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GW Bridge Painter: Dangerous Jobs

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Hanging more than 600 feet above 24 lanes of traffic for these guys is just another day at the office.
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Dirty Dan (1 day ago)
You don't like heights, hold my beer You don't like walking on bridges, hold my vodka
Fe man (3 days ago)
Im so scared of heights that it hurt me to watch this.
A T (3 days ago)
Sing me up
Lisa Clark (3 days ago)
Oh Hell No!!
Kgantsho Eddy (3 days ago)
I'm scared by just looking at this
king of death (4 days ago)
That's why it cost $25 for tolls just to cross this bitch I mean the bridge!!!
david mendy (4 days ago)
The Painters are Hero's
Mike Wible (5 days ago)
I hate driving over that bridge let alone having to climb it, shit you can keep that job I want no parts of it.
strawdawgs78 (5 days ago)
Damn that reporter's got balls. lol
misterwicked56 (6 days ago)
My Granpda and dad were painters. 806 guys. nothing but respect for the job they did
Have it now (6 days ago)
My uncle and his kids and grandkids were all bridge painters. It’s not just the heights the paint can be toxic too and sometimes they have to sand blast the old paint and that’s dangerous too, one last thing...they have to paint the bottom too!
user name (6 days ago)
Job requiremenT: Fortnite
Terry Hawkins (6 days ago)
Just TWO words..........🏃 FUCK DAT !!!🙄🤔😨
pepegrillo (6 days ago)
where is the toilet ??
Roster Uhlrich (7 days ago)
Fuck that.
Tan Man (7 days ago)
Hells no.
Boandlkramer (7 days ago)
50% women when?
Francis Artanis (7 days ago)
2.00 is a hell of a laxative.
Random Dude (7 days ago)
Im going to puke... and im only half way in!
I Don't Know (8 days ago)
Americans are such pussies anyone else could do this easy
sticksman1979 (8 days ago)
Bob’s got balls.
Harshe Cod (8 days ago)
better than studying in college.
Kid Nyce (8 days ago)
if I had to walk in a position like that, that high over water I can't swim I would've pass out
Tim White (8 days ago)
This so crazy.
OBServe Garage (8 days ago)
What do you do when you have to take a dump?
Orlandloo (9 days ago)
3:00 i see no statue what so ever
call me atlas (9 days ago)
Fuck that shit just nooo
OK? (9 days ago)
Gor Simonyan (9 days ago)
Why they painting they bored
black berry (9 days ago)
I wanna work this job, can anybody hire me???
kelly beneth (10 days ago)
any feminists up for this job?
Joey Jamison (10 days ago)
No women up there, proving they're smarter than men!
evelasq1 (10 days ago)
I walked that bridge before taking black and white photos. It is scary to walk on as a pedestrian.
JLeon40 (10 days ago)
2:03 obviously not, he wouldnt be here if he did🤦‍♂️😂😂
TerrestrialToker (10 days ago)
Im a painter and i hate hights even 2 stories make me nervous so this shit is just crazy....fucckkkk that
تيم الحسن (10 days ago)
ليبارك الرب لكم على جهودكم
Marc Cuomo (10 days ago)
i was a dc 9 union painter in nyc. these guys work 6 months a year and bring in like 90k
mikis i (11 days ago)
apparently the most dangerous part of being up there is being struck by peregrine falcons who nest on the bridge
Rhyl Papalid (11 days ago)
i think its easier and faster, if they use "the bucket tool" :D #SFMBE
brazilsky brazilsky (11 days ago)
An astonishing height..........
jet lo (11 days ago)
just name the title death
jet lo (11 days ago)
hell naw
FindItFixIt (11 days ago)
that would be great to stream from
Fuck You (11 days ago)
Too bad NYC is for faggots. Never met a large group of shitlords than people from NYC.
forgotaboutbre (11 days ago)
Damn Bob, that's some nice work in the field!
azertu2u2 (11 days ago)
Lol asks a living person if he ever fell
iTsStEpHyyyy (12 days ago)
Haha look at these guys, just roughing it and getting covered in paint! I love it, great job guys!
Jay Crew (12 days ago)
I wonder how much these guys make? I could Never do this kind of job; I have a Fear of Heights but looks like an awesome view.
1960jack (12 days ago)
tip my hat to these dudes, I get scared on a step ladder! I am not good with heights.
Marcos Villalobos (12 days ago)
That looks like fun
Georgie82 (12 days ago)
My anxiety whent up just watching this
Carrington Woods (12 days ago)
What 14 lanes?
Rahel (12 days ago)
Why don’t they paint the parts when they make them
Unknown (12 days ago)
But if they fell wouldn’t their harnesses just catch them so it not really dangerous at all
Fabulous Faraz (13 days ago)
*Wanna apply for that job...and need US citizenship as a Salary..🇵🇰💋🇺🇸.*
Mere B (13 days ago)
Respect to these hardworking men. My palms were sweating watching this and I’m not even afraid of heights usually!
Ignacio Magana (14 days ago)
That anchormans eyes are to close together.
Abelardo Sanchez (14 days ago)
Why does he say 14 lanes I only see 8
Esco KickS (14 days ago)
Difference between him and a business man is he sacrifices himself a business man sacrifices others for his success
Master Chief 00117 (14 days ago)
600' is only what 50 stories... I used to hang off 70 story building fixing signs. Best paying job I ever had. $140.00 an hour for having fun. On the side of a building.. Now them tower workers. That change light bulbs.. They got some nuts. Them things swing 30' side to side and 1500' tall...
rexxo (14 days ago)
I would love to do that :)
Thinn Boi (15 days ago)
Title: Dangerous Jobs Me: TF they are strapped in u wot
danielle Leigh (15 days ago)
This gives me the heebie jeebies!!
Where are the safety hats.
drew laredo (16 days ago)
Brave and real journalism out in the field....
ExoticLuck (18 days ago)
Who cares what color?
Exposing The fake ones (18 days ago)
She’s not the first girl up there
Sean Mercado (18 days ago)
😱😱nope nope nope I'd be like🙈💨
LITTLE Lamb (19 days ago)
They better pay these people well. Why would they be expected to work in high winds though? My heart is pounding just looking at this.
YouCanCallMeReTro (20 days ago)
Just watching this video makes me anxious. Imagine actually being up there.
Ronbo710 (20 days ago)
It's weird I have rappelled down a 7 story building Australian (face first) and I have no problems. But when I stand next to a tall building and look up my palms always sweat lol.
Ronbo710 (20 days ago)
The job is never "finished".
LAZY DOG (21 days ago)
Messy painters.... They didn't even use drop sheets.
Mario Mukaj (21 days ago)
i see 8 lanes. they say 14. description said 24. wtf.
Jif Peanut Butter (21 days ago)
shoulda painted it orange
TheGrrf (21 days ago)
As long as ur clipped and locked in good like they are. I’m cool with this job
Jobal Doctolero (23 days ago)
Strictly drug free work place or else it's a Free Falling.
xxxsientexxx10 (23 days ago)
Hell no!
zendeath (23 days ago)
ally law?
suction cup man 5000 (24 days ago)
Man-made painted man-made surprised a feminist didn't attack this
jeepmudslut25 (24 days ago)
How much do these dudes get paid?
icey beats (25 days ago)
How do you get down
M Moje (25 days ago)
Why don’t they build a special machine that would be only used to paint the bridge
Person (25 days ago)
Wonder how much they get paid
Jesse almaguer (25 days ago)
It must be really hard walking on that bridge with balls that big.
BOXINGKING1980 (25 days ago)
Ahmed Kurdi (26 days ago)
Hope they fall and die
SeniorSuc (26 days ago)
2:58 what statue of 🗽
Rod Camp (26 days ago)
I've worked up high before, it starts off as a trip, you just have to learn to trust your equipment, as trippy as that sounds as you look down lol
Maria Humphries (27 days ago)
Just looking at this makes my stomach churn 🤢
chewy alba (29 days ago)
Does anyone know a way to start doing this job??
Alfonso Green (29 days ago)
I dont c how they do it but im pretty sure its good money n they getting their money's worth
Nihcas (29 days ago)
Why aren't feminist fighting for women to work these jobs too huh equality right???
c4binF3v3r (29 days ago)
They are tied. They can’t fall. So it is not as dangerous as it seems.
Batman (30 days ago)
I wouldn't do that job for any money ,l would fall before l get up.
Jasmine vill (30 days ago)
Oh God protect them
bignose140 (30 days ago)
"Have you ever fallen?" Did he really just ask that question?
GRD7 (1 month ago)
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .....ha ha to the 10th power ...that's hillarious
Logan A (1 month ago)
I'm never going up there😳😳
Abiodun O (1 month ago)
...reminds me of when humanity were building the Tower of Babel!!! #incredible From the Holy Scriptures, the book of Genesis 11: 4 - 5 .. but wait, hey, this painting job seems even simpler to that of those who put [erected] the scaffold and the bridge itself{!?!!?!?!} #amazing

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