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The Public Value of Private Land Conservation Easements [runtime 3:10]

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Land owners look at the benefits to themselves and their land when deciding to place a conservation easement on their land. But what benefits does the public gain from easements that are placed on private land? This segment is from a workshop presentation by Laurel Florio, J.D., entitled 'Conservation Easements as Farm and Ranchland Protection for Equine Enthusiasts' -- held at the March 10, 2012 ELCR Atlanta Regional Forum. For more information, visit our website at www.ELCR.org. Laurel Florio is an attorney and consultant to conservation organizations, and government agencies. Her work is focused on land transactions, and conservation easements, and she is a highly sought after speaker in the land conservation community and a member of the Land Trust Alliance's Land Conservation Leadership Program Faculty. She was also a reviewer for one of the LTA's Curriculum Courses, Conservation Easement Stewardship, and teaches several curriculum courses on a regular basis at various conferences. For optimum viewing, please click the full screen button in the bottom right corner of the video frame. ELCR would like to thank our Conservation Partners, The Bates Family Foundation, The Hamill Family Foundation, Bayer Animal Health and USA Equestrian Trust for their support.
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