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Erika Meet’s My Ex Girlfriend.. {BAD}

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I should've known this was gonna end badly. 😃 SUBSCRIBE ► http://bit.ly/SUB2JAKEPAUL | ★ PREVIOUS VLOG ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIV75Vl2yK4&t=25s GET OUR NEW MERCH HERE ► https://fanjoy.co/collections/jake-paul GET TEXT MESSAGES FROM JAKE HERE ► (for United States users only) https://textjakepaul.com/ CHECK OUT MY COURSE ON BEING A YOUTUBER ► www.edfluence.com TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS FOR SHOUTOUTS IN MY VLOG Exclusive vids on my Second YouTube channel ► http://bit.ly/SUB2JAKE *FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! * MY INSTAGRAM (@JakePaul) ► https://www.instagram.com/JakePaul MY TWITTER (@JakePaul) ► http://twitter.com/JakePaul MY FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/JakePaul MY SNAPCHAT ► JakePaul19 MY MUSICAL.LY ► @JakePaul *FOLLOW TEAM 10! * Twitter ➝ http://twitter.com/Team10official Instagram ➝ http://instagram.com/Team10official Facebook ➝ http://instagram.com/Team10official Snapchat ➝ Team10Snaps Musical.ly ➝ @Team10official Want to text us? ➝ 1-323-909-4406 I HAVE A BOOK!! “YOU GOTTA WANT IT" ► http://amzn.to/2hY5Pyx family friendly pg clean CYA TOMORROW!! ♬ MUSIC USED ♬ Intro: Cjbeards - Ruby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KDBmmTRmFI Outro: SANDR - Miles High https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D98EouFJYT4 ⚠ WARNING ⚠ Some effects and visuals may not be suitable for those that suffer from epilepsy.
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Text Comments (19195)
dan milew (2 hours ago)
Erika is hot
Maciej m (2 hours ago)
Do gaming plz do it for the Jake paulers plz
Storm W (2 hours ago)
Savannah pizza (6 hours ago)
when the said they had a party on the bed LIKE EW
i wanna be your friend
Daniel Morales (7 hours ago)
Aine McDermott (9 hours ago)
I love Horses (10 hours ago)
What ex girlfriend
Catherine's stuff (10 hours ago)
Click bait
Levin Guilliams (12 hours ago)
Rip Gucci bag😂
Diego vlogs (12 hours ago)
I want to be part of team 10
Shaylee Perales (15 hours ago)
And roses are red violets I just clickbated and so did u
Shaylee Perales (15 hours ago)
How did erika meet your ex girlfriend?
Keira McEwen (16 hours ago)
Jasmine Cuautle (17 hours ago)
Why did you lie that
THE Noellian Freebird (17 hours ago)
Funny & cute;):)❤️❤️
jbrennan22 Kimsey (22 hours ago)
Do you play Roblox
Mia Jackson (1 day ago)
so whats the point it should be called something else wheres the EX
Beautiful forever (1 day ago)
But Jake you have 15 million subs😄😎😎
shannon fish (1 day ago)
my cousin is getting me your merch for this chriamas
What about Tessa isn’t she in the team 10 squad
Mercedes Johnson (1 day ago)
that blonde chick is annoying
Ellyce johnson (1 day ago)
Team 0
Baby potato squad (1 day ago)
Roll clip pak pak
Odir Aragen (1 day ago)
I am so tired of the clickbait😡😡😡😡
Alliyah Williams (1 day ago)
Do a prank where you prank Erika that you have to move to Florida
awsome sause (1 day ago)
Clickbait 👎
Omar Elbana (1 day ago)
I ain't a jakepauler fool Iam a mf team deji bitch
Italina Carreon (1 day ago)
The thumbnail is click bait
Yoyo Coco (2 days ago)
Click bait
Jake Middleton (2 days ago)
Happy b_day
sammy mosley (2 days ago)
Can i join team 10 but im only 12
who’svera XOXO (2 days ago)
So where’s ur ex gf?
Grace Batz (2 days ago)
KayKay Loves Cats (2 days ago)
in the workout clip I saw a BATTLE ROPE !! THATS THE FIRST THING THEY DID
ark survivalist (2 days ago)
Alantians (2 days ago)
Talon Fritsch (2 days ago)
Brian Knudsen (2 days ago)
I can't subscribe u blew up the subscribe button
Juan Alejandre (2 days ago)
i want to be part of team 10
Tammycubby (3 days ago)
Where’s Tessa brooks
Tammycubby (3 days ago)
You guys should find a mini team ten crew you already have two pepole mini jake Paul and mini Erika aka willow and tydus
Jan Minnen (3 days ago)
Wen dit jerika meet yoir ex
Notice how erika is in the clickbait😱
leslie lippincott (3 days ago)
I'm a Italian too
Llama Gamer (3 days ago)
The Day u film this vid It was my bday
CAMILA (3 days ago)
All The Coments Have No Sense!
Alyssa Stella (3 days ago)
Erika was in shook when jake took the cookie from the baby
Your so pretty and cute
Tauvia Whitlock (3 days ago)
Garrett Moosemay (3 days ago)
*kissis* Jakes girlfriend
Rachy 022 (3 days ago)
Do a video where you and Erika have the twins for 24 hours to see how it feels like to have kids, like if you agree !!
Roberto Malave (3 days ago)
i stole your girl because im a saveg
gamer boy (3 days ago)
I love your merch because it is lit
Space Time (3 days ago)
Was that actually his ex???
holley holm (4 days ago)
Lol you were eating my favorite Doritos
Lily Workman (4 days ago)
My brother says erickas hot and he is a third grader.🤣
Charle Fizzard (4 days ago)
your lit every day bro
Pedro Lopez (4 days ago)
Stop the clickbait thumbnail you fuck
Valerie Smith (4 days ago)
U clikbaited
Lanestra Jackson (4 days ago)
Jake your girlfriends ugly
Saul Serrano (4 days ago)
Brooke Keene (4 days ago)
Me lacy
Sarah Garner (4 days ago)
quincy simmons (4 days ago)
Fuck u Olivia
Heisman Popular Vines (4 days ago)
I love this show it is so funny
Coreana Wells (4 days ago)
Where's Tessa brooks?????!!!!
Miriam Unicorn (4 days ago)
Gemma Cantu (4 days ago)
I didn't know that Kyler says bad words
Gemma Cantu (4 days ago)
I love taytum and Oakley and I love their parents I subscribe to their Channel and I subscribe to Jake Paul of course I'm going to subscribe cuz I love the team 10 house
Gemma Cantu (4 days ago)
Erica's beautiful let her be Jake Paul
Charlize Cobb (5 days ago)
Alyssa Caddell (5 days ago)
Where make up Erica
Gabriela Hernandez (5 days ago)
That was only 9 people because he forgot the dog
gaming with kids (5 days ago)
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazaaaaaaap waaaaazzaaap! Wazaaaaaaaaap
JP Grieshber (5 days ago)
Madison Fisher vs Erika Costell August 25 get your tickets now
Griffin Hunt (5 days ago)
This is a long intro
Griffin Hunt (5 days ago)
I am
Reegan Wilkins (5 days ago)
do you mean team 10 mansion
Reegan Wilkins (5 days ago)
hashtag team10
Alex Foster (5 days ago)
The front cover is erika cause ahe is wearing the exact same outfit as the beginning of the video 😂😂😂 THIS IS NO HAYE COMMENT JALE I ❤U AND ERIKA
Aiyanna Felix (6 days ago)
I love your videos soooo much and Team 10 videos too!!
Kayla Perez (6 days ago)
Kevin Antunez (6 days ago)
Team ten HQ
chloe trigg (6 days ago)
"did he just bit me" hahaha
Shengshoua Thao (6 days ago)
I Subscribed Too
Shengshoua Thao (6 days ago)
And Sooo Are Other Channels
Shengshoua Thao (6 days ago)
Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue YouTube's The Best And Soooooo Is Team 10
Shengshoua Thao (6 days ago)
Taytum and oakley are soooooo cute
Aae Nae (6 days ago)
hi jii jake buh fuck ksi and hes buh
Shengshoua Thao (6 days ago)
Love it love it love it love it
Anahera Tipene (6 days ago)
Yea u go girlfriend don’t worry jack I’m a girls
L I V V Y 330 (6 days ago)
You know when Liza and David broke up and how everyone was like extremely sad and unhappy (bro I was so miserable) I bet you if Jake and Erika broke up the world might be in peace?
Esmeralda Gonzalez (6 days ago)
No make up she has to Wear
Kimberly Mcgirt (6 days ago)
I'm a fannnnnn omg
Kimberly Mcgirt (6 days ago)
This is my grandma phone
Taylor Frazier (6 days ago)
Jesslynn Dinterman (6 days ago)

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