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Текстовые комментарии (120)
y. s. (1 год назад)
AS Neon (1 год назад)
What other pranks are like this where they make people think they're talking about them but walk past them?
TheTraveler (2 года назад)
You gotta do a part 2, this is one of the best pranks!
bryantne avalos (2 года назад)
aye y'all at Montclair plaza mall aha
Shelby Gold (2 года назад)
Those reactions tho!
Jasmine Cooper (3 года назад)
#2 was a hella cute couple
mashuu ॐ (3 года назад)
1:14 damn he's fine
Magnolia mall (3 года назад)
got em
Jim Pines (3 года назад)
lol she new the camera guy
Jayy lynn (3 года назад)
haha good one man :)
big973e (3 года назад)
matching outfits....I thought that was only for school field trips
MangoManTango (3 года назад)
I don't keep up with black slang enough to know what the other ratchet means.
brallan perez (3 года назад)
Montclair plaza
DJBawss (3 года назад)
Wow ironic victim knows camera guy LOL XD didn't expect that XD
NonSense4u (3 года назад)
Isn't that Ashley from buzzfeed at 25
ExtraOrdinaryextr3Me (3 года назад)
Do more of this prank it was pretty funny
Hitmarkuh Teck (3 года назад)
Was that pornhub at the end ? Or you were banging your gf haha xD
Cleesh (3 года назад)
+Hitmarkuh Teck it was Jenny lmao
Louie Poison (3 года назад)
shouldve been dressed like a security guard
william Velasquez (3 года назад)
It's that the mall in Montclair
Jacob Chan (3 года назад)
Shoulda been like "damn that's a lot of ratchets" to a bunch of girls and have the other guy carrying a ton of ratchets.
Cindy Quiroz (3 года назад)
Is this at Montclair plaza mall
william Velasquez (3 года назад)
Francisco Apaez Jr. (3 года назад)
Lol....he said needed for his honda civic
This is Dalia (3 года назад)
Thats the Montclair Plaza! :)
JR (3 года назад)
Ahhh i know where you guys were...the Montclair Mall. Haha.
iMisterT GT (3 года назад)
fail xD look at 0:11 u can see his face
Kinky Suuu (3 года назад)
why is there an Asian girl getting fucked on the background at the end xD hahaha
Jomari Soriano (3 года назад)
Hey Fatalism the guy you prank was my bro but you got him good.My bro was the one in the star wars shirt. nice bro
Rob Locke (3 года назад)
I love your videos!  But it's so hard to keep up with the new slang, like "ratchet"... I had to look it up.  Internet age moves fast...
abcditz (3 года назад)
LOL That first couple with the matching Star Wars shirts are my friends!
SixTailsMistKid (3 года назад)
this was filmed in valley fair mall right?
Greg Van Holsbeck (3 года назад)
This was shot in Montclair! I used to work at that mall!
Mr. Badass (3 года назад)
Lmao this need more views
happy lego nigga (3 года назад)
Wait is that the Montclair Mall right next to the 10 freeway?
Solly Bird (3 года назад)
Can we get ratchet prank part 2?
jay young (3 года назад)
Is this montclair mall? lol
thestreetninja1 (3 года назад)
Montclair Mall Dass righh SDMKREW 640C
Mark Hunter (3 года назад)
Montclair plaza!
Soybean (3 года назад)
OMG this is actually decent!! SUBBED
KIK XD (3 года назад)
Dude u film so close to were i live u film this at the Montclair mall right
Jimmy From Southpark Crip (3 года назад)
Jacob Canizales (3 года назад)
Is that the Montclair plaza mall?
diego reyes (3 года назад)
Dope man keep it up
Manuel Garcia (3 года назад)
Montclair Mall huh?
Omari De Leon (3 года назад)
That last 12 secs
Jaylah Anderson (3 года назад)
lol this was so good keep making these
Ruben Roque (3 года назад)
This is funny lol keep it up guys
GHitman (3 года назад)
So.. as I understood from this prank the 'ratchet' can serve as a mockery word for a girl in US isnt it? Thats a good idea after all ! I find this very perfect synonym to describe a girl 8DDD
Felix Garcia (3 года назад)
Aye! The Montclair Plaza. So cool to see YouTubers from places like this or shooting their videos out here!
liveyourdreams111 (3 года назад)
0:27 DAMN matching outfits to the extreme! lol never saw that before.
Adrian Villalpando (3 года назад)
montclair mall! :)))
26magicman26 (3 года назад)
I hate when kids make up random words   >.> You Fleek, Bae, but that Thot is Ratchet!! YOLO SWAG !!! goddamnit i hate this generation
Its Sierra (1 год назад)
26magicman26 you eat lunch alone??? Seems like it
Rory (3 года назад)
+26magicman26 Dear so called magic'man' Bae is not a random word it is just an abbreviation of the the word baby, YOLO is not a random word it is an acronym of the saying "you only live once" and swag is a old word that has a few meaning but is mostly used as an abbreviation of swagger by 'this generation'. Just out of curiosity what generation do you like? how about the William Shakespeare's generation? William Shakespeare is regarded by many people across the world as the greatest writer in the English language and is a major part of many schools English curriculum. William Shakespeare invented many so called 'random words' such as addiction, assassination, eyeball, fashionable, manager and swagger. so before you hate continue to hate this generation just think where would we be if people didn't invent words, I mean could you imagine what a horrible world it would be without the word Pikachu! :P
6AM (3 года назад)
Okay Ash, now go catch some Pokemons.
Lemon Hazed out Hoe (3 года назад)
Is it just me or is that Northridge Mall.
Abram Sanchez (3 года назад)
Cool video man and can you give me a shoutout please my youtube is abram sanchez with 14 videos and 2 subscriber
Keanu Reaves (3 года назад)
U stole this prank idea U guys suck
Junior Macc (3 года назад)
That first guy that got up to fight must've felt like an idiot before those 2 girls x.x
xxxmizzkizzyxxx (3 года назад)
But them girls are obviously used to him acting like an idiot because look at them, they didn't even bat an eyelid throughout the whole thing! In fact I thought they were mannequins they stayed so still lmao 😂
xxxmizzkizzyxxx (3 года назад)
That's exactly what I was thinking 😂😂😂
StevieBTheKid (3 года назад)
You guys gotta do this prank again with just black chicks, thll go crazy
PMDownUp (3 года назад)
Nice timing and acting.
ZachTaylor (3 года назад)
Damn dude got up so fast😭
Jay Maldonado (3 года назад)
Was this in Pomona
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Montclair bro
Omar Barca Kurdish (3 года назад)
haha this prank was funny
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Haha yeah definitely was!
PartnergyMedia (3 года назад)
Awesome, it's funny!
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Thanks for helping out with the film!
I see what you Didier... (3 года назад)
A brilliant original prank!
PROVIN (3 года назад)
imfaoooo this is pretty funny guys keep it up :)
1k Rob (2 года назад)
+FatalPranks bro u in montclair THATS WHERE I STAY I HOPE I SEE YOU ONE DAY
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Thanks Provin! 
Jesus Casas (3 года назад)
I remember you had like 50 some subscribers now you have almost 50 thousand nice!!!
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Thanks for noticing!! And being my early follower!
Unicorn Dragon Gaming (3 года назад)
The couple with the matching outfits xD
Unicorn Dragon Gaming (3 года назад)
Haha I was laughing hard, It's pretty cute though" Good prank bro.
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Haha yeah xD
CHOSEN KINGS (3 года назад)
keep these coming...loving the montclair mall pranks!
CHOSEN KINGS (3 года назад)
whats up bro...i just saw the ontario ca prank...dope...so i finally came up with a prank....i was thinking of you guys doing a prank in upland ca by 216 sinclair ave by 8th street. prank the whole block! theres always all kinds of ratchets and some what gangsters aha.tryda do the gold digger prank or the sniped in the hood...the block usually turns up on weekends tho...so thats one of my thoughts...if you like it....much love! ...oh yah one more thing the block is on the other side of kohls
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Haha sweet! Let me know if you want me to try an idea you have in mind!
HippoSebai (3 года назад)
U know that girl with the matching shirts wit her man was like "babe say something," in her head
way2good4u95 (3 года назад)
Awesome and original prank
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Nikolaj Panduro (3 года назад)
This is a good prank
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!
WorldVideosTV (3 года назад)
haha good job guys
lawndogmoon2 (3 года назад)
Had to check urbandictionary to find out what"ratchet" is slang for.
Justus Zimmermann (3 года назад)
What does it mean , bro?
Excellence 13 (3 года назад)
You got this idea from Whatever channel ,but No worries :)
TechBlissTV (3 года назад)
Never heard the word ratchet in my life
big973e (3 года назад)
+WackoKillerDan to be fair, it can be hard getting out the basement when you are a WoW and Destiny faux champ
I dont have a name (3 года назад)
+TechBlissTV get out and make some friends
nate dogg (3 года назад)
+WackoKillerDan haha
WackoKillerDan (3 года назад)
Do you live under a rock?
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
That's interesting
Negative Espada (3 года назад)
Why you with that ratchet bro?
Silly Goose (3 года назад)
This is hilarious, a part 2 would be sick. Would make a suggestion, where you go up talking about a bitch when your friend has a female dog in his hands. Just I don't know if people know the term "Bitch" being a dog or won't think quick on it.
Snooopy Bud (3 года назад)
Finally, a legit prank video. I'm getting tired of all those kissing pranks
Snooopy Bud (3 года назад)
Make me, fûcking quéêr.
Snooopy Bud (3 года назад)
That's why I said "legit prank" lol.
Justin Bouche (3 года назад)
a genuinely good prank for sure. good job guys! 
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Thanks bro!
Sally May (3 года назад)
Hahaha xD
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Glad you thought it was funny!
beast fxcade (3 года назад)
Wow that was so funny
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Thanks Jim!
M Antonio (3 года назад)
Go thru hoods
Revivify (3 года назад)
KenPranksTV (3 года назад)
Just the beginning! 
Melantine - (3 года назад)
I know that PhycoBilly! Ayyyy😂
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
brandon24 (3 года назад)
Lmao fuckin pussys pranking teenage girls instead of men with their ladies cause they would drop u on the spot
jose medina (3 года назад)
^He has a lot of X's in his username so....^
ThenX (3 года назад)
Oh shut up tough guy.
Nick Gurr (3 года назад)
More hood
FatalPranks (3 года назад)
Give me some ideas then bro lol
Kassem Taleb (3 года назад)
More this, less hood
TDog3337 (3 года назад)

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