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Scientists Find 'On/Off Switch' For Human Consciousness

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Scientists at George Washington University say they were able to switch off a woman's consciousness by stimulating a single area of the brain. Follow Zach Toombs htttp://www.twitter.com/zachtoombs See more at htp://www.newsy.com Sources: usiness Insider http://www.businessinsider.com.au/scientists-switch-consciousness-on-and-off-2014-7 New Scientist http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22329762.700-consciousness-onoff-switch-discovered-deep-in-brain.html#.U7leFo1dVM4 Gizmodo http://gizmodo.com/scientists-find-the-brains-on-off-switch-that-controls-1600783245 The Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/07/03/unconsciousness-switch-turn-off-claustrum_n_5555409.html Image via: Getty Images http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx?contractUrl=2&language=en-US&family=editorial&assetType=image&agreementtypes=ed&p=brain
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Michael Keeney (11 месяцев назад)
So can science explain my astral projections as a child? It can't and never will be able. Why? Because consciousness does not originate from the material world. Unfortunately, modern science has been reduced to materialism.
Peter Kong (9 месяцев назад)
I think it is a misunderstanding that science treats consciousness as a physical thing. Most scientists would say consciousness is an emergent property of certain complex processes, and by definition non physical/material. Because consciousness is not physical it can not be explained with energy or matter which are both physical. Concussiness is better explained with abstract idea like math, physics, and psychology. It's less about what part of the brain is responsible for conciousness but rather what processes are essential for conciousness to emerge.
High Brow Comedy (1 год назад)
"on accident"?!!?!!?!! You sicken me.
Geoffrey Voeth (2 года назад)
Is this the part of the brain affected by those, not so gray,  mormonlike aliens when they abduct and slice and dice them ?
mnj331 (3 года назад)
They didn't mention that her hippocampus (memory part of the brain) is damaged which could play a huge role.
Ishmael Moh (8 месяцев назад)
mnj331 It could but if you read the paper, they wanted to find if they shut off language and speech instead of consciousness. Turns our it was actually consciousness. The hippocampus and claustrum have different functions. If the hippocampus affected the experiment I would assume it is so minute it can be ignored
world peace (3 года назад)
sounds more like a dimmer switch But seriously, an on/off switch?
Jarod Benowitz (3 года назад)
Well has this experiment been repeated?
AlternateSteve90 (4 года назад)
It's an interesting article, but I doubt this woman actually had her consciousness "shut off", literally, at least.
peter strand (4 года назад)
Think of the possible benefits , if that were to be proven.
Marcus Uddmar (4 года назад)
it sounds weaponizeble
Reddust86 (4 года назад)
1:27 Im baffled by the quote.. "who has it and who doesnt"... i dont even know how to respond to that.. aren't all people conscious?
Keith Sweat (4 года назад)
hmmmm isnt that called "day-dreaming? 
Roger Kreil (4 года назад)
Do you mean who has the "ON/OFF" switch?  Because everyone is conscious.
David (4 года назад)
Hey Zac, Interesting that we have a power down switch, thanks for the vid! PS Don't look now, but I think some punk is hacking your computer ;)
TishoYanchev (4 года назад)
There is no such thing as consciousness, contact me if you want me to explain to you what exactly do people call ''consciousness'', and why this experiment produced such effect.
Toc Oki (3 года назад)
+Newconsciousera2012 +TishoYanchev, You are both right, one of you describes how a part of the vessel functions and the other describes the spirit that inhabits the vessel.
Ismi yuLov (4 года назад)
+TishoYanchev Open your hand in front of you and look at it for a while. Now imagine yourself slapping your face with it. Now decide whether this is something you will or will not do. What ever you decided, that is consciousness, it is the essence and force that you are that enables you to fire off the information in your brain. Without it, the information wouldn't be collected, and it wouldn't be used. You would be no more useful than a pet rock. Time passes and every cell in your body gets replaced with new ones, you age, everything changes. The one thing that is not changed by time is your awareness, your experience as an observer inside a vesel, even if memories are forgotten, you are still aware of the moment. The brain is intertwined with consciousness to give us this experience of humanity, but what we really are is that essence, that simple awareness. When the brain dies, that essence which we are, moves on to the unified field to experience what we would call an afterlife, but soon enough it wil somehow find a body to carry it back into this world. We are here for the adventure, we are timeless, but we don't yet know it.
TishoYanchev (4 года назад)
+erasmusso The brain consist and operate based on 3 things - chemicals, information and electricty. Humans and animals are nothing more than a huge amount of small bits of information. Every action a person(or an animal) does is only an outcome of an information connected with another information already existing or currently obtained externally. That information is stored within the electrical impulses which operate thanks to the electricty. When you obtain or create a new inforamtion, you store that information by electrifying it. All the inforamtion in the brain is electrified. However, what matters is the level or amount of the electrification. If you do not often electrify an inforamtion, that electricty that holds that information gets weaker and weaker, and eventually it weakans to an extend in which it cannot be re-obtained anymore. Re-obtain means electrified to a level in which you can act upon it, this is what peopl call ''remember''. When you say, ''i just rememberd the name'', this means that you have electrified that information to a level in which it can be acted upon, or to put it more simply, you have ''re-obtained'' it. What people call ''constionsness'' is all the currently ''re-obtained'' information, or i.e. all the inforamtion that is currnetly electrified to that level. The rest of your information is what peopl call ''unconsness mind''. What people call ''thinking'' means ''connecting inforamtion'. When you obtain a new inforamtion through one of your sensors, that information imidlately gets connected with your information that you have. It connects with the currently re-obtained information, and the rest of your information that is not being currently re-obtain, as well. When the inforamtion connects, it imidiately produces an outcome. That outcome can be a new inforamtion conbination, it can be an ''action'' or can be a chemical reaction. When the connection between the currently obrtained inforation(i.e. the information you are just now obtaining through one of your sensors) and an infrmaton that you haev but the electricty that hold it is too weak to be re-obtained, produces an outcome, people don't know why are they doing what what they are doing. When someone say ''i know this is right, but i can't remember why'', this means that, they have that information that tells them ''this is right'', but the electricity that hold that information is too weak, the person cannot re-botain it anmore, but he still has the inforamtion, and that information still connects and creates that outcome. People cannot control their process of information, the connection of the inforamtion and the outcome it creates. We need to have a lot of electricty, but even so, there is very little we can do to control the connections of the information. We need to create some device or machine which we can use to manipulate the information and electricity, otherwise, we will always be only slaves, an we cannot control our actions as they are only a mere outcome of the information that we have and the inforantion we obtain. The best thing we can do right now is to be very careful what inforamtion we obtain because that inforation will get stored. What the people from the video have done, is to simple focus the electricty into one single part, thus taking away the electrity from the rest of the brain, and that is why there aws not enough electricty to electtrify any ifnoramtion to a level it can be ''re-obtained''. This is what is happening when you sleep. The level of electricty falls to a certain level, thus you no longer obtain any new ifnoramtion, i.e. no inforamtion is being electrified to a level that is ''re-obtained'', that is why you do not have ''concess'', because simple the ifnormation is not electrified enough. The purpose of sleeping is to re-charge your electricty. (on a related note: the reason why if you start thinking about something, you cannot fall in sleep, is exactly because of this. You are electrifying that information. The more you ''think'', meaning, the more you connect inforamtion, the more information gets electrified, thus you cannot fall in sleep. You need to stop connecting (=thinking) in order for the electricty to lower to a level in which no ifnoramton is electrified to a level that is ''re-obtained''). What these people have done is very dangerous because i don't know how they estimated how much electricty to take away and focus, but if they had taken too much electricty, if the minimum amount of electricity needed to maintain and keep an information from vanishing is lowered further, then that inforation will simple vanish as the electricty will weaken too much, so i.e. if they take too much electricty from one part, all the inforamtion that electricity had stored could vanish. There are a lot more things about the brain, the information, the electricity and the chemical reactions. I am currently working on a project, so i don't have enogh time, however, once i finish with it, i plan on making a blog and explain everthing about the brain, the inforamtion, the electricity, the chemical raections and a lot more.
erasmusso (4 года назад)
I'd like to know. Can you write here or would you rather pm me?
cr4yv3n (4 года назад)
Oh boy, another way to be controlled....nice going.... =|
Bruce Wayne (3 года назад)
I fight daily for righteousness, you have no need to be afraid of anything made on this planet. Stand with the community and for what is right and you'll be alright.
cr4yv3n (3 года назад)
+Bruce Wayne Haha big words, but you will be afraid...you WILL be afraid :D :D
Bruce Wayne (3 года назад)
Nothing scares a soul as strong as mine.
cr4yv3n (3 года назад)
+Bruce Wayne You should be too, unless you're a fool.
Bruce Wayne (3 года назад)
+cr4yv3n are you afraid my boy? You sound afraid.
Philosophical Mind (4 года назад)
i think they should use the word brain instead of Consciousness
Jay ElMozee (8 месяцев назад)
brain and consciousness are two different things, the woman's brain was still active meaning all her organs functioned normally, but her consciousness has stopped, which is her ability to process and respond to information or external stimuli collected by the brain
JAY KNOWS DA WEY (4 года назад)
The Title is misleading ...  ( may ) should be in the title
JAY KNOWS DA WEY (4 года назад)
+MALayhee700 so was i right or not ? with my remoteviewing
SetsunaAngel99 (4 года назад)
+0cards0 .......I'm giving you one more chance. I actually care and can't bring myself to ignore your ignorance. I will PM you information that goes against matter based science that makes you an object. Also they're my experiences that can't be explained by science. You won't accept them because you weren't around me.
JAY KNOWS DA WEY (4 года назад)
+MALayhee700 Ok... i can see you... almost clearly..... you are siting in a basement..... but it is not dark.,..... i see a older woman bringing you something..... it looks like see is your mother.... see doesn't look happy... now she is telling you to get a fucking job..... well thats all i have seen....  dit i got it right !?
Philosophical Mind (4 года назад)
+MALayhee700 what experiences?
Philosophical Mind (4 года назад)
+MALayhee700 scientist confirmed the experiments as no fraud? what experiments? show me. i know im not an object,objects are dead,im alive im immatirial?what that means? i didnt see any media that told me that i can be owned  get insane results of positive feedback for ESP? show me please
Jesse Francis (4 года назад)
New crowd control device, pain and healing management, other great applications.

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