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Female K-pop - Outside [WMM Video]

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This contest didn't really pan out so, just relax and enjoy the video!! I made this video with WMM and added text and coloring with Sony Vegas Pro 13! ♥
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xKPopGirlx (1 год назад)
Wow, this is absolutely amazing....and it was made with WMM?!😍 omg how awesome! I miss it sometimes cause it was the first program I used when I started editing. But I would not remember how to use it if I tried lol or maybe I would, not sure😁 I think this was a brilliant edit, girl😀😘
xKPopGirlx (1 год назад)
DirtyXProdz Wow really??😍 then thats an amazing job anyways. I love and adore it. What contest? You mean using only WMM? aw no one was interested?😞 I would have been, if I had known about it but I dont have WMM installed anymore.😳 Plus, Id lose instantly cause I forgot what to do with the tricks I use to use lol Dont worry, this wasnt a lost cause, it turned out wonderful!😘😘😍💞💕💜
DirtyXProdz (1 год назад)
Well, thanks!! I was surprised How well it turned out considering I really didn't remember how to use it! I put it together using WMM along with a few effects, but the text and coloring I did with Sony Vegas! I was trying to do a contest to edit with WMM but no one was interested!!! =) It's all good though! =) Thanks for the complement!! ♥

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