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GW Bridge Painter: Dangerous Jobs

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Hanging more than 600 feet above 24 lanes of traffic for these guys is just another day at the office.
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J S (7 hours ago)
They couldn’t paint it BEFORE putting the pipes up?
Golden Gamer/memes (14 hours ago)
playboipoop (15 hours ago)
Toxic Paradise (20 hours ago)
Give me a green mushroom and I'll do it I need that extra life u knoe
Brooklyn Boi (20 hours ago)
In God we trust!!!
lozerboozer (22 hours ago)
There's not enough money in the world!
Felipe Munoz (23 hours ago)
You should see the pictures of Painters long Ago. Those Fuckers Were Crazy!
mycivicsi07 (1 day ago)
"have you ever fallen?"........ what a stupid question
Eddie (1 day ago)
Anybody know what company they work for ?
Sam A (1 day ago)
I don’t quite understand how anyone can think this is dangerous or difficult? They are wearing harnesses and are attached to two lanyards and two carabiners. What’s so difficult or scary about that?
ohhKilla (1 day ago)
Kill yourself. We don't need stupid people like you.
E T (1 day ago)
may god protect them 🌠
joshua clarke (1 day ago)
Why does it need to be painted? It's not like we can go up there and admire the fucking paint job
IamSmart 7 (1 day ago)
That would be a awesome selfie.
Bytch Where (1 day ago)
I’m scared of the dam carnival 🎡 rides is never get on this not even for all the money in the world 🌎
markmark123412341 (1 day ago)
SOMEBODY TELL ME HOW MUCH THEY MAKE A YEAR LOL! I’m tired of y’all GUESSING how much they make lol
Nyla Felix (1 day ago)
NIGHT2PWN (2 days ago)
yeah dont fall to your death guys, you might start heavy traffic
Danny M (2 days ago)
I would slip in my own piss.no way.
slicer940 (2 days ago)
They better get some serious bank for that
jessesam (2 days ago)
come on ...its not that dangerous at all..they have double safety harnesses.....like if they slip they are good
Jesse Cantu (3 days ago)
They should get paid 500 a hr to do this shit
GodsHolyChild (3 days ago)
That’s something I wouldn’t be able to do fr...
I cringed (3 days ago)
I'd still do it depending on how much an hour
Aditya Gaur (4 days ago)
Shit ... No feminist up there...!!!
Noah Odondo (4 days ago)
Why dont they just paint it before it is mounted
africanindiaspo (4 days ago)
Women should fight hard to get an equal number of women in this job.
Cube (4 days ago)
Looks like 8 lanes to me, not 14.
Mavis V (5 days ago)
2018 may
paisa007 (5 days ago)
My damn hands are soaked.
MusicloverX88 (5 days ago)
Wow that's bad ass!
Bird Man (5 days ago)
I can engineer a drone with a paint spray , just hire me
Armen V (6 days ago)
Year and a half! I can paint that shit in 3 days
Jose Jeffery Mendoza (6 days ago)
Bob Hamilton (6 days ago)
I would really love this job
MrSubForSub1 (7 days ago)
How much an hour
Young Professional (7 days ago)
I think I could go up there like once or maybe a week. but as soon as I have one dream about falling it is going to stick with me. Plus I think I'd be the one dufus to drop a paint brush and ruin someone's day
Anton Imous (7 days ago)
I'm jealous.
Stephen Malturin (7 days ago)
What if you have to take a piss?
the beast (7 days ago)
I wonder if they ever spilled on a,car
dannyville211 (7 days ago)
there's no way you can ever fall and die lmao you can clearly see they are hooked in at all times.
Camping Jason (8 days ago)
domki366 (8 days ago)
1:37 "The fourteen lanes of traffic below" *shows 8 lanes*
Natalee Denlinger (8 days ago)
Oh hell no
ayr1225 (9 days ago)
Why does everything have to have a girl involved? Who cares? Show us the work. Why angle in the story about retard little girls? Don’t give a shit.
Sven Cas (9 days ago)
Might be just me but I consider this a dream job.
Lil Bored (10 days ago)
They're literally strapped to the bridge with steel wire Why would they be scared??
Juan Santiago (10 days ago)
Where do I apply
Will-MUSIC (10 days ago)
Fair enough but you don’t need a net as your harnessed on to sides
Sean Arsenault (10 days ago)
You NE Gian ball
Joseluis Martinez (10 days ago)
i know some mexicans that can do that in a week for 8.50 and hr. smh
Joseluis Martinez (10 days ago)
id do that job.
joker27591 (10 days ago)
Its scares the shit out me by looking at that
The Questioner (10 days ago)
What's the pay?
Eddie Bacon (10 days ago)
Looks hot and fun. I would love to tey this for just one paycheck. Experience everything.
OHHESSDUBB (11 days ago)
Hell na haha
karthik prabhu (11 days ago)
Why won't woman ask for reservations in these fields , we even agree to give extra wages compared to men
Joel Roberts (11 days ago)
This is stupid fuck this entitled reporter
Zak (11 days ago)
Danger involved well up it to 10.50 an hr
Brollergunsz 4life (11 days ago)
I’m out here screaming OSHA OSHA User version of singing
Jon Davis (11 days ago)
One little fuck up and ur dead if the rope breaks or some stupid shit like that
Jon Davis (11 days ago)
There should be a lot of kudos to those workers here
Jon Davis (11 days ago)
Is this bitch ass San Francisco ?
Jon Davis (11 days ago)
All this to paint the bridge lol who gives a shit what color it is
Jon Davis (11 days ago)
Yea no shit its a dangerous job lol i hope they pay these dudes about a million dollars
Kyle Emerson (11 days ago)
Lol that ain’t nothing. Should have filmed the real men with the most dangerous job...Ironworkers
Martin Rangel (12 days ago)
True New Yorkers
Sillo _85 (12 days ago)
$200 dollars per hr send me an application please
Mg85 G (12 days ago)
That was awesome! Great view!
Nick Mccallister (12 days ago)
Fuck that!
Mike Hawk (13 days ago)
Lmao the guy with silver all over his face
Jacuqeline Navarrete (13 days ago)
Juliet McLean (13 days ago)
I was sweating just watching this! I'm so scared of heights
Daddy Trump (13 days ago)
WOMEN GET PAID LESS duhh do you see a woman up there men have to do the bad jobs
Matt Tran (14 days ago)
You suck at window washing
TheAncientRuin (14 days ago)
MustangWanted > The Painters > Me
Dennis Swan (14 days ago)
knees weak, palms sweaty...
Seanny Scene (15 days ago)
i cringed just watching this..... me and heights don't go together
Scott Bott (16 days ago)
No women on that job? Big surprise. Too risky. What about equal rights and all that?
lola cumbaia (16 days ago)
wow this men are THE MEN they are fearless
Ruth Vera (16 days ago)
Good Job for a real weed smoker.
Sans the Rocker (16 days ago)
Loves doing this job if payes better brave one
Kane Aaron (16 days ago)
New York is cool
Evolution Lancer (16 days ago)
fuck the paint how about you fix these fucking roads NYC. for the price paid on these bridges and tolls the roads should be immaculate.
P Zak (17 days ago)
What about when it rains or its windy? Hmnnn?....
Sardore17 (17 days ago)
*Go'Dammit, I said Burgendy, not Red! Start over!*
Leon Trotsky (17 days ago)
this gives me anxiety bad
atta emad (17 days ago)
"Just a normal interview on top of 400 foot high bridge"
David Featherman (17 days ago)
Can someone explain why 8 lanes of traffic is considered to be 14 lanes of traffic?
BankTyper1210 (17 days ago)
I'm getting vertigo just looking at it!
Michael Marshall (17 days ago)
My hands were sweating just watching this.
introvert _ (17 days ago)
A nice crew of guys that seem to work well together, good video
JAP TAP (17 days ago)
Why can't I just paint it and build the shit lol
Baby Bandit (17 days ago)
How much do they get paid for this job ? That’s the real question .
David Hill (17 days ago)
ain't nothing a rock climber can't do, ez work
ss3kidgoku (17 days ago)
how do they stay on the bridge, with balls that big weighing them down?
passtheBuck Canuck (17 days ago)
Took them a year and a half because they had to stop for mandatory diaper change breaks....
Jordan Batey (17 days ago)
My grandpa painted the mackinaw bridge when it was first built and they make realy good money
Random Stuff In Oregon (17 days ago)
This looks like a fun job, but what's the point?
Patriot Samurai (2 days ago)
Jon Davis Make sure you always have a condom safely secured on your penis, I wouldn’t want you reproducing on this planet
Patriot Samurai (2 days ago)
Random Stuff In Oregon Your right, to keep the bridge from rusting
LittleR0124 (3 days ago)
Jon Davis please use birth control for your entire life
Arithmometer (11 days ago)
Jon Davis Your logic is stupid as fuck. Just because someone thinks something looks cool doesn’t mean they would want to do it.
Jon Davis (11 days ago)
Random Stuff In Oregon yea thats exactly what it means wtf else would it mean?
KJ 10 (18 days ago)
I could never do this. Hate heights
You Don't Need to Know (18 days ago)
Thanks, MEN for keeping our bridges safe!

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