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Mad Money's Mad Obvious Advice (TJDS)

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Here's a brilliant tip: Jim Cramer of CNBC's Mad Money advises viewers to buy health insurance because medical expenses are expensive. Wow. Thanks, Jim. Comedian Jimmy Dore and John Iadarola (Host, TYT University) break it all down on this installment of The Jimmy Dore Show. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare Follow Jimmy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jimmy_dore Follow John on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jiadarola Caricature of Jimmy courtesy of DonkeyHotey: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/5346022953/ Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (34)
Ron Ryan (2 years ago)
Jim Cramer is a douche.
tomitstube (5 years ago)
here's some advise... private insurance is a scam, and jim cramer is a hack.
undercoverposter (5 years ago)
NO I was pointing out how ridiculous your premise is, I am getting a sense of how your mind works and starting to see the problem here.
YouthInEyesAsian (5 years ago)
C'mon, he pays people to do that for him.
tersse b (5 years ago)
can jim cramer take a piss and put his jimmy away without dribbling down his leg? i dont think so.
undercoverposter (5 years ago)
can u please link to a segment from 2006 when Cramer told people to "get out of the housing market", cuz otherwise it sounds suspect and not believable at all. Why did he get taken apart and completely humiliated by john stewart again?
undercoverposter (5 years ago)
oh so sitting down with an insurance man won't convince them buy insurance, but a lame promo for a CNBC show will. Yeah, makes a ton oaf sense.
Dragonworks (5 years ago)
Hi I'm Jim Cramer and I recommend poor people get themselves some money. I'm Jim Cramer from Mad Money.
Jesse Haffner (5 years ago)
Who else is sickened by how establishment CNBC is. Between this jackass an the wacko who stands on the floor of the stock exchange bitching at whomever is in studio forced to listen about how Obama's SOCIALIST policies are killing the free market and how stimulus is something that our nation has never done cuz it doesn't work, (which by the way is such BS, anyone who's studied econ knows that stim works) and it's somethin he and his fello stock-trading asshole friends wont stand for. Fuck CNBC
bioman123 (5 years ago)
You can even get the trades for his trust before he makes them, but you have to pay for that. Point being, all his trades are public. He does not profit off the bump stocks get from being on his show. You made shit up, I called you out and proved you wrong. Suck it.
bioman123 (5 years ago)
He's not allowed to make regular trades..it's part of his contract with CNBC. He has a charitable trust with restricted trading options. He makes all trades in that trust public. Google. He made many millions as a hedge fund manager, that is public record. He even wrote a book long before his show. Nothing in the video is supports your prior claims that the show is sued to manipulate markets. His contract is a fact, look it up. Facts are facts. Your claims are refuted by the facts.
Malcadon (5 years ago)
Jim Cramer whats to remind people that Bear Stearns is still doing great. ;P
xdir (5 years ago)
Die quickly...
bioman123 (5 years ago)
Wrong, he made hundreds of millions before the show. He makes much less now. His trades are severely limited to prevent him from benefiting from any market moves that his show creates. For example, all his trades are monitored and public, he may not be able to execute a trade until 30 days later, and etc. If he was playing a pump and dump game, the government regulatory bodies would shut his show down. But cool conspiracy bro, but you are a 911 truther too.
bioman123 (5 years ago)
Cramer told people to get out of the market before well before it hit bottom. He then successfully called the bottom. Overall, his financial advice is pretty good, but it does help to learn to read between the lines a little bit and of course to learn to think for yourself. Jimmy Dore is apparently incapable of the latter because I seriously doubt he ever watched much of Cramer's show (and yet has formed a strong opinion of the show).
5argeTech \V/ (5 years ago)
Hey Cramer! Fuck you!
Tangle2Brook (5 years ago)
Hey Jimmy, did you ever have a big bush of blondish hair like the opening caricature?
neverfearchrisishere (5 years ago)
The advice from the health insurance companies is: 'How many middle fingers am I holding up?'
MIKETARS (5 years ago)
Daelyas (5 years ago)
My advice would be.... dont live in the US.
Maguel83 (5 years ago)
Johnny Kickass?
Maguel83 (5 years ago)
That's actually pretty clever observation. What a dick. How to become rich; eat bread in Olive Garden...
Duplicat (5 years ago)
Boom, 2 weeks in a roll, Jimmy discloses dissatisfaction with pay at TYT. Hang in there little buddy, you're AWESOME !
Cartman does it better!
cheddyrod (5 years ago)
Jimmy, you are great. Johnny Iaiara? Jimmy can't you find someone to be on your show who has a white man's last name? Actually this kid doesn't look that colored and if he changed his last name to a real name he might be able to actually make something of himself. :P
Angelalynx999 (5 years ago)
Holy shit, this guy is for real?! I thought he was just a crazy character in Ironman! O.O
cjfilmproductions (5 years ago)
is this the show he does after mythbusters or before
T.A.S. (5 years ago)
@ArtypNk When was the last time credibility a necessary trait to be on any kind of news show?
A Fernando (5 years ago)
LoL poor John :)
DeusEx (5 years ago)
What advice does he have for people who get dropped from their insurance they paid faithfully for years when they needed it?
ArtypNk (5 years ago)
Didn't Jim Cramer loose all his credibility when he was predicting a new economic golden age a day before the 2008 collapse?
Project Mobius (5 years ago)
John has an awesome fake laugh.
jinkerGM (5 years ago)
After the shellacking Jon Stewart gave this guy on the Daily Show I'm shocked anyone stills listens to him.
Dread Naught (5 years ago)

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