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SRH vice captain Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Wife Nupur On IPL 11

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Sunrisers Hyderabad vice captain Bhuvneshwar Kumar is joined by his wife in an interview ahead of the 11th season of IPL. He says a player like David Warner "will be hard to replace"
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Cricket Highlights (1 month ago)
Check out our mix of bhuvneshwar kumar! -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYBK25E8hRQ&t=5s
Nitin Singh (1 month ago)
Bhuvi,  I want you to go far man, and far beyond ! Gems like you (and your wife) are rare nowadays.
Looking cute bhuvi I love you
Nidhi Singh (2 months ago)
I don't like nupur nagar she os looking like a duffer
anafri ahsin (3 months ago)
I lv bhuvi
anafri ahsin (3 months ago)
noo mooka couple
Praveen Kothapalli (3 months ago)
I love you Bhuveneshwar Kumar and nupur you both are so cute and sweet love you soooo much 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍
Romesh Pkbm (3 months ago)
thats called maturity😉🤣👍👍
Venkat Sangeeth (3 months ago)
We want to see u as captainnnn
Venkat Sangeeth (3 months ago)
He is very talented I think he is suffering from leg pain but no effect in bowling speed get well soon.. All the best bhuviii.
bhaskar yadav (3 months ago)
He is so honest ,innocent , and real hero
ansary a (3 months ago)
Bhuvi I'm a big fan of you your a descent and innocent your ice is beautiful
Shourya Bikash Jena (3 months ago)
Top class cricketer.
Gajula Subbarao (3 months ago)
Shit we lose the today also we --------shit Chi thoo
Mohammed Ziauddin (4 months ago)
He is good man.... Polite never fight with any body... And he dont have attitude
Shobha G (4 months ago)
He was innocent & his wife also innocent Congrats for vice captain
Abishek Jesuraj (4 months ago)
Bhuvi is such a great person !! With great gesture 😍😍😍 hope he'll captain India one day !! He's so calm during death bowling ❤❤
Ranjani K (4 months ago)
Best couple ❤️❤️❤️❣️
Aishwary Saxena (4 months ago)
Is he changed at all yaaa(ple wo chutiya tha ab ni h) simple meaning😂
Universal Information (4 months ago)
Very polite guy.. never seen bhuvi misbehaving on the field...now came to know he is same person outside also...
Lahari Lahi (4 months ago)
My favtttt cricketer..love u bhuvi, u r such a cool person and down to earth, nupur mam was too lucky
sridharan suha (4 months ago)
musical world (4 months ago)
#east or west bhuvi is the best
hacker master (4 months ago)
Wow man amazing couple.!!!!! I swear thats the relationship goals!!! 3:25. Bhuvis reaction was speechless!!! I am not gay but... Ummmm I am so much attracted to his charm and humbleness!!!!
Rajkamal Kaur (4 months ago)
I am biggest fan of u bhuvi
Raj Aryan (4 months ago)
He is a learner... Calm and a good cricketer. God bless u.. Keep rocking bhai.
Tarun Sandhu (4 months ago)
My favourite bowler and next World Cup in England ..so whole country depends on you 😊
IamSRB (4 months ago)
Whatever his wife said about Bhubaneswar Kumar is absolutely right. Buvi is more decent and innocent.
V k (5 months ago)
sridhar prusty (5 months ago)
Bhai.. Mera kese hain... Bhuvi bhai
HeartkingMd Raza (5 months ago)
Great job bhuvi you are great Indian bowler and I am your biggest fan.
Rhym (5 months ago)
Yaar north east lardki kon hai itna confident nakli chinese lardki... oooii kya naam hai appka?
Swapnakar Reddy (5 months ago)
So cute couples 👫👫
banarsi prank dheeraj (5 months ago)
Hm to inke innocenty se hi kayal h
PrasadNoel Janampally (5 months ago)
We miss David Warner
we all are Indian hindi (5 months ago)
Bhuvi bhai is best....
ANKIT BHATI (5 months ago)
best person in India team 👌👌
Jitenrsinh Sarvaiya (5 months ago)
dawid warner is best betsman
Sarvesh rajput (5 months ago)
Jodi no 1
Amishaa Rawat (5 months ago)
He is at present one of the best cricketer in the world... And he got a lovely and beautiful.. Wife
gnana jai (5 months ago)
Super joodi and best cricketer in the world .Down to earth.😒😘😘. Bhuvi swing king..
Amour et paix (5 months ago)
am i the only one who hear,Hear as''HEYAO''when indian speaks english??
cricketinpeak (5 months ago)
Bhuvi is best .
Jagadish J nair (5 months ago)
basil thampi :-)
Jameerbasha Shaik (5 months ago)
his wife so beautiful man....made for each other....love marriage..... that's dude life....man...money and hot girl by side good for health and life will be jigalaalala
Sagar Kamble (5 months ago)
Vanita Bisanalli (5 months ago)
Bhuvi & Nupur super jodi😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Vanita Bisanalli (5 months ago)
Raman Raj (5 months ago)
Bhuvi love u
Mohit Sharma (5 months ago)
quint ur anchor is best. she is very confident.. I love ur way you are.
Siddhant Nand (5 months ago)
Wow quint also makes videos other than criticizing BJP!!!
Mayank Shukla (5 months ago)
Plzz 1video with Rohit Sharma and ritika sajdeh
Mahendra Knight (5 months ago)
Kovid Raj (5 months ago)
Bhuvi 🤘🤘🤘
pavan kalyan (5 months ago)
bhuvi ❤
New best WhatsApp status (5 months ago)
Rajput Dhruv, Singh (5 months ago)
u both rock looking lovely together 😇😍😚😘😙
Pramodkumar kc (5 months ago)
Jai sun Risers Hyderabad and jai mass maha raj Raviteja
Raja Sheker (5 months ago)
Cute couple in the world
Md Saif (5 months ago)
my best bowler....
tech masala (5 months ago)
The quint madharchod
ROXER RETALIATOR (4 months ago)
tech masala Teri maa Ko choda diya Na
Bunty Sonawane (5 months ago)
Cute couple. His wife is very honest.
Aminul Page (5 months ago)
Love u Bhuvi Sir
Sai Krishna (5 months ago)
He should have been made captain of srh.
Sai Poreddy (5 months ago)
Sai Krishna shut the fuck up man
Salim Khan (5 months ago)
very decent guy
srikanth s (5 months ago)
He had achieved many things silently..I still believe He has even more potential than what he has done thus far...English series is the biggest one ahead of his career..
free voice (5 months ago)
Bhai sarma rha h 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alolika Kolay (5 months ago)
MCS Kateya sahi bola aapne!!😋
dev gour (5 months ago)
Down to earth...Buvi
Ramesh Naik (5 months ago)
I miss you David Warner captaincy But my Orange Army great decision Bhubaneswar Kumar vice captain go go go Orange Army
Life Sucks (5 months ago)
Chinese host...good china needs to get involved in cricket more
divineslaughter (5 months ago)
abbe she is not chinese.. she is very much indian..they have mongoloid features because they come from north east region... they speak indian languages. its like calling you turki or arab ..will you accept ?
kshitiz gupta (5 months ago)
Listen you porkistani never ever make racist remarks with fake id you madarchod
neeraj kumar (5 months ago)
Racist comment mat kar bhai
saish tambe (5 months ago)
all indian cricketers are childhood friends with their wives
Subhasish Dutta (5 months ago)
*She is so cute and her voice is she sweet....*
Akash singh (5 months ago)
who is sheeeeeeeeeeeee
ryan simmons (5 months ago)
Beautiful and simple couple
Vikas Kumar (5 months ago)
Best cricketer of this generation. You give him dead overs he will bowl great block hole deliveries, you give him bat to hit few runs at number 7 and see how many situations team india was in south Africa where bhuvi came for rescue and in fielding as well he is always giving more than 100%. Certainly overshadowed but he is certainly best player to have in team. His calmness what makes him ideal for sports of gentleman
digambar gurjar (5 months ago)
One of the cutest, nicest and coolest guy, Gujjar Community has ever produced.... I will rather call him an Indian than Gujjar or something
digambar gurjar (5 months ago)
kshitiz gupta??
kshitiz gupta (5 months ago)
digambar gurjar (5 months ago)
Backpacker GYPSY that's what I said at first place, Doesn't matter we love him as an Indian and he would love to being called as an Indian 😍
Lingo vi (5 months ago)
digambar gurjar didn't know but really doesn't matter.
digambar gurjar (5 months ago)
Backpacker GYPSY yes sir he is... His full name is bhuvneswar Kumar mavi and his wife too, a gurjar girl
prem sai (5 months ago)
Buvi 😍😍😍
kuldip singh (5 months ago)
Bhuvi , so polite & lovely sportsman :)
Ishu Bengra (5 months ago)
Nupur was my classmate lol. For 5 years same class same school . Both are sweet and compliment each other
AJAX 666 (4 months ago)
Raj Aryan... Bhai lekin Usne thodi kuch kiya h... voh toh bhuvi ke success pe jee rahi h.. 😅
Raj Aryan (4 months ago)
Ishu Bengra aachi hai but itni bhi nahi..??? Ha ha Isliye tu yahien hai... Aur vo kahien aur.
Arpit Singhal (5 months ago)
Ishu Bengra which school? iimt? 😅😅
AJAX 666 (5 months ago)
Ishu Bengra... Ho sakta h😂
Ishu Bengra (5 months ago)
AJAX 666 haha.. iska past humey pta hai. Ye ladki achhi hai no doubt . But itni bhi nhi 😂
MAN MOHAN SINGH (5 months ago)
His wife is so cute..both are looking good together...wife should be like this..cute and sweet...👌👌💕👏
rjun ri (5 months ago)
MAN MOHAN SINGH aur the quint both love licking islamic asses like rahul khan
debanjan mukherjee (5 months ago)
ghar mein asli rang dikhati hai
Chinnu Somu (5 months ago)
Love this.... Love u Bhuvi
Alolika Kolay (5 months ago)
Hopefully!!! I can be the one😏.
sibanand (5 months ago)
Change hossst
sibanand (5 months ago)
Alolika Kolay (5 months ago)
OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!Bhuvi's bhangra made me😍😍😍😍!!! And The smile on his face when he saw Nupur was so sweeeeeeeeeeeet😉😉 and when he was seeing Nupur while she was answering was so romantic!!!😍😍.Haye rabba !!in my next life I want to be in the place for Nupur!😅I know that a lot of gals are waiting but I will be the one!!!!😙😚😙😏😏
Alolika Kolay (5 months ago)
anvi Das" 😊😊"
anvi Das (5 months ago)
Alolika Kolay me also😍😍
Shreyan Ghosh (5 months ago)
Alolika Kolay no that insane
MAYANK BADHANI (5 months ago)
bhuvi is chashmish player...just like there are people who were chashmish in class during childhood.....he is chashmish on field
ReehatKitchen (5 months ago)
He is so innocent thanks for interview him
Gokhan Geta (5 months ago)
Bhuvi is such a decent guy😄
Gokhan Geta (5 months ago)
Bhabhi ji is so cute and lovely😍😍
Gokhan Geta (5 months ago)
Though I am a rcb fan but I really admire bhuvi and shikhar😍😍 awesome players
Rehan Verma (5 months ago)
She doesn't know how to host terrible
rjun ri (5 months ago)
what you expect from the quint which lied about kalbhushan jadhav
Qadri Channel (5 months ago)
I love bhubhi
Debopam Param (5 months ago)
tumhari ssspeaking ne to mujko ss.speech.lesssss kr diya😂😂
viligant vinay (5 months ago)
God she is damn cute and her Hindi 😍😍
Rajat Dutta (5 months ago)
Sikkimese are generally good in Hindi. You have Danny Denzongpa as an example.
Purnendu Sabar (5 months ago)
My fav cricketer from team India
Mak Borse (5 months ago)
who made her host???😂😂
Banu Vasista Sangadala (5 months ago)
Racist bastard... let them slowly join in.
rjun ri (5 months ago)
(rahul gandhi khan ) made her host
Sajid Sohail (5 months ago)
She is doing amazing job... Very matured questions.
Rahul Saha (5 months ago)
Tujhe insaan kisne banaya?? 😂😂
Srihari Sivasubramony (5 months ago)
SArvA GyAN (5 months ago)
Bhubi is not only a quality Pacer but he is also a superb batsman too
Gaurav Gupta (5 months ago)
Best Indian bowler at the moment in all formats..
Narendra Kumar (3 months ago)
Gaurav Gupta Bumaraha is just equivalent to him

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