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Catheter Ablation For Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB)

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Learn about what catheter ablation is and how it's used to treat atrial fibrillation (AFIB). Doctors and cardiologists from the Cleveland Clinic describe the catheter ablation procedure, what it is, how it's done and what results can be expected from this surgery.
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Bill (1 день назад)
I was diag with svt at 15 Had it for about 10 years now. I had an ablation at CC about 8 years ago that didnt do anything. They had me on the table for about 12 hours awake! Anesthesia doesnt work very well on me. Said they couldnt find the issue. I have it go out about once a week. It is usually brought on by sports. Sometimes i can return to a normal rhythm by running for a while. Episodes can last from an hour to 3 ish days. Right now im 35 hours in. 😂 yay I am trying to learn more about arrhythmia and fugure out why it consistently happens once a week. Why is i fine as soon as it 'goes back in' and then i can play basketball or what ever without a problem. Its killing me 💀💀 hopefully not literally lol
tyanite1 (1 день назад)
Stating that atrial fibrillation is a heart problem, specifically when referring to a person with an otherwise healthy heart, is like stating that Parkinson’s disease is a hand problem. That’s clearly wrong. Would Parkinson’s specialists be Orthopedic hand surgeons? No. Would Parkinson’s specialists operate on the patient’s hands to stop them trembling? No. That’s the problem with healthy heart Afib treatment and research by Cardiologists. Healthy heart Afib is actually a problem of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), not the heart. Therefore, Afib specialty belongs with ANS specialists. Until the problem is focused upon by the right specialists and researchers, new treatments for the problem will still focus on tinkering with the heart. Catheter ablation and pacemaker insertion damage the heart. That’s barbaric, misconceived, usually not very effective according to new research, and can seriously shorten the lifespan of the patient. That makes zero sense. Moreover, in the for-profit medical system in the United States, being branded with a heart problem is to render a person uninsurable or highly expensive to insure. Doctors and medical billing and coders brand you with heart disease if you have Afib. That’s tantamount to an injustice. Nervous system specialists are starting to focus on Afib as originating in the hypothalamus in the brain, part of the command center for the ANS. Because we are starting to discover the complexity of communication between the heart, organs and brain, especially by way of the vagus nerve, locating the origin of the afib may be very complex. DLC; Albuquerque, NM; 18 January, 2019.
Bill (1 день назад)
I was diag with svt at 15 Had it for about 10 years now. I had an ablation at CC about 8 years ago that didnt do anything. They had me on the table for about 12 hours awake! Anesthesia doesnt work very well on me. Said they couldnt find the issue. I have it go out about once a week. It is usually brought on by sports. Sometimes i can return to a normal rhythm by running for a while. Episodes can last from an hour to 3 ish days. Right now im 35 hours in. 😂 yay I am trying to learn more about arrhythmia and fugure out why it consistently happens once a week. Why is i fine as soon as it 'goes back in' and then i can play basketball or what ever without a problem. Its killing me 💀💀 hopefully not literally lol
Alfonso Flores (27 дней назад)
Wow, very informative! Thanks
Frogman Smith (1 месяц назад)
Cleveland Clinic has more Drs. from the Middle East than the U.S.!
Michael J.E. Slavick III (1 месяц назад)
These clowns are ignoring the many things that could be affecting the heart. Remember: "Fight or Flight." Daaaaa...I'm about to be eaten by a Lion. Sympathetic and Para-Sympathetic nervous system. We don't fully understand that....so we'll just "Forget About It." Hey....You're Burning The Heart. That doesn't fell good! Well, we are only dealing with a person. Who cares. It's a living!
Tony Promo (2 месяца назад)
a brief tale about my heart By Tony W. On a faithful Sunday evening, after a exciting football game with friends and alcohol, I went home to a seemingly ordinary Las Vegas evening. Waking up the next morning was however quite unusual. When it comes to drinking, I've always been able to handle my alcohol. The goal with a social vodka soda and a wedge of lemon, is to achieve a small buzz and have a good time, not to get as they say "white boy wasted". When I awoke on Monday morning around 8:27am, my head felt like it had been in a vice and slowly tightened for the last several hours. Now I'm not a special individual, I get my usual dry mouth hangovers, pop a couple ibuprofen and get on with my day. But this was much different. All of the sudden that unpleasant nausea feeling hit me like a brick, and instantly my mouth started to salivate. After emptying the clear liquid stomach content, I went back to bed to lay down. That's when it happened.. this excruciating pain in my chest. My heart flipping and flopping around and a feeling of light headedness. I tried some breathing techniques as I had learned to slow heart rate, my apple watch readings were sporadic. 72, then 124, then 90 then 140. It just kept jumping. After about 45 mins, I knew it was time to head to the ER. When I arrived (driven by my girlfriend) the man behind the counter saw me holding my chest in pain. At this point I could not breath very well, breaths we're short as was my speech. The only thing he asked me was "Are you having chest pains sir?" I nodded and he pushed a button under the table releasing another nurse who guided me into a room and began EKG. Tiny electrodes places all over my chest, both arms getting the royal IV treatment, and a heart rate monitor sounding like a game of pong with a heart rate of 194 bpm. Before I knew it, they had sent me in an ambulance to the nearest hospital and I was diagnosed with AFib. After some medication, potassium, multivitamins and a couple stomach shots of anti-coagulant, I was released. The medication they prescribed me is a beta blocker called Metoprolol, I've been taking two per day for the last 8 days. My next doctors appointment is next week with a local cardiologist. Since I've stopped smoking cigs, have not had any alcohol and have been trying to eat a heathy diet, giving up things like salt and fried foods. I also purchased a bicycle and have been doing 20 min bike rides per day. Although I am feeling better, and have not noticed any other arrhythmia, I do get weak and tired at time trough out the day and my blood pressure has been difficult to keep below hypertension. We will see how it turns out, and I am hoping there is no other damage. I have noticed weight gain about 6 lbs this week. From 203 to 209.6 - I am hoping to lose weight and get myself more fit than I was before the AFib episode. I wish a quick and strong recovery to anyone else (most of you I'd imagine) that are currently going trough a similar experience. Sorry for writing a book in the comments section lol, thought others might want to hear the experience. Please comment and let me know what your story is, what medication is working and what has helped so far. Best wishes, much love. ~Tony W.
darren ketchley (1 месяц назад)
Hi. I read yr story with interest. I recently underwent open heart surgery in june to repair a leaking mitral valve. The surgery was successful but left me with 3 futher admissions to hospital for pericarditis.and i developed Afib as a result of being cut open. It has been the most debilitating thing i have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Absolutley no energey. Difficulty walking up a few stairs. Heart rate at times hitting 220 bpm....meds were given initially were ameoderone which i refused after reading the side effects. And then sotolol which helped a bit...it was decided that ablation was the best treatment and it was dicovered i had Afib plus Aflutter. The procedure was done one week ago today and the results were very good.i felt instantly better and was walking several ks every day after release from hospital and able to get up hills with ease. The only discomfort is a slight burning sensation when taking a deep breath but that probably down to the swelling of scar tissue. I does take aprox. 3 months to fully heal and theres always a chance Afib can come back. A second ablation is usually even more successful than the first. I am very glad i had it done and am hoping that in time my ejection fraction will improve from 35% back to 55% which it was before valve surgery. I was a non smoker light social drinker and really into fitness all my life and was horrified when diagnosed with heart issues.thease things can happen to anyone but theres always some light at the end of a dark tunnel and modern medicine is amazing. Hope this was helpfull to anyone going through heart troubles.....Daz. newzealand.
Kassie F (3 месяца назад)
my cardiologist tried to convince me to have this done to stop svt attacks. I refused and ordered youngevity osteo fx off of Amazon. I haven't had arrhythmia issues since!
Irina Markovski (13 дней назад)
Thank you, Kassie F! I was desperately trying to find an alternative to this operation. I am scared of the outcomes in years. Some patients need later in life heart stimulator because of this procedure. I will try to find that supplement!!
Kassie F (17 дней назад)
Arrhythmia is often caused by low mineral levels. I had muscle spasms, twitches, tachycardia, and arrhithmia. I also had a second degree heart block. All of which are deficiency signs. You are an idiot.
Justinian Hallstrom (17 дней назад)
You're a snake oil salesman and your gonna get somebody killed you should be jailed
Carol Grooms (4 месяца назад)
i had this done in my early thirties. im 62 now. my heart would go 255 beats a minute for two hours at a time. dizzy sweating coughing i had this for two years. i love in dayton went to university of Indiana 5 hours. went back for check up. they went back in my heart and checked all circuits. they cured me. heart was sensitive for a while. thank god it worked.
Melanie Williamson (4 месяца назад)
I had mine done for an atrial flutter 2 days ago by an electrophysiologist that studied here. The surgical site for me is more of a muscular pain, like I'd been riding a bike with a very uncomfortable bike seat on a cobblestone road for 10 miles. Ladies, if you have really bad cramps that radiate down your leg to your knee, that's exactly what the pain feels like. I learned today that it's from the doctors putting extreme pressure on the sheath holes after the sheaths were removed to stop the bleeding and encourage clotting before dressing the wound. Minimal to medium bruising so far. No pain at all from the sheath holes, it only hurts around the sheath holes when I take my wound dressing off, but that's only because I have sensitive skin. The only time I feel pain in my chest is when I take a very deep breath, like one of those really good oxygen-flooding yawns. Mine only took 3 hours, and I was discharged the next day with an appointment for a home visiting nurse to check on me during recovery a few times. I wish I had known then what I know now about how everything would be and feel like, I could have saved myself a lot of anxiety.
Mark Edwards (5 месяцев назад)
I am 54 and had an ablation two months ago. The operation has been a great success. I had a fib for about 12 years on and off. Eventually, it became constant and was very debilitating. I opted for the procedure and the outcome has been wonderful. Perfect sinus rhythm.
Pani Pautu (5 месяцев назад)
I want to know that did they always success the catheter ablation,cause i may want to try once again,my catheter ablation is failed ,doctors said that its so risky if its fail,i need to carry pacemaker for my whole life ,so sad i dont know what to do where to go which hospital is good which doctor is better,dont know what to do,my surgery is 2 time fail
Pani Pautu (5 месяцев назад)
Forget it ,I lived in northeast india thats so far
Deniss Artisskis (5 месяцев назад)
Pani, where do you live?. If you live in US just go to Austin Texas to see Dr. Andrea Natale in Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute. He is a God of all EP doctors in US. I had an ablation with him in 2008. He is actually considered last resort EP and very often handles difficult cases. As I know he performed around 12000 procedures. By the way he was a director of EP for Cleveland Clinic. If you are in Europe I know the best place to go is Bordeaux in France. Good luck and wish you be in NSR
Chika Anslem (6 месяцев назад)
My name is CHIKA Anslem I'm from Africa, Nigeria precisely. I'm 24 years of age. And 22years of my life i have been suffering from frequent episodes of palpitations and ocassional syncopal attacks. Due to lack of finance and poor medical care in my country. My family was able to raise money for my surgery which took place in Indian, pune @ Rugby Hall clinic which i had the Radio frequency Ablation done. But when i returned back to Nigeria i still kept having palpitations and this time my heart beat so fast for 48 to 50 hours before normalising. Had an ECG done immediately it still shows " WPW " also had a holter monitor test and it showed conduction disorder (dysrhythmia) - intraventricular conduction disorder with pre-exitation (WPW pattern) i tried contacting the hospital back but i got no replies from them. Ever since then i have been living with palpitations till date because of lack of finance to go for another reablation. Pls any good person, organisation, doctor or Hospital that is interested in my case can contact me on this email. Chikaanslem@gmail.com thank you for saving a life in advance.
Michelle Lambert (8 месяцев назад)
I had the heart ablation to for my SVT and it took 4 hours and 15 minutes and I was asleep during it because I was so young they did not have me awake and I was in the hospital for 3 days
Orlando Calder (1 год назад)
I'm going for cardiac ablation surgery next week. Wish me luck!
Justinian Hallstrom (17 дней назад)
Did you survive
Orlando Calder (1 год назад)
Gosebollen Thank you very much bro. I'm very optimistic about the future.
Gosebollen (1 год назад)
Congratulations! I'm very happy to hear you're feeling good! Best wishes for you in the future!
Orlando Calder (1 год назад)
Gosebollen Oh that's great! Yes, I had the surgery done on Wednesday and it went off without a hitch. I feel pretty good after the procedure. Thank you
Gosebollen (1 год назад)
I hope you're doing well and that your surgery was successful! I had my surgery october 17/ 2017 in Sweden and are now almost back to normal.
Louis LaFontaine (1 год назад)
This shit crazy, modern medicine is just insane
janco vorster (1 год назад)
Had an Ablation done in 2003 in South Africa. Then experienced a few AFIB episodes after that, but now AFIB free for more than 3 years. I think there is a combination of factors that has kept me AFIB free for this time. The initial ablation Use of less alcohol, or not too much alcohol at a time. Not taking part in "explosive" type of exercise, rather something like cycling. Dehydration. Thank you for this very informative video!
RON B (1 год назад)
You can have all the ablations you want but until the nutritional cause of afib is addressed it does not work. That underlying cause is a simple 20 dollar container of magnesium and a change of lifestyle and diet.
Rebecca Carro (8 месяцев назад)
roadregu thank you!
bt10ant (8 месяцев назад)
r04dr3gu (9 месяцев назад)
Rebecca Carro this is only true for a small portion of people with magnesium deficiency. If this was the cause for you it would've been found out ages ago - do NOT take supplements you are not prescribed. Don't listen to this person.
Rebecca Carro (9 месяцев назад)
RON B what? No cardiologist has even mentioned this. I’ve had two ablations and a pacemaker I don’t want. Still have afib and getting treated with more meds than I care for.
Kevin Twaite (1 год назад)
I am so glad they have this on youtube, because my cardiologist is sending me to a cardiac surgeon for this (possible) procedure and now I know what I am having done (lessen my stress level a lot). So thank you Cleveland Clinic for posting this very educational informative video. Thanks a million.
Maria DeLeon (1 год назад)
I have Atrial Fibrillation after I had a two valves repair , taking medicine since then, just to get it severely but my Cardiology want me to go for Cardiovercion it was great ,but my palpitations don't go away so I have another Cardiovercion 4 days ago hopefully I will be OK but in case I don't do you recommend me the Procedure ???
beachyblonde beachyblonde (1 год назад)
Hi John, great to hear it went well for you. Who was your doctor for ablation ?
Tegan Prosser (1 год назад)
can anyone tell me if you get scars from the surgery i am 16 and i might have to have this done and id appreciate the help
David Griffiths (1 год назад)
They just make a small puncture in your leg near your hip bone, it's just a hole from the needle they use to insert the catheter. Very small.
Tegan Prosser (1 год назад)
Ah okay thanks
Andrew (1 год назад)
THE FILTH it said it was minimally invasive and I heard someone say that they go in through the leg, so I would assume that there isn't much scarring
Rhonda Brown (1 год назад)
very interesting,took away some fears for my COMING up procedure.Thank you.
Shawn S. (2 года назад)
I didn't know that this was a fucking "commercial" for this. This is serious "point of no return" stuff, if it goes wrong. We're opting for pacemaker for my Mother. But, Cardios keep pushing this newer "procedure". When things are pushed, things become laughable....
Spritewave 111 (2 года назад)
I have had A fib since 1983,, my first drug was Beta blockers, Inderal, then Tenormin, then Verapamil (Calan,, then Blocadren ,,Timolol ,,, Xanax , lanoxin,  I counted all the pills I have took form 1983,,,to 2017,,, one time I had taken almost half million pills , when I was thirty six years old I was talking , Calan Timolol, lanoxin, and Xanax,, four times a day ,,and still going in to atrial figuration, when I got upset ,,,I have been in and out of Afib back to sinus , nearly hundred times in my life ,,, longest time out of sinus was nine months ,,,that was in 1994,,,, my liver was giving me some problems and constipation and I started stopping taking Calan and lanoxin , would make my heart beat 200 bpm by its self,,, my Dr put me on Valum 5 mgs and the a fib went away 90% ,,,,, all I take now is Timolol 10 mgs four times a day and valum 5 two times a day and I have only had one episode of A fib in fifteen years ,,, I am 55 years old now ,,, and developing high blood pressure ,,, If I miss the valum the Timolol will not keep me in sinus , the valum does something to lower blood pressure and keeps me in regular sinus ,,, I was reading about valum affects on the vegas nerve and the atrium firing electoral in the heart valum along with Timolol has been the best drug treatment for the A fib its I have been dealing with this from 1983 to 2017 just took my timolol and valum before I wrote this post....God bless all that suffer from this a fib thing...hope this is of some help for someone ...
Spritewave 111 (1 год назад)
It is used as a eye drop also ,,,and also taken oral ,,, the reason I started taking it was I could not sleep on other beta blockers It was support to not cross the blood brain barrier and cause insomnia as bad but it does ,,,,cardiovascular selective ???
Spritewave 111 (1 год назад)
Yes Timolol its generic for Blocadren , I have taken it for many years over 20 years...since 1992,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as far as valium helping keep me in sinus rhythm this is a carious study ))   Vagal tone decreases following intravenous diazepam. Adinoff B1, Mefford I, Waxman R, Linnoila M. Author information Abstract To investigate the relationship between anxiety and parasympathetic nervous system activity, cardiac vagal tone was assessed in six healthy volunteers after the intravenous administration of the anxiolytic diazepam. Vagal tone was determined by quantifying the amplitude of respiratory sinus arrhythmia. We observed a significant dose-dependent attenuation in vagal tone, accompanied by an increase in heart rate. There was a nonstatistically significant decrease in plasma norepinephrine concentrations and subjective anxiety ratings at higher doses of diazepam. We discuss a possible role of the parasympathetic nervous system in the anxiolytic effects of the benzodiazepines...... (Spritewave111 says  this could be why valium helps keep my heart regular ??? I'm no Doctor but when I started Valium 5 mgs once a day in 2000 the a -fib seem to go away I could do %90 better with valium and Timolol together 10 mgs of Timolol 2 to 3 a day ,,with valium  ,,,as I have aged I have developed high blood pressure and the had to increase both Timolol and Valium ...to 50 mgs of Yimolol and 15 mgs of Valium a day ,,it varies with what I eat or stressful events that surge heart rate ... I did a heart stress test heart rate 140 for eight minutes on Timolol and valiume and never went out of sinus ...but lately its not been working as good but still does indeed work ....better then Inderal ,, tenermon,,,Verrapmil ,, calan,, lanoxin,,,ace inhibitors....I don't spell very good.
view2mom (1 год назад)
Spritewave 111 are you spelling it right ? Timolol is an eye drop, do you mean Metoprolol? I take that for my afib.
Z M (2 года назад)
I have had this procedure done and I'm very glad I did it, feels a lot better. recommend this done who needs it.
superdeejaycool (2 года назад)
you had afib ablation or something else
Roy Albert (2 года назад)
I am having one tomorrow and absolutely scared!
Justinian Hallstrom (17 дней назад)
Did u live
General S (3 месяца назад)
+Dmitriy Perelstein he died.
Dmitriy Perelstein (1 год назад)
Roy Albert, how do you feel now, almost 9 months from the procedure. Did you find it helpful?
Roy Albert (2 года назад)
brandiesel Well that was very quick. Only pain was the injection. Did feel the cables going in through the groin but lasted a few seconds. If anything it's more discomfort than pain. Post op can be very uncomfortable. I did feel the little tickle once in my heart
Dried Noodles (2 года назад)
Roy Albert How did your operation go?
Anna Kim (2 года назад)
How I Curеd My Candida Life-long Suffеrer Disсovеrs Powerful Seсret Тo Yeast Infeсtiоn Frеedоm https://twitter.com/8be585eaec12949d6/status/784262969735516160 Cathetеr Аblаtion Fоr Atrial Fibrillatioon AFIB
Dried Noodles (2 года назад)
I had the ablation 2 years ago after suffering with really bad bouts of afib. It worked for about 6 months and I felt awful for about 2 weeks after surgery. It took 5 hours and they went in both legs. They burnt the bad areas as per normal. Medicine kept it at bay mostly after the ablation procedure stopped working but about 2 months ago it's like the Meds had no affect. I went in for another ablation 2 weeks ago. They only went in 1 leg and they froze the area. They said it only took 2 hours total. I'm not nearly as sore and I felt better almost instantly starting the same day. Doc says he is extremely confident it worked and I can be off all Meds in 2 months. Fingers crossed he is right. It was same doc so hopefully it's just a case of technology and his skills being better since 2 years have passed. he said 1st time is like 70 to 80% success rate. This time he said like 98% it will work for good.
Chloe Olivares (9 дней назад)
Shawn S. I know I’m late to the party. But when you said “my best friend is just wearing out” resonated with me. I’m 24. And was a caretaker for my mother for 2 years, and for my grandfather before that. My mother passed away on December 17th, 2018. At it was and will be the hardest time of my life. My mother was my best friend, soulmate, and love of my life. I pray for your mother and hope for the absolute best for you and your family. God bless.
Russ Tanner (5 месяцев назад)
Thanks for sharing. My dad is going to have this done. What are the side effects?
RON B (1 год назад)
Until you address the mineral deficiency you will not correct the afib, not matter how much cash you throw at ignorant MDs.
Task Tool (1 год назад)
Dried Noodles, it's been 9 months since your comment, and i'm curious to know how you feel? Has the afib returned?
Shawn S. (1 год назад)
Thank you, John. We're getting ready to go back to the E.R. to start a Lasix push for the C.H.F., and see what they can do for the rhythm once again. It is a hard road she's been down. I love her! Most people assume I do what I do because of most peoples incentive of having financial gain from insurance when all is said and done. My Mother doesn't even have life insurance, and I don't even know what to do if something happens. This is simply my attempt at caring for her as she has always been there for me. She's my world. May God bless you, John. Take care and stay in touch.
Loretta Bailey (2 года назад)
I'm wondering about this because doctors says I need it done a.s.a.p MY HEART races about 6 times a day everyday in it causes me to sweat severely and become short of breath I don't know what to do
Task Tool (1 год назад)
Loretta, did you ever have the operation? And if so, how are you feeling? I've got Afib, and I just cant see myself having to deal with this shit for years. Better to correct it sooner than later.
Loretta Bailey (2 года назад)
+superdeejaycool Thank you so much I'm going to look him up... Greatly appreciated.. God bless Thank you for talking with me
superdeejaycool (2 года назад)
+Loretta Bailey well I'm in Raleigh NC I'm having my ablation in March with like the number 2 arrhythmia Dr in country look up Patrick hranitsky.. Plus if you can't pay for surgery the hospital has a charity care program if you qualify will pay for surgery Patrick hranitsky is on YouTube
Loretta Bailey (2 года назад)
+superdeejaycool I might have to travel.. I pray in pray in pray in I won't stop praying cause I know God will see Me through this he has brought me a mighty long way...
superdeejaycool (2 года назад)
+Loretta Bailey that's terrible... Sorry doctors. That is terrible
westfield90 (2 года назад)
Such brilliant people in medicine
ss dd (2 года назад)
I had an ablation surgery. 2 years ago I was 11 or 12 and they accidentally punctured the wall on my heart causing the blood to choke it and it stopped. I had 7 min of cpr worst pain of my life. don't do it. I went to CHOP.
bt10ant (8 месяцев назад)
This is such a rare adverse reaction that it should not affect anyone's decision. Long term afib can deteriorate the heart and accentuate irreversible cardiac problems.
Bob Dowlen (9 месяцев назад)
You need to get a new doctor and sue the old doctor.
j karov (2 года назад)
There are other approaches to the ablation, and instead of "burning" 4 circles around each pulmonary vein, a larger circle of scar tissue is created that goes completely around the outside of the 4 veins. This method and procedure has been very effective for many patients at Dartmouth-Hitchcock hospital in Lebanon New Hampshire, USA. The cost without insurance is very high (can easily reach $100,000 or more), but if your plans cover it, I highly recommend it. If you suffer from afib, and Flecainide or other blockers can't control it, it is definitely worth doing.
Joseph walker (2 года назад)
What I cant find our understand is do they have physical control for maneuvering the end of the catheter like a snake can look around, trying to find a actual out of body demonstration of how the tool can move doesn't exist from what i can tell....
عبد الله محمد نور (2 года назад)
Maria Interiano (2 года назад)
How is the recovery process?
Autumn Shifflett (2 года назад)
Just sitting around for a few days, kinda sucks. Although i had mine at 20, so i recovered much faster then most older folks would.
John Healy (3 года назад)
I had the ablation surgery much as depicted here,yet I don't think it took 5 or 6 hours as they say here. The surgery has been successful and I do not have any symptoms of heart fibrilation that I had for about 10 years before surgery. Most happy for that!
Russ Tanner (5 месяцев назад)
My dad is going to have this done. Are there any side effects?
Jayme Monfee (9 месяцев назад)
John Healy and was doing well and she asked me what about you doing I just want him and he was going on a little bit and he got it back
ps4 games unboxings (1 год назад)
John Healy .. selam alikum i hv some questions from u ..Are you satisfied with this operation? How long did it take? Do u have sometimes palpitation aftar this operation ..
Frank289100 (1 год назад)
John Healy (1 год назад)
God Bless you and may your ablation surgery resolve the heart problem. I had the ablation surgery in 2002 and I am sure much progress has developed to this day. When I mentioned to friends and f amily back then no one knew or had heard of "ablation" surgery. Now 2017 I see many comments about it. To me that is progress. The more we know the moore we grow healthy and wise.
Shaista Noreen (3 года назад)
I had my unsuccessful ablation produre done yesterday. ..I'm very disappointed that they couldn't reach the left side of my heart which was causing extra heartbeat....I had to go through so much pain after that.... now they just changed my medication. .hope I get better with it....
Gabriella Aleman (3 года назад)
I need to have an ablation done but i need a second opinion. I had a MVR in 2000 i take coumadin for that, it is an artificial valve. I have had afib for over 15 years I take metoprolol er 200 mil, digoxin, and losarten for the afib but i still have afib, with that i have posses too. please if any body can recommend a good electrophisiologist in my area Palmdale, CA 93550  
Sweet Potato (MGTOW) (3 года назад)
The woman at the beginning sounds like a windows speech.
Yuleysi Matos (5 месяцев назад)
She sound amazing
atube4view (1 год назад)
Ming Cai (4 года назад)
very good , I like it
A-Fib Can Be Cured! (4 года назад)
I recommend this video to our readers at A-Fib.com as an overview of catheter ablation for Atrial Fibrillation. Excellent animations. Especially effective: showing A-Fib’s chaotic signals, and the pattern of ablation scars around the openings to the pulmonary veins. Steve S. Ryan, PhD Publisher of Atrial Fibrillation: Resources for Patients, A-Fib.com
LMatters1 (5 лет назад)
This is the best video I've seen in terms of explanation and demonstration of how the procedure is conducted. Well done Cleveland Clinic. I've had four catheter ablations, first for atrial flutter and subsequently three for atrial fibrillation and my quality of life has improved wonderfully. Patients just need to be made aware that it can be quite a 'journey' but (often) it's worth it in the end.
rlukens01 (5 лет назад)
Very good explanation.
Jeffery Cooper (1 год назад)
Very good video . I would be very scared to get a catheter ablation because of the risks that i read about .

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