y le matan a la mujer , esto es magia puro
Geflügelblume (1 day ago)
Ein Ei mit einem vogel... wie ekelhaft!
Aaron Asmus (1 day ago)
WTF did I just see? Was that hair?
juve3030 (1 day ago)
Deep throating pubic hairs.
Oussama Choujaâ (1 day ago)
Мне понравилось
Take Comedies (2 days ago)
They are making people fool you can see at @5:23 another girl put back her hair to that ugly man
Take Comedies (2 days ago)
They are making people fool you can see at @5:23 another girl put back her hair to that ugly man
Sans Murder (2 days ago)
xc (´;ω;`)
Naomí Nginga Pascoal (2 days ago)
Hey...I.m very curious about this things....and i believe it....Anyone knows the real address of this santeria guy,in Havana?Thanks
Jed Jed (2 days ago)
Before put hair in the egg and he is so smart to makes money.
jayy wright (2 days ago)
DF ‼️
REVELLO608 (2 days ago)
fake bullshit
Bia Santos (2 days ago)
Misericórdia Jesus Cristo
Will i am MC (2 days ago)
This is an example of ignorant 3rd world culture, no wonder why Americans don't want their daughters and sons to date Cubans.
Bolinho de Arroz (2 days ago)
Ai misericórdia!
Leonardo Game play (2 days ago)
Credo mano
Yaki Bonilla (2 days ago)
يع وع وع يمه يا ماما تعالى ساعديني
Diaz Diaz (2 days ago)
Le metio los pelos co ese huevo alprincipuo
Justine Davidson (2 days ago)
The thumbnail made me think she was going to force her the throw up. In a way this was worse
Mercedes Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Que fraude nada más perjudicando a la religión Yoruba este tiene de babalao lo que Peña Nieto tiene de honesto
شسالفه مافهمت
Kyle Peterson (2 days ago)
Some people are just too stupid
Trams Am (2 days ago)
These people need the holy bible.
Laety Ricci (2 days ago)
Sol Herrera (2 days ago)
Que es lo que le sacaban?
Ikenga Chijioke (2 days ago)
first put her on a bondage, he will soon see
Ikenga Chijioke (2 days ago)
This is an abuse on a highest level, I'm annoyed, can someone please send me the address of this man please? he had those shit inside that egg before he started, if you know this man's address and doesn't support abuse please forward it to me. Thanks
ezequiel pereda (2 days ago)
What did he take out of her?? Someone plz tell me
Maria Helena (2 days ago)
Como tem gente idiotas mulher besta
Maria Almazan (2 days ago)
Por qué si hay personas que no creen en esto ... Entran a ver el vídeo. Solo puedo decir que el bien y el mal siempre han estado muy presentes entre nosotros... ..
Cecil Clyde Houck (2 days ago)
It's some kind of flies or bugs in their stomach, how do they get in there, is it while they are sleeping. On the other video of the man, you can can see it's some type of fly or bug.
GrimTheSecond (2 days ago)
Painful scamming
Ikenga Chijioke (2 days ago)
Yes man I'm totally annoyed watching this, I wish I can locate this man soon
Michael Jones (2 days ago)
Что это такое кто нибудь сможете разъяснить?
Zhuldyzz Camorra (2 days ago)
Что это за фигня
Cemwid Memmedzade (2 days ago)
Bu nəydi belə başa düşmədim.
hugo wszechwiedzacy (2 days ago)
Co to kur..
Edmon Easter (2 days ago)
Fake,cruel sadistic Bullshit.
Dareal Blair (2 days ago)
Why is hair inside body?
Dareal Blair (2 days ago)
Lmao, what is the point?
kalpana Sharma (2 days ago)
WO black si chij kya thi...kya nikal RHA tha yaje mouth se
FOOD ASMR (2 days ago)
김중현 (2 days ago)
머가 나온거여???
nancy leyva (2 days ago)
No digo que es mentira porque lo he vivido en carne propia. esto es para que vean a lo que se atreven muchos..increíble. pero muy cierto. lo mismo lo pueden hacer vitara por la voca que por debajo..cuidense. no confíen en todo el que les sonríe!
dennis mulgeren (2 days ago)
Reminds me of the bloke that put the Rabbit down the front of his Trousers and pulled the Hare out of his Arse.
Shay Jones (3 days ago)
I am like so fucking lost wtf did i just watch
savage_queen 14 (3 days ago)
Sheila Agustin (3 days ago)
I really do believe in witchcraft
Soum Pin (3 days ago)
You ppl need God in your life.
Ray Cohenz (3 days ago)
it's the anti-Christ! Ruuuun!
FijianIndian 82 (3 days ago)
Oh look at that...Magic! People will do anything for money. And all you gullible folks can keep egging them on. (Pun intended) 😏

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