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Steve Aoki The Blitz & The Brain: Off The Felt Episode 2

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In the second and final installment of the Steve Aoki “Off The Felt” series, we see the off-stage side of the superstar DJ, where his focuses are having fun with his friends and giving back to the world around him. From the insanity of a party at Dan Bilzerian’s house to a quiet conversation about why brain research is so important to him, Aoki reveals the man behind the music like never before.
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Text Comments (8)
Tygo A (2 years ago)
See me being a boss like these within five years
AJ B (2 years ago)
1:18, girl purposely moves hair to expose cleavage to camera. Yeah, she's probably got a lot of skill sets other than good genetics. I'm sure of it.
Ruben Vatle (3 years ago)
what song was used at the end?
Sean Android (3 years ago)
I like the show but Steve Aoki is the worst DJ/Producer on the planet and his music is only fit for the garbage...oh yes I did :)
Filmilen (3 years ago)
I want more episodes of this duo, Aoki and the Blitz own it
REYMARTZ (3 years ago)
Steve Aoki Fund = He raises money to scam people and live the life!
JoeGo101 (3 years ago)
Speechless............. Oh to be be aoki or Dan.... Probably Dan though. His partys are the Shit :D
Konrad Karkoszka (3 years ago)
First I guess

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