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UK's Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length)

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Ten years ago Shaun Smith was an enforcer for one of the biggest crime families in Liverpool and embroiled in a war against a rival drug gang. Shaun introduced urban terrorism to the British underworld. He sprayed up houses with machine guns, tortured people and used homemade napalm to firebomb his enemies. Today, after a spell of five years in prison for firearms offenses, he is trying to transfer those skills to the legal economy by working as a debt collector in the northern English satellite town of Warrington. Check out the Best of VICE here: http://bit.ly/Rule-Britannia Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (26383)
iLLBiLLsRoastBeats (1 minute ago)
I though guns were illegal there and there wasn’t gun crime? Nice to know it’s mixed in well with napalm and grenade attacks
Jon Ossim (7 minutes ago)
Back when vice was actually good
htee Dpi (58 minutes ago)
ianpr25 (3 hours ago)
shotgun soon sort him out
KeithH02 (7 hours ago)
Disembowell (7 hours ago)
Where are these people when it comes to Muslim rape gangs? They're like the country's immune system
Kieren Smith (9 hours ago)
The guy who cut himself seems like a really nice cool guy.
Tim Ford Falcon XF (11 hours ago)
Be like am going to Fucking smash ya. Unless you give me one Grand. ( Semi smashes ) Ok want a Cuppa?
Crestfall4 (12 hours ago)
dude i cant understand a word god damn it, thank god theres translation
RedWings Girl (13 hours ago)
Time to send in The Krays💪
Kevin B. (16 hours ago)
As tough as this guy is, it was lame as shit with the choreographed...ok guys when I say this line, you two walk over and act touch. ZZzzzzzzz
Basil Gilfillian (16 hours ago)
This should be titled. I spend all day in the gym with my pals talking like a tough guy who collects money.
Dennis Neftleberg (20 hours ago)
sparky 371 (11 hours ago)
I have admit, you are correct. It pains me to say it as an english man but, the US really does have more crime and gang violence.
Damien O Callaghan (23 hours ago)
This dude would not last ONE DAY in America as a debt collector Two things would happen First thing - They would laugh in his face Second thing - O.B.E. - One Behind the Head
sparky 371 (10 hours ago)
I admire that fact that you obviously think this guy is a bully and a bit of a twat. But, shooting him seems a bit unjustified. Especially considering that there would be a reason for him to visit you. Not trolling, just pointing out that shooting does not solve anything.
Myk Al (1 day ago)
I've never seen or heard of anything like this in america, you threaten anyone and you're in for a lawsuit. Let alone going to there work and making threats. I wonder why that is. Are we american's just prone to dipping out and calling the police?
Lucifer Morningstar (1 day ago)
Umar GQ (1 day ago)
"I'll smash your head in" 5 seconds later "I'll get a cup of tea with ya"
jack Younger (1 day ago)
Your the best shaun could do with some help
elguitarTom (1 day ago)
Never hang out with people like these. They are a ticking bomb. Like a pitbull. Especially when they get drunk. Avoid avoid avoid
T0xic (1 day ago)
this is why brits need guns jesus christ
Júlio (1 day ago)
Até que fim algo legenda!!!
Hyperborean Arms (1 day ago)
Can't be that scary, he has no guns
Th3Sc0rpi0n (1 day ago)
That dude may be UK's scariest debt collector, some juice head turkey, but never forget that a bullet costs 2 dollars... He will get his head blown off by some young gangbanger who's got chip on his shoulder.
Stellar Living (1 day ago)
Kurt Emrick (1 day ago)
i saw this documentary half a decade ago when it was released back in 2013. something drew me to shaun and nat so deeply. i don't know if it was that i could feel their genuine pain and that i respect them for that, or if it's just a really good doc. either way, i still think about them both all the time. wondering where they are now. i still come back to this from time to time.
Homievegetable (1 day ago)
Back when they still knew what they were doing...
Seratonia (1 day ago)
i have a job for you
C Taylor (2 days ago)
Thumbnail looked like mike tyson
htee Dpi (2 days ago)
This guy Shaun is a fucking legend
Jr Killa (2 days ago)
It amazes me that these people speak "English" yet you need subtitles to understand a fucking word they say.
Just The Tip 565 (2 days ago)
This dude is now trying to start a bare knuckle boxing league in Liverpool I recognize him on Netflix
Edwin LAwrence (2 days ago)
17:58 car called bitch wow awesome
Edwin LAwrence (2 days ago)
9:29 anger issues hurt self wow no check from your government?
Larciell (2 days ago)
damn, that trainer loves him more than my parents love me
spikex8 (2 days ago)
"operate in a gray area" uh no... it's illegal he's shown threatening people in the video
Terminator (2 days ago)
If you'll think this is bad/tough, then you should see what the Mexican/Colombians cartels will do to you if you owe them money or mess with them 😒
Jhon T (2 days ago)
u are !
GaeasBlessing (2 days ago)
It feels like this just ended abruptly.
My name Jeff (2 days ago)
British people in a nutshell *smack someone up, drink tea with them after*
Dean J (2 days ago)
do you train for 10 years to take down an elephant? No you use a weapon its what humans do
Robby Patterson (2 days ago)
your gay reporters go away .....NWO fags
Robby Patterson (2 days ago)
fake news like cnn and msnbc....buzzfeed omg
Dean J (2 days ago)
scary? f**k off assault is assault, bullies are bullies, greedy money motivated Knobs
Lee Martin (2 days ago)
I got a lot of respect for you but you use the word bully he's not a bully you're the bully if you don't think you're the bully then you're a f****** retard here's where I'm at wholeheartedly I fight somebody that start s*** with me when I ain't looking I don't go looking for a fight even if I'm getting paid you can justify however the f*** you want way I see it you're a s*** head
Lee Martin (2 days ago)
why do you need 10 people to find somebody in whoop somebody's ass why can't you just go do it that's a problem I got seriously bro
Lee Martin (2 days ago)
if you're a ball buster really wholeheartedly then just say like this I'll kick your ass if you don't shut the f****** that's the way it goes
Lee Martin (2 days ago)
if you're a ball buster and you're not going to take anymore s*** then why are you on film I'll tell you why because you're looking for a freaking load of celebrity b******* you think you're f****** worth it if you were I don't think it would take so much effort
Lee Martin (2 days ago)
I've seen your f****** ass on so many YouTube clips it isn't even funny so it's hard for me to really realize or decide if you're a sell-out or if your a f****** ball buster cuz the way it looks to me you're a sellout or you wouldn't be on some money clips
Lee Martin (2 days ago)
hey if you're here to collect and you heard her protect then why were people thrown in the boot why were people killed because you let it happen don't act like it was just something I'm not stupid bro you want to put this s*** on YouTube f****** act like a hero don't act like a 0 run it the way Mint run it the way it means to be
oso Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Build a wall around them sick asshole
James Dean (2 days ago)
theae guys arent tought try some junotsu my friend id xhoke him out in 5 seconds
T G (2 days ago)
Wait. the orange shirt guy was Tony who betrayed Shaun? His 'right hand man' betrayed him?
ill Will (2 days ago)
Nat needs his own doc... alert me when thats up lol
T G (2 days ago)
Britain seems like a decrepit wasteland compared to the US.
T G (2 days ago)
Nat is actually a beta male.
schijtbak12 (2 days ago)
English faggot
James pyzzie (2 days ago)
No warrant, no liability order, no court order, NO ENTRY.
Graham T. Yarmouth (3 days ago)
Ionut Sarbu (3 days ago)
I am coming from Romania and trust me they are not scary 😉
Muffin Man (3 days ago)
They did a Netflix special about him and how he’s trying to organize legal bareknuckle fighting.
TDS (3 days ago)
Trash. Thugs that deserve nothing in life but misery "Today, after a spell of five years in prison for firearms offenses, he is trying to transfer those skills to the legal economy " ummm. No. He is not. He's still a thug involved in criminal activities and deserves to remain behind bars for life.
A Human (3 days ago)
F**ked up $hit
Mike Sully (3 days ago)
people from the north are not quite all there
Patrick Donohoe (3 days ago)
The bulldog breed...
Rose Wallace (4 days ago)
he is openly stating that he killed people... and yet he only got 5 years in prison???? justice at its finest
grantrealm22 (4 days ago)
Hahahaha! Old fucks! Not shit
Sarah Fields (4 days ago)
I need this guy to collect debt for me. Seriously
Cyproduction (4 days ago)
I wonder if Shaun is still alive
Jonathan Striano (4 days ago)
Wow, some of these comments prove stupidity is alive all around the world! 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
eddie gluskin (4 days ago)
Where is bronson?
umer adrees (4 days ago)
Yo his lads look like Lesnar and Batista..
Alex Ander (4 days ago)
knock on my door and the irish will fucking kill this faggot
TraumaDog (4 days ago)
Alex Ander y’all would get burned alive just stepping outside lmao
Harry Forster (4 days ago)
Scouser letting a bloke read the sun in his gym 🤔
james coull (4 days ago)
Is Dom the arse bandit Dominic Noonan ?
Andrei Thomas (4 days ago)
people using their real name on here fucking idiots get found by me and end up with acid face lol
rahkin rah (5 days ago)
UK Imperialism...thanks a lot.
Alex (5 days ago)
Love to cave this cunts head in
Eamon Kelly (5 days ago)
Is Tony the one in the orange tapout t shirt or the young guy that had to pay part of the £1000?
Blackerflash (5 days ago)
this deserves a revisit
me AND mines (5 days ago)
These guys are gay! They're not locked up. Why are they fucking guys in the ass? To collect money? So if a guy owes you money, you rape him and take pictures? Yeah that's gay. There's other ways to collect besides having sex with another dude. Who even thought of this. That never even crossed my mind.
boots adventurer (5 days ago)
That man with open ribs such a badass
Justin M. (5 days ago)
Those "debt collectors" are talking as if it's *their* money
Remmy Skye (5 days ago)
Outting those dudes selling gear in his gym on camera is truly gangster. Wtf is that that's real low down dirty narc stuff right there def not a boss move. Yea just ignore the cameras while I humiliate you with a few slaps AND THEN demand a piece of the action gtfo something was either fake and scripted or the dude is a total fake that would never happen in the real drug world unless of course the boss is a fake narc scumbag. Not saying he doesn't have a right to keep his house in order but on camera and with humiliating smacks gtfo
Arthur Ng (5 days ago)
thanks God for the subtitle, i can't understand what they saying.
Test Vision (5 days ago)
Seen this 50 times Still good
aspirinemaga (5 days ago)
that's not that ENGLISH language we've learned in school
Dean (5 days ago)
Showing them boxing does not make them better people
Dean (5 days ago)
These guys are not nice and all deserve to be shot. The world will be better without their kind. And they will die out. That entire breed.
hunter0740 (5 days ago)
Wow the amount of respect everyone has for Shaun. Tells you a lot about what he is made of how so many of these guys need a figure like him in their life. What a dude.
bigneil8888 (5 days ago)
Actual gangsters don’t have a you tube channel !
ElSmusso (5 days ago)
These guys seriously need to go gluten-free and take up needlework & embroidery
kareem Ahmed (5 days ago)
he needs to retire in his little council house somwere and enjoy what life he has left befoure its gone every dog has its day
Zdrambo boeca (5 days ago)
UK's scariest debt collector...Then he says: I got kidnapped and i pissed my self...Yeah really scary guy no doubt
Stephanie Hartland (5 days ago)
Bullied as kids.
Stephanie Hartland (3 days ago)
Erm, you looked me up first...(?) It's all up there...in plain text. weirdo.
Andrei Thomas (3 days ago)
TL;DR what a waste of ur own time lol
Stephanie Hartland (4 days ago)
Wrong profile haha. As if a dimwit like you could find me on the net. Finding you, however, was a breeze: DeviantArt: https://Mratandreithomas.deviantart.com MetaJolt: https://metajolt.com/MrATAndreiThomas Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/MrATAndreiThomas Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrATOfficial Let's talk about: SPEED DRAWING: DARTH VADER (STAR WARS) | LMB or perhaps... Bitchute: CHRISTMAS 2017 | MR. A.T. ANDREI THOMAS I'm so happy you got over your "bad summer". Bitch x
Andrei Thomas (4 days ago)
fix that man jaw you have and stop taking fat girl angle shots on your facebook page its pathetic XD when the trust fund ends you will be lucky to get a council flat let alone another trip to africa on daddys money, fat ugly ginge
Stephanie Hartland (4 days ago)
Get out more. x
passionforfishing (5 days ago)
Funny and sad when you have to put subtitles on English.
statinskill (6 days ago)
I'm not impressed with this man. A jab with fentanyl and a plastic bag over his head.
Jo Daddy (6 days ago)
Pay up bitch...
Steve A (6 days ago)
*Any guy that wants a true test of how tough they really are should go and do 5 years in The French Foreign Legion. Those are the toughest guys I’ve ever witnessed. Not just physically and mentally with endurance but in Street fights in Africa or France and carrying out operations in all weathers with sleep deprived.*
Steve A (1 day ago)
arnie666 He couldn’t hack the Legion though could he (Says it all)
arnie666 (2 days ago)
I know a guy just like them who joined the FFL and got thrown out ,because a group of russians started on him and he threw one of them out of a second floor building and the russian landed badly and died. Some of these guys really are tough, others are talkers and show boaters.
Sometimes, just sometimes, VICE strikes gold. It doesn't happen often but this is one of those pieces that restores my faith in the otherwise SJW crap. 10/10.
Why does collecting money or debt have to be a physical confrontational thing? Why does there need to be a "Scariest Debt Collector"? Either someone legally owes the money to someone or they don't. If they don't, leave them alone. If they do, any normal person should be able to go and collect it. If they attacked someone for doing their job, they should be in prison.
f11122 (18 hours ago)
@ian1 After watching the video, Shaun comes across like a likeable guy. He's done some criminal activity in the past but he's doing his best to make a better life now and within the law. That's respectable. The thumbnail picture of the video is misleading. I though it was the bald guy with the tats that was him, but he was the one that got smacked around. Things work differently in the UK vs US. I only found out about debt collecting this way recently. In the US they don't send someone like Shaun to collect debts, but they send it off to debt collectors who hound someone with phone calls and such. The only time someone might show up to collect something is when they miss their payments on their house, car, boat, plane(since they don't really "own" those things, since they haven't fully paid for them yet)...then they send a re-possessor to pick up those things or kick someone out of a residence. It's legal, so the ones not paying up can't interfere because they're not in the right according to the law. They can't get physical, nor can the re-possessors. Sometimes it does happen, but if it does the law will have to intervene. The only ones I worry about are the Bounty Hunters. They're a whole different subject.
ian1 (3 days ago)
high court enforcement officers aka sheriffs are at the very top of collecting. as the name says , they have the high court behind them. they can do pretty much what they want to get whats owed. if you physically assault them they do it back. sherrifs are always big knuckle dragging men
That's what I'm talking about. But they sent skinny women and guys sometimes to do those collections. I think it would be better to just get rid of the sort of people who get physical. It is against the law after all.
ian1 (3 days ago)
i watch those shows too, and sometimes the client likes to get physical with the collectors. not everybody will just stand there while youre towing their 50 grand motor away. you have to be able to handle yourself.
Not anymore, he is collecting real debts now. There are other shows too that do similar things too and it annoys me how they have to be hard or pretend to be hard. It shouldn't need to be like that.

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