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Parliament to vote on Brexit bill amendments – watch live

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freddy feve (19 days ago)
People need to replace these planks with ..people that haven't got deep pockets !!! Getting bought daily
Fek The First (23 days ago)
What a crushing defeat for the majority anti democracy Lords and remoaners. No deal is better than a bad deal, this is yet another thick nail in remoaners coffins. We are leaving, Deal or no deal 👍🇬🇧👌 Take back control
Pedro pepe (25 days ago)
Brexit wont happend, that's all folks.
Why do all of these politicians in parliament sound like they have a plum in their mouths? Where are all the working class accents? That's why the UK is suffering. Not enough Blue collar workers! Too many Oxford lawyers and those who are career politicians taking over!
Joshua Schell (25 days ago)
Better reject the notion of leaving the EU. It's part of Russia plan. Break up the EU, UK and USA.
Leave Now (25 days ago)
Let's get on with it.
Joshua Schell (25 days ago)
Better off staying.
Roger Bennett (25 days ago)
The EU parliament want a meaningful vote on any deal they come back with
Roger Bennett (23 days ago)
I was being disingenuous about the EU parliament to hi-light how powerless the countries in the EU actually are. Little in life is guaranteed apart from death and taxes.
Fek The First (23 days ago)
Roger Bennett They do, but we can leave deal or no deal. So this was a crushing defeat for the Lords and remoaners. The clock is ticking for the EU, they desperately need our money. Deal or no deal now guaranteed. Superb
V Santa (25 days ago)
Shithoe Country nobody cares lol
Margie Rowlings (26 days ago)
Stupid people you killed Gadaffi

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