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The Covana Automated Hot Tub Cover and Gazebo

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The Covana automated hot tub gazebo includes your spa cover. It is an automated all-in-one spa enclosure that rises above your spa and lowers again at the turn of a key. Creative Innovation The Covana is a unique new idea in gazebos. It is an automated all-in-one gazebo enclosure that includes your hot tub cover. It rises above your spa and lowers when you are finished at the simple turn of a key. It doubles as your spa cover so you effortlessly raise and lower the cover for quick and simple access to your hot tub. Now you can enjoy your spa more often than ever before. Ensuring Privacy Are you longing for more privacy while you relax in your hot tub? The Covana has shades and screen that can be added to create an intimate and relaxing haven. You can turn your backyard hot tub into a backyard refuge with total privacy. With the Covana automated all-in-one hot tub gazebo enclosure safety and privacy are no longer a concern. And keyed entry provides absolute security and safety. Added Safety Is safety a concern for you? The Covana gazebo and cover securely locks in place either extended or closed. Its keyed entry provides absolute security and safety. When in the lowered position, the gazebo can support up to a 500 pound snow load and a 250 pound lift load. It also has a 100 mph wind load when down and 50 mph when it's up. It provides more barrier protection than any other hot tub/pool safety device. You can relax knowing you have a safe hot tub. Additional Savings The Covana III is a phenomenal gazebo that also saves you money. The built-in cover eliminates the need to purchase a separate hot tub cover which will need to be replaced periodically over the life of the hot tub. It seals over the spa tightly to eliminate water or chemical evaporation. The tight seal locks in heat and locks out cold to reduce costs related to heating the spa. The Covana has an R-21 insulation value. Enhanced Well-Being Did you know that more than half of all North Americans currently suffer from health problems directly related to stress levels? These issues can include increased blood pressure, headaches, chronic back pain and other related illnesses cause by a weakened immune system. Mental health issues such as anxiety and insomnia are also linked to heightened levels of stress. Are you concerned about your stress level, physical health or arthritis and have been instructed that hydrotherapy would benefit you; however you cannot lift a cover alone? Or you just don't want the hassle of running out in the cold and taking off your hot tub cover? The Covana spa gazebo and cover is built to provide years of worry free performance and protection. Similar to garage door systems, minimal horsepower is required, lowering the costs and wear and tear on components substantially. It is a fantastic opportunity for a consumer who may have thought they couldn't lift a "traditional" spa cover, for instance, seniors and handicapped adults. Combining your spa with an automated hot tub gazebo and cover will allow you to use your spa more and reap the benefits of hydrotherapy, as well as the added benefit of being able to use it in adverse weather conditions with the protective shades. Come in to Crystal River Spas to view a demonstration!
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Abdul Jama (7 месяцев назад)
What about if someone closes you when you are inside the hot tub? I think you can’t escape and that is very dangerous.
justin bozanich (3 месяца назад)
has an up down button inside the lid so not dangerous at all
Joel McDonald (8 месяцев назад)
*Great product.==>**t.co/ipVcJmIng7**  Powerful pump creates excellent water movement. Great therapy tub.*
eric mahaley (8 месяцев назад)
Worth every penny
Beverly Swegman (2 года назад)
Mangle (2 года назад)
4th place 🙌
Nisha Dhiresh (3 года назад)
do u ship to Australia?
tollymoreable (4 года назад)
Where can I buy this product?
Aquaflames (4 года назад)
Aquaflames 01327 811404  
Crystal River Spas (4 года назад)
Go to this link and put in your address to find a dealer near you: http://www.sterlingcovana.com/locators-c3.html

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