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Absolute Zero: Absolute Awesome

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Hank explains absolute zero: -273.15 degrees Celsius - and the coldest place in the known universe may surprise you. A correction on our use of the phrase "degrees Kelvin" can be found in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA98hl7Q5dQ - beginning at 6:43. Like SciShow on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Follow SciShow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow References: Minimum zero point energy derived from uncertainty principle: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/quantum/hosc4.html#c1
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Text Comments (2791)
Klank123 (16 hours ago)
actually the coldest place in the world is out of bed.
Chunu Gunn (1 day ago)
Can anyone explain me why 0K is the lowest theoretical temperature which is equal to -273°C...
dabmotha (3 days ago)
Is heat a by product of motion? If this is true this explains why no one has or ever will be able to get to -459.67 degrees F. You cannot stop atoms from moving you can only slow them down or speed them up. Minimum movement is still movement thus heat is still being created. I think the scientist trying to accomplish this feat are just chasing their tale for answers that have already be solved. IMO
James LuckyCharms777 (15 days ago)
So im confused. Is outer space ambient temperature absolute zero considering nothing is there creating any kind of heat? Im really confused. Whats to say thats the coldest it can get anyway if no one can even reach it. How could anyone even know that?
Juan Camilo García (25 days ago)
Is there a maximum temperature? I always thought no, but if it is kinetic energy, and particles are bound to a maximum speed, then there should be right?
Joseph Stokes (1 month ago)
Ionizor (1 month ago)
0 degrees kelvin?
Lorenzo Saringan (1 month ago)
2018, august anyone?
Valeera Lewdguinnar (1 month ago)
lol jessy we need to cook
Jonathan M Bardsley (1 month ago)
The real cause of the Mandela effect >>> water has memory and it holds it in its magnetic field, scientists say a black hole at the point of no return could hold a copy of everything that falls into it, this is one of the half-truths, just like waters magnetic field holds memory, earth magnetic field hold our memory’s and reality, CERN's powerful magnets being turned on and off in a sequence is creating a magnetic field frequency, just like the big blue spiral that was recorded and put on YouTube, a magnetic field can affect other magnetic fields creating a new magnetic field and this is how they are changing our memory’s and reality’s, the supercomputer ( the D wave) works out what combination the magnets need turning on and off to know what effect it will have on our reality, CERN creates this magnetic fields, then chem-trials help to carry and implement the new frequency into earth magnetic field causing all these changes. The rockets that have been seen over the United States is also carrying a magnetic field and implanting it into earth magnetic field creating a new magnetic field which is new realities and memories. This is just my belief but with scientific examples to support it. If this is correct then is their different dimensions or are we still in the same one but mass memory has been changed as well as our reality??? See all that would be happening is the magnetic field would be changed slightly, it would still be the same one, just changed. This would be showing that mass mind control is being done and anything in the matrix can be created just like a computer programmer can create anything on a computer, you want a Jurassic Park full of dinosaurs, then what’s to stop it, you want an Empire State Building made of solid gold, just program it in, you want a world with no poverty, just program it in, you want to create climate change just program it in. Do you see the possibility’s of this, anything that can be thought of can be created? This needs really looking into so please share it as much as possible.
Jonathan M Bardsley (1 month ago)
Damian Toczek (1 month ago)
Ok... can you explain me this then? Pluto https://youtu.be/fyQrdsTNuo0?t=1m26s
Grade Shay (2 months ago)
If it could happen, what would happen if you went below 0 kelvin
kieran O'dea (2 months ago)
Absolute zero can be lowered, when you factor in time. The colder it is the faster a warm substance will have its electron's stop moving. At the top range it may take several seconds but in the lower ranges it can happen all most instantly. So there is no set temperature that's the lowest, you can all ways get colder when you record the time it takes to bring a substance's electrons to a stop.
Eman Name (2 months ago)
We become more informed not smarter..
Dark Phantom (2 months ago)
2018? Anyone?
Ajay Pandey (2 months ago)
Retro Electro (2 months ago)
Hank: We know the temperature of absolute zero Me: 0 Kelvin Hank: -273 Celsius Me: GODDAMNIT! I thought I had that one!
Danilego (3 months ago)
And the highest temperature in the universe is during collisions at the LHC! Makes me kind of proud of us humans, despite global warming and that stuff
Michael Thomson (3 months ago)
I wish I was as smart as that three times great uncle of mine. Alas, I can’t even balance the cheque book.
Maklarus Trinity (3 months ago)
smart mmmm disagree you take Ready knowledge from many people remember it speak it to people then they say you are smart ??? no bro you just remember stuff that''s all.
Chike (3 months ago)
You simply cant cool anything to absolute zero not because quantum (synonym to I don't know or I'm not sure) but because it is impossible while there is energy, when energy is all lost it will be absolute zero. Once there is no more energy, well there will be nothing and no one to worry about temperature.
Near Void (3 months ago)
No degrees. Just kelvin
Christian Holland (3 months ago)
False. Every time you get out of bed, you are frozen to absolute zero for an hour unless you have a source of warmth.
1 Kelvin you meant. NO DEGREES😂
Rosco Tillman III (4 months ago)
God dammit Heisenberg.
rodrigo (4 months ago)
You don't actually explain how they got the absolute zero value
Alex Tol, van (4 months ago)
I think I can get it closer on average. I can make something minus x Kelvin for a certain amount of time, and then I'll use some time it was above zero Kelvin. Then I calculate in what time range this was on average exactly quite close to 0!
Emmanuel Bandayrel (4 months ago)
that name is so much cooler than absolute zero :D
Daegda Games (4 months ago)
Pretty... cool .... PUN!!
Zormac (4 months ago)
Degree Kelvin. Wow.
Azad Hawezy (4 months ago)
Thought this were fortnite xD
1,499,999 views (4 months ago)
cool facts
Upasana Konwar (4 months ago)
Hey is it 273.15 but in my book its 273.16
Al Rats (4 months ago)
Absolute zero is -273.15 °C. However, the size of the Kelvin temperature unit is determined by dividing the temperature range between Absolute zero and the triple point of water by 273.16. In other words, the triple point of water is defined to occur at exactly 273.16 K. The triple point of water occurs at 0.01 °C. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_point
oopsy444 (5 months ago)
Why don't we abandon Celsius and Fahrenheit for Kelvin it makes more sense than others scales
Volvirth (5 months ago)
The coldest place on earth has the least activity. Little activity = boring. We are officially the most exciting and boring place in the universe, at the same time. ... I CALL THIS, _SCHRODINGER'S MOOD._
Abhay Sharma (5 months ago)
This guy is everywhere on youtube when it comes for education.
Shakthi Shakthi (5 months ago)
Brian Holdren (5 months ago)
It kinda frustrates me that lots of pop sci shows/channels/etc oversimplify the uncertainty principle: they seem to imply that there is a measurement that we can simply not make... (As in- to measure something to a certain degree changes it so our knowledge of such is thus limited) this is not the case. The fact of the matter is that that there IS NO specific thing/position/vector/momentum/etc to measure beyond a specific point! Its not that we cannot see 'this or that' quantity... it's that 'this or that' DOES NOT exist !just saying.
Brian Holdren (5 months ago)
I do dig this Chanel tho. +1.
TechUser Baydo (5 months ago)
So the coldest planet is -272 degrees. Am I right?
TheGreatSeraphim (5 months ago)
The uncertainty principle is not a thing. It's a simple matter of the moment you try to measure something you are applying energy/force to it, removing it from its original state. Same thing with measuring light. You measure light with light, by the time the light returns to the sensor where the light is, is as far as away from where it was when it was measured as the distance from where it was measured to the sensor plus all the computational bits. We'll always have a bit of lag till we find a way to get around the forces of the universe that act upon our measurements.
Al Rats (4 months ago)
The Heisenberg Uncertainty principle is very much a thing. If you're interested in understanding what it states, then read the first and third chapters of the Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume iii. http://www.feynmanlectures.caltech.edu/III_01.html http://www.feynmanlectures.caltech.edu/III_03.html
Boshua Borman (6 months ago)
If you think about it isn't all energy just kinetic energy or radiation energy?
Antony Bradbury (6 months ago)
The coldest place is a crater on the moon. There is no educating some people.
Ben Simpson (6 months ago)
Stone sour ?
Mass Debater (6 months ago)
im on 720hd why is the screen pixelly?
Mantis 04 (6 months ago)
Shouldn't it be Zero Kelvin and not as you said zero DEGREE Kevin?
Valdagast (6 months ago)
Even without QM, it's impossible to get to 0 Kelvin. 3rd Law of Thermodynamics.
Yellow Diamond (7 months ago)
I am the one who knocks
Ko6i (7 months ago)
Harry Greenaway (7 months ago)
Anyone watching 5 and a half years later ?
toomdog (7 months ago)
What about Rankine?
Shiro (7 months ago)
please tell me the "pretty cool" at the end was just an unintentional pun...
aaron faucett (7 months ago)
That's hubris! Assuming that an alien race hasn't mastered the technology yet.. fools! 😂
Baruch Ben-David (7 months ago)
Kelvins. Not "degrees" Kelvin.
Over the Edge Bladesmith (7 months ago)
Wouldn't absolute zero be impossible to reach since to cool something to absolute zero, you need to be able to cool it PAST absolute zero?
Daniel Valencia (7 months ago)
I got slapped with a thermometer everytime I said 'degrees kelvin'. We need to slap hank.
YongJin Lee (7 months ago)
Big Shaq is the coldest thing in the universe.
Ogpd (8 months ago)
Μνρ Ιηfιηιτγ (8 months ago)
2:11 the develepcolovepment
Devendra Ashatiya (8 months ago)
coldest is Bose-Einstein condensation state of any object
RyanMathPhysx 1 (8 months ago)
i think it's kelvin and not degrees kelvin
Jordanish (8 months ago)
2:40 HE SAID 1 "" DEGREE" KALVIN!!!!!
Gliding_Eagle Durand (8 months ago)
This was super cool! :)
Daniel Mallett (8 months ago)
Everybody knows that the coldest place in the known universe is my ex's heart, at right around -0.069° K
Xxgamer13 Xx (8 months ago)
Damn now this is Albert Einstein
devil's advocate (8 months ago)
Y'all wanna see absolute zero look at my maths exam sheet
Dash71101 (9 months ago)
How can we know that the coldest temperture is -273.15 C yet we can't reach that temperture??
Daniel Rittegar (9 months ago)
It gets down to 18 below 0 with no wind chill in the state of Ohio and the warmest winters is below zeor down to five below and barly reaching 6 below 0 which is fact
Ivan Nicolas (9 months ago)
@scishow Can you make a video explaining momentum?
Titanic (9 months ago)
Why is 0K absolute 0? Can't I cool something even further
Zorrobeat (9 months ago)
naw nope (9 months ago)
its interesting to say you can't freeze an atom to be motionless because of some rule that says you can't know particles positions and speed. Clearly one does not prove the other.
Kallista Metropoulos (10 months ago)
False. The coldest place on earth are my nipples today.
Dark Shadows (10 months ago)
I know a person who can stand against absolute zero... SUB-ZERO!!😂
TheyLied ToYou (10 months ago)
Rule 101 of physics is that matter can not be created nor destroyed, so please explain why you are mentioning the "Big Bang" when it is clear that this is just not possible by the rules that govern it? I would love to read your response or even better, I would love to watch it. Thank you. WeAre Power
Ramsha Tariq (10 months ago)
i don't get it if absolute zero kelvin is reached at 273.15 degrees Celsius than doesn't that mean that planets like Neptune and Uranus are bellow kelvin???? i don't g
Tomi Shodunke (10 months ago)
If there is one thing that can escape absolute zero is being rosted by my sister
Gerardo Chavez (11 months ago)
There are no degrees in Kelvin scale
Trashknight (11 months ago)
Can someone explain what a superconductor is and how it works? Thank youuu :D
Derek Hale (11 months ago)
1:47 Kelvin doesn't degree bro
john o (11 months ago)
No mention of  Bose–Einstein condensates? We get a new form of matter at near absolute zero.
Prasad Pawar (11 months ago)
He said zero degrees kelvin
madcat789 (11 months ago)
My math teacher is an absolute zero.
Lethal Chicken (11 months ago)
Of there's 0 energy at absolute 0, doesn't that mean there's no mass?
Adolfo Misiara Linchet (11 months ago)
Good video...
Max D (11 months ago)
But what's the coldest temperature humanity HAS actually achieved?
RossBlackBlood (11 months ago)
i sorry for staring at forheadzit
Richard Smoker (11 months ago)
homie stop saying degrees kelvin
Ian (1 year ago)
"...but measuring this is impossible; it's forbidden by the uncertainty principle." This is the LEAST scientific thing I have heard on this channel. This makes it sound like this Heisenberg guy carved into a stone tablet "Thou mayest never know the location and momentum of a particle; it is FORBIDDEN!!!" My question, of course, is WHY? If you DID freeze the chunk of lead, and you got it actually cold enough to literally halt all motion in the substance, and you then measured it's location and momentum, would you die? Would it explode? It's weird, because I've heard all sorts of wacky, theoretical ideas from every field of science, a sort of "What if THIS happened?" Look up YouTube videos on "Travelling at the speed of light", another IMPOSSIBLE thing to do, and people theorize about it all the time! But, when it comes to Heisenberg, everyone acts like, "NO! You mustn't challenge Principle of Uncertainty! Lord Heisenberg forbids it!!" It feels... creepy.
Al Rats (4 months ago)
If you want to truly understand the Uncertainty principle then read the first and third chapters of the Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume iii. http://www.feynmanlectures.caltech.edu/III_01.html http://www.feynmanlectures.caltech.edu/III_03.html If you are interested in understanding Special Relativity then check out this video series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rLWVZVWfdY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTxWAQGgeQw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh0pYtQG5wI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrNVsfkGW-0 These are among the best educational resources available on these topics. So they are worth going over multiple times till you fully comprehend all the subtleties.
Franco Putin (1 year ago)
Your show is super cool
dirty person (1 year ago)
I got dumber
Brad Montgomery (1 year ago)
couldn't stop looking at that zit between your eyes. It's been 5 years, is it still there?
John Thomson (1 year ago)
What if there's an alien species working simultaneously on the same problem as us that has gotten it lower than we have, but we're just too far away to ever even know they exist?
Phil Chia (1 year ago)
Hank could we get one on superconductors. And get quantum on us
Phil Chia (1 year ago)
How about if we got our calculations incorrect?
isodoublet (1 year ago)
No, the third law is not true because of the uncertainty principle. If you don't know how something works, *don't make videos about it.* It's shouldn't be that hard to keep your mouth shut. Jesus.
Chris Outten (1 year ago)
JoJo Vento Aureo Brought me here!
Nah absolute zero is the temperature of my heart when I triple cart on Ukanlos
Brieen (1 year ago)
The coldest thing is your metal bike handles on winter

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