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SNL Comes to Twitch

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Watch 48 hours of impressions, commercial parodies, digital shorts and more during the SNL Marathon on Twitch, May 17-19. Click here to check it out: https://twitch.app.link/cNyXqEChXM #SNL Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/ SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/
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Text Comments (128)
Ocelot Eleven (6 days ago)
They have to do something Fortnite relented to succeed on twitch tv
Phil (6 days ago)
Horrible musical guest
Daniel Saunders (7 days ago)
I honestly don't think you know what goes on in the twitch chat..
Aidan Kim (7 days ago)
TriHard 7
Hsfh Fejtpo (7 days ago)
wow, a marathon of all the stuff that’s already on youtube, yay
stefan cornelissen (7 days ago)
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Monica Chacón Corona (8 days ago)
Yeeeiiii...I don't have tv now, so this is awesome!!
Matthew Cassidy (8 days ago)
The link doesn't work.
Ninja (8 days ago)
Have Pete, Beck and Kyle stream Fortnite as a group during the Weekdays when its not Saturday lol. I bet you will get a lot of views.
PhatpersonVids (8 days ago)
Yeah an unwanted fortnite sketch is imminent now
Henry Boamah (8 days ago)
I blame fortnite for this
Alejandro Garcia (8 days ago)
Progressive. Glad they put some new young marketers in the team.
Shashwat Kasturey (8 days ago)
Smart move
p01ar_beaR (8 days ago)
Jar Jar Danks (8 days ago)
Who remembers when Twitch was for streaming games and wasn’t infested with Fortnite cancer
Pixel_Geist (8 days ago)
will I be able to subscribe using my amazon prime account?
박돌발번역 (8 days ago)
So they're saying they'll do snl live stream on twitch... get donations... well.............
RyRy C (8 days ago)
so every 20 minutes the stream can be interrupted with ads that buffer? why not just do it on youtube?
padistedor (8 days ago)
Maybe they are trying content on twitch due to their ratings going down for the live show? Maybe if kids see SNL on twitch they will watch on Saturday night? Good luck with that. Stop offending half the country every week and maybe they will watch your show again.
Jason Juawan (8 days ago)
No ads ples
EPM 101 (8 days ago)
Since when does Twitch do non-gaming stuff?
JHoNNy1OoO (7 days ago)
EPM 101 quite awhile now actually
TheInfectedHunter (8 days ago)
Of course the comments are mostly all negative for no reason, this is awesome, I'm gonna really enjoy this
clockwork 610 (8 days ago)
Bro thats for gaming streams
AnimalsAndReports (8 days ago)
Guaranteed to make you ✴twitch✴ after 48hrs
Danny Steeler (8 days ago)
Who else does nt know what Twitch is? :|
Samuel Pounds (8 days ago)
TommylomGD (8 days ago)
Oh looky here its snl trying to stay hip with the kids
rhackett25 (8 days ago)
or... you could just watch all the sketches on the snl app, anytime you want...
christopher martinez (8 days ago)
ẏṳḠḭ ĦŇҜ (8 days ago)
Still better than greekgodx tho
Muhammed Asghar (8 days ago)
Looks like SNL is starting to.... *puts on glasses* TWITCH IT UP!
Honey SNL trying to come up in here and act like them all hip shit, sweetie half ya skits are family Feud
conner mazurkiewicz (8 days ago)
I acctaully thought this was going to be a joke making fun of Logan Paul. But no its not
Carla W (8 days ago)
Is this real life?
Rick Sanchez (8 days ago)
Please, no more Amy Schumer!
Zainax Ghost (8 days ago)
OMEGALUL I can't tell if this is a good or bad idea
UkeGoesRawrGazzawr (8 days ago)
Its obviously just an attempt at trying to reach a younger or newer audience. Don't know why everyone is basically saying "fuck off, I can just watch it on youtube." Well yea, but some people don't really use youtube for their go-to media consumption, some people just watch twitch streams. I did this for like 2-3 months where I never watched any of my 20~ subscriptions I actually keep up with and I just watched some people on Twitch.
IB ID (8 days ago)
Tolkien Martin (8 days ago)
Nice try. Wouldnt be prudent. Lockbox. More cowbell. Less mass programming.
Apple Jack Elliott (8 days ago)
Trying to stay relevant haha
Cain Hopkins (8 days ago)
This goes to show you YouTube is turning into MySpace rapidly, and Twitch is the new Site
Mugiwara no Link (8 days ago)
i thought they were going to stream games
NinACK (8 days ago)
at this point twitch isn't even for games any more
Draigon18 (8 days ago)
NinACK it never was. it was a look into peoples lives. seems they r trying to branch out from that.
Oliver White (8 days ago)
Cry6ix (8 days ago)
Id watch it if you streamed the episodes live since i can't watch them on my TV, but a marathon is just a bad idea especially when your streaming old stuff already on youtube. I think you're expecting alot more viewers than your going to actually get. Also goodluck monitoring chat, TriHard
Mr. Chicken (8 days ago)
What’s the point of having a marathon on Twitch if I can already have a marathon on here?
ANUDEDINGO (8 days ago)
Mr. Chicken Fewer ads. They usually run full, unskippable ads on their channel, and they definitely don't have their full catalogue on here.
Magitroopa (8 days ago)
We don't need your trash on Twitch. Your show is bad enough as it is now. Stop trying to make it seem good.
Mugiwara no Link (8 days ago)
why do you watch it then?
Autistic_child_55 (8 days ago)
David S Pumpkins wasn’t included so sad can we hit 50 likes
GreenBoy (8 days ago)
Shut the hell up comment section this is great
whatever (8 days ago)
Yeah I don't get why everyone is being so negative
XaivierPoix4Life (8 days ago)
Ok, but why though
_Yotsuba_ (8 days ago)
It’s gonna be like the Yu-Gi-Oh on Twitch fiasco where there was ad breaks every 90 seconds.
Pyridius (8 days ago)
cczwhite uncharted (8 days ago)
That's great hat you've organised that because I live in Ireland and I can't watch the show live anywhere as far as I know. This is the closest thing to it and I'm really excited to watch it all and experience it with others who like the show!
TRCizzle (8 days ago)
Love SNL and Twitch... but those two don't go together.
Transparency (6 days ago)
it's a streaming service so it's not that crazy. I'm surprised too though
Mugiwara no Link (8 days ago)
i thought they were going to stream games
Vince Pale Jr (8 days ago)
Interesting, what are the goals of this exercise?
kevin rivera (8 days ago)
Vince Pale Jr getting bill hader emotes
Anthony Smith (8 days ago)
Hello fellow teens!
LG87 (8 days ago)
no u
Anthony Smith (8 days ago)
Im not sure how I feel about this... i think these are good feelings, but, but...
opo2002 (8 days ago)
It legitimizes the platform? I’m trying to come up with stuff
opo2002 (8 days ago)
Anthony Smith i mean Washington post is on twitch so it can’t be that bad
Prettypinkdork (8 days ago)
‘Chat with other fans’ Hey, quick question, do you guys actually know what twitch is?
BLACKBOND IsGay (8 days ago)
Are they gaming skits? If not why....
Sea Lab (8 days ago)
America keep getting closer to dystopian books written in the 20th century.
Daisyville (8 days ago)
If the "sleeping in your old bed with your boyfriend" sketch with Fallon is not included, don't even bother!
Jacob Anderson (8 days ago)
Nice to see SNL branching out to new horizons. Could this be a prelude/test drive to start airing SNL live on twitch? Probably not. But maybe!
Brillante Saucedo (8 days ago)
New cast will be recruited from twitch.
Anastasia PIhvagah (8 days ago)
Cemal Kuguoglu (8 days ago)
Snl members should stream irl or playing games
Mugiwara no Link (8 days ago)
i thought they were going to stream games
Hikaru Yoroi (8 days ago)
Wtf is this
Mugiwara no Link (8 days ago)
YepItsThatGuy (8 days ago)
But are they on Fortnite tho
marchkarcz (6 days ago)
straight facts ^
Mugiwara no Link (8 days ago)
hope not cos it sucks
Ms Amityville (8 days ago)
yes yes yes yes yes !!!!!
Im Heckin Mad (8 days ago)
NO AMY SCHUMER SKETCHES PLEASE! She’s not funny at all and she would just ruin the whole vibe of the stream
ZEB (6 days ago)
You’re mentally retarded if you think anyone else cares that you don’t like some fucking comedienne. Shut the fuck up.
leopardspots2004 (8 days ago)
Im Heckin Mad here's a novel idea, how about you don't WATCH the Schumer sketches? There are hundreds of thousands of us who like Amy, so don't expect SNL to cater to Schumer-haters just because their lives seem to revolve around hating on Amy
Game Hub (8 days ago)
HeroOfTrains7 ___ (8 days ago)
I don't know how to feel about this.
Jacob Anderson (8 days ago)
HeroOfTrains7 ___ There were marathons of Power Rangers and Carl Sagan’s Cosmos a while back. Why not SNL?
Shadow_447 (8 days ago)
Can’t wait to watch😋😊
just me N/A DUDE (8 days ago)
From London I'm obsessed with this show Love you so much. Can't wait You lot are really funny
TheEditor (8 days ago)
We're young! We're hip! We're cool! We're modern!
Beastune (8 days ago)
Twitch may be young and hip five years ago.
leopardspots2004 (8 days ago)
It's not a terrible idea. Twitch will attract a new demographic and gamers might dig some sketches although I'm skeptical about the second. Either way, I'm excited
Prettypinkdork (8 days ago)
Twitch is middle-to-old millennials
HeroOfTrains7 ___ (8 days ago)
TheEditor more like obvious brand deal.
just me N/A DUDE (8 days ago)
Can't wait
Mandy C. (8 days ago)
oh boy! It'll be like a two-day sleepover with a million foul-mouthed kids! lol, I don't care anyway. sign me up.
Javier Whitefield (8 days ago)
Emily B (8 days ago)
Jim B. (8 days ago)
Daybelline Muñoz (8 days ago)
Mad Ting (8 days ago)
@leopardspots2004 Exactly... I thought it was hilarious, not particularly a fan of her movies, shows but she was great on it. People just love to hate.
leopardspots2004 (8 days ago)
The Amy Schumer episode was terrific. Seriously it's one thing to dislike an artist and another to obsess over it to the point were you literally can't talk about anything else. Idk if Schumer haters realize that their vitriol is part of the reason SNL gets high ratings when she hosts. Flock of sheep, the lot of you
Oscar Niňo (8 days ago)
Hopefully snl gets the hint... She has the most disliked non-political sketches
JFn Cho (8 days ago)
100% agree. they've been on a hot streak of really funny shows until last week. even Weekend Update was meh.
RayRay0307 (8 days ago)
lolizorz (8 days ago)
AceThe Aggie (8 days ago)
I’m so excited
Casinoci (8 days ago)
oh shit nbc finally found out about twitch
Neko Chan (8 days ago)
siddharth reddy (8 days ago)
First my dudes
Katie Germana (8 days ago)
DOPAMINE FLEXIN' (8 days ago)
Stephen Kohnle (8 days ago)
Speedy Shooter (8 days ago)
First like
Owen3424 (8 days ago)
Yerba Mate (8 days ago)
Owen3424 you're second
Gavin (8 days ago)
Good luck with that.
S (8 days ago)
Twitch chat = Cancer
leopardspots2004 (8 days ago)
Why do you say that?
IB ID (8 days ago)
mhm ....
Gear Brills (8 days ago)
Gavin wut?

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