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How to Make a Blooming Onion | Outback Steakhouse Inspired | Get the Dish

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It's hard to hold back whenever you see those blooming onions that resemble flower petals at Outback Steakhouse and other classic restaurants. The good news is that you can make them yourself right at home. And the great news: the mouthwatering, crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside snack is way easier to cook than you'd think. Watch the video to learn how - you'll be a blooming onion expert in no time! - then print out the recipe. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Food! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?src_vid=wNSZWHtiGek&add_user=popsugartvyum Visit our website for more easy recipes and cooking tips! http://www.yumsugar.com Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/POPSUGARFood Get the latest updates via Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/POPSUGARFood
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Text Comments (1405)
Alisia Lopez (1 day ago)
Anybody have suggestions if you can’t eat egg??
Win Win Lai (1 day ago)
Beautiful 👍
Rhode Islind Red 77 (1 day ago)
I horny...👍
Jimmy Sprinkles (4 days ago)
Hey Brandi you don't look like you eat many of those blooming onions lol. Seriously you are absolutly beautiful. ☺
John Royston (4 days ago)
This is the best and most realistic expectations of what to expect from a homemade bloom'n onion.
Mr Plow (8 days ago)
Best detailed video how to make these. Thank you
Don’t Know (12 days ago)
She just started a grease fire
momyluvsu2 (13 days ago)
That's the biggest bite taken from the biggest onion, feelsgood to sell words.
crazybird (18 days ago)
Who else came from Robot Chicken
Alex Tran (19 days ago)
Haha you dont know what ur doing miss actor
Dan Collins (19 days ago)
This is one of those dishes it's worth getting in restaurant. Let the pros do it.
Wabbit Hunter (19 days ago)
Cute girl. Can't handle a knife or tongs or anything else kitchen related. Looks aren't everything hunny. Your kitchen skills are glaringly bad.
virginia davies (19 days ago)
Moth Bollz (20 days ago)
Her smiling so much makes me think shes up to something. Ive never seen someone so excited dipping an onion in flour...
Ant Wilkins (20 days ago)
Why yes dummy!
Flutter Bize (21 days ago)
Best blooming onion video I've seen. Thank you. Where's the recipe for the dipping sauce? Did I miss it?
Farine (24 days ago)
I knew americans were fat but not to this point.
Sonortubelug (24 days ago)
My tattooist drew a massive cock and balls on my back and used the same technique.
thybigballs (27 days ago)
Who else suddenly feels the need to head to the fridge and get something to munch on?
Supersonic Diesel (28 days ago)
Very nice
Chauncey Holley (1 month ago)
Diogenese Senna (1 month ago)
I know a lot of people have pointed this out, but it's worth mentioning YET again. Your pan is dangerously overfilled. It should be at 1/3 full, not 1/2 full as you have it. And the naked flame rule is plain wrong. An electric hob is just as capable of making an oil flash fire as a gas one is. Apart from that, the Blooming Onion was spot on and quite delicious.
R.I.P.Squirt& Jinxy (1 month ago)
Freeze before frying? Yea, plsss dont do that.
The oil was flowing out of the pot wtf
Monique De Oliveira (1 month ago)
much much too loud music, lovely cooking
Crystal K (1 month ago)
Huge Walla Walla sweet onions are ideal
Hussein Nathwani (1 month ago)
Man I stopped dropped and rolled halfway thru 😂😂😂😂
Once Upon A Porn (1 month ago)
what to do with all that extra oil after making it. pour it out?
Hussein Nathwani (1 month ago)
Once Upon A Porn Run it thru a sieve and put it in a jar to use again next time
Frog prince (1 month ago)
-You forgot to add onion powder to the seasonin...- Oh ..never mind
Poornima Antani (1 month ago)
Can the eggs be replaced?
Carl Ford (1 month ago)
"Like a big onion baby" LOL ~ Brandi, you are awesome!!! THANK YOU so much for showing me how to do this!!!!
Han (1 month ago)
3:21 tha's how you set your house on fire, just go for regular onion rings folks
NEZ IO (1 month ago)
she didn't eat anything!
DZenitram23 (1 month ago)
she looks like she would be the one person eating a salad while everyone devours that onion
Tyler Farrow (1 month ago)
I work at outback bloomin onion station. Shittiest bloomin onion i ever seen
Shinobi Skalper (1 month ago)
I want to try this. But cant because of the milk
BaldManLogan (2 months ago)
If you want a true blooming onion, you need to use a bread based breading, not flour
sasquatch1 **** (2 months ago)
Youre supposed to soak it face down,in ice water for 2 hrs then remove and let drain on a tea towel.
Da Man 52 (2 months ago)
There is no "G" in onion but, thank you for the video.
Joseph Ward (2 months ago)
Personally, I would dip the onion in the egg wash before dipping it into the flour mixture -- if the onion isn't wet to begin with -- because otherwise there's not much for the flour mixture to hold on to.
bermudaguy1 (2 months ago)
I use cornstarch for extra crispiness!
Ryan Richter (2 months ago)
I gave this recipe a try and there are a few things that need to be pointed out. The measurements for the flour's seasonings are quite off; you will require several times the amounts listed to have any sort of flavor come through when you are done. I'd estimate that it should be about three times as much. Also, for the egg wash, it seems that she watered down the eggs with something quite a bit. I'd suggest looking up an egg wash recipe, since two eggs alone will not be enough.
Cathy Knight (2 months ago)
Thanks good recipe Do you have Oven Baked Onion recipes?
assault and battery (2 months ago)
Imagine the oil after the event. All that stuff at the bottom to be sieved out...
assault and battery (2 months ago)
i'd like to put my 'flower', into your petals hun :)
Cyril Gomez (2 months ago)
Necromancer Nazi (2 months ago)
Classy woman
MrCedLo (2 months ago)
She's fine! Can't even front....I'd try to get her pregnant! 😂
mark lusti (2 months ago)
Is there a printed recipe of spices etc. used?
Canadian Drone Flyer (2 months ago)
colon cleansing
dcfincher (2 months ago)
Use an air fryer if you do not want all those grease calories.
ymcgill62 (2 months ago)
So who made the one in the start of the video? 🤔
Duke of Norfolk (2 months ago)
Thank you pretty lady! I’m going to make this for my new girlfriend. She will be so impressed! I will, give you all the credit, if she ask me who taught me this recipe, I promise you!🌹
Lajos Feher (3 months ago)
TheLochs (3 months ago)
Im hungry
vocalpatriot (3 months ago)
Good vid little miss...but it's "onion" ... not "ungion"
KeiRo Multiverse (3 months ago)
Everyone’s talking about the fire hazard, but I’m here reeling about the health code violation from her nail polish!
Ruth Noel (3 months ago)
Very useful vid! Free gifts on my channel
9010manassas (3 months ago)
Have trouble getting the batter to stick
Shion Moon (3 months ago)
Try it and doesnt like it... Bloom of grease
Angie Ramirez (3 months ago)
HappyHalloween (3 months ago)
You know that pot was too damn small.
Learn & Grow with Ann (3 months ago)
Epic, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
The Bizness (3 months ago)
This was good but you need to find organic onions.
The Bizness (3 months ago)
This was good but you need to find organic onions.
CrowMeris (4 months ago)
1) They look delicious! 2) Do this outside, on grass or concrete 3) Before starting, put the whole onion in a pot, fill the pot with water to cover the onion AND MEASURE. Make a mark, dump the water, dry the pan, and fill with oil ONLY TO THAT POINT.
RedDestroyer Gaming (4 months ago)
Can I also bake it? Deep frying it isn’t healthy
ramona hernandez (4 months ago)
ramona hernandez (4 months ago)
From the flew marcket
ramona hernandez (4 months ago)
It is good whit ranch
Wapper Jaw (4 months ago)
Oh my ... double dipping ... usually this is a no no ... lol! Thanks ... I love onions! TU!
Eliza Cabassoun (4 months ago)
that nub is called the root...
DOLOMITE (4 months ago)
Shrek is love, Shrek is life...
Anno Tooba (4 months ago)
which sauce u used wid it ?
Loveoldies50 (4 months ago)
She never discusses the "egg wash." It just miraculously shows up. How about telling us everything? I ASSUME you put the onion in a large plastic bag before freezing. And I ASSUME you are using regular vegetable oil. I don't use the spices you mentioned, but it would be nice if you included the amounts per each spice.
Fabian Mata (4 months ago)
You can use the flour whit water to make the batter not use eggs
Mails Bronx (4 months ago)
This is food porn
wiseblissnp (4 months ago)
What type of onion? How much flour? What type of flour? Can you re-use oil for the next onion right after ?
lily kope (4 months ago)
WOW. I watched this entire video just to know what sauce you used for this. VERY disappointed. 2/5 stars. Show me the SAUCE!!! Unbelievable. Absolute disgrace to sauce lovers. You lost a viewer today, Brandi.
You should have used a shallower pan !
Stranded73 (4 months ago)
💖 those things!!
Nice Poseidon (4 months ago)
3:22 totally edited out the oil overflowing
Santos Mara (4 months ago)
ça doit etre délicieux merci pour la video
Del3rd WitDaFacts (4 months ago)
Brandi is definitely a dude and drag and needs more then makeup and boobs to fool those who have eyes to see...that Brandi name is definitely fake, its more like Brandon.
Candie5000 (4 months ago)
I want y'all to notice she didn't eat a damn thang for the taste test..🤔 skinny girls😏
Danielle Laroux (4 months ago)
Mmmmm looks yummy
Daniel Bloom (4 months ago)
also this is wrong u use a batter not like thay show it
Gabby Garcia (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for adding the measurements!!!
Nick Dawn (4 months ago)
Ahh, all these youtube experts whining about a grease fire lol. Go ahead spill some cooking oil and put a blow torch to it, good luck lighting it on fire. A grease fire does not happen from spilled oil unless under extreme circumstancess/heat/volume a kitchen grease fire happens when the oil is heated past 450F in a container first you get smoke than poof self-ignition (no spark or flame required) it needs to be giving off flamable vapors to ignite which does not happen from small spills like this. All she did was make a bit of a mess, gas stove would have made zero difference, just harder to clean. How to prevent grease fires, -Don't ever leave your stove unattended -Always cook in a pot with a lid nearby ready to snuff it out. -400F max -when you see the oil starting to smoke that's bad, you are approaching 450F+
iodinesoul (5 months ago)
I usually batter mine.
Stefan G (5 months ago)
Looks awful, and what a waste of oil.
Eagle Claw Gaming (5 months ago)
It's not better than the restaurant version. It its not.
Carpe Diem (5 months ago)
u seriously almost burnt the whole place down...u shouldn't be trying to instruct peeps when you're clearly a novice also
Anti Establishment (5 months ago)
Thanks so much for this recipe!
Donna Colon (5 months ago)
That's a whole lot of grease -- ugh!!
Tony (5 months ago)
Just use a Vidalia Batter mix from store, and use Yum Yum Sauce for dipping. And for God's sake. Use a Vidalia Onion!
The Crypto Zoo (5 months ago)
I love this, want to do it tomorrow
Jen Olivero (5 months ago)
Thank you for sharing this recipe!!
Mark Taiman (5 months ago)
Haha there were a lot “that’s what she said” moments
X Saysit (5 months ago)
can you redo this using an actual deep fryer? I would never use the stove for this but would be interested in seeing this cooked in a deep fryer - just because I own a deep fryer :)

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