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UK's Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length)

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Ten years ago Shaun Smith was an enforcer for one of the biggest crime families in Liverpool and embroiled in a war against a rival drug gang. Shaun introduced urban terrorism to the British underworld. He sprayed up houses with machine guns, tortured people and used homemade napalm to firebomb his enemies. Today, after a spell of five years in prison for firearms offenses, he is trying to transfer those skills to the legal economy by working as a debt collector in the northern English satellite town of Warrington. Check out the Best of VICE here: http://bit.ly/Rule-Britannia Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Текстовые комментарии (27346)
Brendan X (1 час назад)
Doesnt abide by drug selling in his gym but then takes a cut, a thousand bucks. What a fucking hypocrite.
James Rick (4 часа назад)
That dude with scars needs ayahuasca and serious soul healing, not to be his managers paid punching bag/guard dog. What inhumane and psychotic walks of life...
MOVE CUNN (6 часов назад)
23:38 "Aren't Shaun Blah Blah from Liverpool"😂 He says liverpool like lerpoo
George Makary (6 часов назад)
Actually they're not scary at all..seems like a bunch of insecure men untrained fighters who act like they're trained and when they were bullying that guy for selling roids..one guy slaps the guy and the other roid..head wants to look tough in front of the camera so he starts punching a defenseless guy. People always wanna act hard infront of the camera and I despise men like that I despise men who jump a defenseless person whose not willing to fight for the sake of enhancing their image in front of an audience who doesn't even give a fuck if you search these mens souls you will find that they have no peace inside their hearts and they are scared individuals so they substitute prayer and good manners for boxing and steroids.
Michael Hesford (10 часов назад)
I think he needs a bitch slap
SDAWG (1 день назад)
Now the character of Bullet tooth Tony makes complete sense now!! No disrespect at all either but everything clicked with what Guy Richie tried to portray in the movie Snatch. Cool documentary though!
RICARDO LEITE (1 день назад)
Just nice people there, no idiots
Sytse Vriend (1 день назад)
Impressive documentary, short as it is
Deklan T Smith (1 день назад)
Typical scousers
james howard (2 дня назад)
"he's like me dad nevermind me best mate"... He looks about the same age as you ya cheeky fucking midget
Kwof90 (2 дня назад)
peter cleary (2 дня назад)
They all think there boxer's not even close boxing is a noble sport and people like this bring it into disrepute
Jägermeister188 (2 дня назад)
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Happy Bro (3 дня назад)
R.I.P Tony
Sina Sanaei (3 дня назад)
Descent guy
03056932R (3 дня назад)
yeah lovely chap..
Cold Call (3 дня назад)
Thank God FAFSA doesn’t know this guy.
ben lynch (3 дня назад)
Ah respect. Hes come a long way to finally get on the british bake off
filippos stavro (4 дня назад)
So how are they doing now vice?
Steve Butler (4 дня назад)
At 11:00 the Bipolar dude perfectly explained going into a manic phase: goes off meds, feels great, followed by crashing suicidal depression. Usually, they get diagnosed as depressed, and get antidepressants. But, bipolar gets worse on antidepressants. Bipolar needs a mood stabilizer. Rarely find men who admit to sexual abuse. It's so sad. My guess is he has developed Borderline Personality Disorder, and obviously PTSD. Poor guys got it bad.
MrKayaker69 (4 дня назад)
Don Vito Corleone (4 дня назад)
the only reason i saw this shit because Youtube LITERALLY has been recommending this video for the past 8 months.
Jort van Elewout (4 дня назад)
2:32 ayy Dutch flag
Leo OD (4 дня назад)
steroidal paul hollywood
JustBoy JustBoy (4 дня назад)
Scarest debt collector? lol looks like bunch of drug addicts and alcoholics to me lol
Ez Pz (5 дней назад)
19:30 crazy shit
Jordan Lamb (5 дней назад)
Gotta love Liverpool, home town pride 😂
Adam Williams (4 дня назад)
Warrington ya plank
Jose C (5 дней назад)
21:00 We’ll grab a cup of tea after bitch slapping you, what great hospitality this lad has
solo starion (5 дней назад)
This is the uk dog
Arosh Ali (5 дней назад)
Crazy how certain ppl are alike. Guy in Coventry who is aged about about 54 now( can’t say the name) Ex door man, black belt Karate, Tae kwondo, Judo, pro kickboxing career 36/4 losses so he is extremely tough was a debt collector too and did things like drill into knee caps for money also owns a gym and has a similar vibe, tries to help ppl out with jobs, friendship etc and their personalities are so similar it’s scary!! That’s a meet that won’t happen and it’s best as no one is more annoying that a mirror copy of yourself 😬
Adybhoy Tha Legend (5 дней назад)
These guys are my style totally!
Sugar Ray Kapo (5 дней назад)
LMFAO these niggas are hilarious
Adam Wadley (5 дней назад)
Easy to be a tough guy in a country that has no guns and the police don't carry guns. If he brought that here to the states he would be shot at his first knocking.
rabbi Ray (5 дней назад)
What a dick head he's got no physique will punch his head in very easily skinny little Arms full of Sith gangster my ass
Tom Sandberg (5 дней назад)
These people were some looser criminals !
Tom Sandberg (3 дня назад)
+03056932R I hope the money for the show was worth it, to put your face on the internet!
03056932R (3 дня назад)
yeah because it's all like on netflix isn't it.
Jes (5 дней назад)
bunch of poofs dreaming about men's -assets- asses
satos1 (6 дней назад)
20:54 Nothing like a good cuppa won"t fix.
Express Airsofter (6 дней назад)
It's more like a family
Hitchslap (6 дней назад)
Look. You might as well watch a bit of this. Otherwise YouTube will haunt your recommended list with it until the day you die...............
Michael Hudson (7 дней назад)
😂 don't matter how big or scary you are, a kick in the giblets you're going down like everyone else
Tobi Alade (7 дней назад)
Justkiddingnews anyone?
Jeremy Akan (7 дней назад)
In this video
Jeremy Akan (7 дней назад)
This cock is talking about me
Plug Plugintons (7 дней назад)
I’ll get a cup of tea with ya 😂😂😂
Dzoni Bravo (7 дней назад)
So this bully old fart slapped tatooed young airhead for no reason?
Angelo Cadena (7 дней назад)
He's a hard2x man. Not a good idea to ever cross him.
0play3r0 (8 дней назад)
When you thing you r hard then you see ppl like this. God dam.
Paul Fisher (8 дней назад)
i honestly think ur n awesome guy shaun n ur right hand man very loyal guy n the other 2 are lucky u gave them a break 4 their mistake, ur only correcting problems that others are afraid to fix themselves!!
stephen meinhold (8 дней назад)
if you live by violance you will meet a violent end, if your lucky what uesly happens is there loved ones get it.
Hagrid you fat oaf (8 дней назад)
That slap was impressive
Jack Robinson (9 дней назад)
11:06 He's seen some stuff, but his will is strong. I respect him 👍
Rico Diaz (9 дней назад)
Add 21 savage!!!
Apple Head jh (9 дней назад)
To kill Pakistani haaa haaaa
Alex Wilmot (9 дней назад)
That Tony Smith bloke looks like a proper snake
Fightrec (9 дней назад)
Sorry bruv ol school wanker and yet he wants slice what his got
Harvard Villegas (10 дней назад)
I've got a high court writ.
You Tube (10 дней назад)
Bully cunts
Tarik Rabhani (10 дней назад)
Moral of the story: Don't trust people with tattooes on their face.
TheMAnimal617 (10 дней назад)
“You spend half your day ringing around people.” Lol Some things transcend occupation.
time lord (10 дней назад)
Only a bitch slap lol
Sheldon Dinkleberg (11 дней назад)
So in the UK, they dont shoot eachother, they just rape eachother?
Brinthan Vaitheeswaran (11 дней назад)
roided guy with face tatts should've just swung on him. he probably would've won lol
Kevin Yang Productions (11 дней назад)
Wow thats gnarly. He just exposed his wound to show off.
Hip Hip Heredia (11 дней назад)
MOM: did you cut school today? SON: no mom, why? MOM: 19:53 😂😂😂
Hip Hip Heredia (11 дней назад)
Damn at 19:48 he sent his soul into the shadow realm...
stink finger (11 дней назад)
Bunch of queers.
Christopher Smith (11 дней назад)
I love Saun but he needs to understand the disease supercedes all else. He is as scary as there is alive but the disease trumps that. Im sure his mate hates himself for what he did, screwing over the one person who trusted him but thats the havoc that the disease is responsible for
Christopher Smith (11 дней назад)
The fear in that chap that got slapped was nuts. He thought that might not be walking out of that office
Christopher Smith (11 дней назад)
Poor kid that was abused continues to torture himself even now as wrecking ball of a man. Thank goodness he has a support group that he can turn to. God Bless you and go easy on your self
CallMeMrX (1 час назад)
I am quite sure he killed himself.. very tragic, seems like the poor guy had a rough life.
Darren Hughes (11 дней назад)
Oh great, so I might end up getting ass raped now for getting in debt.
Nishant Gautam (12 дней назад)
this one could be a movie.
Jamie Male (12 дней назад)
The little cockaroach!😂
IAmTHEGoD0fHELLFIRE (12 дней назад)
'The fall of the IRA' Wtf are you on about? It was called the Good Friday Agreement. If the IRA wanted to keep blowing up your bars and shopping centres the would just do it. It's call the peace process. The IRA have never been defeated.
El Leon (12 дней назад)
after watching this. i read the comments with english accent and im asian btw
Ben Rankin (12 дней назад)
what is the font used for subtitles?
Barnziee (13 дней назад)
Is this a predominantly rough area or is that just normal??
jbohn (13 дней назад)
I would have hated to have been this guy's son or daughter and not have gotten my homework done on time.
Danny Wood (13 дней назад)
Don't press read more You have good luck for 2019 like to activate
D Mifflin (3 часа назад)
You like whores are getting more and more desperate
RENEGADE Motorsport (3 дня назад)
Riondale (6 дней назад)
Fuck u
Simon Laganda (11 дней назад)
i did all
Har Ris (11 дней назад)
Dislike for more luck
T Koba (14 дней назад)
Why all brits have very bad teeth? Genetic or no money no dentists no tooth brushes in England? Damn
Serpent God (14 дней назад)
Why do these employees at the gym not press charges
Serpent God (4 дня назад)
+Cartoon head i guess because I wouldnt just take that
Cartoon head (4 дня назад)
Haha you dont know much about england
James Cleary (14 дней назад)
I want to know what happened to Tony. Is he still on the run or has he gone missing now?
UltraWhiteSupremacist (14 дней назад)
Fucking criminals. I would kill them all without mercy.
Mauri Rodriguez (14 дней назад)
I really don't want them to knock my door at 3 or 4 in the morning
Abdul Mohamad (14 дней назад)
Samoht Ehl (15 дней назад)
dude would just get shot in the US lol
Wobbly Greatsword (15 дней назад)
"Scariest" lmfao
Peter Griffin (15 дней назад)
acting big for cameras, he might be a tough guy but a real man wouldnt act up and act bigger and harder because there is a camera there
Mr#1 (15 дней назад)
glad there's subtitles. lol
Magge (15 дней назад)
«Love getting down at the gym for a cup of tea and taking a punch or two»
mlythgoe1983 (15 дней назад)
Hahaha "I'll get a cup of tea with you's"
Frost Winchester (16 дней назад)
I wouldn’t be afraid of anyone in the U.K. you dorks can’t even own guns lol.
Эдуардо Хелвечыос (15 дней назад)
+V2 Aeux Here in Brazil just doesnt work like that...
V2 Aeux (15 дней назад)
Frost Winchester Well, it helps keep school shootings and gun crime down, so it’s good in my book, lol.
Ryan Franklin (16 дней назад)
All pussy and faggits I’m 12 stone wet though and I’d do every one of them day time door men nothing els shagin men up the ars is gay no matter how you look at it think because you life makes you hard dick heads the lot of you are
Ryan Franklin (16 дней назад)
Marley Eastwood (16 дней назад)
I owe lecky too
Serene Chaos UK (16 дней назад)
You don't need to take up shitty combat sports to feel like a man !
jay channel (16 дней назад)
shawn is fucking hot af
D g (16 дней назад)
9:35 his just so calm about it
Bandoma Emmanuel (17 дней назад)
Contact me I have man who can made some story! A man hacked bill gates account! Ang a man who kill many people
Jozza Beats (17 дней назад)
im glad shaun isn't my boxing coach...
jack ramirez (17 дней назад)
This is why the uk needs to revisit it's gun laws.
Gunny 1 (3 дня назад)
+03056932R guns were allowed to defend yourself from governments if needed, yeah. WHEN THEY HAD MUSKETS. Now u want to turn against a government which pays billions of dollars a year for its military? Lmao, murrica logic.
03056932R (3 дня назад)
+Gunny 1 guns were constitutional to defend from government tyranny. Now you will scoff at that. Now what If i tell you that every government in history has eventually turned on their population? No? We are different now, too civilised, right? No. Myth, society still full of paedos, elite billionaires still hoarding the funds that could wipe out child poverty in months. Fabian socialist progression towards a total elimination of freedom of speach and privacy. Get your head out the sand. Your daily newspaper is not impartial.
Gunny 1 (16 дней назад)
Yeah, we can see how that worked out in murrica.
Jack Manuel Desinor Hernández (17 дней назад)
*"We're cheaper and we'd probably get the job done faster"* 18:27 as a lawyer knowing how the courts operate (even if there are variations from country to country), I couldn't agree more!
Lorenzo Davies (17 дней назад)
Britains legal system is so lenient how do u stab a pregnant woman and beat an elder and not so hard time lmao

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